Warrior Hard Mesh Kit Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
hard mesh
  • Mesh pocket from Warrior.
Great Mesh kit for all..
Wether you are advanced or just just learning how to string your own stick, this is for you!!
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what kind is it? - 2/03/13 reply

is it a 6 diamond or 10?
(no subject) - 4/26/13 reply

looks like 10 from the picture
(no subject) - 7/26/12 reply

how long are the sidewall strings? (inches)
hard mesh - 7/01/11 reply

i've gotten this mesh it is not very hard after a few days it turns a lot softer, stick with dura mesh.
(no subject) - 5/22/11 reply

wish this came in differant colors
(no subject) - 3/25/11 reply

does this have 3 shooters, toplace, and sidewalls?
warning - 1/19/11 reply

okay so my brother bought this in june and it works great for him but then about 3 weeks ago i got this and mine is already super soft. like softer than my brothers who has had it for wayyyy longer. I suggest going with STX
(no subject) - 11/10/10 reply

It's a mesh kit! lol. Its warrior so you know its good
(no subject) - 10/31/10 reply

can you get a white with different color strings?
??? - 8/29/10 reply

does this mesh break in quick
yes - 10/16/10 reply

ya heres what i did. i strung it traditionaly but u can do double loop if you want and i put hair condisioner in the pocket with a ball forced against the pocket with a knive between the side wall and the mesh then soak it in a bath tub with really hot water for 30 min (put the condishioner on right before it goes in the tub like 5 seconds after u put condishioner on put it in) hope this helps
(no subject) - 10/16/10 reply

yeah, id play wall ball for 1bout 10 hours with it before id think about using it in a game tho.
(no subject) - 8/28/10 reply

i dont know why but for some reason this mesh is better than any of the other ones that i have ever used
(no subject) - 7/10/10 reply

Does this come with 2 shooting string cause in the picture it doesnt show?
(no subject) - 7/14/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/15/10 reply

na its 2 way to count
3 - 7/30/10 reply

i actually bought this and its 3 rolled together so way to count
3 - 10/16/10 reply

it comes with 3
which mesh? - 7/01/10 reply

what mesh should i use for my d pole
6 diamond - 7/14/10 reply

I have a dpole with white six diamond 2 accross a a u it throws amazing and has nice hold for running with it.
this stuff is good. - 6/19/10 reply

I think this mesh is the best of all ive tried, however only get this is u know the bad sides to using hard mesh as apposed to soft mesh.
(no subject) - 6/19/10 reply

and btw, it comes with enough string for 2 side wall sticks; there are two Very long sidewall strings(if u dont do anything crazy with the stringing) and there are 2 top laces. there are only 3 shooting strings and 2 foam things that go at the bottom of your head.
hard or 6 diamond on my proton - 6/12/10 reply

hard or 6 diamond on my proton power, i need to restring it after i dye it
go hard - 10/16/10 reply

hard mesh bro same head i have
DO NOT GET - 6/01/10 reply

i just recently got this and an stx proton power and the damn plastic tips on the sidewalls strings do not fit through the holes. do not ever get this.
...idiot. - 6/19/10 reply

wow, im sorry but if you bought this and were too weak to get the plastic tips through, then im sorry but thats sad. What you have to do with these (on a proton power at least) is take some pliers and squeeze the plastic tips so they are CIRCULAR, that way they fit, although admittedly the strings are a tight fit.
(no subject) - 5/15/10 reply

will this work on an stx head?
dude.... - 5/30/10 reply

any mesh kit works on any head, warrior just produces this specific mesh kit, so it really does not matter
Soft or Hard? - 5/12/10 reply

i am a middie and i take the faceoffs should i get hard mesh or soft mesh?
soft for face offs - 5/30/10 reply

soft because when u scoop after a face off u want ur pocket to easily form back into ur original pocket
attack mesh - 5/06/10 reply

Should i get this, ruby, grip, or pro mesh??? has anyone ever used anything besides hard mesh for attack??
(no subject) - 4/29/10 reply

does it stay hard for a season of lax? because my stx mesh wore out halfway furing the season
warrior - 4/08/10 reply

does it come with instructions(I will be stringing my first stick with this)
(no subject) - 4/15/10 reply

no but youtube has videos that will teach you how to string and they worked for me if you just listen
this or stx - 3/30/10 reply

whats better, stx mesh or warrior
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

warrior definitely. i string, and i love warrior mesh.
How much - 3/14/10 reply

is this enough mesh, string, etc for just one or more than one stick?
(no subject) - 3/15/10 reply

just one, but you may have some left over sidewall string
get hard mesh - 12/27/09 reply

i have tried to use so many different types of meshes and warrior hard mesh is easily the best. it doesn't need constant readjustments and the pocket stays right were you originaly put it.
agreed. - 3/05/10 reply

i finally got the hard mesh this is easily the best i love it! good pocket form good hold and whip. it is just plain nasty
what is it? - 7/13/12 reply

