Warrior Cheater Endo Cap Lacrosse String Supplies
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  • Not exactly for cheaters..... but it does make your stick longer!!!
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This thing saved me! - 6/04/12 reply

I bought this because my stick was a half an inch to short, and the very next day our coach checked all of our sticks!
jk i bought this - 10/26/11 reply

It helps me because the rusty gate is my signature move so that inch on my summit makes that easier Well not that easier... I wasn't put up to say that stuff (uneasy voice)
i would buy this - 10/26/11 reply

I would only by this if the end looks like the warrior bling endo
(no subject) - 10/10/11 reply

its mucho smart/saucy
benjaminlis - 10/10/11 reply

that inch matters if your sticks getting checked
what it does - 3/12/11 reply

the extra inch it for the taping ring most pro and college players use as a back stop for shots this end allows you to put the stop on without losing the length of your stick
Purpose? - 1/30/11 reply

What does this thing actually do?
(no subject) - 2/16/11 reply

Apparently the rubber part goes on the butt end of your stick, but it has 1 inch of extra rubber, so it makes your stick one inch longer. 1 inch doesnt do shit so just ignore this product
(no subject) - 10/10/11 reply

gives u an extra inch if ur sticks an inch short
first - 10/04/10 reply

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