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What sets the STX Hammer apart from most defensive heads, is its lightweight yet stiff design. This head can also take an absolute beating and maintain its shape due to the new C-Channel technology.The Hammer is designed to make it through a hard season of checks and rough play with no problem. A true defenseman's head, which we recommend for any level of play. This head is priced at the top of the spectrum, but a must have for any D-pole who wants to play with the best. 


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STX Hammer Lacrosse Heads


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Put the Hammer down on your opponents.

Engineered for strength and stability for the advanced defender.

C Channel technology along bottom rail and scoop provides extra strength for checking and stability on ground balls.

Three sidewall braces provide extra stability on ground balls.

Bottom rail designed for specifically for high pocket placement.

Four-chambered throat design removes unnecessary material and keeps head lightweight.