Throne Of String 15mm Throne Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
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  • Hand Dyed: Wax Infused : Breaks in Fast : Water Resistant

    Throne Mesh is superior hand dyed and wax infused lacrosse mesh. Created for the exacting demands of modern lacrosse, this proprietary treatment shields mesh from the elements. The product will retain pocket shape longer, ensuring accuracy and legality.

    Throne Mesh is the unmatched balance between hard and soft mesh. The mesh forms fast to each players unique style while sustaining excellent hold-to-release. The treatment is not tacky and limits dirt buildup, preventing premature wear. All Throne Products are produced and packaged in North America.
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The Best - 4/26/15 reply

I used to swear by ECD, thinking it was the best mesh ever, becuase honestly it was, performed way better than any other hard, soft or wax mesh, until I tried Throne. I tried Throne and realized how hard ECD gets in comparison, and how it flaked and got dirty, and performed diffrent in rain. throne had none of these issues, stayed clean, performed the exact same in rain and sun, and it didn't get insanely hard like ECD after years. I also take the Face Off and this popped in and out great, but was hard enough to have a solid shot and pass. This is a must need product for any position.
Jacob Aviles - 3/23/15 reply

I will take anyone on here one on one. We can bet our sticks on it
Mesh - 3/23/15 reply

Throne is honestly better
nah - 11/02/14 reply

#thronemesh - 3/23/15 reply

Watch your mouth
mesh - 4/26/14 reply

is this better than east coast mesh
Which is better? ECM or Throne - 4/26/14 reply

Depends on what you like. East Coast is semi-soft, waxy and sticky, it is instantly broken in. Throne mesh is semi-hard, non waxy feel, dry and not sticky and takes 5 minutes on the wall to break it in. They are both great meshes and are weather resistant but it is all preference on which is better.
Yes - 11/18/14 reply

Id say it is. The wax is infused rather than placed on . Lasts longer also
(no subject) - 3/02/14 reply

It is as if the gods of lacrosse forged this mesh to be absolutely perfect you want the best out of your game you gotta pick this up
(no subject) - 3/02/14 reply

They don't have it hear but 20mm is the goddess of all meshes I have it on my og blade I play fogo. But I also use it on my box head because it has smooth release but so much hold. I restring my blade and noz once every two months with either le's or fades or white. This is by far the best mesh on the market.
Amazing Mesh!!! - 3/02/14 reply

This mesh is amazing. It absolutely lives up to its standards for being water proof and easy stringing. But for everything else it goes beyond!!!! "Fast" break in time? Try instantaneous. The hold is perfect and the just from the feel when you pull it out of the bag tells you that this mesh is going to be great. Buy as much as you can!!
Great mesh - 3/02/14 reply

From the packaging to the mesh this ish is grade a. Just feeling the mesh made me hard and because of the quality I am always coming back for more
Throne mesh review - 3/02/14 reply

I am very glad that I chose to switch from hard mesh to throne mesh. It has made me a completely different player and has elevated my game to new heights. I am impressed by the care and quality that goes into making throne mesh and all of their products. The mesh holds great shape, lasts long and isn't phased by any type of weather. It strings like a dream and can be very well adapted to any style of play. Throne mesh is the only mesh that has done all of these things for me. If you choose to purchase throne mesh or any of their products you will not regret it.All the guys at throne of string are just down right lacrosse junkies and they know what it takes to produce a great mesh. I am thankful that i found this product!!
Awesome Mesh! - 3/02/14 reply

If you are looking for lacrosse mesh that will hold up in any type of weather, then stop write here. I have used this mesh in rain and snow and it is good as new (besides the part that it's dirty). The mesh does its job and much more! I would definitely recommend this product.
Elegant mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Some of you most look at this comment and think why I would use this adjective to describe this mesh but if you do need to know it is because I believe it is the queen of all meshes not the king because this mesh can interact and work with anyone's playing style or stringing style unlike a king would fight you a little it is also the queen because it looks the nicest it does not have that waxy feel of other meshes and that's because she keeps her skin nice no flakes or clump up of wax, that's not it, she is so beautiful that not even the harshest climates can affect her beauty. She stays calm with her perfect amount of hold on peoples eyes and ears. Everyone loves her and we all respect her
Throne of String Mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Throne Mesh is a awesome product and i love it! It stays nice and consistent and doesnt bag or flake like a lot of other kinds of wax mesh. Its soft and pliable, but not too much that the pocket loses shape and consistency and isnt tacky. The weather conditions ive put mine through are ridiculous, like using it in the snow, rain, mud, blazing heat, and the pocket and mesh is unchanged, preventing the weather from stopping you. Highly recommend to those on the fence about whether to buy or not.
Tos - 3/02/14 reply

