Bryant's Push To Division One: Part III

Bryant's Push To Division One: Part III

Bryant's Push To Division One: Part III

It's about 17 minutes so please give it a head start to load. You can catch Part I here and Part II here

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I love Mike P!
    by (#199913) on 5/06/09 @6:22PM
and bryant. amazing program
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    by (#154332) on 5/06/09 @7:09PM
Pressler is the man! I wish I was younger and had a opportunity to play for him. I would give my left leg for this man every single play. He makes each and every player achieve their potential. Coach Pressler, makes each player accountable for their actions. He surrounds them with great coaches and words of encouragement. Bryant will be a force with Pressler at the helm. Good luck next season. I will rooting for Bryant.
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    by (#210560) on 5/06/09 @8:15PM
This is an amazing documentary and just a great lacrosse film all round. Credit to the guys at Bryant and coach pressler and to for making it. Keep up the great work
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Great Video
    by (#199231) on 5/07/09 @6:05PM
This video is awesome. It has a great timeline. Slowly increases the excitement of the movie. 5 Stars
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    by (#195400) on 5/07/09 @11:03PM
great job! amazing documentary! I wish there was more!
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Keep up the great work
    by (#17809) on 5/08/09 @12:29PM
Your coverage is top notch. I've been following you site since 2000 and it's impressed me every day. This is the best site for lax lovers. Would love to see you do a story on the box lacrosse culture in Canada. A great Minto or Mann cup story would be awesome.
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    by (#147651) on 5/09/09 @1:17PM
were they playing in uva's field at the begining a saw the v and crossed swords in the middle
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    by (#222425) on 6/09/09 @3:11PM
they had to practice in charlottesville bc the game was the next day so they used a UVA field
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Great Series
    by (#221335) on 5/11/09 @5:54PM
Good job on the videos and bryant had a nice opening season
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outstanding video from an outstanding site
    by (#219395) on 5/15/09 @11:38PM
great documentary...very motivational. coach p is an incredible coach...his philosophies are right on
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Pressler's team speeches remind me of Coach Emmer
    by (#21640) on 5/16/09 @11:11AM
Having had the pleasure of playing with Pressler during his senior year at W&L, Jack Emmer's final year there, I found this 3-part documentary compelling, motivating and satisfying.

Listening to Pressler throughout the documentary brought me back to the days of the Generals' locker room, practice fields and game sidelines. I commend for providing a vehicle by which all lacrosse players, coaches and referees can benefit from the insider's view I experienced back in the mid-80's, and Pressler currently brings to life for Bryant lacrosse.

I also want to thank for producing such a great series that I can share with my son (a high school lacrosse player) to give him a sense of how awesome life and lacrosse can be given the leadership qualities of such fine head coaches such as Pressler and Starsia.
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