Cannons Slide By Barrage 11-10

Cannons Slide By Barrage 11-10

Cannons Slide By Barrage 11-10

Cannons Slide By Barrage 11-10

Game brief
Boston saved their best demonstration of offensive potential for last with Kevin Leveille’s winning fast break goal. Leveille ended the stalemate throwing several fakes and a convincing dive for dramatic effect. Boston (7-2) defeated Philadelphia (3-6) 11-10 in front of 4,258 fans in attendance. Bud Light MVP goalie Chris Garrity led the Boston defensive effort against a flat Philadelphia attack with 17 saves while Barrage goalie Brian Dougherty ran up the stats with an impressive 19-goal effort of his own including taking Leveille’s final SOG in the face mask with 32 seconds left which prompted a tech-support timeout.

It was hardly the Boyle-Passavia circa May 2004 semis match-up last night at Nickerson field. The rivalry, the triumph, and the heartbreak of Boyle’s game-tying goal along the right side crease with 12 seconds left on the clock giving Princeton the momentum against Maryland was merely a whisper of a memory. Last night, Passavia held his college rival scoreless, pointless, and invisible, but it wasn’t without the help of Boyle himself.

Boston lost their previous match up against Philadelphia 14-15 on 30 June 05. Boyle had 5 goals, 1 assist and eight different players contributed to the scoring effort for the Barrage. Boston did their homework last night and the defensive match ups were solid choices: Curtis vs. Springer, Passavia vs. Boyle, and Staines vs. Prager.

While Boston did have a solid game, Philadelphia seemed like they couldn’t put it together. The ball movement and shot selection wasn’t there. The Barrage won 15-25 on the face-off X. This is a weakness for Boston and if they want to be a title contender they need more fire at the face-off x. Spallina, Sweeney, and Kuczma paired off against Evans, Millon, and Gill. The return of Evans also marked the absence of outside shooter Mike Battista.

Boston came out strong scoring the first three goals of the game. Mark Millon scored his 25th goal of the season off a roll dodge going past Dougherty’s stick side hip (1-0). Dave Evans followed three minutes later with a bouncer from high right (2-0).

Meanwhile Philadelphia could not convert on possession. Springer was stripped of the ball and his stick at 7:50 and fellow alum Jarett Park snagged the interception for Boston 20 seconds later. Christmas got his fifth goal of the season off an assist from Millon going upper 90 at 8:04 (3-0).

Philadelphia responded get their first of only two first period goals both from Matt Striebel. Striebel caught the late slide up high going low right (1-3). Boston followed with back-to-back goals from Byrnes and Millon. Philadelphia took control of the faceoff but failed to keep possession. Byrnes scored going left side hip (4-1). Millon followed with a goal off a loose ball demonstrating incredible hustle blowing by his defender and shooting high right (5-1). Striebel scored with less than one minute remaining muscling through and taking his defender’s stick going high right (2-5). Philadelphia was plagued by too many turnovers and was only able to convert on 12 shots in the first period.

Both teams had difficulty finding the back of the net in the second period. Philadelphia out shot Boston 12-10 in the period and both teams were only able to score one goal a piece. Mike Mollot powered the ball from X going lefty and low on Garrity (3-5) at 8:40. Chris Rotelli answered just over a minute later with a high right rip giving Boston a three-goal lead.

Philadelphia out shot and outscored Boston 11-10 and 5-4 in the third period (respectively). The Barrage attack came out strong in the second half scoring three unanswered goals. BJ Prager had a solid outing despite the considerable size match-up against defender Ronnie Staines. Prager scored his 20th goal of the season off an assist from Mollot going high right (4-6) and notched his two goals of the game during the period. Prager’s goal came just under the first minute. Wasik narrowed the margin by one working Christmas and getting the screen in front going top left (5-6). Striebel notched the game-tying goal working the crease and his defender getting the riser (6-6).

The Cannons answered with two goals from Millon and Park. Leveille dished the lateral flat pass to Million on the left who got the rip-curler on the back leg going hip right (7-6). Gill assisted Park on his roll dodge goal going lower left (8-6). Prager rolled the crease and got the step on his defender shooting right side hip on the lefty Dougherty (7-8).

