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  • Developed with the help of pro's Alex Smith and Geoff Snider - the Blade Pro is the ultimate head from Warrior - built to dominate both the offensive and defensive sides of the field.

    2-way middie head perfect for winning face offs and transitioning the ball up the field.

    Sidewall has a high flex point that increases accuracy and provides maximum durability.

    Ultimate midfield head, long narrow pocket channel for consistent release on fast breaks and the perfect scoop angle for ground ball pickups.

    A minimal offset, sharp bottom edge and maximum throat stiffness give the advantage in face-offs.

    Sidewall design is angled and sloped specifically for faceoffs so you can easily slip under your opponents head to gain position every time.

    Surprisingly stiff, this head can also dominate on the defensive end of the field as well.

    Scoop angle and transition are designed to vacuum up ground balls.

    Legal for all levels expect NCAA.
The Blade Pro is the ultimate midfield head that was built to dominate both the offensive and defensive sides of the field.
The Blade Pro was designed to dominate faceoffs - the minimal offset, sharp bottom edge, and maximum throat stiffness give you a huge advantage against any other head. The scoop angle and transition are made to vacuum up ground balls. The optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time.
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pocket - 5/10/15 reply

Is this good for a high pocket if not what would be around the same price range
Perfect - 4/16/15 reply

I play defense, but I like to face off for fun. I got and strung it up with otter mesh. I went to a face off camp that summer and learned all the tricks and the only time I lose is when I go against guys that are a lot bigger than me scince I am very small
how do I break it in? - 2/07/15 reply

What do you guys mean by breaking it in? What should I do in order to break it in??
(no subject) - 3/11/15 reply

Just take a few face offs with it or just boil it
too wide - 7/15/14 reply

Really wide for facing off... and stiff
stiffness - 12/22/14 reply

this head is not stiff at all. if you just got it and its not broken in then thats how all heads are. i have had it for a couple of months and you can clamp very well and it is not stiff at all.
which head - 6/30/14 reply

this or ceo
(no subject) - 5/31/14 reply

Is the east coast mesh stringing any good?
(no subject) - 6/02/14 reply

(no subject) - 5/08/14 reply

This or clutch x I am a faceoff man
(no subject) - 4/02/14 reply

This or an original clutch???
Review - 1/06/14 reply

Only thing you need to know about this head if you're on the edge about buying it, is that the offset is gone and the plastic is pretty stiff out the box. Definitely play with it a little and take a few practice faceoffs before you start messing with it.
help - 12/25/13 reply

i need a new head because mine just snapped im looking at either this, a ceo, or a lacota. it would be on a swizzle but can someone help. i play middie with a little attack. suggestions?
(no subject) - 4/08/15 reply

(no subject) - 9/18/13 reply

if im used to offset will the minimal offset mess up my passing
attack? - 9/03/13 reply

could this be used for attack, what are some pros and cons if so?
(no subject) - 7/17/13 reply

This head is sick but if you don't take faceoffs there are just way better heads out there for middies a d middie might like this but if u play offense there are way better heads
The pros and cons - 6/28/13 reply

A week ago i was impressed with this head out of the box. Great face shape a decent for face offs. This seems like a great overall head, but it cracked on me today. The blade pro has a type of plastic in which keeps it's shape. So after a plunge, the head is completely warped and must be adjusted. As i bent the head back *snap*. I didn't even have any scoopies yet :( Not too surprised it snapped because I've read reviews on where this thing snaps fresh out of the box. I suggest to start breaking this head easily and wait till it becomes less stiff. Then go at it. Time to replace this sucka and hopefully I have better luck next time.
This Is VERY True - 11/18/14 reply

I bought my own Blade Pro about a month ago, and I love it. I read that it cracks very easily if you don't break it in right. I strung it up, and passed with it for about 30 minutes for a 3 days before I even started taking face-offs with it. That may be a little too long, but now it is insanely flexible and I love it. In my box league I have only lost 2 face-offs in 4 games. I love my blade and it is well worth the money. Just be careful when breaking it in. Don't face-off with it right away. Otherwise, after you break it in, it is an amazing head
Blade Pro - 1/25/13 reply

Loved this head. Don't be impatient and boil it. Just let it get more flexible from use, so take alot of practice face offs or just buy it pre season and get some work in. Loved it till i boiled it and after that only lasted ~1month till the head didn't reform after faceoffs
(no subject) - 10/08/12 reply

Best Faceoff Head Ever
(no subject) - 11/23/13 reply

no its not bobby... you are 11 and shoot 30 hahahahahaa
(no subject) - 9/27/12 reply

after a faceoff does the shape of the head reform i heard it doesnt
(no subject) - 8/19/12 reply

this heads only good for faceoffs
(no subject) - 7/24/12 reply

i Face off here and there, but i play mostly attack, and i really like this head for attack. I like how it is stiff and pinched and for ground balls its like butter. Face off wise though, its OK, it could be better especially were is flexes
Blade pro - 6/20/12 reply

I hate it it's the worst out of the whole blade series it's too stiff and I've already used it boiled it and steamed it and it's still too stiff it doesn't flex the same way near the throat like the og blade(ive used a og blade blade 2.0 and blade f-off), it warps too easily the only good thing about it is the multiple side wall holes and the throat it won't break like the f-off and 2.0 does
You're Wrong - 11/18/14 reply

You shouldn't be impatient and boil it right away. You have to let it break in for a while before you try and boil it. It is amazing at face-offs if you break it in correctly.
(no subject) - 5/17/12 reply

how light is this?
(no subject) - 5/17/12 reply

4.8 ounces
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

that seems kind of heavy
not heavy - 7/24/12 reply

if that is heavy to you, than you must be fairly weak... thats one of the lighter heads..
(no subject) - 7/02/13 reply

(no subject) - 7/11/13 reply

2x Burn
It is - 11/18/14 reply

Its a pretty light head. 4.8 ounces isn't heavy at all.....
(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

I had the Blade 2.0 and it was the best faceoff head evre
Uggh - 5/01/12 reply

People already rated it, but it comes out mid may....
in the mail - 5/08/12 reply

blade pro's are being shipped out now.
Poop - 4/29/12 reply

(no subject) - 4/28/12 reply

Same flex as Og blade but has a warranty with it
first - 4/27/12 reply

Lax - 4/29/12 reply

do u play for a team in spring lake, michigan
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