Barrage Take Title 16-13

Barrage Take Title 16-13

Barrage Take Title 16-13

Barrage Take Title 16-13

The Philadelphia Barrage and Los Angeles Riptide battled valiantly in the Rochester sun, but in the fourth quarter the Barrage showed what championship caliber was, stepping up and taking over, winning 16-13. It was the Barrage's third title in four years, their second in a row. While the league is too young to deem such honors, these boys from Philly may be the first to attain the title of Dynasty.

Though both teams made it to this game through strong efforts on both sides of the field, it seemed evident early that this game would be decided by savvy, athletic play from the many veterans on the offensive end. With names like Graham Gill, Sean Lindsay, Michael Watson, Roy Colsey, Ryan Boyle, Matt Striebel, and Michael Springer, keepers Brian Dougherty and Mickey Jarboe were going to stay busy. Of course, those two are no slouches either.

The Barrage drew first blood as Boyle drove across the face of the goal and skipped a shot past Jarboe. But LA did not shirk from the big stage. Philly fumbled a clear, and Watson seized the opportunity, snagging the ball and beating Dougherty between the legs. Gill followed that up with a solo score.

Philly tied with a slightly controversial goal. Jed Prossner got a feed from Striebel, wheeled around and bounced a shot that looked to hit the crossbar, but snuck just inside and caught the net. The referee judged the ball crossed the plan by showing that a small piece of fabric at the top of the net moved when the ball hit it. Chazz Woodson got the lead back for LA, hitting Terry Riordan sitting right on the crease for the catch and shoot. Up 3-2, the Riptide wouldn’t lead again until 4:39 into the fourth quarter.

Philly exploded for four straight goals in the waning minutes of the first and early second quarters. Seth Goldberg plugged a shot from the wing off a feed from Springer. Then Colsey threw a smooth shot fake/face dodge to get a step inside and score from about 8-yards. Kyle Sweeney continued his offensive prowess with a long pole, carrying down field, taking a lick from Woodson that knocked him down, retaining the ball and charging the rest of the way in for the score, a goal of utter determination. Then LA got caught sleeping in the substitution box. A sloppy transfer let Colsey walk onto the field without anyone coming on to cover him. Striebel just tossed him the ball and Colsey finished with a cannon shot.

With about two minutes to go in the first, Dougherty took a shot right to the lower abdomen, possibly his loins, and collapse in pain and shortness of breath. It was an unwelcome blow for any man, particularly one who suffered a possible concussion during Saturday’s game against Denver when a shot rattled his helmet so hard it actually dug a screw into the side of his head. Dougherty would leave briefly, replaced by Kevin Keenan. Keenan came in periodically throughout Saturday and Sunday’s games as Dougherty tried to shake off his injuries. After the game, Dougherty exited the field immediately with a trainer looking jubilant but pretty beat up.

“He’s the best goalie of all time,” Sweeney said of his keep after the game. “He got a bad break yesterday. He’s definitely not in good shape.” Dougherty made a strong case for his legendary status, playing hobbled and playing well.

The Riptide put together their own three-goal surge in the second and it was quickly evident this would become a game of runs. Woodson started it with a goal that proved a point. As he tried to set up his man, Philly defenders shouted, “He’s all right,” telling their comrade to push Woodson to his left. Woodson obliged, using a swim move, fumblingly transferring his stick to his left hand, and skipping a low shot that beat Dougherty.

LA used good movement on the interior to create several scoring chances. Matt Oglesby tried to roll outside, then made a quick look in to hit Riordan on the catch and shoot. Spencer Ford working at X drove up field and flicked the ball inside to a cutting Greg Downing for the score, tying the game at 6-6.

Now it was Philly’s turn to run. Striebel saw Springer sitting all alone on the crease and snapped him a feed. Springer threw a few fakes and tucked the ball around a sprawling Jarboe. Bobby Horsey, appropriately named because he is the definition of a workhorse defensive middy, tallied a nice coast-to-coast take during his usual clearing role. Then LA practically gave the Barrage a goal, getting happy feet while clearing and throwing a bad pass in the middle that Boyle easily got a hold of. He whipped the ball down to Goldberg sitting on the crease for an easy goal with five seconds left in the half. As the clock ticked out, Philly was up 9-6.

LA opened scoring in the third with a nice give-and-go between Watson and J.J. Morrissey, another goal for a defensive middy. Greg Bice unloaded a hit onto Boyle better than anything you could see on an NFL Sunday. Matt Casey scooped the resulting loose ball and blasted a nasty underhand shot that zipped right under the crossbar.

