Bridgeport Picks Up Cattrano

Bridgeport Picks Up Cattrano

Bridgeport Picks Up Cattrano

Bridgeport Picks Up Cattrano

The Baltimore Bayhawks have just traded All-Pro goalie Greg Cattrano to Bridgeport in exchange for the Barrage's 2004 1st round pick, plus backup goalie Rob Scherr. The move fills a huge void in Bridgeport's roster, but the question for Baltimore is whether their anticipated draft choice, Syracuse attackman Mike Powell, even wants to play in the MLL (he has given indications that he doesn't).

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    by (#47758) on 10/12/03 @3:55PM
I don't know why they traded Cattrano just for a first round pick. I understand that Marechek and Millon might be retiring in the next few years and it probably is a good idea to pick up on a skilled young player like Powell but trading the best goalie in the league... wow. Oh and what is Powell going to do if he doesn't play in the MLL. The only thing I can think of is working for warrior, since his brothers work there they could probably get him a job. I am also under the impression that he's not too bright. Maybe he just got caught up in playing and the college life of maybe he hasn't been trying, but he was almost kicked out of school.
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the truth
    by (#7569) on 10/12/03 @5:04PM
ok, so mike powell is to cool for the MLL? For christ sake syracuse droped his scholarship for not keeping his grades high enough post junior year. If he doesn't play lacrosse i'd definitly like to see him try to succeed working for warrior. Since those kind of jobs are jokes. He's an athlete, one far better then ill ever be. Why wouldn't he play lacrosse for the rest of his god willing years? Life after college sucks, all you do is work for the rest of your life until retirement. Now this kid has been given plenty of oppertunities in his life, why would he pass something like this up? I'm sure if they we're dishing out million dollar contracts he'd do it. He's one of the biggest weapons in lacrosse and he won't even prove that he can play with the big boys. If i was the bayhawks GM i wouldn't even think twice about making him my first pick, there are plenty of talented players out there who can put the ball in the net just as good as powell, they just don't wear orange and blue. If powell thinks hes a leader or even a responsible adult he should start acting like one. How can colleges #1 prospect not even give a damn about how he got to college. Without lacrosse mike powell would not have gotten where he is today. I'll even take it far enough in saying that he'd be a drop out. I could see if he was over at princeton just for the education, but hes not. Not playing lacrosse will put him right back in the classroom being a teacher or of corse he could be selling out as a warrior spokesmen. This kid needs a wake up call. I'd hate to see him get injured senior year, then we'll see who's first pick.
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   The #1 pick by 11/21/03 @7:25PM
    by (#5588) on 10/12/03 @5:13PM
let's see hear... let me get my two sense in hear before the thousands of posts for mike powell come. I hear he might try and pursue something in music (he plays guitar) he has been saying that since freshman year. Now thats out of the way, Mike Powell is one of the best athletes in the college game maybe even the pros and one of the most talented, in my opinion hes better then casey and ryan in the years to come. To throw this away would be pretty foolish but if he likes music more than lacrosse, i say go aheah try your best. I just believe that mike is just having some bad feelings after a good-mediocre season, i believe this year he wont be holding anything back (i hope) as a die hard syracuse fan.
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   Newsflash-newest hit singer... by 10/16/03 @7:39PM
Mark Spyrut?
    by (#36852) on 10/12/03 @6:45PM
What about Mark Spryut? I'm not sure what happend to him last year with his injury, but was it that serious that he will be out this season also? If he comes back then Bridgeport doesn't really need Cattrano and they could have kept their 1st round draft pick for Mike Powell, or even Tillman if they need a goalie that badly.
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   spryut? by 10/15/03 @9:24PM
    by (#54957) on 10/12/03 @8:04PM
they should just replace him with tillman
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   What? by 10/12/03 @11:58PM
      Keepers by 10/13/03 @7:59PM
         didn't know that by 10/15/03 @11:35AM
   tillman by 10/15/03 @9:26PM
(no subject)
    by (#21286) on 10/13/03 @1:37AM
Ok whoever said Mike powell isnt very bright think about he is going to an ivy league school! its not exactly easy to keep ur grades high, work to pay for your expences, and then play a lacrosse. Somethigns gonna crack if not more than one thing.
THe goalie situation is good Catrano didnt exactly have the greatest season this year and baltimore does need some new blood to keep them in the top of the league. Mike powell would be a great addition to the league but if he doesnt wanna play in the mll its his choice who are you to judge him on his life and how he wants to live it!
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   Syracuse isn't an Ivy League School. by 10/13/03 @11:25AM
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      powells future by 10/31/03 @6:49PM
You need TO know what you are talking about here..
    by (#20135) on 10/13/03 @5:01AM
justinmcooke... you need to know what's going on... erik miller was waived by baltimore..first off, and 2nd of all Blatchley retired.. so.. you need to get your Fuc**n facts right BOYYYYYY!!!

why do you care what powell does. who gives a crap! if he plays he will play, and vice versa..

