3 Regulator Ultralyte
3 Regulator Ultralyte
3 Regulator Ultralyte
Warrior Regulator Ultralyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
In Stock
In Stock
  • Warrior Regulator Ultralyte shoulder pads.

    New IMPAX molded foam technology provides outstanding impact absorption in key areas of the shoulder and chest to minimize the feel of the impact.

    Bone protection in the shoulder for extra protection.

    SlimBib fit for better playability.

    WARTECH liner keeps the player cool, dry and comfortable during competition.
Middies, D poles and FOGO's... your dream come true has arrived. Like wearing a Storm Trooper bikini top. High density and low profile foam combined with the perfect addition of soft mesh flex points. Run like a deer in these bad boys. Chest Plate is floating with full quality velcro straps. A home run for advanced players that want to wear something that feels like nothing.
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(no subject) - 1/08/15 reply

When you're playing you feel like you're not even wearing shoulder pads. If you like mobility and don't care about a couple bruises these are the best pads hands down.
(no subject) - 9/19/14 reply

It was almost like I'm not even wearing shoulder pads when I first tried them on.
Liners - 7/04/14 reply

Liners are stripped down shoulder pads. They are designed with minimal layers of protection. Primarily protecting your chest, back, and core. Usually dont have shoulder caps and bicep pads. If you arent sure what the your position and competition will be, it would beneficial to use shoulder pads before getting into liners. I previously used K18 Gen 2s and loved them because they have full coverage with an excellent balance between protection and mobility. I still keep them in my bag just in case. My teammate purchased a set of Reebok BLACKs and coverted me to them from last season. They have full coverage but with small and thin padding with very high mobility and extremely light. I use them in combination with Reebok BLACK rib pads. I am considering switching to Warrior Regulator Hitmans. It looks they are basically liners with shoulder caps fitting in between K18s and Blacks. Which may be the ideal pad for me. Although I am still keeping my both of my previous pads because they served well.
? - 6/20/14 reply

On lacrosse monkey it says these are shoulder pad liners. Can you still use them without buying the actual shoulder pads too?
AMAZING!! - 1/06/14 reply

I got these for attack. They have protection for where you need it. Great choice.
Protection? - 3/11/14 reply

Mobility is more important than protection for me since I camp on crease and get possession back after a turnover because i can just bolt to the other team, but are these enough? I play Attack/Crease Middie and these look super small and comfy and light but is it truly enough or has there been a time where you wished you had a little something more?
Perfect! - 1/01/14 reply

I just got these shoulder pads for Christmas. They are perfect for d you barely notice them and only has protection where you need it, your chest. It is basically just a heart protecter.
(no subject) - 10/15/13 reply

these look really sick.
(no subject) - 12/21/13 reply

just go these and they are amazing, super tiny and not restricting at all!
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