Can you tell me what nylon string is?
(no subject) - 10/03/09 reply

does this mesh turn brown and go soft after a month or two?
(no subject) - 3/18/10 reply

Prob. I had white, but it was black when i finally decided to get new mesh. just get colored hard mesh
question? - 8/07/09 reply

Does this mesh apply to all heads, or does yours have to be warrior?
mesh - 1/26/10 reply

dude, mesh fits all and any heads you get or have. the directions will be different because the producers have different styles. but same thing
stx or warrior? - 8/07/09 reply

which is better stx or warrior stringing kits? or does it really not matter?
warrior - 2/01/10 reply

warrior is the finest. STX is weird, dura mesh sucks isnt really constant... pretty much a soft mesh with a hard feeling every now and then
if you know alot answer this!! - 7/05/09 reply

ok i got soft mesh on the stick i got it shoots fine and everything but like sometimes when i practise for a while the meshing will start to loosen up and start letting off the top and i was wondering if traditional or this meshing (the warrior hard meshing) will help that so i will have to not adjust it as much?
yea... - 7/17/09 reply

switch up to hard mesh. u wont regret it. but keep in mind this has to BREAK IN. you can string a border line legal pocket out of the bag because it will get deeper. a lot of people do that and then have to restring and cant get the same pocket they had so they get frustrated. dont let it happen to you
this may help - 7/24/09 reply

if you dont want to restring you stick,tighten the strings with plyers and titen the top shooting string and titen the second shotting string a little but no much. but if i were you i would switch to hard mesh. yes that other person was rite that it needs a break-in period. wut you can do to make it faster and alot less frustrating is to soak the mesh in hot water and then rub it down in lotion and then soak it again. this works. it'll feel broken in so you can get the pocket you like and not have it be illegal
this mesh is so good - 6/25/09 reply

directions - 6/17/09 reply

does this packet come with how to string directions
yes - 6/27/09 reply

yes is does, but... - 7/07/09 reply

the instructions are for the evo pro and i strung one (evo pro) like it says just for fun and the pocket is extremely crappy!!! its tight at the bottom and so loose in the top that is almost imposible not to get a lip, i dont care how many shooters u use. just make a pocket that fits your head or playing style.
PROTON POWER - 6/14/09 reply

would this mesh go good with an stx proton power head or not
yeah - 6/17/09 reply

no doubt man its whats on mine
what is best for middie? - 5/13/09 reply

(no subject) - 5/29/09 reply

ten dimond, players hard mesh
PLEASE ANSWER - 4/28/09 reply

does this have a screw with it? I got one a while back and I think it did but it doesn't show one in the pic.
(no subject) - 5/13/09 reply

i got this and im pretty sure it comes with 1
(no subject) - 7/05/09 reply

obviously not
Screw and shooters - 8/05/10 reply

Got this it comes with everything
HOW. - 4/27/09 reply

do I string the shooters so I have a higher pocket?
pocket - 6/07/09 reply

string them closer to the top and tighten the back all the way. or u can skip a hole on the side wall
(no subject) - 4/26/09 reply

does this come with a screw to attach the head to the shaft? i got one before and i seem to remember it including a screw but the picture doesn't show one.
whip - 4/23/09 reply

what do you have to tighten/ loosen to make the ball whip when released?
(no subject) - 4/26/09 reply

loosen your shooters some
help! - 4/11/09 reply

does this mesh come with directions to make ur pocket cuz this will be my first time buyin a lax head with no mesh
(no subject) - 10/16/10 reply

look it up on youtube and pou will be fine just listen to what they tell you but it still might come with directions
plz help - 3/26/09 reply

how do u string a stick so it throws with more whip? do u just loosen all the shooters?
okay.. - 4/05/09 reply

your regualar(not the first hochey lace..the sidewall string)Should be tight....and then you must only slighty tightin the first hochey lace...the losen the all the others
NO!! - 4/11/09 reply

what you do is string it up so that your pocket is in the middle/front of the head.
dude.. - 4/18/09 reply

ummm no!!!!!!!!what are u 5
no - 7/05/09 reply

to string a stick so it hooks more you either tighten the shooting strings or you make the pocket deeper, but first try tightening the shooting strings
question - 3/07/09 reply

does this mesh have like a ton of whip before its broken in? i just restrung my head and it has a TON of whip the sidewalls are tight and i dont think my shooters are very tight.
shooters - 3/20/09 reply

switch up the taughtness of the top shooter so it stops it from throwing off the top and then the second one down should be a bit looser than the top one but keep the other ones relatively loose
is this good for defense - 1/26/09 reply

is it good on maverick juice head what is best for defense traditional or hardmesh
(no subject) - 2/27/09 reply

the hard mesh has less upkeep and i heard on the traditional you have to dip it into sumthng like oil. pik hard mesh
HELP ME! ! ! ! - 12/22/08 reply

this is brine hard mesh with has directions you could read and are good and which one is better
(no subject) - 3/06/09 reply