Best mesh ever no bagging or flaking .the perfect mesh
the best mesh ive used - 3/02/14 reply

I love this product, I ordered blue mesh and the first thing I noticed was the color was incredibly vibrant. After opening it the feel of the mesh its self was great it was not tacky like other competitors, which I loved. The pocket holds amazing after stringing it and holds its shape in all weather conditions. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.
Mesh that will last - 3/02/14 reply

I have had this mesh for over a year and it holds its pocket perfectly and throws great
I love my throne mesh - 3/02/14 reply

I won a dragonfly shaft last year and bought a hammer to go with it. When i did that i needed mesh so i decided to buy throne mesh. I love it, it has good hold and has stayed weather proof throughout this year. I still use it on my gamer and its a year old. Definitely a good buy!
Throne mesh is the best mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Last year I bought a piece of 15mm white throne mesh. And to this day it is the most consistent mesh I have ever had. I am now pronouncing 2014 the year of Throne.
Best Mesh - 3/02/14 reply

This mesh has the greatest hold and is the best mesh out there
(no subject) - 3/02/14 reply

Best mesh on the market at a cheap price
(no subject) - 3/02/14 reply

Great mesh that provides great hold and is great in all weather conditions.
Best mesh - 3/02/14 reply

No question it's the best mesh I've ever used, good consistency , hold, and a beautiful release. If you wanna score some goals and get some girls. Gotta buy throne mesh !
ToS - 3/02/14 reply

Hands down, best mesh in the market. It has a really smooth semi-hard feeling
Throne mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Nice wax mesh it's easy to use right out of the packaging very quick break in time and I use it for all my sticks
review - 3/01/14 reply

I really love this mesh! Its the only mesh I will use! Its got great feel, amazing hold, and is very weather proof! I love this product!
Throne mesh - 2/28/14 reply

I really like this mesh it really different from all the rest. The wax coating is great, not tacky but still is great in weather . Also it is very durable. I would recommend buying this product. Also the guys who create this mesh are down to earth guys who are great people
My Favorite Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

I've heard a lot of guys say that they don't like or use wax mesh because of the tacky feel. If you're a hard mesh guy but don't like the stickiness most wax mesh pieces leave behind, Throne Mesh is definitely your best choice.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

Throne Mesh is a great product, when strung right you can get superior hold. The mesh keeps its shape. It also last awhile.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This mesh is awesome, I've used it in 9 games and it hasn't changed since the day I bought it.It is extremely durable and breaks in very fast. I wouldn't use any other mesh for my lacrosse stick. It's amazing!
Throne mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This comment just made me realise how long I've been using the same piece of throne mesh. ALMOST 2 YEARS! And it's still in the same condition as when i played my first game with it. This mesh has such great consistency, hold, and feel. Plus it's waterproof! It doesn't get much better than that.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! It allows for great pockets and once it fully breaks in to a softer solid mesh. The mesh is a lot thicker than other mesh but that is better because unlike other meshes the wax does not wear off after a month or two. And you can't beat their customer service.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! It allows for great pockets and once it fully breaks in to a softer solid mesh. The mesh is a lot thicker than other mesh but that is better because unlike other meshes the wax does not wear off after a month or two. And you can't beat their customer service.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! It allows for great pockets and once it fully breaks in to a softer solid mesh. The mesh is a lot thicker than other mesh but that is better because unlike other meshes the wax does not wear off after a month or two. And you can't beat their customer service.
Throne Mesh - 2/26/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! It allows for great pockets and once it fully breaks in to a softer solid mesh. The mesh is a lot thicker than other mesh but that is better because unlike other meshes the wax does not wear off after a month or two. And you can't beat their customer service.
(no subject) - 2/26/14 reply

throne mesh is an awesome wax mesh. its a semi hard mesh that takes no time to break n. I recommend this product!
Best mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is easily a top performer on everyones mesh scale. You could watch countless number of videos on youtube about full in depth reviews on this product and you will notice that everyone who has tried throne mesh has just absolutely fallen in love with it the same exact way i have. The 15mm white has the perfect stiffness and is completely water residtent. I would recommend this to anyone.
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

