Warrior Krypto Pro 13 Lacrosse Shafts
  • Made from hydrogen-infused Krypto Pro Alloy that is so light it floats in your hands This handle is 10.5% lighter and stronger than regular Kryptolyte shafts. Faster dodges, more accurate checks and harder shots. They can't beat what they can't catch!!
The Krypto Pro is the go to shaft for top level collegiate attackman and middies who play Warrior teams. Basically, this shaft combines, speed, power and performance in the top of class. You will see this shaft on famous named players in the pros as well. This is the workhorse of the upper end. Super high ratings for strength and weight.
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(no subject) - 5/05/13 reply

I use this as my starting goalie stick. While i've taken rips off it without getting a dent, there is no grip. Not that much of a problem but be prepared to buy alot of tape because it is slippery without and falls off really easily.
Rabil X - 3/13/13 reply

Would this shaft and a Rabil X be a good set up??? If not what combination with the Rabil would be good.
duh yeah - 5/21/13 reply

that setup would be ill. Super strong/light head on a super strong/light shaft. as i said... ILL
(no subject) - 2/10/13 reply

this and a rocket pocket. whoa! watch out goalie
(no subject) - 11/27/12 reply

Worth it if you like to give attackmen back brain slaps. I have this '12 edition but I prefer my scandium pro I've had for years. You want to be a badA$$ d-pole-wielding-maniac? Fill your d-pole with SAND and practice with that. Come game time, your popeye guns will make any stick feel like a splinter, but all your checks will make 'impressions' on attack/middies. Literally.
Worth IT??? - 10/03/12 reply

Is this worth the $125 or should I just get a kryptolyte?...
(no subject) - 6/20/12 reply

this or swizzle scandium
(no subject) - 6/15/12 reply

Maverik h2 or warrior krypto pro
(no subject) - 6/10/12 reply

LSM? - 6/07/12 reply

This, Scandium Pro, UA Playmaker, or Kryptolyte for LSM? I want light but durable. I use a krypton now.
(no subject) - 5/28/12 reply

is this like the krypto pro diamond without the grip
Yeah - 5/28/12 reply

Yeah, it's exactly the same.
HELP - 5/24/12 reply

This, Gait Ice or Scandium pro ? which is a better choice
(no subject) - 5/18/12 reply

should i get this or a gait ice for attack now that theyre about the same price?
(no subject) - 5/14/12 reply

This or a scandium pro. i play u13. Any other suggestions
(no subject) - 5/17/12 reply

both good shafts
LAX sticks - 5/14/12 reply

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(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

you are weird
HELP 4 D!!! - 5/13/12 reply

THIS OR SCI TI PRO FOR D!.and I'm using it with an x10 and will probably only use it for summer lax
(no subject) - 5/17/12 reply

sc-ti pro it's stronger
Goalie - 5/08/12 reply

is this a good goalie shaft i have an eclipse
HELP - 5/06/12 reply

is this shaft grippier than the swizzle scandium
(no subject) - 5/20/12 reply

no it has no grip
(no subject) - 5/02/12 reply

This or the scandium pro for attack?
(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

Difference? - 5/01/12 reply

I play LSM and close D, and I have always used a Kryptolyte. I'm considering this< but is their any real difference between the two?
(no subject) - 5/15/12 reply

Get the Diamond if you can its the best shaft you can get for D besides the Sci Ti
This For LSM??? - 4/30/12 reply

I just ordered this as a d-pole with the m80. I do not know whether to use it for LSM or just defense. What should I do?
(no subject) - 5/05/12 reply

lsm because the m80 was practically made for lsm
shaft - 4/28/12 reply

The shaft is real light, and doesn't have a lot of grip, but its nice. Personally I would recommend just getting the diamond, because this shaft will dent or bend easily. And the diamond is basically the same thing, but it has better grip and it doesn't dent or bend easily. I have had my krypto pro for 1 month and there are 5 dents, and honestly I don't even go hard in games or practices, as in I don't get stick checked or stick check people a lot. But my warrior diamond, I have had for 1 year and it has no dents and it hasn't bent. The grip is still the same on it too.
bent - 4/23/12 reply

i bought this shaft like a week ago, played with it a bit and today in practice it bent. since its a long pole i don't think warrior will send me a new one. I loved the shaft but now I'm pissed. did this happen to anyone else?
krypto pro vs 11 - 4/23/12 reply

what is the difference between the krypto pro and the kryptolyte 11? and is the cost difference worth it?
Nice - 4/17/12 reply

