Bucknell stuns #1 Maryland in 7-6 double OT

Bucknell stuns #1 Maryland in 7-6 double OT

Bucknell stuns #1 Maryland in 7-6 double OT

Bucknell stuns #1 Maryland in 7-6 double OT

The full moon in College Park brought out the best in Bucknell tonight in College Park. The Bison had an excellent game plan, making the game shorter with long offensive possessions and keeping the ball out of the hands of Maryland’s offense. They survived a furious Maryland charge in the 4th quarter and overtime on the strength said gameplan and amazing individual performances from senior goalie Matt Baran and freshman attackman Joe Mele.

Maryland never seemed to find their rhythm, recording a very inconsistent game offensively and committing far too many unforced turnovers. In the early minutes, Maryland struggled to clear, couldn’t even manage to spin the ball around the perimeter on offense, and only avoided an early deficit because Harry Alford made some brilliant saves. Despite this sloppy play, the Terps did strike first when Joe Walters opened the scoring about five minutes into the game. Unfortunately for Terp fans, that would be the only lead of the game for the Terrapins as the game was all Bison from then on.

Bucknell rattled off two goals late in the 1st, when Doug Buckley and Mele both scored on impressive unassisted goals. The Terps answered knotted the game early in the second when Brendan Healy converted a feed from Xander Ritz, but Bucknell answered with two goals of their own before the half. John Togneri gave a helper to Perry Menzies on a man-up chance, and Kirk Klett scored an unassisted goal shortly after to give the Bison a 4-2 advantage at the half.

Maryland played well early in the second period, and gained some momentum when Ritz ripped a shot past Baran to pull within one. However, freshman Joe Mele continued his national coming out party with an unbelievable play midway through the third to give momentum back to the Herd. After securing an entry pass on a Bucknell clear, Mele drove at the cage where he was slashed and crushed to the ground when a slide hit him squarely in the back. Managing to maintain control, Mele got up with two flags down and renewed his assault, driving strong from behind before turning underneath and slipping a tough angle shot past Harry Alford. This was a clear emotional lift for the Bison and they rode it throughout the quarter, scoring another EMO goal late in the period, giving them a 6-3 lead after three.

Maryland’s senior midis came to play in the 4th quarter, as linemates Healy, Ritz, and Bill McGlone all scored during the period to tie the game at six. Maryland really woke up in the 4th, looking like a different team as they pushed the tempo on both ends and really showed their athleticism. Fortunately for the Bison, Matt Baran was allowing the Herd to bend but not break, as he recorded six saves in the 4th quarter to weather the Maryland onslaught. The Bison had the final possession of regular time, but failed to generate a quality scoring chance, and the game went to OT with momentum squarely with the Terps.

Maryland secured possession in the first OT, but failed to convert some quality chances as Bucknell senior Matt Baran was up to the task in goal and the Terps mishandled a feed that would have led to a great 6 yard shot. The second OT was rather slow until the final moments, when Joe Mele seaked the game for Bison with under 10 seconds remaining on a dramatic finish crashing into the crease with Maryland defensemen all over him.

The Bison have a lot to be proud of after recording their second major upset in the last two years as last year they beat Navy 8-7. Furthermore, the Bison played Navy tough again just three days ago in San Diego, meaning they had to fly back to the east coast, and travel down to Maryland for this contest. The Terps on the other hand have to be stunned by this home loss and will have to regroup before traveling to face another gritty underdog at UMBC this weekend.

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    by (#56843) on 3/15/06 @12:34AM
yeah i really did not see this one coming. Did anybody actually take this game seriously? I know Bucknell is a good team, but they lost their leader last year and Maryland has way too many weapons to lose a game like this. What happened?
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    by (#122397) on 3/15/06 @10:38AM
joe mele is the best freshmen and dominates everyone
i heard hes going to the mll draft next year
maryland sucks

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    by (#126714) on 3/15/06 @12:43PM
Well I actually heard that Joe Mele had been eating steaks and drinking Bud Heavies all week to prepare for the game. Not to meantion all the senior girls he takes down on the weekends.