Absolute best mesh you can buy. I am not the best stringer by any means. But with this consistent and amazing mesh I was able to mold the pocket I wanted.
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

I have tried every single wax mesh I have ever heard of. On June 4 my dad bot me my first piece of Throne Mesh. I Absolutely will never change to a different mesh for a very simple reason ~The fastest mesh to break in ~Has the most superior hold of any mesh ~Stylish ~Waterproof ~Consistent through all Weather Throne Is The Best
Throne Mesh - 2/25/14 reply

Throne mesh is hands down the superior mesh. It breaks in fast and has superior hold. It is ideal for any player wanting to step their game up. I love the waxy feel and honestly the smell of it lol. If you are looking for great mesh for a relatively low price. Get throne mesh. You won't be mistaken
best mesh - 2/25/14 reply

I have used every mesh out there and i have to say that this Throne is the best mesh. I own a noz strung by throne with an assassins pocket and with 15mm frost mesh and it looks even better in person and is fantastic. it is soft which makes it easy to catch with and very water resistant
Throne Mesh! - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! And I already ordered another piece of throne mesh from east coast mesh has some tough competition against this mesh
Throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This stuff is really just great! Provides great hold and weather protection without giving a really sticky feel which is a real pain to sting. Additionally,the best part of the mesh is that IT DOESN'T FLAKE!
Throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is outstanding. I am a very big throne supporter. I have tried other wax mesh and it doesn't compare to any other wax mesh. This is the most consistent mesh I have used. Your pockets are amazing. This is the best wax mesh out there. I would recommend this to any one who plays lacrosse.
sick mesh - 2/25/14 reply

Great mesh. It's so consistent, doesn't bag out, and is completely waterproof. I live in Florida so it rains a lot and my stick always throws exactly the same every time.
Throne Mesh - 2/25/14 reply

The most consistent mesh I've used, which is currently in my Evo 4 with throws like a dime. It broke in beautifully and has lasted me for a year or so and still throws the same. Great product and worth buying. -SK
Great - 2/25/14 reply

Best mesh I've ever used. I have tried out east coast dyes and liked it but wanted to try something new so I picked up some throne mesh. I instantly fell in love with it and I am never going back to east coast mesh or any other type.
sick stuff right here - 2/25/14 reply

I use this on both my stallions and its a dream. Not only does it grip the ball, it makes the release consistant. Awesome product... Thanks Joe!
Throne mesh 15mm - 2/25/14 reply

This is by far the best wax mesh I have ever used before I used to have eastcoast In all of my sticks but ever since I tryed throne I've been in love with it ever since THRONE ALL THE WAY!! Ps pick me lol..
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

Love it - 2/25/14 reply

Broken in super nicely, no waxy feel weather proof. Never using anything else
throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

I absolutley love throne mesh!... I thought the wax coating was going to peel off just like all of the other name-brand wax mesh (east coast mesh, jimawax, ect..) But it didn't! I've had the same price in my stick for about 6 months and its still nice and waxy! Love it! Thanks!
Throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

Throne mesh is perfect. i'e used east coast mesh, jimawax mesh, and throne mesh, and found throne to be the best by far. it doesnt flake, and takes forever to wear out. Its solid in all conditions. overall a great buy.
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

I love throne mesh!
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

This stuff is the best out. Tons of hold and waterproof. All you would need
Best mesh out there - 2/25/14 reply

I love throne mesh! It's got minimal tackiness and a perfect softness to create the ultimate wax mesh. Please try it out! You won't be disappointed.
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

