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six diamond
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  • This hard mesh has....6 diamonds.
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6d clutch - 5/23/11 reply

not necesssarily this kit cuz i dont do kits but 6 diamond in general. Is it good for my style. And to people thinking about buying this kit or any kit dont because stuff that comes in kits is not very good and low quality. Buy from a stringing website. Ty guys
6d clutch - 5/23/11 reply

6d clutch - 5/23/11 reply

How about on a clutch? Im attack and I shoot and lot dodge a lot. I need a good and accurate release and good hold. 6 or 10 diamond? opinions from users plz.
(no subject) - 4/30/11 reply

o.k. kit. it only comes with 2 shooters and is a little too soft and stretchy
d - 4/12/11 reply

just bought this...hope it works out
does this come with shooters - 11/13/10 reply

is this hard or soft - 11/06/10 reply

(no subject) - 11/08/10 reply

This will probably be hard mesh
(no subject) - 8/03/10 reply

it all comes down to preference. 6 diamond is better if you would like a faster release on your shot which in return gives you a faster shot. it also depends on how you string up your stick. 10 diamond will give you more feel to the ball which gives you better handling on the ball. i personally have a 6 diamond proton power and a 10 diamond clutch2x. i can play with either of them b/c i strung them to feel and play the same way. i have to say that the 6 diamond gives me a 5-7 mph shot speed increase. IF you truly want to find out, buy the kit and have someone teach you how to string it yourself!!!
? - 6/18/10 reply

now this will come with EVERYTHING I need to string my head right? jw cause im putting this on my new clutch
hard or 6 diamond - 6/12/10 reply

hard or 6 diamond on my proton power, i need to restring it after i dye it
(no subject) - 5/19/10 reply

would six diamond mesh be good for a brine F-15 attack stick
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

would this be good for a d pole
(no subject) - 8/11/10 reply

Brodie Merrill uses it and I use it so YES!
(no subject) - 10/01/10 reply

The shaft has nothing to do with it. Its the head and how you string it, how many times do I have to say this?!
? - 5/10/10 reply

Would D6 Mesh go good with the maverik vision? Im mostly just looking for a faster shot.
Big pocket - 4/06/10 reply

Doesnt this mesh give you a bigger pocket
(no subject) - 5/12/10 reply

no, just less diamonds across, and theyre biggerr diamonds
IS IT EASY TO STRING? - 3/18/10 reply

(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

EVO PRO - 3/18/10 reply

does this work for the evo pro and it it hard to string a stick?
What do you think? READ - 3/13/10 reply

I needed a new back up stick for the NCAA rules so i bought the lightest stick and the lightest head for hopes of a harder shot. Im also putting 6 diamond mesh on it. Its all somewhat experimental but im hoping it will be my main stick
(no subject) - 2/13/10 reply

Does this work well if u want a high pocket?
yut. - 3/05/10 reply

i got this mesh with a clutch and i strung it up with a front mid pocket and the thing is unbeleiveable
Stringing - 6/05/09 reply

Is six diamond mesh difficult to string or is there no difference from regular hard mesh?
(no subject) - 6/14/09 reply

there is no differance the only thing is the dimonds are bigger
WILL THIS MESH WORK ON A STX? - 6/04/09 reply

i just bought a stx viper2 and i need to know if this mesh will fit on it
....................... - 6/11/09 reply

yes mesh isnt something that wont fit unless dont know how to string i have this on my stx proton power
ya - 6/19/09 reply

dude any mesh no matter wat brand will work on any head.
help - 6/03/09 reply

i play lsm and im stuck between hard mesh or six diamond. i know how hard mesh throws and stuff but can some1 tell me about six diamond?
less hold - 2/01/10 reply

six diamond has less hold than hard mesh. Throws faster but has less control since u have less diamonds the ball is more loose. I play D you should stick with hard mesh six diamond has no control when switching hands.
(no subject) - 4/29/10 reply

hesh oesnt effect hold the shooters do
diferent colors - 5/12/09 reply

are there different colors???
good with voyce??? - 5/10/09 reply

I play attack an have a voyce and i was wonderin if i should get this or sumin else???
6D - 7/22/09 reply

Good for any position. I play goalie and attack. I use 6D in a Brine Answer Pro on a DB 803 and 12D (goalie version of 6D) in my Eclipse on another DB 803.
READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 4/29/09 reply

whats the difference between regular and six diamond stringing
difference - 4/30/09 reply

it hast 6 diamonds vs. 10 and its harder amd is good for fast shots...
Another thing - 4/20/09 reply