Goldberg got his hat trick off a feed from Springer. Then Philly capitalized on another clearing mistake by LA. Justin Smith grabbed the turnover and hit Boyle on the crease for another lay-up.

But the Riptide got back a sloppy goal of their own. Ford snagged a loose ball rebound and hit Downing on the crease for a quick catch and shoot goal. Then Gill got to show how strong and determined he could be. He drove inside, got held around the neck, and still got a feed over to Riordan for his hat trick. LA tied when Wes Green drove down the wing, then made a great look, throwing over the top and hitting Downing on the backside for his hat trick.

Woodson broke the 11-11 tie, giving the Riptide their first lead in more than 41 minutes. Rolling on Horsey, Woodson got an inch and took it, skipping a shot between Keenan’s legs. Dougherty returned immediately after. But less than a minute later, Striebel somehow snuck a shot between Jarboe’s leg and the pipe.

Sensing the moment, Colsey then stepped up again. Alluding he would retire after this brief postseason tournament, Colsey would not go quietly into that good night. After strapping the team on his back and scoring the game winner Saturday that propelled his team here, he now saw his chance to make sure he would go out a champion. Working the ball well on the man advantage, Prossner tossed to Colsey, who dropped his stick and rifled a shot to the far corner. Jarboe didn’t have a chance.

“There was a sense of urgency for me,” Colsey said after the game. “Obviously I wanted to go out on top. These guys really stepped up for me.”

Los Angeles kept it interesting though. Gill grabbed the loose ball right off the faceoff, rushed down the field, and hit Ford for the quick finish, tying the game at 13-13.

But the true showing of a champion is stepping up when the moment calls. Philly rattled off three straight goals with a little more than five minutes left to put this one away. Springer hit Striebel cutting down the backside. Striebel just kept on coming and bounced a shot right in. Then on a stupid man-up from an unsportsmanlike penalty on Gill, Boyle hit Striebel again on the backside for another tally. Prossner put the final nail in the coffin. As LA tried to double, they were too aggressive, and Prossner bounced off two slides and came right at the cage, scoring on the bounce.

Philly successfully killed off the remaining minute, protecting their 16-13 lead, and as the clock ran out they found themselves two-time champions.

At the end of the game Colsey made his retirement official to all who asked him. Though he debated retiring last year, he came back for one more championship effort. This time, he was done.

“I miss my kids,” he said. Colsey talked of wanting to spend summer time with his family, of weekends on the beach instead of on the road. Though he hasn’t ruled out returning, just in a different role. “I would love to coach in the MLL at some point, but that’ll be down the line.”

Knowing this would be his last game, Colsey truly relished the moment. Four goals Saturday and three Sunday, all at the right times, really showed that the Barrage boys could rely on Uncle Roy, as Sweeney called him.

“It’s sad,” Colsey said of leaving. “I actually had tears in my eyes during the national anthem.”

Though Colsey leaves, the Barrage should retain the majority of their talent for the next season. Both Sweeney and Colsey alluded to the camaraderie these players share with each other. “We have great individuals who care about each other,” Colsey said. The Barrage are an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

“If we keep these guys, and we don’t age too badly,” Sweeney boldly predicted, “I’ll guess we’ll be in the finals next year.”

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down hill
    by (#1524) on 8/27/07 @10:19AM
I'm sorry, but this league is becoming a joke. This game used to be Labor Day weekend and they switch things around with no credible PR to let people know who are actually interested. And if I'm not on top of it, how are you attracting new viewers? I saw a lot of empty seats in those pictures. Secondly, games that end in 25-21 shootouts is not lacrosse. Only 3 flippin' poles on the field at one time is not lacrosse. This is a money making machine which comprimises the integrity of the game. I give it 3 more years ... maybe.
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mostly agreed
    by (#1383) on 8/27/07 @10:38AM
Don't blame them for moving it from Labor Day. They did that because no one ever showed up on Labor Day, so what choice did the league really have? They figured they'd at least pick a day when every human in the US isn't on vacation.

What you can blame them for is the god-awful play. Watching endless 1-on-1's and middies bombing it from the outside is terrible to watch for sixty minutes. I caught highlights of the game on Sportscenter and it was frankly embarassing: it was 3 or 4 plays where a middie beat a shortstick in some lame fashion (like he walked around a one-handed wrap from behind) and waltzed down the middle for a layup while everyone on D was face guarding someone.

