Barrage Beats Boston In Record-Setting Fashion

Barrage Beats Boston In Record-Setting Fashion

Barrage Beats Boston In Record-Setting Fashion

Barrage Beats Boston In Record-Setting Fashion

Boston, MA (July 22, 2004) -- The Philadelphia Barrage made an emphatic statement that they will contend for a playoff spot in the season’s final weeks, defeating the league-leading Boston Cannons in on their own turf, 29-20. Five different Barrage players finished with seven points in a game that featured a host of notable scoring records.

Both Blake Miller and Michael Springer registered six goals and an assist for Philadelphia. Roy Colsey had five tallies, including a two-pointer, plus an assist. Keith Cromwell added four goals and three helpers, while Ryan Boyle continued his campaign for Cascade Rookie of the Year with a hat trick and four assists.

Miller’s night brought his season total to 33 goals, breaking the record for goals in a season by a midfielder. The previous record of 32 was set by Long Island’s Jay Jalbert in 2002, then tied by him in his Bud Light MVP season of 2003.

The Barrage also set MLL marks for points and goals in a quarter, half and game, and the two squads set the record for most combined points in game.

Startlingly, the Cannons jumped out to the early lead, going up by scores of 3-0, 5-1, and 8-3 in the first quarter. But Philadelphia responded with a 9-1 run from the first period to the second and never looked back. Boston pulled goalie Kevin O’Brien, who last week tied the MLL record with 33 saves, and replaced him with Trevor Tierney, making his first appearance as a Cannon. The Philadelphia attack continued unabated, ending the half with a 6-1 run to bring the score to 20-15 before a stunned crowd of 5,612 at Nickerson Field.

Several of the new records set in the game and the marks they beat:

Points in a quarter: Philadelphia, 12, second quarter
Record was: 11 (New Jersey Pride vs. Long Island Lizards, first quarter, July 19, 2003)
Points in a half: Philadelphia, 20 first half
Record was: 18 (Baltimore vs. Rochester, first half, May 22, 2004)
Points in a game: Philadelphia, 29
Record was: 28 (Rochester vs. Bridgeport, August 2, 2003)
Points in a Game, both teams: 49
Record was: 43 (Boston 22 vs. Baltimore 21, May 27, 2004)

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    by (#46158) on 7/24/04 @10:36AM
If Boston sucks so bad, then how the hell were they number one in the league with a 7-1 record. You are just pissed because your team wasn't on top!
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Oh boy here we go again
    by (#58416) on 7/24/04 @11:17PM
the cannons have already sealed a playoff berth. they are playing meaningless games right now. they can lose every game for the rest of the year if it matters. They will be facing the lizards, like every year, unless philly pretty much wins the rest of their games and long island drops 3 of 5. Philadelphia is a hot team right now (and cattrano has finally gotten himself together) but the its almost too late in the year for a comeback. They will be a good team next year though, with ryan boyle there for a full season (who is 10000% better of a player than mike powell and it was pretty obvious in college too)
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Showing your mature side again?
    by (#58416) on 7/25/04 @7:32PM
For a guy who claims hes been serving the in the US Army for 10 years, you'd really expect him to be acting like a baby and making simple parodies of a forum name. And did i ever say the cannons will beat long island in my last post? No, all i said was that the cannons are playing meaningless games right now, since if they go 7-5 or 12-2, it wont matter at all. Nice job reading, again.
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You are an IDIOT
    by (#41930) on 7/26/04 @12:19AM
First off, the AFC East might suck, but lets compare the pats to the rest of the NFL,15 game winning streak, the best defense in the league last year, and 2 superbowls in 3 years. Second, indy isnt in the AFC east you f*ckin moron, theyre in the AFC North, the real Sh!t bag division of the NFL. As far as the MLL goes, Boston is sick, and so are its fans, Blah Blah Blah, Red sox havent won since 1918, things are changing, Tell Gay-Rod he might wanna take some boxin lessions or somethng before Varitek beats his ass the next time they're in Boston..loser
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(no subject)
    by (#41930) on 7/26/04 @11:36PM
Okay Corey Dillon isnt a good running back, wheres he been playing his ENTIRE career...Cincinnati..enough said. Buddy say what you want about the Sox and the so called curse..atleast we attempt to win with what we have and dont go and buy every single player who we know will make us win..I bet your one of those puss-bags that trades all the best players in video games to his team so he can go undefeated and win. and who cares about pedro and zim, pedro will be out of boston after this year, and zim DID walk up to him. and the only way Rodriquez is gettin that ring this year is if its stuck half way up Jeters colon
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you never take a second and stop to READ
    by (#58416) on 7/26/04 @12:14PM
you're bringing up the boston new york rivalry again? that was the last article, not this one. And talking smack? you may back it up on the field, but you cant back up any smack when its on some website. I don't care if you're gary freakin gait, you cant back up any smack when its on some lacrosse website. My last post was about the cannons, moron. I said something simple about the cannons win situation and you jump on it and think its something about boston-new york. You've been acting this whole time, trying to stretch out some arguement. At this pace it'll never end.
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finally a talk about lacrosse...
    by (#58416) on 7/26/04 @8:54PM
Trading away brian kuczma for an underachieving chris rotelli (and not to mention 2 draft picks) was their biggest mistake. Boston used to be a great defensive team, with kuczma and ryan curtis, but rotelli has only been an average supporting player, in a deep cast of cannons offensive players. And it's also their goaltenders. After bill daye left, the cannons have never had a legitimate goaltender. Kevin O'Brien, a very nice local guy who I've met a few times, simply does not have MLL credentials (I believe he mentioned to me that he started ONE game in college). Chris Garrity is a decent player, but is young and very raw. And, Tierney was having a dismal year in New Jersey and it might take him some time to get back to his old self.

Shitty home field? Nickerson field is an extremely nice field. Cawley field was a piece of crap, but Nickerson is one of the best facilities in the area. It beats playing in some minor league baseball stadium. And for the record, i've been to mitchel stadium and i can definitely say nickerson is much nicer. And rochester will have the nicest mll stadium, paetec park, but for now their facilities suck. And once again, a fluke is winning one game. A fluke isnt clinching a playoff berth before any team is 2 games over .500. And a fluke isn't winning 15 games in a row. And a fluke isn't being ranked #2 in the league and making it all the way to the finals.
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    by (#19996) on 7/29/04 @4:32PM
If you have that much pride in sports, I believe you are the one who is mooching off society. Grow up you tool... and if you are a part of the military, you really are a tool, infact you can be labled as a disposable tool... I hope you enjoy knowing this.

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    by (#19996) on 7/30/04 @2:50PM
no, I live "free" because of decissions made hundreds of years ago and this has always been supported by the notion that if there were to ever be a unified revolt, which I'm totally and forever am against, this country would crumble, this is why we have liberties, to keep us happy... honestly, I'm sorry to hear about the surgery, i really am, I'm sure it will be good to get back to work soon. Everyone has there own views and only time will show which ones are the closest to being right.

as history shows, evil begets evil.. it's a chain effect.. I hope to never live to see the effect of our recent actions, as I'm sure you too can admit.

we are all mindless primatives walking through the landscape of previous generations while flaunting with their morals and ideals, and for that please accept my appology in regards to my last post.
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    by (#58416) on 7/29/04 @11:31PM
Sorry knights, its not always play time for me. I have something called a job where i work and don't have time to be posting lame forum battles all day long. If i was mooching off society then wouldn't i be parked in front of a computer screen all day? So technically if i was posting 24/7 wouldnt THAT be mooching off society, not having enough time to post one? Think about it.
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