I think Lax9MB said it the best.... there are plenty of other talented players (noname) who can put the ball in the back of the net, just the MLL are to wrapped up in the (BIG NAME) PLAYERS...
lets see what kinda response i get to this...
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   Sweet by 10/13/03 @10:27AM
      can i get in on the band by 10/13/03 @2:44PM
   Well, excuuuse me! by 10/13/03 @4:17PM
      FU by 10/14/03 @6:26AM
    by (#10445) on 10/13/03 @7:08PM
He's doing okay in college, but when he goes to college the big boys in MLL are gonna torture and rape him.
I think he knows it, that's why he's thinking about not playing in MLL.
On top of that, he's dumber than Kurt Angle, need I say more?

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   Kurt Angle by 10/14/03 @4:21PM
   i donno man by 10/17/03 @11:54PM
      So you got skillz? by 10/19/03 @12:03AM
         (no subject) by 10/21/03 @8:29PM
      Damien Davis by 10/19/03 @3:37PM
   i dont know by 12/02/03 @9:25AM
Dude, this is KIND OF sweet
    by (#58174) on 10/13/03 @11:45PM
Ok,bridgeport, you actually have a chance to win more than a game this year! Cattrano is sick, but mikey powell is gonna be ballin it up. But they could also pick up Tillman. That would be dumb though. Anyways, this could be good for bridgeport, cuz know their gonna ball it up with denihan, colsey, ichs and now cattrano biotch
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   well said by 10/14/03 @6:27AM
    by (#38595) on 10/14/03 @10:07AM
Baltimore picks up Tillman Johnson with their top pick, an annapolis boy so he is basically from Baltimore and before that happens, the big trade.

MILLON FOR GILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Straight up. You heard it here first!
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   Good Theory by 10/14/03 @4:18PM
   Are You Nuts by 11/19/03 @2:36PM
Baltimore is CRAZY!!!!!
    by (#57610) on 10/14/03 @7:58PM
What is wrong with baltimore? Why are they giving up the best goalie in the league? yes, I said the best goalie in the league. He had a record of 27 and 12(best in league). I think Gary Gait must be A: losing his mind -OR- B: just trying to get more youth on his team.
peace out,
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   (no subject) by 10/17/03 @10:57AM
The band
    by (#22795) on 10/14/03 @10:23PM
Dude if you want to start a band give me a call. I play the flute. If you can make some practices I'm in. And about this goalie thing I also played for Car Bombs out of Nap town maybe I should go out for the team.
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I've heard..
    by (#33555) on 10/15/03 @6:47PM
the real reason Powell doesn't want to play in the MLL is because he doesn't want to shower in front of other guys
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   (no subject) by 10/15/03 @7:50PM
worst move ever
    by (#58519) on 10/16/03 @1:16PM
why why in the world would you trade one of the best goalies in the league for a back up and a 1st round pick. Cattrano is better then this newbie. The only u side is that powell might be playing som MLL nice to see that i hope he does and dosent flake out.
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Jeezey pete, or should I say Mike?
    by (#51568) on 10/16/03 @7:34PM
Man oh man, how could Mike...not, want to play for the MLL? Where else does he really have to go for lacrosse, when he is that good?
Bayhawkes-NO CATTRANO!?How could they?Now Brideport is gonna be unstoppable, but can Baltimore hold off the year without a great golie?
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remember the USFL?
    by (#41662) on 10/16/03 @10:39PM
This is sort of like making a big stink if Steve Young got traded for Herschel Walker in the USFL. The league is dying, I have doubts whether Cat or Powell ever play another game in the MLL.
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    by (#48270) on 10/19/03 @9:42PM
i think that this is a bad move for the bayhwaks but awesome for me. Im a barrage fan and picking up an all-star goalie is far as the bayhawks, i think that this is a bad move. Yes, they now have the first pick but they're not even sure if Mike is going into the MLL. I guess either way they can still pick-up someone good though...we'll c what happens
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