#1 Gulls Come Out Flying Over Bullets 14-3

#1 Gulls Come Out Flying Over Bullets 14-3

#1 Gulls Come Out Flying Over Bullets 14-3

#1 Gulls Come Out Flying Over Bullets 14-3

In a game which Salisbury held Gettysburg to only 3 goals and put up 14 of their own it is safe to say that the Gulls proved today that they are a not only a team with great offensive ballplayers but also one with a solid defense capable of shutting down powerful offenses. Salisbury is a team that has two different goalies in Dodson & Tewes that are both able to anchor down an extremely stingy defense along with the ability to put up a lot of points on the board with one of the best offensive midfielders in D3 with Chris Turner. While Salisbury proved themselves today worthy of #1, Gettysburg came out extremely flat and did not play the type of solid game that they had put together against the #3 Middlebury Panthers a little over a week ago. Salisbury clicked very well today, with Gettysburg looking a little slow and unproductive on offense and man-ups. The first half started off with Salisbury scoring on their first settled possession as #43-Jimmy Barnes(1g-1a) converted a feed from #2-Chris Turner(4g-2a) which was followed up by an unassisted goal by #1-Tim Parks(2g-0a) putting Salisbury ahead quickly 2-0. Salisbury scored twice more in the first quarter and held Gettysburg to no goals, ending the first quarter of play with Salisbury leading 4-0. After shutting down a Gettysburg man-up early in the second quarter Turner isolated on the right wing, inside rolled his man and finished, 5-0. Then Turner beat his man again along with the Gettysburg slide and finished near pipe to put the Gulls up 6-0. Gettysburg's #4-Tommy Pearce(1g-0a) finally got Gettysburg on the board with a man-up goal at the 3:47 mark in the second quarter to make the score 6-1. Salisbury answered Gettysburg's first goal of the game with their seventh on the day and went into halftime up 7-1 on Gettysburg and in full control of the game. Gettysburg came out of halftime and scored the first goal of the second half with a #20-Ric Bremer(2g-0a) finish from a #16-Pete Milliman(0g-2a) feed coming off a fast break initiated by #9-Adam Sentry. This goal put the game at 7-2, but Salisbury came back with two of their own to up their lead to seven with the score at 9-2. Gettysburg scored their final goal of the day at the 4:07 mark in the 3rd quarter with another Bremer goal from Milliman which cut the lead down to 9-3. It appeared as if the Bullets may be able to make a run if they could put a few more goals together before the end of the third quarter and go into the fourth only down three or four. Salisbury was not thinking this way and proceeded to shut down the Bullets the entire fourth quarter while stringing together 4 quick goals between the 8:47 mark and the 6:25 mark in the fourth. The game ended after a few uncalled for bench penalties from the Salisbury coaches and a few missed man-ups by Gettysburg. Final score was 14-3 Salisbury over Gettysburg.

