Maverik Metrik

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Ok - here's the real deal. Maverik heads have had trouble gaining serious traction for advanced players in the past. This head breaks the mold and tears down all the old walls. The Metrik is a serious offensive weapon standing tall along side the highest class big name heads in the game. Maverik finally nailed the high end with this launch. This will be a top seller for aggressive minded middies and attack players that want the top shot power and accuracy in the game.

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Maverik Metrik


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The Metrik is Maveriks most innovative head developed to date.

Level 3 bottom rail design offering the perfect blend of accuracy and power for the all around player.

Dual designed scoop ideal for picking up GB's, while pointed inner scoop strings in a naturally channeled pocket for increased accuracy.

Redesigned sidewall cross sections for maximum stiffness and durability.

17 sidewall holes for a truly customizable pocket.

  • HS legal legal: YES