Of course not every single play is like that, but the overwhelming majority of goals in the MLL look like summer league goals (assuming its a summer league team that hasn't played together before). And I agree that the MLL has three more years left. The only thing stopping that is if they can convince some new owners to pony up the entrance fee.
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    by (#114179) on 8/27/07 @7:04PM
Shocks, If you didn't even watch the game, shut your mouth. "I saw highlights on sports center" you moron...... How do you judge a game from a 40 second clip on TV? The league is not going anywhere. They have picked up new sponsors and there are at least ten cities bidding for a team. The east cost is flooded with lax all year long and that is why attendance is down. The west coast teams are putting up good numbers.
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That was phrased badly
    by (#1383) on 8/27/07 @7:26PM
I of course don't have an opinion of the MLL based on one game's highlights. I've seen plenty of MLL games this year.
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Championship weekend thoughts
    by (#21360) on 8/28/07 @12:59PM
I'll repost here what I already posted on another forum.

Went to the MLL Championship in Rochester this past weekend and saw my first 3 MLL games.

It was great !!

I didn't see anything wrong with the rules that distinguish the MLL from NCAA.

60 - second clock. Teams were able to execute personnel changes and take at least 2 runs at the net within the alloted time. The time limit only really came into play about a dozen times the whole weekend where teams either had to take terrible shots, or ran out of time altogether. However, it did keep teams from slowing down the game once they got a 3 or 4 goal lead. It prevented teams from wearing down defenses by working them for 5 minutes while changing offensive players, yet forcing the D-men to stay on the field the whole time. It also forced teams in the lead to stay on their toes and keep the pressure up (note the number of comebacks in the weekend games). I really like this rule.

3 - poles. The skill levels of the D-men are so high that if you put 4 poles out there, I think you'd see a DRAMATIC decrease in scoring, not that low scoring games are bad, but I liked the 15-14 and 13-12 games.

2-point arc. I'm neither here nor there on it, but it certainly made it interesting in close games in the last 2 minutes. A 1-goal lead could turn into a 1-goal deficit in a hurry. I can see why people didn't like it last year when it was a yard closer, but that extra yard this year seems to have made it just difficult enough to decrease its frequency quite a bit.

A couple of final points.

The skill level of the players is an order of magnitude higher than NCAA. Every player is outstanding, and that makes the tempo of the game extremely fast. A real treat to watch these guys play.

The game is a lot rougher, and that helps out the Defense a lot. Ask Ryan Boyle what happens if you go to the front of the net with your head down This is much better than some of the NCAA games I've seen where any contact is a penalty.

Just my $0.02
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Get real .....
    by (#1524) on 8/27/07 @7:48PM
What? New Balance instead of Hilfiger? Give me a break. Talk to me when Nike is paying attention & when they put some actual defense on the field. This league is losing money and fast. They can throw all the deodorant they want on it, new sponsors is not a good sign. That means old ones bailed out. They switch them around like a cheap hand radio. That's called instability. Like I said, three years ... max. I'll be here to say I told you so.
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not so sure about that
    by (#17858) on 8/27/07 @10:01PM
most times advertisers drop out because the rate has gone up and they don't feel its worth it. but where one leaves, another is guaranteed to pay the higher rate to put their product out there. i highly doubt mll is losing money.
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    by (#5616) on 8/28/07 @12:42AM
the lacrosse is awesome but
the league has 2 very well run org's in boston & denver
roc & long island do ok on most nights
but the others are a disaster
but how much can you lose paying rent on college stadia when school is not in session

the mll is still by my account a gear promo tool but who cares - its great end-to-end lacrosse and players get jacked all the time. the college purists love their chess matches, fine, watch them. but i think they are unfair to call the mll a poorer brand just because of the shot clock. i don't like the 2 pointer but i'm all for acrapping the 4th pole to bring back transition or else clone brodie merrill.
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You can't be that dumd
    by (#114179) on 9/04/07 @11:05AM