This shaft is amazing. If your thinking about getting it definitely get it. An amzing head to go with it is the clutch. Such a light and amazing stick all together. Definitely recomended!!
(no subject) - 4/12/12 reply

this or warrior dolomite diamond?
(no subject) - 4/10/12 reply

is this worth $170
Yes - 4/21/12 reply

help!! - 3/25/12 reply

ok so if anyone has or knows where i can get the baby blue version of this from 2008 let me know because iv been looking for one for like 2 years now
(no subject) - 4/26/12 reply

a kid on my team uses one
Grip??? - 3/23/12 reply

right now i have a nike pursuit shaft...but i wanted to get something with less grip...i prefer just a little bit of tape at the bottom and thats it. Is this a good non grippy shaft??
(no subject) - 3/30/12 reply

yea theres really no grip. but a great shaft
Thanks - 3/31/12 reply

thanks, i just bought one!!!
Great overall shaft. - 3/23/12 reply

I got this shaft last season, and it's held up great. It's super light, strong, and has great shot speed. It's comparable to the Wonderboy, but I'd say this shaft is more light. The Decals came off real easy which really isn't a problem. I'd recommend this for any position.
(no subject) - 3/18/12 reply

which is stronger, this or the gait ice? what would you guys recommend for a middie? im probably putting a lakota on it
(no subject) - 3/08/12 reply

Use it for running pole and used it year round for club teams and for school. I had an older generatipon for about six years and it had some pretty good dents but I didn't feel that it affected anything. It broke a couple of days ago but I'm definatly buying it again.
(no subject) - 3/08/12 reply

This, wonderboy or stx force2
(no subject) - 3/09/12 reply

if you want lightweight, get wonderboy. if you want something that is a little heavier but still light and probably wont dent, get the force. this is in the middle.
(no subject) - 2/20/12 reply

This shaft is the best shaft out there, for the money. I have been playing with it for just under 3 years. (Note: I play year round so it had seen it's days) Just recently I bent the shaft. The Krypto Pro does dent but that does not affect the shape or performance of the shaft in any way so it is irrelevant. Best Shaft on the market with out a doubt.
(no subject) - 1/27/12 reply

Krypto pros dent and bend, but never really break. Krypto pro Diamonds snap in two.
will this shaft break on me? - 12/01/11 reply

(no subject) - 11/22/11 reply

white or black????
Is it worth it - 11/15/11 reply

Is this good with the evo 3 I'm thinking of getting it please tell need to know for late winter league
(no subject) - 11/07/11 reply

can i remove the decals on the shaft?
(no subject) - 10/18/11 reply

Love it. It is very light and has great durability
Answers 4 U - 10/02/11 reply

i have this shaft. it is highly recomended by me because this thing is exreemly lite weight and is very strong because its made out of alloy. also if you like to clear and play fast this is good because its lite and because its so lite the head will be way heavier so with one side heavy you will have a big punch. im only 14 and can clear exatly 83 yards with this shaft.
INS - 10/02/11 reply

im not stupid so you can trust me on this one because my uncle is in the NLL and plays for calgory. his name is josh sanderson and he has tought me every thing.
(no subject) - 10/02/11 reply

well accually hes changing teams again. i think to torontow
(no subject) - 9/28/11 reply

This or easton stealth
(no subject) - 8/22/11 reply

this or the dolomite?
(no subject) - 8/08/11 reply

This Phenix or Katana
katana - 3/23/12 reply

phenix chips really easily...katana.
this shaft - 8/05/11 reply

will this shaft break on me at attack easily?... i have heard that it dents pretty easy
(no subject) - 8/08/11 reply

It will dent but it wont break
na - 8/03/11 reply

na but bro it's so light
(no subject) - 7/21/11 reply

Does anyone know the exact weight of this shaft?
so light - 7/14/11 reply

best shaft. ever so light. i have it in D pole and is my starter i love it. if it's light in D its going to be supper light at a shorty. BUT SADLY IT DENTS FAST
. - 7/08/11 reply

Does this shaft dent easily?
this or kryp. pro diamond - 7/08/11 reply

I want the lightest warrior shaft possible for goalie and i was wondering if this was lighter than the krypto pro diamond or vis versa
(no subject) - 7/09/11 reply

the pro diamond is lighter all the way
(no subject) - 6/29/11 reply

KRYPTO PRO - 6/29/11 reply

my friend has this shaft and hes better than u. anyways it has the best feel to it,floats in yo hands idc what but u need to buy this shaft, i had 1 of my best goals with it
differences? - 6/15/11 reply

between this and kypto pro diamond. is there any weight differences or just grip. which should i get?
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

krypto pro is lighter
Gait ice - 6/14/11 reply

Gait ice is lighter and only cost 70-80 bucks, I have it and it only has one dent(invisible) I play middie
Weight? - 6/14/11 reply

is this light and strong or should i try an stx or brine
no grip - 6/12/11 reply

Help - 6/12/11 reply

I'm deciding between this or Maverik's H2...what should I get
GRip - 6/11/11 reply

