Warrior Corner Target Lacrosse Goals and Nets
  • Easily attaches to corner of goal. Red Flag pops when you tag the corner and ball is held in the net to record your accuracy. 2 corners in each package.
Heavy duty !! Solid steel construction. These wont bend or fly off with the fastest of shots. Used in MLL training camps by the big guns but priced low enough to have in your backyard. Awesome !!!
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nitanny lion 1234 - 9/18/10 reply

yeh ur right thats wat i do
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

y pay 40$ when u can just aim at the coner do u really have to have a target to shoot at or u can just make 1 urself
UHHHH - 5/08/09 reply

like my net has got like a 1000 holes so i took it of and i just put a blanket over it. im gonna get these to save my corners. cuz im a sniper
saves ur corners - 12/17/08 reply

helps to not put holes in ur net
make your own - 6/15/08 reply

how hard could it be?
READ HERE!!! - 11/26/08 reply

My friend used one of those foldable frisbees and pinned to his goal. its a perfect target and normally u get em for free. (40$ v.s. 0$) hmmm...
Read if you want - 4/27/08 reply

Just hang coke cans on a wire on your goal instead of paying 40 bucks for these
ITS IMPOSSIBLE 2 HIT! - 4/02/08 reply

ah its so hard at camp i tried to make it in and grr!!, its really tricky
Ha Ha - 4/21/08 reply

That is pothetic maybe u just suck and can't jit a corner to save ur lifre. i hit top coner all the time
so cool - 5/23/08 reply

dude you must be like a pro at lacrosse. i wish we were all as cool as you and could hit top coner. you must be like the best lacrosse player ever. man i wish i was as cool as you. how do you do it. do you want to chill sometime and practice hitting top coner? please? gosh you're so cool!
hahaha - 11/26/08 reply

i know i want to be you.
... - 4/28/09 reply

its really not that hard to hit top corner
I LOVE YOU LAXKNIGHT - 6/06/10 reply

(no subject) - 6/16/08 reply

Wow, u must really suck if you cant hit corner once.
(no subject) - 10/26/08 reply

dude you probally suck
(no subject) - 5/18/10 reply

your logo is a heart. you must suck
What camp? - 2/27/09 reply

$ - 2/23/08 reply

get a plastic bag and put it in the corner and save 40$
price - 11/13/06 reply

way to much money should be like $5 each
(no subject) - 2/19/08 reply

yea i say so too. WAY to much money!
agree - 2/21/09 reply

work well, but... - 10/26/06 reply

the metal piece that stretches between the two pipes (the "hypotenuse" of the triangle) is quickly bent inward with high velocity shots. regardless, the pockets still work well as a personal challenge/measuring tool in the backyard. i used them all through high school and into college (during summers when i was home). if i did it all over again, i would have bought the net that covers the entire face of the goal and has pockets built into it at the top corners and the bottom corners. that netting is a better training tool, but more expensive i'm sure.
important - 11/17/07 reply

I bet your like 13.
SAME - 12/31/07 reply

scam - 10/27/03 reply

warrior is just trying to make more $$$$$ off you why would you need a corner pocket for 50 bucks after warrior just sold you out of a net for loke 200 bucks their just trying to make money off your butts
(no subject) - 2/19/08 reply

YEA, way to much money
too much money - 8/25/03 reply

this seems like a huge rip off just something warrior made to get more $$
yea well - 12/21/02 reply

the pocket is cool but u could just take a pice of tape and uput it on a / between the horizontail and vertical bar then repeat on other side easy as that
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