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Top Selling Shafts
Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shafts

Nike Vandal

#1 Selling Shafts


The Nike Vandal is built from high-strength 7075 series alloy for ultra-lightweight performance Unique profile combines smooth edges and grooves for enhanced control and comfort Mild sandblast texture offers great feelAggressive and bold design stan...

best value

6 colors

Gait Ice Lacrosse Shafts

Gait Ice

#2 Selling Shafts


Gait ICE Lacrosse shaft seriesExtremely lightweight C555 alloyHigh-strength alloy with anodized finish


9 colors

Warrior Kryptolyte Lacrosse Shafts

Warrior Kryptolyte

#3 Selling Shafts


C405 Krypto AlloyExtremely lightweightDurable

best value

8 colors

STX Surgeon Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shafts

STX Surgeon Sc-Ti

#4 Selling Shafts


Dissect your opponent with the Surgeon Sc Ti! Same great Sc-Ti material but with a thinner wall for the player that demands ultra-light weight strength. Designed for players who want maximum control and pinpoint accuracy. Lightweight performance th...


6 colors

Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Shafts

Nike Vapor Elite

#5 Selling Shafts


The newest member of the Vapor family, this shaft is built to withstand constant use at an elite level of play. This shaft sports a pinched octagon shape and a mild sand blasted finish, allowing for superior comfort and feel. The Scandium alloy meta...


4 colors

East Coast Dyes Carbon Matte Grey Lacrosse Shafts


The East Coast Carbon Shaft. Made with Advanced composite materials and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and performance. The advanced carbon fiber allows the shaft to have a very high strength to weight ratio, this shaft is very...

high performance

Epoch Gen5 Dragonfly C30 iQ9 Lacrosse Shafts


Epoch Gen5 Dragonfly C30 iQ9. Our most popular Dragonfly is a favorite of players at the highest level of the game. The standard concave shaft offers a familiar feel for player looking to add some new technology to their game. iQ9 is the softer ...

elite play

Nike Vapor Lacrosse Shafts

Nike Vapor

#8 Selling Shafts


Feel the Vapor! High-strength 9000 series alloy for lightweight performance. Unique design combines smooth edges and grooves for enhanced control and comfort. Mild sandblast texture for great feel. Aggressive and bold look.


6 colors

Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik A1

#9 Selling Shafts


MAVERIK R D is proud to present the brand new A1 shaft. Made from the proprietary A1Rium material, this baby is light and powerful. And with the brand new Grit Grip, you’ll never want to let it go. Bead-blasted GritGrip technology giv...


4 colors

Maverik Union Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik Union

#10 Selling Shafts


New Maverik Union lacrosse shaft. Uniting the two best materials in the game, Scandium-Titanium alloy. Combined with new Dynamic Wall Taper technology, the Union truly has the optimal strength to weight ratio. Raw finish for a natural feel feel of t...

elite play

2 colors

Epoch Gen5 Dragonfly C30 iQ5 Lacrosse Shafts


Epoch Gen5 Dragonfly C30 iQ5. Our most popular Dragonfly is a favorite of players at the highest level of the game. The standard concave shaft offers a familiar feel for player looking to add some new technology to their game. iQ5 is the mid-Fle...

high performance

STX Surgeon Lacrosse Shafts

STX Surgeon

#12 Selling Shafts


STX Surgeon shaft.Dissect the game!!!! High strength 9000 series alloy. Thinner walls for lightweight performance. Mild sandblast finish.

best rated

4 colors

Epoch Dragonfly R60 Gen. 4 Lacrosse Shafts

Epoch Dragonfly R60 Gen. 4

#13 Selling Shafts


New age defensive lacrosse shafts are taking the game by storm. Lighter, stronger and capable of digging out more punishment. This 60 shaft features lightweight design, unmatched durability and extreme flex capabilities. The relaxed concave geome...

advanced play

2 colors

Maverik Wonderboy Plus Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik Wonderboy Plus

#14 Selling Shafts


The New Maverik Wonderboy has the same classic look and signature shape of the the beloved Wonderboy with a new feel. GRIP!!! Forged from Maverik's 9000- series aluminum/titanium alloy. Offersthe perfect combination of strength , weith, durability ...

advanced play

5 colors

Warrior Krypto Pro Select Lacrosse Shafts

Warrior Krypto Pro Select

#15 Selling Shafts


Krypto Pro- Select. Let the stick do the talking - clean and simple . Faster head speed, faster hand speed - on offense or defense. Premium , minimalist graphics package.


2 colors

STX Stallion Lacrosse Shafts

STX Stallion

#16 Selling Shafts


STX Stallion Run without Reins!! High strength 9000 series alloy. Thicker wall provides better durability. Mild Sandblast finish for added grip.

best rated

STX Stallion Scandium Lacrosse Shafts

STX Stallion Scandium

#17 Selling Shafts


Built with Scandium alloy for lightweight strength Shaft Lock technology (patent pending) provides a more secure connection between head and handle, reducing head rattle Mild sandblast finish Concave octa...

high performance

5 colors

Maverik Range Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik Range

#18 Selling Shafts


Maverik is proud to introduce the new RANGE!!Made from 8000 series alloy , a stronger material then the industries popular 7075 alloy. Delivering elite strength to weight ratio. GritGrip technology for increased grip prevents slipping during rainy g...

best value

5 colors

Brine Swizzle Scandium Lacrosse Shafts

Brine Swizzle Scandium

#19 Selling Shafts


Brine Swizzle scandium ultra lightweight handle with new elite grip technology. ELITE GRIP technology strategically placed in key shaft zones for enhanced hand speed and grip on shots, passes and dodges. The texture in the grip zones give you the pe...

best rated

8 colors

STX Stallion 6000 Lacrosse Shafts

STX Stallion 6000

#20 Selling Shafts


New STX Stallion 6000. Made with 6000 series alloy. Also found on Stallion 100 complete sticks.

best value

2 colors