Barrage Beat Pride 16-11

Barrage Beat Pride 16-11

Barrage Beat Pride 16-11

Barrage Beat Pride 16-11

Though New Jersey had been playing well as of late, the Barrage's firepower proved too much for the young team to handle. Led by Peter Trombino's five goals, the Barrage tallied their sixth win of the year. The victory gives them a half-game lead over Long Island for first place in the Eastern Conference.

Barrage Pepper Pride

By Bobby Ingram

Staff Writer

Once again presented with an opportunity to claw their way back to .500, and into the thick of the playoff race, the Pride were once more done in by a familiar malady -- a thorough lack of possession -- in their 16-11 loss against Philadelphia.

“It’s the same problem we’ve had all season,” Pride coach Peter Jacobs said. “They possessed the ball for over forty minutes of a sixty minute game.

“It wasn’t necessarily our face-offs tonight. Our defense wasn’t doing a  bad job tonight, but they didn’t do a good enough job of scooping up the ground balls. They’d take a shot and get the rebound, so it was a sixty-second possession, then another sixty seconds off the clock.”

The Barrage effort was led by five goals from Peter Trombino, who earned Bud Light Game MVP honors.

On the flip side, the Pride struggled to find offense on the heals of their 26-goal outting last week, due in large part to their possession problems. Merrick Thomson, who leads the league in goals, was held scoreless for the first time all season.

“The lack of possession is going to frustrate any offensive player,” Jacobs said.

The offensive production for the Pride came primarily through their top draft selections. Matt Danowski, selected second overall, scored a hat trick, and Stephen Peyser, acquired through trades with the third selection, scored a career high five goals.

“My first shot fell,” Peyser said. “And after that, you start to get confidence.”

“It’s one of those things where each week a new player keeps developing,” Jacobs said, “but sometimes it’s one guy takes a step forward and another takes a step back. It’s the difficulties of playing with a young team.”

The Pride weren’t helped by the loss of rookie defensemen Tony McDevitt on the game’s opening play to a knee injury.

“[That loss] is huge,” Jacobs said. “Not only because he’s a great player, but also because we were playing with 17 men all night.”

The Pride got on the board first with a tally by Peyser 2:08 into the opening frame, but the Barrage answered soon after with a Michael Springer goal. Trombino’s first gave the Barrage the 2-1 lead after 7-11.

The Pride continued to answer with rookies however, as Peyser scored his second, and Danowski found the back of the net on a Jordan Levine from just inside the 2-point arc to reclaim the lead at 9:26. Trombino’s second however again knotted the score at 3-3. The Pride regained the lead however when Danowski found Greg Peyser again just inside the arc, to give the Pride a 4-3 edge after one, on the strength of five rookie points.

The Barrage jumped out to a lead on the backs of their top scorers as Matt Streibel and Seth Goldberg each scored their first of the game, and Striebel added his second to give the Barrage a 6-4 lead.

Matt Rewkowski quickly answered for the ride, just 26 seconds later, and Danowski added his second at 13:18 to make the score 6-6 at the half.

The Barrage controlled the third quarter to jump out to a 12-8 lead heading into the final frame. Goldberg scored first, and Trombino added a pair before Stephen Peyser answered for the Pride. Striebel again found paydirt however, and Trombino notched his 5th to make the score 11-7.

Stephen Peyser’s 4th goal of the game again pulled the Pride within three, but Andy Corno took the ensuing draw downfield for a score with just 13 seconds remaining in the quarter for the 12-8 edge.

The Barrage won the opening draw and quickly extended their lead to 13-8 on a Roy Colsey strike. Chris Unterstein provided the retaliation for the Pride, working with his back to the goal to free up a shooting angle and beating Brian Dougherty.

Danowski earned his hat trick, and further chipped away at the Barrage lead at 6:34 of the fourth, pulling the Pride within three. The Barrage won the resulting draw however and re-upped their advantage to four with a Striebel score. Philadelphia again took the resulting draw down for a score by Goldberg, and a 15-10 lead.

Ryan Boyle notched his first of the game to give the Barrage a six-goal lead, before Stephen Peyser’s fifth goal made the score 16-11.

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    by (#169325) on 7/11/08 @1:42PM
Dougherty always seems to have an arm pad on his right leg - whats that about? has he messed it up or just trying to look cool (and get MORE free gear ha ha)
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shut up (nt)
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Previous Injury?
    by (#113353) on 7/11/08 @6:22PM
He use to wear a shin pad on that leg, maybe he has a previous injury and Warrior want him to wear their pad on that leg rather than a Black Shin Pad?
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    by (#1524) on 7/12/08 @5:44PM
if warrior did request that, they're gay. no surprise.
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kick saves
    by (#136965) on 7/14/08 @1:31AM
some goalies where a shin pad on there opposit stick side leg so that if they cant move there stick fast enough they can block it with there foot/shin
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