Boston answered with two goals. Millon from X fed Rotelli who shot right side hip extending the Boston lead by two (9-7). Gill got the power play goal off an assist from Evans. Gill was parked up high near but shy of two-point territory and fired the ball in the lower right corner. Shanahan punctuated the third with a strong finish hard off the face-off going lower right corner (8-10).

Fourth quarter en route. Philadelphia out shot and outscored Boston 9-7 and 2-1. The intensity and aggression picked up in the period. Play was a bit sloppy at the beginning of the period giving Philadelphia an EMO-look on goal. Malone got the power play goal for Philadelphia at 10:12 going high right (9-10). Philadelphia got the game equalizer from Bobby Horsey at 11:38 (10-10). Horsey took his shorty defender (who lost his stick) going right by Garrity’s head.

Boston captured the lead and the attention of the crowd with a much-needed fast break series and demonstrating the beauty of intro level physics. Gill took time from what seems like his unending banter with the refs to solder the link in a perfectly engineered fast break giving the ball off to a Leveille parked on the crease. Leveille tore a page from the Gill scoring book going with the dip n’ dunk dive on the crease giving Boston a precious one goal lead at 12:34. Boston had another incredible look on goal with Leveille set up on the crease again with 32 seconds on the clock. Leveille’s shot got lodged into Dougherty’s helmet requiring a technical timeout. Philadelphia was unable to score on possession with three seconds on the clock. Final score Boston 11 Philadelphia 10.

Boston will face Baltimore while Philadelphia will face Long Island.

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Today, at 4:00 PM, ESPN2
    by (#97042) on 7/26/05 @9:59AM
Everyone check this game out..Even if you know the outcome. It was a very exciting game. 4:00, ESPN2. Boyle held pointless by Passavia for the first time in his pro or college career. Watch out for Christmas' goal in the first quarter. Not deserving to play in the MLL? Not good enough? Watch his move and his follow up shot. And then be quiet.
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    by (#97042) on 7/26/05 @10:01AM
Jarett Park also made his debut in this game, sporting number 11, and had a good game, even netting his first career goal. He won Rookie of the Week honors for his performance. Passavia's annihilation of Boyle garnered him Defensive Player of the Week Honors as well. Great game. Watch it today!
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nice shot
    by (#78222) on 7/27/05 @12:08PM
Check out the great pic of the ball stuck in Doughertys' cage.
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Jarett Park
    by (#96158) on 7/28/05 @2:25PM
Probably the second or third most athletic player in this years draft behind Brody & Kyle.
Like Kyle H. Park is a perfect middie for this league. He can score goals AND Play very-good defense with a short stick. If Park stays interested he could be very very good for his team and the league. It did take him 2 weeks to return the Cannons phone calls asking him to show up and play. (I hope his head is in it and stays in it) I think he is more help to the team than Christmas if he wants to be.
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Too Early
    by (#80227) on 7/31/05 @9:38PM
To crown Baltimore for the championship they were just anihilated by the Canons in Baltimore Steines held # 22 to just 1 assist elder statesman Millon killed Baltimore; Boston the only team with a good chance to beat Bayhawks. Too bad championship Too far!! Jake let us be serious schedule championship where you have a big fan base.
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Big Fan Base?
    by (#97042) on 8/01/05 @7:13AM
Yeah, schedule the championship where you have a big fan base, like in Boston, the fans who turn out the most for every single game? That kind of fan base? They lead the league in attendance this year. They had the most people ever come to a Championship Game last year. It's a good move to put it back in Boston. Hey, deli22, Staines held Gait to one assist. That was it. He wouldnt even be playing now if Peyser hadnt retired. What do you think of that? Not enough talent? Holding the greatest player ever to 1 assist? I'd like to hear the explanataion.
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(no subject)
    by (#103345) on 8/01/05 @10:20AM
Everybody has their good and bad days.
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    by (#96158) on 8/01/05 @10:25AM
I love the obvious fact that you are a 100% Boston FANatic! I do put Gait as "ONE OF" the greatest players ever.(Top 3) Dave Petro, Jim Brown, and G. Gait.
Gait is no spring chicken and this is a late season game. It would be expected that he have some bumps, bruises, aches and pains at this point of both his career and the current season. Staines did a great job but giving credit for shutting down the best of all time is over the top.
You also realise Gait is one of the greatest all time midfielders--a position he retired away from years ago. If you think Gait is the greatest right now--you need to find some SU tapes and watch how he 100% ran the show from midfiled in his prime--many many years ago.
There is plenty of talent in the WNBA also but is it any fun to watch????
where are your season ticket seats? I want to buy you a beer thursday--