What would be better on the answer pro 6D or hard mesh?
HELP! - 4/20/09 reply

What's better for holding a pocket hard mesh or 6 D..i like putting my pocket at the top under u shooting string but don't know if hard or 6D would be better. plz help
(no subject) - 5/16/09 reply

i haven't used 6 diamond...i use hard and i love it...but a kid on my lacrosse team had 6 diamond and it seems to work reely will for him...personally i think hard would be better
NEED HELP!!!!!!! - 4/19/09 reply

will this mesh work on a juice?
Includes? - 3/29/09 reply

whats this kit include?
Brine Nitrous? - 3/26/09 reply

I have a Brine nitrous and I need to know if this mesh would work well on it. I also wanna know if this mesh works well dyed. I know some meshes harden and some let the dye run out in the rain but would that happen with this one? I need it dyed for my school.
also.... - 3/26/09 reply

I also need to know what exactly is in this kit: like how many shooting strings and stuff.
6 diamond - 3/26/09 reply

this mesh kicks ass, there is enough to fully string your stick, no more, no less
but really... - 3/26/09 reply

seriously i tried soft mesh, hard mesh, and (please forigve me) fresh mesh, i tried 6 diamond, strung it myself, and it is the most durable stuff there is. im a midi and it is awesome, the pocket is great, it retains its shape really nicely, and with the evo 2.0 it kicks serious ass
Your head - 4/12/09 reply

is the evo 2.0 better than the evo pro???
does it work on stx? - 3/13/09 reply

This is Warrior - 3/03/09 reply

Hey guys this string type is for attack who like to have a deep pocket that can withstand rain and snow without streching out. dont get this just cause it looks cool because u wont like it!
6d - 3/26/09 reply

the mesh kicks ass
6 diamond or hard - 1/09/09 reply

im a mid who shoots on the run and crank when i can, i want good shot speed any sugestions?
6 diamond - 2/16/09 reply

I play middie too n I only use 6 diamond cos you get a deeper pocket n it has insane shot speed
HELIX? - 12/13/08 reply

is this better than hard mesh for a helix? i had hard mesh before but the side wall strings kept breaking. is there any real differnce between the two??
breaking sidewall string - 12/25/08 reply

if you get a head thats strung for you on any site. when you get it, loosen the sidewall string a little bit or it will eventually break. its strung to tight at first. so if you just loosen it up it wont break. its happened to me before.
no - 1/09/09 reply

if anything your gonna want to tighten it if you buy it strung they never have tight sidewalls like ever so get better sidewall string
does anyone know if... - 12/10/08 reply

this would be a good mesh for the clutch?
GOOD FOR A CLUTCH????????????? - 8/14/08 reply

yea - 3/03/09 reply

make sure your shooting strings are at a double "v" though or else you will get no wip!
THIS OWNS - 8/06/08 reply

i have this on my old av8 that was under my bed and i didnt even kno i had. i took it out today when i went too the park to see how it felt and..... i f88king love it. the pocket was out of shape but as soon as i gave it two cradles it got as good as its ever been. it also didnt change thoughout the day like my other sticks (warrior hard mesh), it stayed exactly the same the whole day. i liked it so much im using it in my last two summer league games 2morow nd friday.
profile-defense - 7/30/08 reply

hey is this mesh good for defense and more importantly, does it work well on the stx profile?
(no subject) - 10/15/08 reply

it is great for defense but i dont use stx warrior always has better quality items
attack/mid?/???? - 7/01/08 reply

i play attack n mid is 6 diamond good or should i go with hard mesh
in my opinoin - 7/03/08 reply

this mesh should only be used in wide heads or for a low pocket (i have it on an av8 nd an excal). if u want a fast shot on a narow head just get a tradional string job. or if u dont mind sacrifising speed for a bit of accuracy nd tons of hold then go with hard mesh
evo 2.0 - 7/08/08 reply

i have an evo 2.0 so wat should i go wit
love it on x3 - 6/17/08 reply

ok so i got this and i thought it would suck but it did not i have an x3 with crankshaft and i shoot so much better i just want to no if that was a good idea to put it on the x3
(no subject) - 6/19/08 reply

sure, it doesn't matter what mesh you put on your head as long as you like the way it throws and feels.
u a pro? - 6/29/08 reply

yo man i was looking at the price of some of d heads i might get for next season nd u have a comment on almost all of of them, heck, u got a comment on all the products in this site
amazing - 6/14/08 reply

this is the best mesh if u like low pockets. its ok for medium pocket but i definitly do not recomend this for attackmen with high pockets.
work? - 5/30/08 reply

does this work on a clutch
yeah - 6/08/08 reply

and it's sweet
K18 on a cranksharft? - 5/27/08 reply

yes - 6/08/08 reply

attack????????????????????? - 5/08/08 reply

i just bought this to string on a revo 2.0 and i was wondering if it ws a good choise do to that and how do you make a pocket
(no subject) - 5/12/08 reply