I'll give you some slack if you are 20 or younger. NIKE is paying attention. Who do you think is making most of the college unies? Nike lax gear is scheduled to be released in 09. No old sponsors have bailed, at least not any important ones. It's a positive thing when new sponsors like Gatorade and Nike show up and when new cities are fighting over who gets the next team That means they see growth in the game and an opportunity to profit. insted of spending the next three years waitin for the MLL to fail, why do you enroll in school and try to learn something.
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you can't be that dumd ????????????
    by (#1524) on 9/13/07 @12:07AM
You are that dumb. And the "B" is nowhere near the "D" on the keyboard, so obviously that's not the reason, right? Gilman and Princeton, buddy .... I'll leave it at that. My point is put some poles on the field and start playing the game. I talk to these guys and they don't even see it going past three years. So maybe you need to go back to thirteenth grade and then you can work for me someday. Good luck .....
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What a clown
    by (#114179) on 9/13/07 @4:27PM
That's how you argue your point is by pointing out a typo and dropping names. You are such a clown. You are the reason guys at Gilman & Prineton get called fags. You are totally the kid that got picked on in high school with the you're going to work for me someday line. HAHAHA Homo!!!!
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Prineton? Never heard of that school ......
    by (#1524) on 9/14/07 @12:53PM
Jealousy is a bad thing. Back to the chicken coupe for you, billy bob .....
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    by (#114179) on 9/14/07 @6:49PM
you were any gayer, you would be on fire. Your reply was dumb. You proved to anyone reading that you are twelve years old and there is no relm of possiblilty that you go to Princeton. Back to the point. The MLL is not going anywhere anytime soon. If your buddies play in NJ then you're right, THEY might not be around in three years.

almost forgot, I wasn't going to point out that you misspelled you own school but since you did it first, eat it dork.
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what's a relm?
    by (#1524) on 9/15/07 @11:31AM
Jerry Springer is calling, billy bob. Your IQ is below 0. Just please don't have kids so my tax dollars are not wasted. Your envy is humorous. Get back to work, boy.
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    by (#114179) on 9/15/07 @1:55PM
There is nothing to envy about a little kid who knows nothing about lax and posts idiotic statements that have nothing to do whith the subject at hand as well as lieing about where he goes to school and all the MLL players he is friends with. Everything about you is a joke.
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What does whith mean ?????
    by (#1524) on 9/17/07 @6:42PM
Did you go to school at all? Do you seriously think you spell "lieing" that way? Your education is at a remedial level. That is embarassing. You should take that attitude and direct the energy towards a GED. You could start out with a simple class, like firewatching. Basketweaving might be a little advanced for you.
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You win the spelling bee, you queer
    by (#114179) on 9/17/07 @8:00PM
now either comment on the subject or get lost. No one cares about my spelling except you. You have made some really stupid comments about lax and after that, all you have done is comment on typos and spelling. I don't think you realize that all of the real lax players who read your post laugh and remember how we used to beat the shit out of kids like you in school. Like I said before, you are a joke and couldn't evevn carry my jock you fag.
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Yes, we all know it posted twice
    by (#114179) on 9/17/07 @8:12PM
So save your comment susan.
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You win the spelling bee, you queer
    by (#114179) on 9/17/07 @8:06PM
now either comment on the subject or get lost. No one cares about my spelling except you. You have made some really stupid comments about lax and after that, all you have done is comment on typos and spelling. I don't think you realize that all of the real lax players who read your post laugh and remember how we used to beat the shit out of kids like you in school. Like I said before, you are a joke and couldn't evevn carry my jock you fag.
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evevn ????? ....... you're killing me.
    by (#1524) on 9/18/07 @12:52AM
It's too easy. You're new name is George.
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What's your point Linda?
    by (#114179) on 9/18/07 @2:52PM
You spelled Princeton wrong and you claim to go there. You are such a homo... Again, you still haven't made a comment about lax in your last four post. Do everyone who knows you a favor and jump off a building.
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    by (#1524) on 9/19/07 @5:30PM
Who's Linda? Is homo the only come back you have, billy bob? I'll say again for possible penetration .... put four poles on the field. Did you get that or shall I repeat it? Quick ... write it down before you forget ... homo.
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big problem is nobody is talking about the game
    by (#3709) on 8/28/07 @2:40AM
I hear what people are saying about the pros and cons of the league. The thing that stands out to me. Is that nobody is talking about who scored what goal or how the teams were doing, or the upsets of the league or predictions for next year.

If you look at the posts after the college games, everybody is talking about the players and the actual game, not debating the state of college lacrosse.

Nobody seems to care about the actual game, can anybody honestly say they are a fan of any team?

What the league should do is let these players solicit there own sponsors like they do for so many other sports so it is not on the leagues head to pay them money above and beyond a certain amount.