Thoose buckets, mesh hook up
Custom strung pocket - 2/25/14 reply

I got my head in the mail last month from ToS and was instantly used to the feel of throne mesh. I've had other types of weatherproof mesh, but throne mesh doesn't flake or come off on your hands. If you are not considering getting your next head from ToS, then you should reevaluate your life cause this product is too great to miss. Thanks to all the guys at Throne of string! #thronearmy
15mil throne mesh - 2/24/14 reply

A buddy of mine sold me a piece of this mesh and I was just in awe at the performance and durability of this mesh. Thank you throne for making such good mesh!!
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

I have been using this mesh for a while now. I love it. It hasn't gotten as dirty as my ECM but it is a little bit better in my mind. I strung up a warrior evo x with the same patern with throne mesh and ECM. Although the ECM had more hold it did not have as smooth of a release. Although that could be due to inconsistencies in my string the throne mesh has served me well for two full seasons
Tos Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

When i first received this mesh i instantly noticed that there was no sticky feel and no flake what so ever when stringing up the mesh. The mesh was broken in one practice and is very consistent with great hold. And if you get a head strung by throne its even that much better. The mesh perform perfect in rain because of the wax formula throne uses.I have the king pocket on a super power, It has great hold and perfect amount of whip for outside shots, A head strong by throne is of high quality and the pockets he offers will be able to suit any players playing style. You can't get this type of professional quality straining and mesh any ware else.
throne mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This mesh is amazing!!! It will take annything on such as mud,snow,and rain. I have played in bad weather without throne mesh and it didnt go too well. Now with throne mesh i peform like a superstar and i would totally get this mesh!!!!
This is quality wax mesh - 2/24/14 reply

If you are looking for a great piece of wax mesh without that waxy and tacky feel, throne mesh is the way to go. This mesh is water proof and you can get a great pocket out of it. Once you get this mesh broken in then your stick will be the best it could possibly be. Become the best player you can be and join the throne army by getting your hands on a piece if this well waxed piece of mesh
15 Mil. - 2/24/14 reply

Recomend it to anyone even goalies.
throne mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This stuff is great
15 mill - 2/24/14 reply

Throne Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Throne Mesh is awesome, they give you what your looking for in mesh,custom strong head or what ever you need. They give you top of the line products and they help you perform better because you have the right equipment to do so. I promise you will love there products.
Throne of string - 2/24/14 reply

Throne mesh is literally the best thing since sliced bread, that's all you need to know
This mesh is rad - 2/24/14 reply

I have been useing a peice of throne mesh for a couple years now I need to buy more but I do not have any money for it right now. It's cheap mesh for it's quality. And throne is really devoted to his products and makes then top notch. Throne gets thoose Jimmy's definiently!!
Love It - 2/24/14 reply

Some people are gonna butter it up to win the giveaway but Im going to keep it simple. Best wax mesh on the market, it speaks for itself (never go wrong with white)
Optimum choice - 2/24/14 reply

I bought a white piece of 15mm back in early November. To this day, I still have that same piece of mesh strung in my Stallion and it performs like no other. It withstands the cold weather up here in New England and it holds it shape nicely. Unlike Jimawax or ECM, Throne Mesh is a softer mesh, making the release consistent. But since it is infused with wax, not coated, it holds its pocket just like hard mesh. The only mesh I will be using for a long time.
Best formula around - 2/24/14 reply

The consistency of the mesh is amazing. Superior hold and release.
Throne Army - 2/24/14 reply

I really love my throne mesh but i feel like that the ecm is better for face offs. But I think that for all around play throne is better.
Quality for your money - 2/24/14 reply

This mesh is one of the very best out there. It's very consistent when shooting and passing, and it holds a real good pocket. This means that you definetly are getting quality out of what you are paying for.
Throne mesh review - 2/24/14 reply

Made the switch from ECM to Throne. The mesh is definitely less of a tacky feel and stiff compared to ECM, which helps with the pocket breaking in, which helps keep its shape better
Nice Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

I like this mesh. I've had ECM, hard mesh, and this. This is definitely the best in my opinion because it doesn't get dirty fast (I've had it for about it year and it's fine), and it's consistent. I haven't played much in the rain, so I can't tell you about how it holds up in bad weather.
best mesh - 2/24/14 reply

this is the best mesh i have ever used and i would never go back to any other mesh. i had been playing with factory stung and it was a dramitcic change in my play. I was on the b team and now i am on the a team and play travel lax.
Best Mesh Around! - 2/24/14 reply

