Barrage Strike 16-14

Barrage Strike 16-14

Barrage Strike 16-14

Barrage Strike 16-14

Philadelphia reigned over Boston landing the first strike off an early, costly Cannons defensive error. The MLL Champions were in fine form on possession (especially off-ball) working the ball harder and faster neutralizing the potency of the Cannons’ tenacious defense. ‘The’ difference was between the pipes. Bud Light MVP Brian Dougherty roared with 28 saves on 41 shots. Roy Colsey led the Barrage with five points. Despite a third-quarter run, the Cannons fell short 16-14.

The pre-game weather took a fast and sharp turn for the worse. Hard rain and lightning didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the nearly 6,000 fans in attendance. The Barrage did. One minute into regulation Cannons goalie Kip Turner came out of the crease trying to clear the ball. Philadelphia’s Seth Goldberg capitalized on an uncharacteristic, miscalculated pass from Turner who was caught out of position. Goldberg converted on an easy open-net two-point shot taking the wind out of Boston’s sails (2-0). Goldberg banked another goal off a lefty 1v1 (3-0). The Barrage came out strong connecting and finishing on attack although Boston out shot Philadelphia 41-23.

Boston was able to counteract the first half deficit with a third quarter run, but the Cannons would fall short of the mark. The Cannons used the momentum of goals scored on transition to help establish a rhythm, but the heroics of Bud Light MVP Brian Dougherty complicated the schedule of deliverables. The contact was audible from the opposite end of the field, but it was the friendly (and physical) off-ball match-ups that would have made for good TV.

The buzz around Rabil’s freshman campaign in the MLL is every bit legit. Rabil continues to demonstrate an uncharacteristic poise and maturity that go beyond his league years. The Cannons interrupted the Barrage run with an ISO take by Rabil 1-3. Striebel scored for Philadelphia 4-1. Matt Alrich answered with an outside shot off a pass from John Christmas (2-4). The Barrage went on a three-goal binge making the most of superior ball movement. Boyle scored off a pass from Colsey faking high and finishing low stickside (5-2). Colsey banked a pair of og classic goals. Colsey faked an outside shot followed by a face dodge and finishing with an underhand low to high upper 90 shot. Powell and Rabil closed the first quarter with a one-two punch going into the second period with a three-goal deficit (4-7).

The Barrage continued to hold the Cannons winning 5-2 in the second period. Powell opened up the second quarter with a strong sidearm shot pegging the top corner off a pass from Alrich (5-7). The Barrage let loose with five unanswered goals - two from Boyle, Striebel, Springer, and Goldberg (12-5). Alrich wrapped up the second period scoring off the rebound with a righty dive low in the crease (6-12).

Boston came alive in the third period dominating with a 6-1 performance. The Barrage got their lone goal of the quarter from Justin Smith. Powell kicked off the scoring with a no-look shot fast-break finish off a pass from Alrich (7-12). Sean Morris followed with an EMO goal. Powell nailed the behind-the-back pass to Alrich who then dished off to Morris (8-12). Rabil cut the lead by two with a two-point overhand laser (10-12). Alrich put the Cannos within striking distance with the overhand bouncer (11-12). Christmas concluded the third quarter scoring off an assist from Powell (12-13).

The final quarter was the closest with Philadelphia edging out Boston 3-2. Boston’s Ryan Curtis was called for the illegal body check at 2:37 setting up Philadelphia for the powerplay. Striebel converted on an assist from Peter Trombino (14-12) going sidearm low to high. Colsey scored again at 5:05 lifting the Barrage 15-12. Christmas scored starting from X taking Doc off pipe and shooting near side (13-15). Philadelphia and Boston traded last goals. Smith scored unassisted at 9:03 (16-14) while Rabil closed with a goal at 12:25. Boston fell short going 4-3 on the season while the Barrage advance 5-3.

Boston will face off against Long Island next hosting the Lizards 12 July 08 at 19:00 while Philadelphia will travel to NJ to take on the Pride (10 Jun 08) at 19:30.

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wow ... rabil is actually a machine
    by (#169325) on 7/04/08 @5:19PM
that is all.
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rabill the boss
    by (#202009) on 7/08/08 @6:22PM
rabil is the biggest boss ever no suprise he dominates he is so used to having long poles on him now he gets shorties on him so duh he owns
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    by (#196069) on 7/04/08 @11:51PM
i bet paul rabil really feels bad. he gets unreal numbers for his age and it's still not enough. i feel the same way when it comes to my team.
he needs to play in an intergalatic league to actually have a challenge
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    by (#104143) on 7/05/08 @3:16PM
Will win it all this year, why is Boyle not on the All Star list?, better numbers than "Mickey"
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    by (#183596) on 7/13/08 @12:58AM
i know and agree that rabil is amazing and can do whatever he wants but he only has like one assist this season. i know that he doesnt have to pass cuz he can produce all the time but im just saying that he could and should pass just a little more often to get assists. just putting that out there
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