Boston Comes Back To Win OT 10-9

Boston Comes Back To Win OT 10-9

Boston Comes Back To Win OT 10-9

Boston Comes Back To Win OT 10-9

Game brief
The refreshingly, relatively low-scoring game between Boston and Long Island offered the 6,876 in attendance a brief glimpse of professional, competitive warfare based on defensive grit over the flashy excess of gunfire. Down 1-4 at the half, Boston used a third quarter surge (5-0) to their advantage gaining fourth quarter leverage (6-4). Both hard-hitting teams were well matched and the face off between Garrity and Cattrano delivered on its promise. Game MVP Chris Rotelli pulled a hat trick and nailed the game-winning goal in OT.

Game detail
Boston edged out Long Island in every statistical category out shooting the Lizards 51-49, out hustling to grounders 52-34, and narrowly beating out Long Island to face offs 11-21. Both teams managed to get good looks at the cage but were either thwarted by a combination of the defense or their ability to finish.

Team MVP Chris Garrity anchored an effective defense of Curtis, Team Defensive Player of the Year Passavia, and Staines. At times, this athletic backline demonstrated some of the best defensive chemistry in the league sliding more quickly to the ball than the next pass especially on the inside. McCabe, Gagliardi, and Polanco held Gill, Leveille, and Millon within reach.

Berger led the Lizards with four goals with Jalbert following up with a hat trick. The Lizards were unable to convert on their last shot on goal during OT. The Boston attack featured two 2-pt. goals from outside specialist Battista, an Air Gait from Conor Gill who posted a hat trick just as Game MVP Chris Rotelli did. Team Offensive Player of the Year Kevin Leveille scored once and points-leader Mark Millon failed to score for the first time in 34 games.

Cattrano who is such an dynamic goalie to watch in the league had two close goals escape him one going past his right side when he was flush against the right post however his 22 saves kept his team in the game but on the losing side of a one-goal game it’s easy to put the keeper under the microscope. Garrity with one of the quickest releases on the clear had an outstanding day as well with 20 saves.

Boston gained possession of the first ball at the face-off X and was quick on the trigger getting a quick shot on goal. Cattrano came up with the save and for the next quarter Boston and Long Island traded possession between big saves and turnovers. Long Island out shot Boston 10-9. Jalbert scored the only goal of the first period with just over 30 seconds to the quarter (1-0).

The Lizards continued to out shoot and out score the Cannons 10-9 and 3-1 respectively. Inge faced off for Boston against deVilliers. Long Island gained possession and Berger capitalized on the late slide driving across the crease with the dip and dunk going low right corner 2-0 at :19.

Boston finally got on the boards not with just one goal, but one giant goal from Gill who went air born from X going over Cattrano’s right shoulder with an Air Gait (1-2) at 4:48. Long Island scored the last two goals of the period. Goettelmann rolled the crease taking his defender who over committed going hip right (3-1) at 5:36. Berger scored off of X off an assist from Miller driving on Cattrano’s stick side and beating the keeper and D with an underhanded shovel going hip right (4-1).

The third period was a completely different story for Boston who held Long Island scoreless 5-0. Mike Battista gave Boston a much-needed two-point goal of an assist from Millon working the screens and shooting upper right corner (3-4) at 1:08. Team Rookie of the Year Paul Gillette demonstrated his incredible speed and tenacity going the distance and dodging defenders but missed the shot. Gill scored from X beating his defender with an underhanded scoop and leveling the playing field at four goals a piece. Game MVP had the tightest goal of the game threading the microscopic needle going high right in an open nine square inch space between the right post and Cattrano’s helmet (5-4). Rotelli got clocked in the head and scored on a power play going past Cattrano’s helmet again (6-4).

The fourth quarter was the most prolific for both teams. Long Island out shot and out scored Boston 18-11 and 5-3 respectively. Miller scored the first goal off a defensive error. Garrity was caught off position and two defenders sent behind on the loose ball and it didn’t take the audible expletive to know that the error would cost them a goal. Miller scored on an open net (5-6). Leveille scored his 36th goal of the season on a low shot toe to toe with Cattrano on the crease (7-5).

Berger scored off an assist from Jalbert catching the late slide and dunking the ball over Garrity’s head (6-7). Battista extended and padded the Cannons lead with yet another signature two point goal (9-6). Long Island sent the game into OT with three consecutive goals from Goettelmann, Berger, and Jalbert who drove in hard banking a shot in the lower left corner (9-9).

Boston gained possession at the face-off X at the start of OT and drove to goal but Cattrano came up with the big save. The Cannons finally converted on their four shots with a top right corner shot from Rotelli at 3:02. Final score Boston 10 Long Island 9.

