2011 MLL Draft

2011 MLL Draft

2011 MLL Draft

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Cody Jameson?
    by (#193579) on 1/23/11 @11:28PM
I think someone mixed up Jeremy Thompson with Cody Jameson
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Jeremy Thompson with Cody Jamieson
    by (#36162) on 1/24/11 @12:29AM
You are correct.
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Not sure what you are saying here.
    by (#125831) on 1/24/11 @11:15AM
Cody Jamieson graduated, was drafted, and played last year for the Toronto Nationals.
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    by (#193579) on 1/24/11 @12:56PM
If you are talking about my comment then I was just pointing out that Cody Jamieson didn't get drafted this year and that they put Cody Jamieson when Jeremy Thompson's name is suppose to be there.

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(no subject)
    by (#160440) on 1/24/11 @2:58PM
no they didnt? what are you talking about?
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they fixed it lol
    by (#193579) on 1/24/11 @9:04PM
they fixed it. when the video came out though they had those two guys mixed up.
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    by (#204778) on 1/24/11 @6:33AM
the bayhawks got screwed
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    by (#208904) on 1/24/11 @9:34PM
This is bunch of horse doodoo. No Zach Howell or Kyle Wharton. Some of these guys arent even seniors yet. Really MLL? I see why M. Powell quit
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Full Draft Recap
    by (#125831) on 1/25/11 @9:54AM
Howell went in the Eighth Round to Boston and had 51 goals last year. Wharton had in the mid-twenties in goals last year, so he wasn't drafted.
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Bratton Bros.
    by (#219440) on 1/27/11 @8:19PM
Can someone please tell me if in that '06 IL issue if the Brattons said they came to UVA to win a championship? Because I would guess they probably did.

What I don't understand is why Rhamel and Shamel don't silence the haters by promising a national championship and actually bringing one home.

I think they are lacking serious leadership qualities and that type of put it on my back attitude. To me it seems that they are just apart of the team. I've never really seen them take responsibility for anything and do something about it.

Maybe they are just too busy becoming Charlottesville yuppies.

Cuse wins championships because they have kids that take ownership for their play and their team.

Sometimes it's not just about ripping pretty goals and swagger or having a perfect record come playoff time. Sometimes it has to get ugly before it gets pretty. Sometimes it's about claiming what's yours and never backing down until you get it.

Go Orange'
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