Warrior Monster Shooting Trainer Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • A lot like the Full Goal Target, but a little more forgiving. A great tool for accuracy and fun. Use it to practice free shots in the women's game, rips to the corner in the guy's game, or contests in camps. Kids eat this stuff up.
The kids love these things. We sell tons of them. High quality construction can actually take punishment from all age groups. Big thick poly cover that snaps up to your goal in minutes. Awesome training tool and lots of fun !!!
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(no subject) - 5/18/13 reply

SOMEONE ANSWER: Does this have like pockets to hold the balls that are shot into them or do you have to go inside the net to get them
?????????????????????????????? - 11/09/10 reply

does this come with a goal? or is it just the tarp thing
(no subject) - 8/19/10 reply

i like this it helped me with my shot
(no subject) - 7/15/10 reply

Does this bounce far if u hit it or does it just drop straight to the ground?
drops - 8/05/10 reply

just drops on the ground
product review - 11/15/09 reply

Stop rapping about the products seriously
is it worth the money? - 6/27/09 reply

taking off the tarp - 6/14/09 reply

can you take off the tarp thing w/o ruining it and be able to put it back on?
YES - 7/01/10 reply

good - 1/04/09 reply

had to use this cuz we didnt have our goalie and we did okay
On tHE NeT - 10/19/08 reply

how does this fit over the net and how do you put it on /??
... - 6/30/08 reply

"kids eat this stuff up..."?
HELP! - 6/17/08 reply

tarp - 6/23/08 reply

stupid read the title!
does it? - 6/14/08 reply

does this come with the goal or just the tarp thing
this or dummy - 5/10/08 reply

i have a dummy used for practicing fighting in my goal. i have even given the dummy a old goalie stick i got from my friend. i position him where he should be to make saves from certain areas i'm shooting from. he's not very good but at least he looks like a real goalie. is this better?
(no subject) - 5/22/08 reply

of course
ya - 6/03/08 reply

i know it sounds dumb but hey it's better than shooting on a empty net
!!! - 1/20/09 reply

do you know how freakin awsome that sounds!!!!!!!! i really just want to buy a dummmy and take shots at it !!! id buy this but still put the dummy there!
lol - 3/10/10 reply

now thats funny
worth it - 5/02/08 reply

i bought this strapped it to my cage and then bought 120 balls it really has brought up my accuracy immensely i can now hit corners and put it right where it needs to go its definitely worth however much it costs
good for you - 5/09/08 reply

WOW - 4/06/08 reply

Damn... This is the best. brings up you accurcey by alot
(no subject) - 3/27/08 reply

doesnt come in navy comes in royal blue
great - 3/25/08 reply

great target i have the older model at home and it works great i ripped reciently after about 3 years...makes u shoot alot better
Do I need Fasteners? - 3/07/08 reply

This comes with Goal Fasteners right?
Hey! - 2/21/08 reply

Hey laxers help me out I'm getting the 30X10 net that goes behind the goals to stop missed shots and I wanted to know if I should get this or the Full Target 2.0.
Help Please! - 1/25/08 reply

The net on my goal is ripped to shreads and i need a new one. Well I was thinking of just buying one of these (instead of a new net), but everyone says to buy this one instead of the STX one, but The STX one has pockets to snag the balls so I was wondering if this one has pockets.
You.. - 2/21/08 reply

..need to buy a new net... this wont sub for one
Dont get this one. - 3/08/08 reply

You shouldn't get this one. Get one with pockets. This one doesnt so it will not substitute.
JUST GET A NEW NET!!! - 4/01/08 reply

Its cool - 1/10/08 reply

My Team uses it for some drills so our goalies can do other drills, I also have one for pick up games and stuff
are you stupid? - 12/25/06 reply

its not a net, it's a cover with wholes, so when you shoot you aim for the wholes, it is to help ur accuracy and you can make one if you want, don't just say something stupid to comment first.
no...but i think you might be - 10/30/07 reply

GACLAX you moron...you spell it "holes" not "wholes". funny you should say that someone else said something stupid. in any case, its handy to shoot at, we use it at national trials for attack drills.
(no subject) - 2/21/08 reply

u sound real sweet "nationals"
first to comment - 8/29/06 reply

im first to comment and this net is way 2 overpriced i mean it 90$$ for a pice of fabric i mean wtf mate?
so - 2/04/07 reply

this thing may be $90 but it works real well. 1 hour on this thing and I swear you'll get better
r u from england??? - 3/16/08 reply

r u from england mate lol
i agree - 4/04/08 reply

yea seriously man cmon. dont be that dumb
aussie - 4/04/08 reply

mate is actually australian. not english.
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