Boston will travel to Long Island on 12 Aug for their last regular season game. The game will be a do or die situation for Long Island.

Boston Cannons vs. Long Island Lizards
Current Record
Boston Cannons9-2
Current Record
Long Island Lizards4-7
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Huge Following!???!!!?!?!?!
    by (#96158) on 8/08/05 @11:03PM
The closest game of the weekend going into the last games before the playoffs. 4 days later and no one has a comment?? WOW!
Was the 5 goal Rattlers win what everyone hoped the article would be about? OR The Bayhawks 10 goal victory?
It must be all the incredible talent on the bench that has everyone so dis-interested
This league is huge and ready to bust wide-open nationally--they should add 8 teams next year maybe a couple in Mexico and Canada.
OR Maybe Boston should get 3 teams because the championship weekend did so well there last year.
Maybe if the article was about Mike Watson playing catch against a wall in California waiting for a teasm to play on--then there would be 50 comments already(Maybe)
Good luck in those 4 new markets where people care even less.(GOOD LUCK!!)
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I agree
    by (#65203) on 8/09/05 @11:49AM
I agree with what u said about the financials, the only thing i didnt agree with is your example of going to a new jersey game. That has nothing to do with it. I mean NJ has thousands of fans out there, and alot of the MLL fans, or NJ fans out west or down south dont get the opportunity to come to the games. And plus, noone wants to go see a losing team, theyve been struggling since day 1. But theyre still rolling in 3-4 thousand fans for most games, and when baltimore or boston comes in theres even more fans there. You just gotta think of those "fans" out there who are sitting at home and dont bother going to the game because they think theyre team is already going to lose, but that shows what kinda fan they r, not a good one. but 3-4 thousand fans coming in to watch a losing team tells me that there is plenty of fans out there excited about the MLL, and come to watch the sport they love. i dont think that attendence will ever be a problem in this league, even if you have a cupple teams on top that are seperated from the teams on bottom because each team has sooo much talent its incredible. I mean, look at the Pride, they struggled from the start, but look at the talent on that team....Hubbard, Hajj, Banks, Urick, Donegar,....and oh yeah...Pfiefer has stepped in at now they have a new talented goalie to help put the Pride back in competition...and trust me he will. People have been dissing Pfiefer and saying he wont make it in this league, but look at his performances so far, hes getting comfortable, and he knows next yr. he will be the one in the net and his improvement will be even better. Watch out for him next yr. , he will make some sick saves, and important ones too, and you'll see that his performance in the net will keep thr Pride in contention. And people all season long have been saying that Baltimore and Boston are the only good teams out there...but actually every team has enough talent to beat any team. And this has been proven by the Rattlers performance, 4 out of their last 5 after an 0-5 start on the season, and now they r in 3rd place behind Boston., and we now have a race for the playoffs. This season has turned out alot better and competitive as what people thought, trust me, its not just Baltimore and Boston anymore, When the playoffs come around...Baltimore and Boston will have real tough competition... This league after expansion is going to be great and the sport is gunna explode nation wide
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Who are your comments directed to??
    by (#96158) on 8/09/05 @12:14PM
If you have read any of my posts my point is that the league is not ready for a 4 team expansion a 2 team exspansion would be more in line to test 2 new markets outside of the hotbed areas for Lacrosse. My comments to add 8 teams including Mexico and Canada were sarcastic comments on what the league is trying to do (which is) spread itself too thin too soon.
I don't know how long you have kept quite but it certainly was not long enough.
You haven't read many of my posts or you would understand that we pretty much agree on this point.
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Knighty Knight
    by (#96158) on 8/10/05 @11:34AM
I don't think I know everything but I do know one thing for certain. You are a Moron! Keep it clean. Young kids log on this site and read some of this stuff.
You agree with most of what I say but your aggrivated that I say it because I sound like I think I am too smart.
Calm down, I might or might not be smarter than you (Who Knows) but this world is full of many other people smarter than both of us.
You need to work on not feeling treatend by people you percieve as smarter then you.
So there's your 2 tips for the day
1)Calm down
2)Clean up the language when posting on this site.
Work on those for now and enjoy your day.
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(no subject)
    by (#109552) on 8/11/05 @2:25AM
well you guys do realize that your arguments have nothing to do with lacrosse anymore... that being said i have to say that i live in chicago and am excited about the expansion because i will finally be able to watch lacrosse live at a level higher than high school because my city has no college teams (besides the northwestern girls team)and i think that the rest of chi-town will agree (at least the north suburbs cause thats the closest thing we have to a hotbed in IL)i dont know about the other cities in the expansion but i also think that a team somwhere in ohio could use one seeing how its very popular there and they already have a market because of the college teams in that state, but texas i dont think needs one denver does, seattle does, and portland i think theyre getting one but in no way need one
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wake your pinky up and use those smarts(Knight)
    by (#96158) on 8/11/05 @8:21AM
Texas, great state, great people. I have no idea how they put up with someone like you there.
Lacrosse is Huge in Texas. Goes that mean there are hundreds of youth teams and it is a vasity High School sport in most of the state? Well guess what that is the story all over the country. Texas is nothing special when it comes to Lacrosse. Just because youth and High School lacrosse is getting popular in Texas does not mean that the MLL is any more or less ready to add 4 new teams ANYWHERE.
You make as much sense as a guy 2 weeks ago who thought Seattle would get a team becasue Starbucks become a big sponsor of the league. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

