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The STX Shield is the new big brother to the best selling STX Eclipse. Our Pros noticed the increase in stiffness right away. If you are stopping cannons this head can stand up to the punishment. The next big benefit was the ergonomic hand positioning on the throat design. For advanced goalies that play with the upper palm right at the base of the head - there is no better option. The angle of the top rail allows for the same easy clearing ability as the Eclipse. Overall, this is a upgrade for advanced goalies but we still see the Eclipse as the go to for advanced youth players.

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STX Shield


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The STX Shield

Engineered for strength and stability for the advanced goaltender.

C-Channel technology provides extra strength for more saves and more stability when throwing outlet passes.

Ergonomic throat is more comfortable and improves wrist mobility.

Weight-targeted where needed for strength and light weight feel.


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    (Posted on 11/6/2015)

    Definitely my starter

    Made the switch from the eclipse when this came out for 2 reasons: 1) increased strength/stability (no more shots going in from bending back the top of my head) and 2) the throat design allows for a more comfy grip for those of us that hold plastic

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    (Posted on 11/6/2015)

    Definitely my starter

    I made the switch over to the Shield from the Eclipse because of the increased strength (no more giving up goals that flex back the top of your head even though you got your stick on the shot) and the new throat design which allows for a much more comfy grip for those of us that hold the plastic... havent looked back.