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Top Selling Sticks
Nike Elite Complete Stick Lacrosse Sticks

Nike Elite Complete Stick

#1 Selling Sticks


Stiff, durable head for intense play. Bottom rail designed specifically for high pocket. Offered only in complete stick on 7075 custom alloy Nike handle.

for beginners

3 colors

Warrior Rabil Next Lacrosse Sticks

Warrior Rabil Next

#2 Selling Sticks


Warrior Rabil Next starter lacrosse stick.A youth performance complete stick built for learning. A new complete stick inspired by MLL great Paul Rabil. Featuring EZ scoop and a wider face to improve throwing and catching. Champ rings shaft directs p...

for beginners

4 colors

STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Sticks

STX Stallion 100

#3 Selling Sticks


New STX Stallion 100 complete lacrosse stick. Complete stick includes new Stallion 6000 series alloy shaft. Deigned to help players develop proper fundamentals. Easy catching and ball control for all entry level players. Soft mesh stringing, meets ...

for beginners

4 colors

Gait Bedlam Complete Stick Lacrosse Sticks


Gait bedlam complete lacrosse stick. Moderate offset and wide scoop make for a wide catching area great for any beginner learning the game. Great lightweight shaft with grip finish for great control and feel.

for beginners

6 colors

STX Goalmaster Complete Goalie Stick Lacrosse Sticks


Solid, dependable design. Excellent for beginning through high school starter play. Complete stick includes the Goalmaster head with an STX AL6000 goalie shaft.

for goalies

Brine Money Complete Goalie Stick Lacrosse Sticks


The Brine Money Complete Goalie Stick is great goalies that are just getting started.Brine Money Head strung with hard mesh.Brine 6065 Alloy Goalie shaft.

for goalies

Brine Clutch Rise Lacrosse Sticks

Brine Clutch Rise

#7 Selling Sticks


New Brine Clutch Rise complete stick. Wider face for easy catching and throwing.Flatter scoop makes ground balls like second nature.

for beginners

3 colors

Gait Torque ICE Full Stick Lacrosse Sticks


Gait Torque complete lacrosse stick. Made for the offensive player that prefers a mig/high pocket. Moderate offset with slight slant. Narrow throat with flared sidewall. V scoop and stringing tabs increase channeling and directions of where you wan...

advanced play

Maverik Charger Lacrosse Sticks

Maverik Charger

#9 Selling Sticks


The Maverik Charger complete stick;the ultimate on field tutor. Level 3 bottom rail for the perfect blend of power and accuracy. Ready to play pocket. Complete with a 6000 series aluminum shaft with GRIP ZONE technology. NEW high quality, American ...

for beginners

Under Armour Strategy Complete Stick Lacrosse Sticks


for beginners

4 colors