and poor it over your head!!
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Good and Bad Days
    by (#97042) on 8/01/05 @11:38AM
This man has good and bad days just like everyone else...But stopping a 37 game scoring streak? He's a step down, not in his prime, and was leading the league in points entering this weekend...What do you have to say for that? Even on a bad day, the fact that Staines can shut him down is remarkable. Gait's bad day is a great day for many people. And Staines stopped him. How many games did Staines play last year? None. What other explanation is there? He has shown no signs of slowing down, even at attack. Yeah, maybe he can't move as quick, but he still is one of the best attackmen in the game. He lead the league in points. And was shutdown. Who else can I give credit to? This kid should win Defensive Player of the Week for that performance. No easy task. And to think...He wouldnt even be playing this year? What a lack of talent!
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(no subject)
    by (#103345) on 8/01/05 @5:53PM
I wasnt trying to take anything away from Staines, he played a great game, and you're absolutely right about the fact that a bad day for Gait is a good day for most people. plus the fact that he didnt play at all last year is amazing. its just it almost sounded if you were worshipping him.
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 8/01/05 @5:56PM
Certainly not yelling at you, I understand that, it was more aimed at deli22, who believes there isnt enough talent for the league to expand. we have had discussions about this in the past (he and I), so i like to remind him of the success of players who didnt play last year because they werent high enough on the depth chart, and now they win DPOW for it. But he still says theres no talent. Sounds right to me...if you say so!
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Championship City
    by (#96158) on 8/01/05 @10:51AM
They should have put the Championship weekend in one of next years new cities where the expansion teams are headed. That way a true preview of the future flop of the league could be seen.
Or just sit in the corner with your fingers crossed like Jake and hope the exspansion thing works. Let's say the LA team plays the Chicago team to a triple overtime win. That will be a sweet game to watch on TV after 850 or 1,000 poeple paid for tickets and saw it live.
There is a reason Hurling has not exspanded teams to the US from Ireland.(Think about it)
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Championship City
    by (#97042) on 8/01/05 @11:43AM
You really think that attendance is going to be 850 people to 1000 people for those games? Are you kidding me? Why would you think that it would be that low? Denver will gain a lot of people, oh right 12500 + for the AllStar Game...Then, 5,000+ went to go see the First Four, two collegiate games in LA at the Home Depot Center...Yeah sounds like real busts to me, right everyone? Youre such a pessimist. They put it in Boston to repeat the success last year. Why put it in another city when Boston was such a success? They already have games in other cities to preview next year's teams...Oh wait, how did those games do? 8.000+ in Seattle? 9,000+ last year in Seattle and Denver? Sounds disappointing, doesnt it, deli22?
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ALL the Success in the world
    by (#96158) on 8/02/05 @9:12AM
I hope for all the success in the world for this league. I think the league is ready for exspansion. (One or Two new teams)
Adding 4 teams to a 6 team league is a huge leap and a huge risk and obviously a greedy move.
You have to realize this move is for the possible big-quick payoff for Jake---not for the overall better good of Professional Lacrosse.
Do you (BCannons24) realize how many Cannons can be lost to the exspansion draft? FAR TOO MANY to be compitently replaced in the College Draft!
The answer to who is right between you and I has no answer for 2 years. It is my opinion there will be 8 teams in the league 3 years from now rather than 10 or more. 8 is still a step forward from the current 6 teams but pushing for ten now is 100% greed motivated!!!
As much as I want to be wrong, it is what it is!
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    by (#97042) on 8/02/05 @9:24AM
Two teams! Good idea! We move West with expansion, and have two teams out there...the Commish has already said that interconference play will be kept to a minimum because of the travel costs. So we have two teams out there. That play each other. For all 12 games? What is the logic here?