Sonny Bonesmuggler
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(no subject)
    by (#122397) on 3/15/06 @1:27PM
yes he does usually does and he still dominates maryland and every chick that comes his way
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    by (#121722) on 3/15/06 @6:16PM
I dunno....that Mele kid is good.....but i think the other freshman....Togneri...is better than him....and plus...he has more points
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Mele the chode
    by (#126974) on 3/16/06 @8:22PM
Nah togneri i think u blow n u will never be able to compare to the depth of meles penis n his styles of play on the field. u write that agian i will sotamize ur anus
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read the story
    by (#111150) on 3/15/06 @10:09PM
the story makes a lot of sense people should just read it, they had a good gameplan, its evident by the numbers (Walters 1 goal 2 assists, mcglone 1 goal) that the maryland offense didnt have the ball very mcuh or atleast couldnt do much. They also took plenty of shots and one face offs so the D and the Goaie must have been great. THAT is what happened
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Mele aka SLOPPy TITS
    by (#126974) on 3/16/06 @8:25PM
I think mele is the best freshman in the NCAA n Pomper is a fagget n CHaminade n St.Anthonys are gay and meles firm black monkey penis will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Buckenll is the best team to beat and mele is the gang bang massta flex soo watch ur asses b.c they will be sotamized with his 15 inch wang, spliff sta 2006
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    by (#5100) on 3/15/06 @8:02AM
there's no way md took this game as seriously as they needed to. but the game isn't just talent, it takes dedication too, so all due respect to bucknell for toppling a #1.

maybe the md players were all still upset over the terps going to the NIT...
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BU over MD
    by (#126699) on 3/15/06 @9:11AM
It's becoming clear why top 10 teams are hesitant to put Bucknell on their schedule....
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(no subject)
    by (#83648) on 3/15/06 @9:26AM
Do you think Maryland lost because they didn't have any lights? The pictures make it look mighty dark at the game.
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what are you talking about
    by (#121968) on 3/15/06 @2:32PM
Yea its apparent, its apparent that bucknell is 2-3 this season. Im not saying there a bad team, im saying its more likely that MD had a bad game and Bucknell had a really good game. Maryland has rediculous talent and just needs to pull it all together.
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(no subject)
    by (#126699) on 3/15/06 @3:49PM
Thanks for the astounding insight.

If you actually understood how things work, you would know that traditionally Top 10 teams are hesitant to put bubble teams on their schedules due to the chance of losing to someone outside of the top 10. This makes it very difficult for teams ranked 10+ to qualify for the Tourney at the end of the year due to a limited number of oppurtunities for quality wins. This practice has, in effect, made upward mobility for some strong programs difficult in recent years (as the number of tournament worthy teams has increased).

Another thing you might take note of is that a win is a win and excuses are just that.....excuses.
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Md vs Bucknell
    by (#94711) on 3/15/06 @6:54PM
"Maryland has rediculous talent and just needs to pull it all together."

Thats pretty much been the story of the Maryland Program for the last couple decades. They're one of the biggest lacrosse schools around but they never quite get it together. They should feel bad about this, but Bucknell has some legitimate talent. Exluding their midfield and groundball work, they looked pretty impressive against Navy. Their D is strong and it sounds like Baran had another big game. Their offensive game seems even better without Cara, probably just because its more balanced. And this Mele kid sounds nice. I hope they make the tourney this year, but somehow I doubt it. Bucknell is definitely a program on the rise though
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What does rediculous mean?
    by (#5589) on 3/15/06 @7:36PM
Maybe the terrapins lost because they cannot spell ridiculous?
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    by (#119726) on 3/15/06 @8:03PM
who saw this coming
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    by (#92701) on 3/16/06 @12:58PM
im calling it now, cornell will win the national championships, anyone who wants to argue can kiss my ass
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Hmm, maybe not
    by (#126900) on 3/16/06 @2:54PM
Cornell is a quality team, but I'm banking on Navy. Personal bias aside, those guys have the best defense in lax- bar none, are well coached by Tillman on offense, and overall, have the heart to stick it out during close games. In addition, I know Richie Meade runs them like sled dogs and it shows, no team can keep pace with them all four quarters.

Either way, I'm sick of seeing the same teams walk away with the ring, it's time for guys who won't have anything to do with Lax after college to win the championship. At least you know they're playing it for the right reasons.

Cornell winning it would be cool, but Navy winning it would be better. If nothing else, the Navy fans would make the game a blast, they usually show up 15,000+ strong, even for home games against weaker opponents.
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bucknell doesnt get enough credit
    by (#103345) on 3/16/06 @6:26PM
last year bucknell beat navy who was #2, and almost beat maryland. this year the beat maryland and played decent vs. navy. i wasnt impressed by how maryland played vs. towson either. give bucknell some credit!
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    by (#45083) on 3/16/06 @5:12PM
Maryland had good teams in '97 and '98 and disgraced themselves in the championship games against Princeton and quality of play wasn't their biggest problem. I can't imagine this team being as talented inspite of the hype. Walters has certainly not lived up to the promise he showed a couple years ago.
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