I think so, it's my favorite mesh. make a pocket however you normally would, there are a lot of different ways to make one.
(no subject) - 5/18/08 reply

6 Damond Mesh Is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 10/09/08 reply

i love my 6 diamond its way better than anything else. its perfect for attackmen like myself
hard or 6? - 5/08/08 reply

which is better 6 diamond or hard mesh, or is it just based on preference?
(no subject) - 5/12/08 reply

it's based on preference and play style, if you like to dodge a lot and want more hold go with six diamond, if you feed or shoot outside a lot then use regular hard mesh.
help - 5/03/08 reply

how would this work on a proton for defense?
Brine answer - 4/21/08 reply

will this work on a brine answer
yes - 4/27/08 reply

works on anything
would this work with an X3 - 4/16/08 reply

PLZ ANSWER - 4/15/08 reply

someone said that 6 diamond mesh is really bad for pinched head like the primer, is that true or is it no different that a non pinched head???????
Not true at all - 4/27/08 reply

I use this on all my sticks. if you string it up well and break it in well, it will work with any head or whatever.
its fine - 4/27/08 reply

dont worry about it. it works fine on whatever head you put it on
The Best - 4/13/08 reply

6 D is the best mesh on the market. It has the best hold and has a nice soft release
6 diamond - 4/11/08 reply

is this mesh any good for d? and will it fit the gait asylum
Yes - 4/13/08 reply

Yes I think 6 D is the best mesh for D because of its great Hold
does this work on a razer pro - 3/28/08 reply

my mesh is messed up and i need new im going to put 6 diamiond on a razer pro 2.o then get a realy light shaft what shaft should i get and will this work
Yes - 5/18/08 reply

If you are going to Get a realy new light Shaft Get A Damond Warior Or A Titan Pro Made by Warior!
Stringing - 3/26/08 reply

Is this good?
good for def? - 3/26/08 reply

is this mesh good for defense?, thanks
? - 5/03/08 reply

I want it for defense too, im not really sure
definitely - 5/24/08 reply

i play pole mid and i love this mesh, i played with hard mesh the last 6 years and switched this year to 6 diamond. the hold is so much better and it throws amazing. only thing u gotta know before u sting is that u cant string 6 diamond like regular mesh, the ball has to roll out, as if it were a ramp. i recommend the mesh to anyone playing defense tho
does it work on stx heads - 3/26/08 reply

HOW WOULD IT WORK ON E3 - 3/24/08 reply

good-ish - 3/20/08 reply

the mesh is really nice but they send instructions to string regular mesh. ...which is dumb. it made me string it completely wrong the first time. and it only came with two shooting strings i was expecting three just like in the instructions..
How good is it on the truth? - 3/19/08 reply

I was thinking about buying this and I was wondering how well it works on a Brine Truth?
Plzzz answer - 3/09/08 reply

would six diamond be good on a stiffi? if not what's better. Also does this come with directions, and if so is it hard to string your stick this way
read - 3/24/08 reply

not sure, but i know that it comes with directions to string regular mesh, not 6 diamond. so thats not much help
answer - 4/07/08 reply

to be very honest, i wouldnt recommend it. its really hard to string well and really sucks if you string it wrong.
MESH DIRECTIONS - 4/12/08 reply

just go google and search how to string 6 diamond lacrosse stick and you could find something
(no subject) - 4/13/08 reply

its whatever you personally like. if you like six diamond mesh then go ahead and get it on a stiffi. and if you don't feel like stringing it yourself you can always get it factory strung.
yes - 4/27/08 reply

i use a stiffi and i have six diamond on it. i love it. but you do have to string it well for six diamond to be good, otherwise it sucks if you do a bad job. if you dont have much experience stringing, let a friend string it or something.
Plzzz answer - 3/09/08 reply

would six diamond be good on a stiffi? if not what's better. Also does this come with directions, and if so is it hard to string your stick this way
Plzzz answer - 3/09/08 reply

would six diamond be good on a stiffi? if not what's better. Also does this come with directions, and if so is it hard to string your stick this way
hard mesh - 6/01/08 reply

hard mesh is better than six diamond because you can make a better pocket out of the hard mesh than the six diamond.
help - 3/09/08 reply

is it any good on the torque?
this+helix=mistake - 3/08/08 reply

dont put this on a helix it is really inconsistent and i really have to restring it.
(no subject) - 5/18/08 reply