The original Throne Mesh. Such a great and valuable asset to my skill development this year. This is my first year playing lacrosse and its been very beneficial to have a great mesh to help ease throwing/catching. All around the best mesh out there in my opinion. He does a excellent job supporting the lacrosse community!
All around great - 2/24/14 reply

Throne mesh is a product that can be valued by any perspective. The mesh is soft enough for any catch, just hard enough for perfected passing and shooting and the mesh is also very easy to string due to its hand waxed fibers. Wether you are an attack men driving to goal or a defender scooping ground balls and making clears, I as a customer can garuntee you it won't let you down
Best Mesh On Market - 2/24/14 reply

This is the best mesh I have ever played with. It is so consistent. I can shoot and pass extremely accurately. I can throw amazing fakes with it. It is by far the best mesh on the market. GO PICK SOME UP NOW!!!
The Best. - 2/24/14 reply

15mm throne mesh is simply the best mesh out there. it has the perfect amount of wax on it. unlike ECM throne mesh isnt stickky. the mesh performs great no matter what the weather condition and is very reliable. this product is very easy to string. i have tried ECM, Ninja Mesh and jima wax, TOS just easily out performs them all.
Awesomest mesh - 2/24/14 reply

I know "awesomest" isn't a word but that's the only word that came to my mind. I've had mesh from all the other companies and to be honest they're all good in some way. But I think that throne is the best. I strung it up on a nike legacy and didn't have to change anything, it threw perfectly on the first pass. Thanks for an awesome piece of mesh.
Amazing - 2/24/14 reply

I have been using throne mesh in a warrior cobra x and it has been amazing, the mesh does what it is supposed to do and above. Throne mesh is better than any other meshes that i have used and preformes well in most conditions.
Awesome Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

To tell you the truth, I've been using East Coast Mesh for a long time but I used Throne to string my cousins stick and it was amazing to string up. It broke in very quickly and didn't have any whip on it. It was very easy to string and had a nice feel to it. I really liked using this mesh to string his stick.
Throne mesh is the best - 2/24/14 reply

This stuff is great and it breaks in nicely and strings up even better. The solid colors and fades are always nice and vibrant and it takes a while for them to fade. Overall it's the most consistent piece of wax mesh you can buy because it is not tacky, the diamond size is right, the wax is fully infused and there is absolutely no flaking .
best mesh. - 2/24/14 reply

This is the best mesh I have ever used. I've tried everything from soft mesh to ninja mesh. I fing that Throne found out the secret for the BEST wax mesh in the game. It is the perfect amount of waxyness. It keeps its form and never loses its pocket. When you have a broken in piece of throne mesh it's the greatest thing in the game of lacrosse. You have a great feel of the ball in the mesh. Overall BEST MESH PERIOD
The Best Mesh Ever - 2/24/14 reply

I've been using throne products for bout a year now and I've been following the throne way of life for two years. I switched from east coast mesh which i ended up being disappointed with its performance. When i got the piece of throne mesh I knew it was going to change my game. It has and now i'm on of the best players on my team because i never wanted to put my stick down. Thanks Joe a ton, your an inspiration and a hero of mine. Throne army all the way
Amazing - 2/24/14 reply

I remember the first time I used throne mesh , I loved hard mesh but the minute I got some throne mesh and strung it up I was in love , its weather proof it breaks in quick and being an attackman my pocket can drop low to high whenever , I even use it in box , I love throne mesh and all throne products and I would recommend them to anyone who loves lacrosse and good lacrosse products
throne mesh - 2/24/14 reply

good mesh. people say it is really stiff but once it breaks in it gets plenty soft.
Throne Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Best mesh that I have used ever. Wax doesn't wear off that fast and it holds together really well also is weather proof. You name the condition this mesh can perform in it. This mesh is definitely the best mesh on the market right now!
Great - 2/24/14 reply

15mm Throne mesh is perfect, the greatest mesh i have used. I used it in the heat, snow, and even Hurricane Sandy. Throne mesh is consistent even in the worst conditions.
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