Warrior mesh is better than brine to me. I had a prestrung clutch and the mesh basically became trash once I put it in water and the warrior ones I like a lot. The separate hard mesh pieces are also pretty good.
it didnt fit on my cage - 10/19/08 reply

lol jk
crap u scared me!!! hahaha - 10/25/08 reply

omg - 11/23/08 reply

u scared the crap outta me
lol - 5/20/09 reply

dude ur the funniest guy ever you should go on comedy central sometime and do stand up or something
Confused - 10/12/08 reply

Is it best to string your head yourself or order it already strung?
do it urself man - 10/25/08 reply

150% true bro - 12/09/08 reply

every lacrosse player hould kno how to string at least the pocket they like
yourself - 7/05/09 reply

great mesh but... - 8/23/08 reply

good luck with the instructions
this or stx dura mesh????????? - 8/16/08 reply

same crap seriously - 10/25/08 reply

umm huge diff - 1/11/09 reply

your stupid you should prob quit the sport
wow r u serious!?!? - 2/19/09 reply

ok then wat is the diffrence between them u tard!! ive had dura rail mesh before..so u see DURA and ive had hard mesh before...u see how i have both?? U think i should quit the sport...i think u need to take a look and see how stupid u sond...i have to talk sssslllloooowwwwlllyyyy to u...so just keep ur mouth shut and stay off the field
seriously... - 3/10/09 reply

there should be a statute on berating people. at least TRY not to beat the english language into the ground. and yes, there is a vast difference. the dura mesh feels plasticy and looses its form very quickly, and is generally awefull. warrior is your best bet when it comes to stringing a head.
HELP ME PLEASEEE - 8/13/08 reply

i was gonna get either a voyce or clutch strung here but im worried the mesh will get soft. does it get soft or should i just get it unstrung with this mesh? p.s. i play attack if that makes a difference
i would say - 10/25/08 reply

buy the head and sting it yourself. it comes with instuctions and you dont have to change something if you need to with them stinging it. you can get it howevber u want if u string it urself. i sting my own heads
help me plz - 7/28/08 reply

what style stringing is best for D regular hard, 6 diamond , landingstirp plz respond
(no subject) - 8/02/08 reply

eighther hard mesh or sixdiamond would work the best. dont get anything traditional it rips to easy
ya bro - 10/25/08 reply

ou should jut get hard mesh on it. anything else could rip or get jacked up with the hard checks d do
help me plz - 7/28/08 reply

(no subject) - 7/17/08 reply

which mesh is the best for attack.
(no subject) - 2/26/09 reply

traditional has a nice shot but hard mesh is always a safe choice cus traditional can tear and what not
defense - 7/03/08 reply

hey i am a junior in lacrosse and i just ordered this kit does anyone know the best way to string the shooting strings so that it is good for my position thanks....
best string kit there is - 6/26/08 reply

they make the best string kit it includes extras and is easy to work with
clueless - 6/22/08 reply

if precise placement matters, where is the best place to put the shooting strings and what is the best material for it?
this - 5/28/08 reply

defenitly this, this mesh is easy to break in and creates a perfect pocket right ater strging w/ it
Mesh - 5/24/08 reply

What mesh is better? I play middie and I like a stick with good hold but that also has a little whip? which mesh is best and any head suggestions?
6 diamond - 5/26/08 reply

Hard - 8/22/08 reply

I've used both, but i prefer hard. 6 diamond has a slight advantage in hold, but hard mesh still has a quick break in time, and once you have a nice pocket the hold is good, and the pocket doesnt change in wet weather as much. hard also has a smoother release with less whip(also depends on pocket placement)
(no subject) - 4/14/10 reply

6 diamond, maybe a proton power
HELP - 5/23/08 reply

i know hard mesh is better then soft mesh but wats the difference between the 2
(no subject) - 5/26/08 reply

hard mesh is hard, and soft mesh is soft. soft mesh will rock and have more whip. hard mesh is more stable and has less whip
great stuff - 4/30/08 reply

i live by warrior mesh always use warrior its the best, it holds up well in bad weather, and always makes a good pocket
wow - 4/20/08 reply

people think that they have to have the best people string their heads you should just string your head so then u get good at it because when you dont string your head you dont no whats wrong with it.
hard mesh - 4/17/08 reply

this is the best mesh to use if u are wondering. it keeps its pocket and if strung right is just plain better than six diamond or soft mesh
Mesh Matters? - 4/06/08 reply