We need WEST COAST Expansion, especially with the booming markets in places like Seattle, Denver, LA etc. With four teams, who do you think the Cannons lose? A Marquee attackman, a couple of midfielders and a defenseman. There is talent there to replace it for four teams. You really think there isnt enough talent for four more teams? Or is it that you have gotten WAY too used to Fiore, Rotelli, Battista, Regan, Dusseau and Christmas being on the same midfield, along with Gillette, Park and Byrnes? There is enough talent. Face it.

You think Jake would take five years with 6 teams to expand the season after if he wasnt ready? No. Do you think the league is unprepared? 12500+ at the All Star Game says different. THE IMMENSE SUCCESS of everything WEST COAST WILD WEST TOUR says different. So, the only thing your concerned about is talent for four more teams. And if you want, I can give you a team by team breakdown of players that could possibly move and would be sufficient for the addition of teams. Would you like me to?
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In your Head (BCannons24)
    by (#96158) on 8/02/05 @11:39AM
I am sure you are the smartest guy in the room--when your on the toilet!
Give me that team by team breakdown.
How many players can each team protect fom the exspansion draft?
How many can each team lose to the exspansion Draft?
How many rounds will the College draft be exspanded to?
If the budget is too tight to travel all teams to all sites all season--they prove the point they are spreading too thin.(Monotarily)who is to say all the players drafted by Denver live in Denver or live out west at all? Someone has to fly them to home games(HMMM??)
If each of the current 6 teams loses 6 to 8 playes each to the exspansion draft please name for me the 36 to 48 players from the 2006 college draft ready to step up and Immediately play at the next level.
Take your time. I will be here waiting for the answers you simply do not have.
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 8/02/05 @12:28PM
36-48 players from the 2006 Collegiate Draft? What happened to the players from the 05 draft that dont get to play? What about the 04 Draft? the 03 DrafT? All of these guys are qualified candidates, and you have to take them into consideration too...3 rounds (rounds 3-5) are pretty much nothings now because of the stacked rosters, so thats 18 players. from the 05 draft. qualified to play. how about the 18 or so from 05 and 04?

In addition, some players just can't make the commitment. Look at Mike Watson, offensive MVP of the Cannons who lives in San Diego. Now he can play. Players of his caliber have had to retire because of the moving. And what about Tillman Johnson, Chris Rotelli, some of these guys live in California..Mike Powell lives in Denver..These are teams that can make trades depending on the locations of the players they attain or want to attain...Dont you think that Cattrano/Dougherty trade had anything to do with the fact Cat lives in Long Island and Doc five minutes from Villanova? Is there something you dont understand here? Teams can make TRADES based on these should help a lot of the expansion teams get better players who want to play out west...

Well lets think logically here. A team by team breakdown. Say each player loses 10 guys and can protect 7.

Take, for instance the Cannons, who could protect:

Conor Gill
Peter Inge
Chris Passavia
Chris Garrity
Kevin Leveille
Ryan Curtis
Chris Fiore
Mike Battista

That means teams have the opportunity of snatching up Dusseau, Regan, Evans, Millon, Staines, O'Brien, Rotelli, and a number of quality players who could start in a ten-team league...To back these eight up? How about past draft picks that include: Jeff Bryan, Brian Nee, Chris Mucciolo, John Christmas, Andrew Goldstein,Brian Giordano, Jarrett Park, and a number of their other draftees...Tom Fallon, Tom Daniels...the list goes on and on.

Is the quality of players going down? Of course! Whoever said it wouldnt? But to think that this league goes down the tubes because of it is simply nonsense.

