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  • The Nemesis is the top selling Warrior head of all time and is used by all the top goalies in the world
    The new 2011 Nemesis has new NOZ technology to create the ultimate weapon, which means faster reaction time to shots and more saves
    Features warrior's patented flared sidewall which directs shots into the center of the pocket
The Nemesis is a top selling, advanced designed head used by MLL goalies and many collegiate players. The patented sidewalls are designed to funnel shots off the side into the center of the pocked. This increases shot percentage and helps eliminate rebounds. This head is used by top players in all age brackets.
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pro stringing - 6/16/14 reply

is it any good I trying out for goalie next year
(no subject) - 4/18/14 reply

this or STX eclipse
wtf - 4/16/14 reply

it says you save $-4.91
this or eclipse - 3/29/14 reply

I hav a stx eclipse right now and I kinda wanna change it up , the face shape looks smaller then the eclipse , shou I pick this up or stay with the ecipse
(no subject) - 4/07/14 reply

Definitely this. I went from a nemi to an eclipse to a nemi light and this is by far better. It is stiffer and last longer and direct shots into stick very well. I highly recommend it.
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

When are these going to be back in stock?
(no subject) - 11/19/13 reply

This or shield
Shield - 1/22/14 reply

No doubt get the shield
Great Head - 8/28/13 reply

Pretty light easy to strings pretty stiff overall amazing head
(no subject) - 8/15/13 reply

it has a really high pinch for attack and middie good 4 a high pocket
ur a retard - 9/17/13 reply

(no subject) - 1/22/14 reply

Overall - 7/20/13 reply

I've used this head for two seasons, and it got the job done, but it's a heavier head, which I don't like. It's very stiff too and I broke the inside sidewall plastic. It also doesn't have very many sidewall holes which limits what you might want to do with it. I have a brine money as my back up that I used at a camp, and it's preformance was all around better. But this has great NOZ material that directs the ball towards the center. Overall I wouldn't waste money on this head.
(no subject) - 5/14/13 reply

I had the original nemesis in 7th grade and it just started to get flexy and i am a sophmore now. Would this be the same
(no subject) - 7/12/13 reply

It would depend on how you treat it. If you leave it out in your garage or car or whatever for long periods of time it's gonna get flimsy fast. But if you take good care of it and keep it inside, it should be fine.
(no subject) - 5/14/13 reply

This is the best goalie head out there. I have had mine for a year now and I love it! You can get an amazing pocket and it is really light.
(no subject) - 4/23/13 reply

Got this about a month ago and it's awesome! About as light as a goalie head can get and it will make a good pocket.
(no subject) - 3/31/13 reply

This or STX eclipse?
Pro Strung - 3/17/13 reply

Does the pro strung version have hard mesh or soft mesh?
(no subject) - 4/15/12 reply

How much does this wiegh?
(no subject) - 5/18/12 reply

10.4 oz
(no subject) - 3/20/12 reply

no its just really light it is really strong i have 2 and had one of them for almost two years of continuous ues
Bend - 3/15/12 reply

The void light was really flimsy when they added the noz stuff? Is the nemi lyte the same?
(no subject) - 3/06/12 reply

this or guardian
(no subject) - 2/11/14 reply

I've had the guardian for almost 4 years now and it's a great head it's very flexible and its also very light.
(no subject) - 1/04/12 reply

I think the eclipse is WAY better
(no subject) - 10/13/12 reply

the eclipse get really flimsy this really doesn't change in stiffness
(no subject) - 11/23/11 reply

go for base it has insane stopping area but be sure to get 20d with it
This or base? - 10/26/11 reply

(no subject) - 10/07/11 reply

it's just awesome! my eclipse is now my back up
Awesome - 10/02/11 reply

Just got it to replace my eclipse not only is it lighter but ten times easier to string...great head
sick!!!! - 9/19/11 reply

this is so nice, but i just got the void lyte
(no subject) - 9/17/11 reply

this head is great!!!!
(no subject) - 9/09/11 reply

new to lax.com
(no subject) - 9/07/11 reply

sexy as hell
(no subject) - 9/28/11 reply

r u #3 on crabs u15
(no subject) - 9/28/11 reply

r u jacob stover
nopee - 2/21/12 reply

haha no but i know that kid... whoa are you? I know a lot of kids that go to St. Mary's in Annapolis
(no subject) - 9/07/11 reply

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