Warrior Shooter Bag Lacrosse String Supplies
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  • Secure this over the head of your stick and be able to practice ripping shots with the full weight of the ball in there.
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i dont understand - 3/07/12 reply

I dont really know what this does or is, description seems entirely different from what you guys are commenting
(no subject) - 10/20/10 reply

this is an amazing head once i scoop the ball i just zip the zipper and BAM! dangle like crazy but one con... its almost immposible to shoot
Review - 8/04/10 reply

this works very well! i would spend $11 on it, but i got it free using my lax points. anyway it is good if u dont want to mess up ur mesh in wet grass, u can go out, and get the feel for shooting, without gettin ur stick messed up, overall, a good product to get
sweet head - 5/31/10 reply

attack - 4/13/10 reply

okay im gunna say if you play attack or maybe even midfield and you shoot a decent amount, DEFINITELY get this shooter bag if you can't shoot year round due to weather, like in ohio. this thing is a life savor when you don't want to go outside cause of crappy weather and get your mesh all screwed up and have to spend like twenty minutes cleaning and fixing it up after like 30 mins of shooting. SURE you can't get to actually fire the ball into the net, but with this thing you can get the feel for your shot, and go through the motion. Even professional need to work through fundamentals! Also if you use this thing ALOT, you will strengthen your shot, and your wrists and not even have to chase or fetch a shot out of the net after its shot.
Warrior is nasty - 3/02/10 reply

warrior makes alot of nice accesories. thry out their weighted dougnut and their weighted ball works amazingly
shooter bag - 11/01/08 reply

this thing is sick. you can rip shots in your house without breaking anything
yes - 8/20/08 reply

its cool, but it wont fit over my girlfriends head...a definite drawback
Ha. - 5/31/09 reply

(no subject) - 7/14/09 reply

then she has a very tall head
(no subject) - 4/12/08 reply

seems kind of dumb to me, but maybe i just dont get how it works
arrow head - 3/21/08 reply

dosent work 4 me i have a stx arrow head
good idea - 12/20/07 reply

good idea, but i think it would get really old really fast. id rather actually shoot on a cage
sicc - 12/08/07 reply

rippin shotz in my room with a ball
this is.... - 11/21/06 reply

you put a ball in ur stick then put this on top of ur head than you can practice your shot w/o actually shooting a ball and possibly breaking a window
help - 11/13/06 reply

is this like a donut for baseball bats? is it like weighted at all? if not...what the hell is it?!
(no subject) - 1/02/07 reply

It isn't a donut...there is another lovely product from Warrior for that:) All this is is a gimmick shot. Put a ball in stick, cover with this, and take shots. The ball will obviously stay in and not be shot.
help - 5/27/10 reply

can you tell me where i can find this so called "donut for lacrosse"
What is it? - 11/07/06 reply

what is this thing? I know know its a warrior shooter bag but what is it?
warrior shooter bag - 11/21/06 reply

this bag is used to protect lax heads from any sort of elements.
r u retarded? - 2/09/08 reply

read the description its so u can practice shooting with the full wait of the ball in the stick without breaking anything
what is this - 10/11/06 reply

warrior shooting bag - 9/22/06 reply

so awsome
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