read the red print next time you are posting on this site.
wake your pinky up and ask it some new words.
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Goodbye (Knight of the living moron!!)
    by (#96158) on 8/11/05 @1:26PM
You are too stupid to attempt to talk to.
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show some class
    by (#78222) on 8/13/05 @5:43PM
This use of profanities shows no respect for the sport or the reader... And, if has any editors or sense of taste, these profanic comments should be deleted.
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    by (#97042) on 8/13/05 @9:27AM
No one makes a comment on for four days, so there is no following. How ironic. The biggest turnout of the season, and a record for a regular season game (over 6,800). But because no one comments on it on LAX.COM then it means that there is no following? Good logic deli22! Great logic! For your information I WOULD HAVE but I was in Florida for a week. I went to this game the night before I left. AND PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT LACROSSE IN DENVER? WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THE RESULTS OF THE WILD WEST TOUR? OVER 8-9,000 FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS, AND OVER 12,500 FOR THE ALL STAR GAME?!
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Going Nowhere.........Wait and see
    by (#96158) on 8/13/05 @1:19PM
The only thing anyone's comment's have proven is that there is a difference of opinion.
These conversations continue to Go Nowhere.
We can all quitley wait and see where this league is in 2007 and 2008.
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Dude are you SERIOUS
    by (#97042) on 8/13/05 @1:38PM
Youre the one WHO BROUGHT THIS UP ANYWAYS! Everyone had dropped it and just enjoyed the pictures of the game before you were like WOW NO ONE MADE A COMMENT THIS LEAGUE IS GOING TO FAIL! There was nothing on this whole Topic (LI/Bos Game) before YOU made an idiotic comment, and now you try and tell everyone to stop pointlessly arguing. That might be the most hypocritical thing ever done. Done make comments if you dont want responses. If you want to drop it, fine. Then drop it. You said that in a previous topic. But dont come back and do it again. I'll drop it, will YOU?
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You guys are idiots!
    by (#109701) on 8/14/05 @2:25PM
you guys have to be the biggest no talent losers in the world. Who has time to sit around and argue about a topic for a week.
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How Ironic
    by (#97042) on 8/15/05 @12:05PM
As much as deli22 and I insult each other, we actually do have productive discussions where we get our points across, and now I can understand people's views as much as I disagree with them. No one sits around and argues for a week. I look at once every few days. if he makes a post, i want to respond to it. How Ironic it is that the one who makes a post entitled "you guys are idiots" is really the biggest idiot in the world. if you have nothing to add, then just keep your mouth shut! Sound fair?
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keep it on lacrosse or drop it...............
    by (#96158) on 8/15/05 @12:47PM
I would rather drop it than read certain people's posts full of swear words. I enjoy discussing Lacrosse, a sport I love, I just have an opinion that the league is trying to do too much too soon.
BCannons24 and I are both lucky enough to live in the Boston Area and will be able to attend what I think will be one of the last GREAT championship weekends of this league. I never said this league would fail---I do however fear some set backs from the big leaps the league is trying to make.
Fans love scoring in all sports. I simply worry what will happen when the scoring in this league slows down with the offensive talent spread thin in the future.
None of my opinion has anything to do with how many times I made All-American in High School or College or if I never played the game at all.
I hope this league succeeds beyond anyone's exspectaions BUT I'm concerned with how fast the league is trying to make it happen.
That does not make me an idiot, talentless or a loser. It makes me a Lacrosse Fan just like the rest of you.
I realize it is much easier to swear and call people names---rather than use some thought and make a point about the topic.
BUT Hey---do whatever you want............
it's the internet
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Used and Abused?
    by (#97042) on 8/16/05 @4:34PM
What in gods name are you talking about? Even if deli and I disagree sometimes, the fact that you just said Passavia gets used and abused totally refutes anything you can say about the MLL. At least deli and I go to the games. If youve been to one, I HOPE DELI WOULD AGREE, Passavia is a beast. Team Defensive MVP on the team with the 2nd best GA in the league. He's abused? And last time I checked McCabe was a perennial All Star, as much as that means. What are you talking about? Have you ever been to a Cannons game to watch Passavia work? Dude what kind of comment is that at the end? You do nothing to refute deli's comments about stupid posting.
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 8/17/05 @9:17AM
What do you propose they do? you say they need a defensive showcasing..what the hell does that mean? 2 pt goals are scored by almost only midfielders, nothing to do with LONGPOLE what do you propose they DO?! have a limit to how much attackmen can score? think before you criticize and propose a possible solution.
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U C what I mean
    by (#96158) on 8/17/05 @12:36PM
Knights makes little or no sense consistantly.
To bring up McCabe and Passavia as the best defenders in the league. Passavia YES. McCabe NO, no, NO!!! Levelle scored 16 or 17 goals in 2 games vs. McCabe while scoring zero 2 point shots. McCabes day was a few years ago. He is only on the world team because of who the head coach is. The exspansion of this league is what will keep McCabe playing 1 or 2 more years.
BCannons24 you can keep talking with this moron but I will respond directly to him if and when he ever says anything that makes sense.
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HA ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha HA!!
    by (#96158) on 8/17/05 @1:43PM
You make no sense but you do make me laugh. The ref's in your league want to eliminate hitting so you old men can get to work the next day. What the hell does your frustration with your men's league rules have to do with how the MLL runs their game? NOTHING!!
Your goals against might have gone up because sticks and equipment in general have got lighter and made accurate and faster shooting easier AND maybe-just maybe you are not as quick with the hands as you were back in the OLD-days. I play in a league with the same rule, "No Big Hits" the ref's all want to keep summer leagues games under control so hard hits don't end up in fights by the end of the game.
The shot clock is the single best thing about professional field Lacrosse and it is Exactly what the college game needs before the only people at those games are the Mom's and Dad's of players.
Your a Moron. Your mad about the MLL rules because too many people score too many goals on you in your summer league. (The truth is out)
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(no subject)
    by (#96158) on 8/17/05 @3:06PM
Does Green Turtle still have a good team in that league? What team do you play on?
My Goalie has a better GAA but the league is not as good as the one you claim to play in.
How did yourteam do? How Are the Playoffs going?
Wait a minute---you don't really even play do you. Your a volenteer coach for your kids youth team. You played tennis in High School. Your so horrible you can't even play catch with your 10 year old son.
Your a loser. posting full of swear words and insulting everyone and everyone.
I look stupid for calling you a moron and an idiot. That makes sense.
Your are a loser. Nothing more nothing less. Good for you.
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    by (#97042) on 8/17/05 @4:45PM
Wow..dude what the hell is the matter with you? Youre flipping out and calling us gay lovers haha for gay lovers we sure do call each other some horrible names. Stop swearing. Kids read this board. You need to grow up. Now go twist that one.

