Warrior Full Goal Target Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • The Full Goal Target fits on all standard goals. A great tool for accuracy and fun. Use it to practice free shots in the women's game, rips to the corner in the guy's game, or contests in camps. Kids eat this stuff up.
The kids love these things. We sell tons of them. High quality construction can actually take punishment from all age groups. Big thick poly cover that snaps up to your goal in minutes. Awesome training tool and lots of fun !!!
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this is so bad because i.. - 10/16/10 reply

i never had this befor type me back or friend me if should
design - 2/28/10 reply

dd a 5 year old cut out the holes? theyre not even straight! there are definitely wayyy better ones out there
h the r - 2/15/10 reply

get a hector the rejector for 30 less
this is nice but... - 1/24/10 reply

i just hang stuff from the bar of my net like tires and stuff to aim. I have one of thes "goalies" for my hockey net and its kind of a pain to get the balls out after you score without lifting the net up.
should i get this if.... - 12/25/08 reply

im a so so shooter but the way i put it shouldn't i get this only rather then get the noob one and buy this one later?
i would - 1/04/09 reply

get the stx one its not totally noob but is easy enough for you to improve not perfect your accuraccy
any good? - 8/08/08 reply

any good?
why does everyboady want to - 5/27/08 reply

the easier one
(no subject) - 5/17/08 reply

Kids DO eat this stuff up!
The Holes - 3/08/08 reply

The holes on this thing arent bad. Its for people who know how to shoot well already and are looking to practice corner shots. I use the blue warrior one for pickup games when we dont have a goalie. This one will make you a monster though.
kind bad - 1/10/08 reply

Holes are a bit to small, only good thing about it is it covers most of the bottom of goal { not like other targets } I would go buy a brine G-money Tho xD
(no subject) - 12/11/07 reply

the holes are way too small. why is there a target in the middle of the goal?
no way - 2/17/08 reply

the holes are perfect if youre good enough
(no subject) - 11/07/04 reply

does a ball even fit thru those my god thsoe things r tiny how r u supposed to score? wuts the point go with the warrior one deffinantly
... - 8/12/07 reply

the point is it makes you more accurate and lets you pick off corners easier
i agree - 12/31/03 reply

the holes are very small and frustrating i would go with the warrior one (its blue) because the holes are bigger and it is more fun to play with
The Holes are too small - 11/01/03 reply

Dude, those corner holes are WAY too small. No one, and I repeat NO ONE, could consistently put it through them from more than 5 yards. I've watched all of the Powells shoot, and I am certain that it would take them an average of 5-6 tries to get one in. Why buy this crap, all it is going to do is frustrate you, and make you want to crank shots at it trying to break it.
these holes r perfect - 8/03/05 reply

if u can shoot then u could hit these from more that 5 yards away. i was shooting from like 15 yards away on crank shots. u have to be percice when u shoot and thats y they are small
i agree - 5/04/08 reply

these holes arent to small it wouldnt be much practice if you could shoot and score very time and in games you have to put it by the goalie in small areas this thing is unreal
(no subject) - 6/20/08 reply

correct, the people who made it wouldnt want u to look bad shooting at holes that are too small
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