Warrior String Packet Traditional Lacrosse String Supplies
  • String your own traditional pocket or have your buddy do it. This has all the materials you need.
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Traditional - 5/02/14 reply

Do the leathers already have slits at the top and bottom
(no subject) - 5/04/13 reply

So are the Leathers on this kit bad too or is that just the stx one? Because I'm going to traditional for the first time and I was wondering if this would be good for that?
(no subject) - 4/12/12 reply

they need more than just white trad kit
how much leather - 7/31/11 reply

(no subject) - 8/01/11 reply

(no subject) - 2/25/11 reply

which is better the stx or warrior traditional packet
Worst - 1/31/11 reply

Piece of crap..leather broke just strecthing it out.. didn't even come with crosslace.. just thick toplace
BETTER THAN THE STX 1 - 1/25/11 reply

this is better...i bot an stx 1 and a lether ripped within a day.
lazyboy21 and attack33 - 7/14/10 reply

lazyboy21- pita pocket is better attack33- its nylon, leathers, intructions, and a sticker.
(no subject) - 7/11/10 reply

Does this have mesh or does it have everything but mesh?
(no subject) - 11/14/10 reply

ever heard of traditional mesh?
(no subject) - 1/16/11 reply

whats that?
ur an idiot - 2/15/11 reply

traditional stringing means NO MESH you use leathers and crosslace instead
WHATS BETTER?? - 5/28/10 reply

what is better a pita pocket or just plain traditional
WHATS BETTER?? - 5/28/10 reply

is it good - 4/26/10 reply

is this good does it come with instructions does lax.com ship fast
need pita pocket help!!!!!! - 4/11/10 reply

any one have a tut on pita pocket
traditional - 2/28/10 reply

theres no such thing as traditional mesh its called traditional because its not mesh
@trslax45 - 2/27/10 reply

warriors usually just overpriced.....W=$
(no subject) - 5/19/10 reply

will you dye a head for me like yours ill give you 75$
STX or Warrior??? - 7/26/09 reply

Is Warriors traditional stringing kit better than stx? Or is it more expensive just because????????
(no subject) - 7/24/09 reply

would a brine e3 be good with this
help - 5/20/09 reply

Does anyone know if this is enough to string a pita pocket with. and any good sites to help me string a pita pocket? Thanks
HELPPPPP ME ^^^ PLEASE - 5/20/09 reply

(no subject) - 8/10/09 reply

you will need a piece of mesh too, but this should have more than enough for you to string the pita pocket
Defense - 5/17/09 reply

Is traditional mesh any good for defense?
HELP - 4/07/09 reply

what kind of mesh is good for middie?
this is good - 5/14/09 reply

this is relly good if your lookin to shoot some but your hold may be bad. So what im saying if you dont have good ball skills you probably shouldnt get this mesh.
help - 4/05/09 reply

is their a difference between this warrior traditional mesh pocket and the brine traditional mesh pocket? which is better?
The Evo 2.0 - 3/10/09 reply

does this mesh fit on the Warrior Evo 2.0?
is this twisti or traditional? - 7/03/08 reply

both - 8/29/08 reply

it can do both there just 2 different ways 2 string traditional
(no subject) - 2/04/09 reply

You can string twisti(pita) and trad with the materials given. They're not much different from each other, except that twisti(pita) has a narrow track in the middle for the ball to follow, and has very slightly less whip, and very slightly less hold (when they're strung in a similar fashion).
PLEASE HELP - 6/19/08 reply

I play in GA and its so dang humid here that the leather gets ruined real easy. Anyone know anything I can do to try n prevent that? Cos I love traditional stringin
(no subject) - 2/04/09 reply

try water proofer for shoes, that may help, and you may want to try and oil them some before you string them.
???? Help???? - 6/11/08 reply

will this work on a answer head cuz they are different brands PLZ RESPOND
of corse - 6/13/08 reply

yeah it will
k - 6/14/08 reply

k thx
???? - 5/18/08 reply

i got this and i meesed up the leather tryn to cut the slits in the bottom. how do u guys cut them
pisses me off - 5/04/08 reply

you buy the package and it says Hubbard Twisty right on the front of the manual, yet it does not give you instructions for making a Hubbard twisty pocket.
does it work on stx heads - 3/26/08 reply

i am now starting to like warrior string supplyys because of my friend so could i string this to an stx head (the H3 head)
yup - 4/02/08 reply

you can string anything onto any head for example... /\ || oo yup. -bob marley -not bob marley -aceb22bro -not aceb22bro ok i am aceb22bro
revo pro?????? - 3/25/08 reply

Yess!! - 3/21/08 reply

Traditional is awsome!! Or Soft Canadian. A MUST BUY!!!
?? - 3/16/08 reply

How many leathers does this come with?
help quickly please - 3/12/08 reply

I dont have any brand loyalties because i think they are pretty dumb. I need help because i string all the time but never traditional and i want to start. Which has the easiest directions with the most pics. I never use the instructions but i have seen warriors and although they looked helpful that wasnt the way i string. which one has the best instructions
dunno - 4/16/08 reply

lax.com - 5/10/08 reply

search in the stories for traditional tutorial by pooch. its just basic twisti but its still tradit
where do u find the stories - 3/22/09 reply

does it come with instructions - 3/11/08 reply

le questionne - 2/22/08 reply

how hard is trad. to string? is it that hard to pick up on?
trad - 3/04/08 reply

there are many tutorials just look around you will find out how to do it. its not that hard but kinda confusing
stringing - 2/07/08 reply

how hard is it to string compared to stringing mesh?
what color leathers? - 12/23/06 reply

see above
??? - 10/13/06 reply

sould i go with this for my cyber or canadian mesh?? PLZ RSVP!!!
stx or warrior - 2/22/03 reply

Which is a better stringing kit stx or warrior and what one is more popular?? -Brandon
warrior - 9/03/03 reply

warrior is better. why? because its warrior. and i like warrior.
reply for ohslacrosse - 10/12/03 reply

price wise stx is. but both stx and warrior make good products
fyi - 10/12/03 reply

i live in oviedo and will be to Oviedo High School next year and planning to play lacrosse. Lax rules!!!!!!!!!!
instructions? - 6/03/02 reply

does this come with intstuctions
yes - 9/08/02 reply

trad. or warrior twisti - 5/19/02 reply

do the directions show you how to do the warrior twisti pocket or gergular trad.???
dont know - 9/03/03 reply

i dont know but seeing that its a traditional stringing im guessing its gonna give traditional instructions too.
replyzepplinboy26 - 8/15/06 reply

it only comes with instructions on how to string a traditional pocket but it is awsome to have
cool - 12/07/01 reply

look better that the brine one, cheaper too isnt it?
its really good - 9/08/02 reply

I strung my first traditional stick yesterday-and these instructions were pretty easy to follow.
sweet leathers - 11/16/01 reply

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