Does it have any grip at alll???
(no subject) - 6/07/11 reply

does it have any grip
grip - 6/07/11 reply

(no subject) - 6/06/11 reply

have 3 of these. best shaft ever
(no subject) - 6/05/11 reply

this thing is seriously light
grip - 6/01/11 reply

how good is the grip on this thing
(no subject) - 5/28/11 reply

this with the warrior corbraX is the best stick ive ever used..
gait ice - 5/28/11 reply

is this lighter than the ice, im a goalie so durability isnt too big of an issue. just want a stick thts gonna float away
gait ice - 5/30/11 reply

is lighter. I have it with STX Eclipse.
(no subject) - 6/14/11 reply

Gait ice is lighter
(no subject) - 5/19/11 reply

I like it there should be more graphics though
help help help help - 5/17/11 reply

this, wonderboy, or katana? looking for a light shaft
RE: help help help help - 5/22/11 reply

kryptopro for sure
dude - 5/25/11 reply

stop asking for help and get the krypto pro
Youu get to choose which one - 5/16/11 reply

You can choose between goalie, attack and defensee
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

wtf? i thought this was an attack shaft. thats not good :(
(no subject) - 5/10/11 reply

this, new dolomite, katana
where - 5/07/11 reply

bros, i neeeeed to find the baby blue version of this from 2008, where can i get it
brooo - 7/18/11 reply

bro i have one
(no subject) - 4/24/11 reply

I play aggressive middi and do faceoffs i want a durable lightweight head and i am trying to choose between the Cobra X the Noz X or the Gospel.. if u have any of these heads can u reply with ur opion on them and if you wanna tell me which shaft to chose between the Brine Swizzle Scandium 2011, the Maverick wonderboy, or the Stx Katana.. I'd really appreciate if you guys can reply thanks
(no subject) - 4/25/11 reply

Your comment has nothing to do with this warrior shaft, how about go and read reviesws....?
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

gospel is dope, now it costs like nothing, next i would say NOZ
annoying kids - 4/22/11 reply

stop asking whats better on the internet. everyone has a different opinion. go ask the people you lax with or visit a shop to find out about it
(no subject) - 4/22/11 reply

this, easton stealth w/o girp, or dolomite 10
? - 4/18/11 reply

krypto pro or kryptolyte???
how light it is - 4/12/11 reply

how light is this shaft cuz i just ordered it
(no subject) - 4/13/11 reply

very light
(no subject) - 3/29/11 reply

i was thinking about getting this, but is it really worth the money??
(no subject) - 4/05/11 reply

YES!! definitly worth it
light d stick - 3/27/11 reply

i play lsm and i was hopping to find a light shaft. does anyone know what the lightest d poles are?
GAIT ICE - 4/16/11 reply

the gait ice is soooo light. Mine's lighter than half the shorties on my team and it doesn't have a dent
ice - 5/18/11 reply

my friend dented his on the first day he got it it isnt that durrable but is verrryy light
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

i had a choice between this and the brine king f55, i went with d brine, best decision ive ever made!
not so good - 3/25/11 reply

tooo slippery ; its annoying
???? - 3/20/11 reply

(no subject) - 4/04/11 reply

im pretty sure thompson sporting good has them. it in nj tho
got one - 7/18/11 reply

i have one if you wanna buy it
Durability - 3/11/11 reply

I want a shaft that is very light and wont break. I know this shaft is light, but will it break easily?
(no subject) - 4/13/11 reply

no my friend has had one and we were play lax in his basement and he accidently swung over the couch and hit a big glass bowl and there was no marks or dents in it
Epic - 3/02/11 reply

This shaft is awesome, enough said
28 dollars - 2/03/11 reply

whered u get last years model for 28 dollars
(no subject) - 12/31/10 reply

yo its a really good shaft
28 dollers - 12/19/10 reply

i got last years model for 28 dollers new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 11/22/10 reply

guys.... this stick is beast, i just got it today
(no subject) - 11/04/10 reply

(no subject) - 10/22/10 reply

this shaft looks pretty fly...maybe for 60 bones
ugly - 9/25/10 reply

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