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Top Selling Gloves
Nike Vapor Elite 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Nike Vapor Elite 2

#1 Selling Gloves


Designed for advanced players, the Vapor Elite has a low profile fit and is very flexible. The palm is made of three different materials that deliver a combo of stick feel, grip and breath ability. A four part cuff creates wrist mobility. ...

elite play

5 colors

Nike Vapor Lacrosse Gloves

Nike Vapor

#2 Selling Gloves


The best selling Nike Vapor Three material palm for better stick feel, grip and breath ability where it is needed. Sweat wicking material for cool and dry hands. Four-part cuff for enhanced wrist mobility.

advanced play

10 colors

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Brine King Superlight 2

#3 Selling Gloves


The Brine King Superlight 2 ; a light weight glove that won't get in your way or compromise on protection. Don't Take it Likely. TruVents increase ventilation to the backhand, keeping you cool when the head is on. Textured nash palm provides improve...

advanced play

10 colors

Maverik M3 Glove Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik M3 Glove

#4 Selling Gloves


New Maverik M3 glove.Made for the player that demands high end performance in every aspect. Built on a more traditional fit profile with some additional volume in the back of hand compared to other MAVERIK gloves.Maveriks 37.5 technology liner allow...

elite play

5 colors

STX Cell 3 Glove Lacrosse Gloves

STX Cell 3 Glove

#5 Selling Gloves


New STX Cell 3 glove.Dual-density foam throughout the glove offering superior protection in all key areas. New Stretch-Thumb technology provides improved thumb flexibility and rotation. Seamless vents on palm improves airflow, keeping hands cool and...

elite play

6 colors

STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves


#6 Selling Gloves


The New STX K18 take your came to the next level. Design inspired by Kyle Harrison. Custom K18 details. Snug fit with a smooth, full nash palm. Enhanced finger protection. Specifically designed to offer 360 degree wrist mobility.

best value

5 colors

Maverik Rome NXT Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT

#7 Selling Gloves


Introducing the Maverik Rome NXT KEEP COOL. STAY QUICK.MAXIMUM VENTILATION. IMPOSSIBLY LIGHT. ALWAYS GAME READY. FLOWCOOL: Maximum ventilation and cooling. DURASTRETCH: Supreme comfort and responsive fit. XFOAM: Impossibly lightweight construct...

elite play

5 colors

Brine King V Glove Lacrosse Gloves

Brine King V Glove

#8 Selling Gloves


New Brine King 5 lacrosse Glove. The King of Kings has returned!!!Patent Pending Arch-Tech backhand provides improved flexibility and venting while providing extra impact absorption in backhand.Skylight protection assures maximum impact absorbtion....

elite play

6 colors

Brine Uprising 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Brine Uprising 2

#9 Selling Gloves


Performance, function and a whole lotta fight. The uprising 2. dual densot foam delivers the protection new players need while they learn the ropes. Multiple breaks and true vents throughout the backhand and fingers provide superior flexibility and ...

for beginners

STX Stallion HD Lacrosse Gloves

STX Stallion HD

#10 Selling Gloves


The STX Stallion HD gloves . Run without reins. Built with dual- density high def polymer. Integrated cuff system. Iso -thumbs technology (patent pending) for 360 degree flexibility. Palm wraps around side of hand to eliminate seams. Expansion join...

elite play

5 colors

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Goalie

#11 Selling Gloves


The Maverik Rome NXT Goalie Glove. Equipped with TORQUELOC thumb technology to insure secure grip, flexibility and prevent thumb injury SHARKGEL Technology allows for maximum flexibility and strength.

for goalies

2 colors

Warrior Evo Glove Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior Evo Glove

#12 Selling Gloves


New Warrior Evo glove.True Evolution. The ultimate glove, perfect blend of comfort, weight and protection making it Warrior's most premium glove ever.Featuring new D30 Aero foam and Cage FLX backhand for low-profile, impact protection. Ax suede palm...

elite play

6 colors

Maverik Wonderboy Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik Wonderboy

#13 Selling Gloves


The Maverik Wonderboy glove. Built off the proven Rome chassis, this glove is designed for the player who demands elite level performance .Durastretch tapered gussets for maximum flexibility. Thermoblast liner coating for anti-moisture wicking.

for goalies

4 colors

Warrior Rabil Next Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior Rabil Next

#14 Selling Gloves


The New!Warrior Rabil Next! Dual density foam blocking throughout for comfort and protection. TrueVent construction for increased backhand flexibility.

for beginners

STX Shield Goalie Glove Lacrosse Gloves

STX Shield Goalie Glove

#15 Selling Gloves


The New STX shield, protection from any shot. New fixed thumb guard locks in the thumbs. Extra protection for the tip of the thumb. Back of hand designed with reinforced protection in the key areas. Single piece nash palm.

for goalies

4 colors

Warrior Regulator 2 Whiteout Lacrosse Gloves


Best! Glove! Ever! need I say more, Warrior regulator 2!The games most comfortable glove infused with next generation performance.New IMPAX technology provides lightweight protection throughout the thumb during high impact play.Bone protection backh...

elite play

5 colors

STX Shield Pro Goalie Glove Lacrosse Gloves

STX Shield Pro Goalie Glove

#17 Selling Gloves


The New STX shield PRO. Protection from any shot. New flexible thumb guard allows for added mobility. Extra protection for the tip of the thumb. Reduced cuff length for uninhibited wrist mobility. Low-profile back of hand design. Single piece nash p...

for goalies

4 colors

Warrior MacDaddy MD4 Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior MacDaddy MD4

#18 Selling Gloves


MAC DADDY, the most iconic glove in the Warrior line super charged and restyled. One of the most protective gloves in the line now designed to allow greater wrist "back bend" for improved wrist flexibility and ultimately more power on ...

best value

5 colors

Warrior Burn Pro Glove Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior Burn Pro Glove

#19 Selling Gloves


New Warrior Burn Pro glove. Fastest on the field. Legendary Warrior burn speed, now a glove. New VPS foam backhand reduces weight while providing superior protection and venting. Clarino palm construction improves feel of the shaft. Features Switch ...

elite play

8 colors

Brine Clutch Gloves Lacrosse Gloves

Brine Clutch Gloves

#20 Selling Gloves


The Brine Clutch Gloves. Fast hands means more goals!!Extreme comfort and flexibility with multiple breaks and a short Tri-Cuff.Clarino suede palm improves feel and comfort while providing additional durability.TruVents keep your hands cool.ICS wit...

advanced play

7 colors