I Ges so About The Helix
??? - 3/06/08 reply

how well does this stuff throw and is it durable?
(no subject) - 2/29/08 reply

this throws amazing on heads like the evo 2.0 and the revo 2.0 but the kit needs to add another shooting string. it only comes with 2
incredible - 2/25/08 reply

hugs the ball perfectly in my stick while craddeling ive never had 6 dimond before but now ill never use any other mesh
help - 2/24/08 reply

will this work on stx heads
yeh - 2/25/08 reply

yeh its incredible i have a kannon and the ball control is perfect
Tryton? - 2/19/08 reply

Would this work with a Tryton since its a Gait head?
yes - 4/21/08 reply

great head - 1/23/08 reply

it is awesome if u got the evo 2.0
nice - 1/23/08 reply

great mesh - 1/16/08 reply

i play attack and like to have a little bit of whip in my stick. This mesh is perfect becuse the wide holes create a little bit of snag off of the shooting strings.
great mesh - 12/26/07 reply

perfect for defense has nice easy feel when it comes out of net Medina lax ohio
this or that - 12/25/07 reply

i want to restring my head but im unsure how should i get this or could i buy seperate pieces?
Gait heads? - 1/24/07 reply

Since Gait doesnt make many stringing kits, would this one be alright with my Wizard or do I need to do it from scratch?
answer - 12/28/06 reply

i was gunna get an answer and i was wondering if this mesh is good for indoor lax respond asap
answer - 4/06/08 reply

I had the answer with six dimond its pretty sick, but i still wouldnt go with the answer it pinches like hell, go with the razer pro, or the cyber pro
good for D? - 11/12/06 reply

Is This mesh dood for D and is there a different way I should string it for D
Does this work in an STX head? - 11/27/03 reply

I have an STX boinic and theres no six diamond stringing kits for STX so would this work in a Boinic?
Six Diamond Kit - 11/23/03 reply

Has good instructions, including for the 3 shooting strings. Unfortunately there are only 2 in the kit.
got it - 1/20/03 reply

i have it on my cyber and love it. the pocket is sick but i got my stick strung by a pro so mabey thats wat makes it so ill
Better after its wet - 10/17/02 reply

this stuff is awsome. But it's best after you've played with it in the rain once or twice.
it rocks - 8/08/02 reply

iv'e got it on my sniper and its the best mesh i've ever had!
does it throw down? - 7/17/02 reply

ive tried stringing my edge with monstermesh and it is hard as hell to break in and if you tie the shooting strings too tight then it throws way down. Does this happen with 6 diamond mesh??
umm - 7/27/02 reply

it doesn't...its hella more tyte than monsta mesh
pocket screw - 12/19/02 reply

get the pocket screw works the first time every time
Does this have instructions? - 6/21/02 reply

what does it include?
what it includes - 2/15/04 reply

yes, it has instructions to string a six diamond mesh pocket. it also comes with all the stuff you need to string the pocket and a warrior bumper sticker.
(no subject) - 6/11/02 reply

i have been playin lax for 2 seasons now and this is the best mesh pocket i have tried..
6 diamond is the best - 6/01/02 reply

I strung my revolution with this stuff and it's, incredible! It holds the ball perfect and is very easy to string!!!
sweet - 5/08/02 reply

all my friends say this is awesome, i have normal hard mesh on an X2, should i get this?
yes - 6/04/03 reply

you should definately get it it has awesome ball control shoots well and its so easy to string
will it work on a cyber - 4/27/02 reply

yea - 6/05/03 reply

6 diamond mesh is way better than monster it has awesome ball control and shoots super fast
monster mesh - 4/27/02 reply

will it work on a cyber
Yes - 11/04/02 reply

Of course it will.
(no subject) - 4/27/02 reply

will this work on a cyber
monster mesh V. 6 diamond - 4/10/02 reply

monster mesh rips apart to easily when you play too hard with it and it puts to much whip into your stick if you dont string it perfectly wich is hard to do in some cases... and 6 diamond is just awesome... it breaks in really fast and throws almost as fast and definetly as acurate as a trad. on a cyber... defintly go with this over monster mesh...definetly
- 4/08/02 reply

r the instrucshons ezy 2 understand
Instructions - 4/08/02 reply

r these instrutions ezy 2 undestand
kinda - 5/30/02 reply

Basically, warrior gives you the instructions on how to string a regular mesh pockect. But, to tell you the truth, without any instructions I strung a near perfect Evolution in like half an hour on my first try... It's easy. If you have any troubles, visit the e-lacrosse stick-tech section and that will help you with any troubles. The adress is e-lacrosse.com/sticktech
stringing - 4/04/02 reply

Would this kit help me learn how to string a stick?
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