Army vs. Virginia Fall Ball

Army vs. Virginia Fall Ball

Army vs. Virginia Fall Ball

The "Playing for Parkinson's" Inaugural Lacrosse Tournament took place on Oct. 9th at the Episcopal School in Alexandra, Va., allowing Princeton, Georgetown, Virginia, and Army to finally see different team's jersey on the field.

The day's second game featured Army and Virginia squaring off in a game where both teams enjoyed periods of success and periods of frustration. Though no official score was kept, it seemed Army got out early as Virginia couldn't quite click as a team. However, by the late stages of the third and fourth quarters, the roles had reversed, and it was Army struggling while Virginia began to click into their usual form.

The event benefited ProjectSpark, "an organization dedicated to supporting Parkinson's education and research." The organization and tournament were founded by Princeton alum Christian Cook, and Davidson Alum Lauren Cook, after their mother Diane was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's.

Follow the links below for more information about the Playing for Parkinson's Lacrosse Tournament, or the ProjectSpark Foundation.

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FIRST!!!!!!! (nt)
    by (#227553) on 10/20/10 @11:39AM
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   Goalie by 10/20/10 @6:06PM
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   fall ball by 10/21/10 @8:57PM
    by (#117647) on 10/20/10 @11:55AM
#44 on virgina went to a local high school and i beat him in faceoffs :D
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   (no subject) by 10/20/10 @3:16PM
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   #44 by 10/20/10 @5:58PM
    by (#196296) on 10/20/10 @12:08PM
I am sure he is a great player and all but multiple times he shoots right at the goales stick, goalie doesn't even have to move
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   powned by 10/20/10 @2:21PM
    by (#245295) on 10/20/10 @3:37PM
Virginia got new helmets again? gosh
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(no subject)
    by (#238033) on 10/20/10 @4:49PM
Army's goalie is a boss
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Lovin it
    by (#167078) on 10/20/10 @8:54PM
Great day for army keeper (i think that's still fullerton in the goal back there...) and just a bad day shooting for rhamel bratton. he must have hit fullerton in the face 3 times...
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   army goalie by 10/21/10 @10:26AM
      Palesky by 10/21/10 @12:41PM
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         Word by 10/24/10 @2:50PM
    by (#226968) on 10/21/10 @12:19AM
those wined ups are ridiculous on the Virginia team, they're dirty this yr.
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   (no subject) by 10/21/10 @2:55AM
    by (#215859) on 11/02/10 @3:36AM
Doesn't look too good... they'll really need John Glesener next year
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Army's shorts and #44
    by (#218600) on 11/02/10 @7:44PM
Was it me or did army's shorts all look way to short haha? and #44, chris lapierre scored on me one time in a state game...
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