Attackman score more 2 pt goals, right? Like Mark Frye, Mike Regan, Mike Battista and Roy Colsey? Right? Like Jeff Sonke and Kevin Cassese? Those attackmen? Dude just shut your mouth.

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I stand corrected!!!!!
    by (#109701) on 8/18/05 @10:35PM
I was wrong. You guys are not idots, You are much worse. You sound like a couple of high school heros who swing on the jock of the guys who can actually play. If you ALL love the game as much as you claim to, go out and play. No one cares what college you went to or your GAA. What have YOU done for the game lately????????
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Hey Knight LAX
    by (#46873) on 8/30/05 @9:30PM
Remember me? if not, its no big deal. i got into one of those week long arguments with u about a year ago, and was just wondering what bs uve been arguing about latly, so i randomly clicked on a story, and HOLY HELL!!!! What amazing luck!!!! theres about a dozen comments of you doin nothin but swearing at some random guy who disagrees with you. A simple 'your a complete moron,' followed by some sort of logical argument would work perfectly, but instead u have to start some week long fight about nothing, literally nothing. not lax, not a comment about lax, but about how ur better than someone else. I dont care if ur some ten year old whose older cousin's friend played the game once, or if ur a pro, so long as u make some sort of point. no one cares about how good u say you are, and quite frankly, everyone knows that theres no way for u or anyone else to prove it, so why dont u (after u reply to this with a long slur of swears, and better yet, threats) keep playing, which i applaud u for, and stop talking trash to opponents ur never gonna have.
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