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Order the rings now!
    by (#1762) on 4/01/00 @7:32PM
If I was on a team that was going to have to play SSU . . . I would make sure I was wearing my "Depends" so when I pee myself it will be easy to clean up. GO ahead and order the rings . . . nobody can stop the Gulls in DIII or DII. (Sorry Adelphi.) I bet there are even a few DI schools that would have trouble with this team. Isn't that right Delaware?
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get off their nuts
    by (#168) on 4/03/00 @7:43PM
Salisbury is a very good team and up to this point people should be thinking they are the best team. Wait until the conference tournament, St. Mary's matches up pretty good. The game will be determined in the midfield.
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cac tourney
    by (#1845) on 4/04/00 @8:40AM
The best predictor of the future is the past. March 1, 2000--Salisbury 17, St.Mary's 6. See Ya!
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good call
    by (#2205) on 4/17/00 @11:21AM
If this game was determined in the midfield, St. Mary's midfield must blow.
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    by (#1838) on 4/04/00 @12:07AM
Hey I was just wondering if I could get a look at one of those rings sometime? Stop by my office, or maybe I coud just swing by Burger king....
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You Stink
    by (#1845) on 4/04/00 @8:50AM
Hey Jimmy- I would stop by your office, but the smell of raw sewage makes me sick. See you in College Park.
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    by (#1794) on 4/04/00 @6:25PM
Actually you could head downtown Baltimore and look up 25 stories.
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your right (nt)
    by (#2154) on 4/17/00 @7:45PM
(no text)
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    by (#47) on 4/02/00 @8:51PM
I said it once and I'll sayt it again no one will beat this team. Not only are they good they are one of the most entertaining teams to watch iun D1 and d3
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    by (#303) on 4/03/00 @2:08AM
That Salisbury team has a few talented athletes on their team, not to mention some pretty die hard fans. I heard they had a bunch of hecklers giving Barder a hard time, it must have worked because he didn't make a save until they had five goals. It is a shame the Bullets played so bad I wanted to see a good game, next time I'll just go watch them practice they have more talent on their bench than G-burg puts on the field.
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    by (#1854) on 4/04/00 @2:54PM
First off, you are obviously uneducated because the name is Barter. Next, you say that you wanted to see a good game, but you weren't there! The other thing is if you are going to rip on somebody get your information right, and see to it that he is not a first team All-American. If you are so die-hard SSU go play for them...or did you already fail out?

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Easy killer
    by (#303) on 4/05/00 @2:25AM
Uneducated I'm hurt. First (that is how you spell 1st, right?) I was there, the school is beautiful and your team sucks. Second, I know how to spell his name but I thought I would show him no respect since he showed me nothing on Saturday, and about his All-American status I think Tarnow should have been an All-American over Barder! Finally no I haven't failed out.
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    by (#143) on 4/03/00 @6:52PM
Somebody told me the fans there were rediculous. I can understand how Barter must feel It must have felt like he was in Salisbury.
Way to go Gulls.
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are they really number one
    by (#1871) on 4/05/00 @3:25AM
Salisbury is darn lucky that they don't come out to the west coast and play Whittier. they would catch a whooping they would never forget.
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    by (#1879) on 4/05/00 @10:56AM
Whittier lost to Connecticut College by 2, went into double overtime with Colorado College and won by one, and only beat Alfred by one. Ranked teams? No. Yes, Whittier is good, but don't go saying that they can beat Salisbury. If Whittier beats F&M, W&L, Lynchburg, and WAC in April, then there could be an issue to debate on.
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Do you really believe that?
    by (#1878) on 4/05/00 @11:03AM
Whitter, sure I think that team would love to travel 3000 miles across the country to play a team. They would be able to work on their tans, isn't that what happens out there. But then they would have that ring tan, maybe you can give me some ideas about how to prevent such a thing, or maybe you can't.
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    by (#1794) on 4/05/00 @10:41PM
Whittier, who's that?
West Coast, do they play lacrosse out there?
bino25, do you smoke crack often?
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run run out west (nt)
    by (#303) on 4/05/00 @10:55PM
(no text)
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are you serious?
    by (#168) on 4/06/00 @7:51PM
whitter, thats funny.you guys really beat up on drew,congrats, they are a great team. but im pretty sure that you guys do come out east soon, and you'll see whats really going on. hey bino, im just joking around, im sure you guys are a really good team, but come on. tell lynch his boys from st.mary's say whats up and we will be there for the f&m game at hopkins
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bino you blow
    by (#2154) on 4/17/00 @7:56PM
After Salisbury made your goalie their bitch they would show you the most productive place to stick your lacrosse sticks
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Bateman Ave-Home of the Sillys
    by (#1985) on 4/08/00 @12:18AM
How about yet another smooth ride to College Park this year... maybe some turbulence w/ the season ending game against WAC (hur-ting).

West Coast Lacrosse??? stick w/ hittin' switches. You boys cant run w/ us.

DII lax can't play w/ the the upper tier DIII teams (i.e. see Salisbury vs. West Chester, Adelphi etc.) No worrys w/ the CAC.
War T. Parks w/ 4 pts. Oh, Berkman, lay off the tanning cream.
I'm out-
Rayenthal Lewis
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