I'm only a 2nd year player so i dont no much but, does hard or soft mesh matter? its dry where i live during lax season so if it does what should i get?
(no subject) - 4/08/08 reply

it all depends on what you want dude, try them both. if it ever does happen to rain where you live it'd be good to have a stick with hard mesh.
(no subject) - 4/22/08 reply

well, it also depends on your prefrences as well. Hard mesh lasts long. and loads of people use it.
Hard - 6/09/08 reply

Hard mesh gives smoother and faster shooting and passing- most advanced players favor it.
good - 4/02/08 reply

gunz - 4/03/08 reply

you have to use ur gunz and stretch it out till it fits the goal. Another option is to buy a lacrosse goal net insted of lacrosse stick mesh.
haha - 4/27/08 reply

haha what an idiot
are you serious? - 4/13/08 reply

this is a stringing kit for your stick. Thats why its under stringing supply with all the mesh and stuff. I would recommend getting a Warrior net instead. Its a lot bigger and easier to attach.
dude - 5/30/08 reply

do you know anything about lacrosse? haha i hope your not serious
no - 6/01/08 reply

look at his name he plays hockey and must suck at at both lax and hockey
(no subject) - 2/26/09 reply

hahha hes kidding
firstly - 7/03/08 reply

you guys dont have to be negative about this cuz he might not know this oh and all you gotta do is go to models or sumtin they sell it for like 20 or 30 bucks hope this helped.
how're the shooting strings - 3/22/08 reply

i hear the brine shooting strings are much too short. how are the warrior shooting strings? and how many come with each kit?
nice and long - 4/25/08 reply

yup, no complaints with the length.
WHATS BEST FOR EVO PRO - 2/27/08 reply

The obvious choice would be hard mesh, but if anybody has anything to say otherwise,,,i would really love suggestions
(no subject) - 3/05/08 reply

hard mesh forsure
hard - 3/14/08 reply

hard mesh for life :D
six diamond is bad i had it - 3/15/08 reply

just get hard mesh its the best
6 Dimond - 2/25/08 reply

Dont get 6 dimond
agreed - 5/20/09 reply

it generally sucks and harder to work a pocket
hard or softer - 2/25/08 reply

hard or soft mesh. I play attack so whats better hard or soft?
(no subject) - 2/27/08 reply

hard mesh is alot more durable and holds a pocket better. personally i hate soft mesh but its really all personal preferance. if you play somewhere where you get a alot of rain and or snow like i do. deffinatally go with hard mesh. other then that you just need to find what you like.
HARD!!! - 4/03/08 reply

Always go with Hard mesh you can make a pocket in it in 2 nights with a ball and a pen and your stick will throw more consistently.
help - 2/16/08 reply

is palyers pocket da same thing as hard mesh?????????????????????????????
(no subject) - 3/07/08 reply

i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 2/09/08 reply

wats teh diffrence between soft mesh hard mesh 6 dimond?..im new and i play long stick..wat would b the best 1?
depends - 2/12/08 reply

if you are new then soft mesh would be best. once u get better then move to hard mesh. 6 diamond is better for attack so stick to the hard mesh once you get better.
attack? nooo - 3/11/08 reply

6 diamond isnt better for attack... hard mesh is i play attack and 6 diamond just slows down ur shots.. theres more friction with the wider holes which slows down ur shot even more
(no subject) - 3/20/08 reply

...hard mesh is better
hard vs 6 diamond - 12/30/07 reply

wats the difference between hard and 6 diamond. ive never used 6 diamond. shuld i get it?
hard vss six - 12/31/07 reply

no stick with hard its the only way to go
(no subject) - 8/16/08 reply

Six diamond has larger holes in the mesh, it has a good combination of hold and speed, but can sometimes have whip to it. Hard is the most popular and features smaller holes, it has good hold and shot speed as well, and has a nice smooth release. I had six on my evo 2.0 for a season playing attack and it was ok, but i switched back to hard, its much smoother.
whip - 12/20/07 reply

i hate how everyone alsways thinks that the head controls the whip, or that the whip is based on your shotting strings. well im gona let you in on a little secret. the bottom sidewall sting is where whip come from. the more you want the looser that string should be. just thought everyone should know.
????? - 8/09/07 reply

How many shooting strings come with it
mesh type - 1/11/07 reply

Is "Players Pocket" the same thing as hard mesh?
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