A potential Cannons 06 lineup:




Why is that so out of the question to you?
Would you like the other teams potential lineups? Do you think that the league would do anything to totally rip away everyone from Boston, or Baltimore? No, of course not, its trying to even out the field.
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    by (#103345) on 8/02/05 @12:29PM
it definately sounds like you want the league to fail. according to, here are the number of players on each roster:
Baltimore: 29
Boston: 33
Long Island: 32
New Jersey: 29
Philedelpia: 35
Rochester: 24
now, excluding rochester, 3 of each team's players are goalies. (Rochester has two).
That's about 30 players per team. If it stayed that way, then we would need about 300 players for the new league. The league currently has 182 players on the roster. If they cut down, however, and had 27 players per team, (12 mids, 6 Defense, 6 Attack, and 3 goalies), which to me seems like the minimal for a pro team, they would still need to get about 88 more players. not to mention the retiring players. Now whenever they expand, it will doubtlessly make the games less exciting. that much is obvious. but getting at least 88 more players next year? that's probably most of the senior class, and lax doesnt pay enough to think about drafting juniors and stuff. but when they expand you want it to be at a time when they can still make the games exciting enough to attract more fans, and now after looking at the numbers, im not sure they'll be able to do it.
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 8/02/05 @12:32PM
Whoa Whoa Whoa wait a minute..First of all, what about the countless names from the other drafts that havent made it? 01 draft to 04...Whose counting them? NOT YOU! 18 players on average dont make it, that makes 72 from those drafts, and if another 18 dont make it next year, thats 90. You havent factored everything in. Clearly. Add in the likes of stellar guys like Mike Watson who cant play because of travel. It opens up slots for players like him. STARS like him.
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 8/02/05 @12:30PM
All I have to do is find out how many players teams can protect, how many each team can lose, and how many rounds there are! Not ONE player listed was not an All American...That means the potential is there to have a remaining AA lineup even after expansion! But the talent isnt there, right? If you say so.
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All American Line Ups
    by (#96158) on 8/02/05 @5:59PM
There are 52 Div one College Lacrosse programs and 32-35 All American Awards each year. Making All American does not automatically qualify a player as ready for the next level.
If the Goal of the MLL is to make Chris Cara, a 3rd team All American as a senior, some franchises star attackman (The league at that point will Officailly !$#% the bed!!)

Do you think enough Star Lacrosse players live in Denver to field a team??? Or Chicago?? or LA??
Do you think Jarrett Park moves to LA and find a job and a place to live out there so he can play Lacrosse for $500 a game?? YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!
I didn't say the league will fail. I said that it is more likely to be 8 teams in 3 years than 10 or more.
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Again, Cara the Star?
    by (#97042) on 8/03/05 @7:29AM
What is all of this $%^& about Cara being the star attackman on his team? Who said that he was going to? How many TIMES DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU THIS LIST:

Hubbard, Urick, Powell, Gill, Millon, Leveille, Marechek, Gait, Boyle, Springer, Grant, Powell, Powell.

13 Star Attackmen. Not to mention Goettelmann, Massey, Coffman and others who have potential.

Do you see Chris Cara on that list? No. Stop it with those ridiculous comments.

Guys will move out West, a lot of them play out there anyway in the NLL and a lot of them have to fly in for jobs. Add that to the number of guys who dont play in the MLL BECAUSE they live out there (Watson the most marquee name), not to mention more and more college players from out West, and the opening door for opportunities for NLL players who play out west, and four teams' rosters CAN be assembled.

Stop making ridiculous arguments like Chris Cara is the star. This isnt the NFL. We dont have 30 teams. Chris Cara will never be the drafted and future star of an MLL franchise. Goettelmann, Massey, they are all ahead of him. Stop wasting your time with that argument.
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    by (#96158) on 8/03/05 @6:44PM
I haven't repeated Cara as often as you have repeated Watson's name.
This league will be great and have no problems with expspansion because Mike Watson already lives out west.
You are blindly convinced there will be huge success anywhere this league plants a new team.
I simply say there will be growing pains.
We don't agree. This round and round is pointless.
You still have not told me where your ticket are for Cannons games--soo I can buy you that beer---if you are old enough to drink.
Sec.14 Row ?? seat 22 (however-i gave the seats away and can not make it this week)
Have fun at the game--watching Panetta and Cara on the "talent stacked" Attack for LI
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