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  • Cover your butt (end).
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huge! - 2/25/14 reply

These are to feat
Wonderboy - 7/08/12 reply

will this fit over my 2009 edition maverik wonderboy?
good for the price - 6/26/12 reply

personally, i think end caps should be cheaper. after using one of these for a week or so, it started tearing slightly
color - 3/30/12 reply

i oredered the carolina blue cause its my schools colors and its teal not even close to being blue
Don't Bother.. - 3/17/11 reply

The only reason I'm buying this is because I'm getting a Gait Ice 803; that come with a huge chode for a butt..
keep it on - 8/22/10 reply

u could just tape the end of ur stick a bit before u put it on then shove it on over the taped part :P
SUCKS - 6/12/09 reply

I had one ofthese on my warrior krypto and during games it would just like fall off sometimes! so if you get one you will need to tape it up.
(no subject) - 6/15/10 reply

you have to tape all stick butts on
condom - 5/31/09 reply

stick condoms as i call them
butt - 5/24/09 reply

its a lax butt. what should i say. it stays on
Always Put To Good Use - 7/24/08 reply

...Continued... - 7/24/08 reply

these are really handy to have around if your butt cap falls off on the field, but tape works just as well, although you have to replace the tape from time to time
or - 1/30/09 reply

you could just tape the butt onto the stick
say whaat - 4/15/08 reply

isn't that illegal though?
(no subject) - 12/12/10 reply

what are you talking about bro. how could that be illegal. Personally i just get a bottle cap and jam that on the end with tape.
bottle cap - 2/25/14 reply

Same I use a beer bottle cap and tape over it
Tip - 3/09/08 reply

These Warrior butt ends tend to break easily where the shaft touches the end on the inside, so a good tip would be to stick a quarter inside the butt, then put it on your stick. that way the butt wont break
tip - 11/26/06 reply

these fall off kinda easily so just a little tip....tightly wrap electrical tape around it and the shaft and it wont fall off and u dont even notice it is there
uh - 11/23/04 reply

WHO CARES ABOUT END CAPS just buy one and their who cares if its heavy how much heavier could it b , what ? an oz o well , im jus sayin , look for the cheapest one and their u go , u got ure self an end cap, adios
(no subject) - 11/17/04 reply

a little trick to do with rubber butt caps, before the game has started or after a penalty/foul/goal take the end of ur stick and twist it up in your defender/offender's jersey. not illegal, but annoying as heck cuz they get stuck and cant run for a second. just make sure you can hang on
overpriced - 8/06/04 reply

At the lax store by me, they give butts away free. Even better ones that like fit yer hand. I think 2.50 is too expensive 4 a little end.
good butt - 2/04/04 reply

this is a really good butt. it feels good but it sometimes falls off. tape it up so that its tight.
alternative - 12/31/03 reply

I just use a beer cap with some tape for my end cap. perfectly legal and you get to sort of customize your stick
What? - 4/20/03 reply

end caps are retarded!
why do you rate a cap? - 7/07/02 reply

you just buy this so its legal to play and noone gets hurt
suck - 6/14/02 reply

these are so bad i had to tape mine on so it wouldnt fall off and it had a huge hole in the middle of it. i put a quarter in it and thehole is fine now but they really suck.
A little trick - 9/25/03 reply

pour hot water over the end cap, and then quickly place it on the shaft-then it wont ever fall off. to remove the cap just put hot water back on it.
(no subject) - 5/04/02 reply

i forgot to add... these things diddnt come off even when i pulled im out see ya
(no subject) - 6/13/02 reply

yo it is the easiest thing to do
(no subject) - 5/04/02 reply

these are awsome i had these other ones that kept slipping off then i bought one of these and its inposseble to get off it also ist slippery on the outside
Use your Brains - 4/05/02 reply

The warrior end cap will be perfectly fine if you guys would fet some hockey tape or something of that sort and wrap it around the end of the stick until you think it won't damage the end cap then put the end cap on and theres your grip it will never come of unless you literally pull it off.
use tape - 3/31/02 reply

if ur worried about it falling off, tape it on. u dont even need an end cap, just tape it up
hahaaa - 3/24/02 reply

ok, you see, an end cap is on the bottom of your stick so you don't have an egde poking someone in the back, its just an end cap. end caps are made from rubber, i have tape on mine to keep in on my stick, so i don't fell the stick that others do..god people, does an end cap really matter that much?
break easily - 3/04/02 reply

i have a titan classic and my end cap broke on the fourth day i got it they are really weak, and they come off easily i'm out
comes off - 1/19/02 reply

I got one of these on my shaft when it came with my head, I found that it slips off really easily. If your hand slips down, it will pull it right off sometimes so i taped up the end of my stick
r they same as brines? - 12/11/01 reply

brine butts r rubbery and stick to ur gloves... its so annoying... r these made of the ame type of rubber??
no - 3/03/02 reply

no, but they come off easily
no sir - 4/05/08 reply

End Caps - 11/25/01 reply

I like the STX end caps best
Stupid!!!!!! - 11/03/01 reply

why dont u go to the hardware and get 3/4 inch pipe caps, only 25 cents a pop!!!!!
End Caps - 10/21/01 reply

If you want new end caps, these are the ones to get. Warrior makes the best ones.
(no subject) - 3/05/02 reply

nah, if u put like duck tape on the bottom to hold it on. they come off soooooooooo easily. im likin STX's.
(no subject) - 9/11/01 reply

there pertty cool, but they brake in the back really easy. you may want to buy two.
(no subject) - 9/03/01 reply

its pretty cool that u can buy end caps, but these kinds, to me, are stupid. it had the little lip thing at the bottom. that makes it to much in the way. they say it keeps ur hand from slipping off, but since when to peoples hands slip off of sticks?
end caps - 10/21/01 reply

Don't be a pretty boy. The lips don't matter. It does give you better control of the stick, as well.
(no subject) - 7/03/01 reply

This is awesome. It's hard to remove though
Remove - 10/21/01 reply

That's the point, you don't want it slipping off in the middle of a game.
Heavier? - 10/21/01 reply

How would it make it heavier? It's a little rubber stick butt!
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