Anyways, I wanted to see a game this year on TV, I never saw one out here in California, and I even purchased the sports package on cable so I can see it. And I got nothing, by the way (SCREW YOU CSTV) they never showed any good college games either.
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You just summed up the problem perfectly
    by (#1383) on 8/28/07 @2:01PM
and its that the MLL plays a generic style of lacrosse. I don't mean the players aren't good (of course they are), but try and get a fan to describe the difference between two teams. The reason they won't be able to is because everyone plays exactly the same, and the teams have to play that way because there's only 3 poles and there's a tight shot clock. What else would it be prudent to do other than take a rip on a shortstick from up top?

Seeing that a couple times is fine, but after the 20th goal in a game on Roy Colsey's 50th shot from the top its gets pretty freaking boring. I've been in the stands for a couple of games where almost everyone around me stopped noticing when goals were scored once it got into the 3rd quarter.

Just add one more pole and make the clock at least :30 seconds longer. No one wants to see a Princeton/Hopkins stall-fest but they also don't want to see goals become meaningless.

On another note, what about playing the games on Sundays during the Spring? At least you could piggyback off of general lacrosse interest. Even if you're into the MLL its tough to give a crap about anything in the middle of August.
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Developing a style of play
    by (#21360) on 8/28/07 @3:23PM
I agree that it's difficult to develop a unique style of play given the MLL rules, but I think that the single largest contributor is the fact that they only practice ONCE a week. NCAA teams practice 5 times a week, so they have more time to absorb and (try to) execute the coaches philosophy.

I still enjoy both the MLL and NCAA styles.
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Sunday Pro League
    by (#2665) on 8/28/07 @4:04PM
That's a great idea. Since college and high school don't play on Sundays they should play on only Sundays. It works for the nfl. Get fans going to early season games while they are really into it.

I would also make the mll field lines the same as the traditional field lines. Shot clock is cool, but I agree there are too many goals in the games. They should allow six poles on the field as hard as it is to dislodge the ball. This would lead to more violence and fights. Like it or not that sells tickets as well.

I don't want to get too extreme here, but as good as the mll guys are I might even consider making them play with non offset heads. If we could take ten miles an hour off everyones shot it would lead to offensive players having to get closer to the goal before they shoot. This would lead to more passing and dodging to break defenses down rather than that damn middie sweep which is impossible to defend. Give the goalies a chance to really dominate a game or two as well. Just some random thoughts to think about.

One more thing. The MLL should piggy back on the ncaa final four with their championship game. They might actually get some fans to attend.
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lets win fans by dumbing down the sport?
    by (#5616) on 8/28/07 @10:40PM
first off, the mll is a middie league. guess what, back in my day, middies determined who won and who lost. the mll middies are old school when guys like gary gait, chris flynn and frank urso ran the show by getting the grounder, sprinting on the defense, getting the poles in bad mismatches, and firing away for the goal. college ball back in my day was high scoring, end-to-end full transition. the damned constant player changes in college ball kill transition, the 60-second shot clock forces teams to refrain from the wholesale changes thus players have to play w/out a book, they can be artists rather than the robots that we see too often in college.
i prefer box over field because of the greater skill level but the mll product isn't that bad at all. if anything, college ball its pass ad nausea behind the cage to lull teams into a snooze and get uncontested rip. at least the mll you have to have players initiate or else they turn the ball over.
the mll is way more physical because of the shot clock. the # of poles has nothing to do with it.
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    by (#78222) on 9/03/07 @3:03PM
Frank Urso reference!!
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pro ball on sundays
    by (#154168) on 8/28/07 @7:49PM
1.) many college DO play on Sundays
2.) many of the players in the MLL have other lacrosse responsibilities (hs or college coaching, sales reps) that make it impossible to also play during the Spring.
3.) even if there was some way to play on Sundays in the Spring, I don't think that will solve attendance problems. In most areas, fans are attending/playing in high school games during the week and attending/playing in college games on the weekends. No time or energy to try to attend a pro game on Sunday. Lacrosse overload.

If the MLL is to stay, it has to be during the summers.
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a question...
    by (#94027) on 9/18/07 @4:41AM
i have been to a few MLL games and watched many on tv, and there is this burning question i still havent found an answer to, maybe someone can help me...why is it that MLL defenders (long poles) dont slide with their body to attackmen? thats a staple of the high school and college game, if an attackman is anywhere near the crease, he goes down. now i knwo these guys have the ability, but why isnt there more body on these pro attackmen who seem to just creep through the crease...all of these guys have played college before so i know they know how, but is it just not allowed or what? basically, why dont any of the professional defensemen slide with their body to incoming scoring threats?
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