Cavaliers Ride Over Syracuse, 17-10

Cavaliers Ride Over Syracuse, 17-10

Cavaliers Ride Over Syracuse, 17-10

Cavaliers Ride Over Syracuse, 17-10

The second game of today’s doubleheader was starkly different than the first. Both teams came out guns blazing, but as it has been all season, Virginia just had more ammunition. The Cavalier offense was just too much too often for the Orange to handle. The Hoos rolled to yet another victory, 17-10.

Syracuse opened the day’s scoring when Brett Bucktooth put in a feed from Dan Hardy. UVa got on the board when Danny Glading drove high, rolled side-to-side, and stuck a shot over Orange keeper Peter Coluccini’s shoulder. Steve Giannone gave the Wahoos the lead which they would never relinquish when he scored, making it 2-1.

The Cavalier shooters got the redshirt freshman Coluccini rattled early. A barrage of shots never allowed him to make a few saves and get comfortable.

“Most teams have that one go-to guy, but Virginia has about four or five go-to guys on the field all the time,” Coluccini said. “It’s disheartening for a goalie. …They are great shooters, and when they get those goals early, it does a lot to you mentally and physically.”

Garrett Billings scored, cutting and dunking inside. Kyle Dixon drove and bounced a shot past Coluccini. Matt Ward threw a nasty dodge, getting completely free after a sharp change of direction, leaving him wide open to fire in a jumping bounce shot. Drew Thompson cleanly won a faceoff, grabbed the ball, and when Syracuse defenders never picked him up, he came right in and scored.

The flood of UVa goals was interrupted when Pat Perritt drew a slide and kicked to Brian Crockett, who put it between Cavalier keeper Kip Turner’s legs. Turner would redeem himself though, with a great stop on the doorstep.

UVa put in two more before the quarter ended. Billings finished a feed on the crease from Dixon while taking an onslaught of checks. Mike Culver gobbled up a groundball and started a fast break that ended with him assisting Ward to make it 8-2 UVa.

The second quarter belonged to the Orange. The Cavs would score off the bat when Matt Poskay put in the Thompson assist. Dan Hardy answered for the Orange with a sick goal. He drove down and in towards the pipe, then with almost no angle, he ripped a behind the head shot that beat Turner to the near post.

Bucktooth added another when Mike Leveille found him during an unsettled situation. Kenny Nims scored for the Orange when he shook his man behind the cage, drove around and bounced in a jumper. Then Matt Abbott drove, got inside his man, and beat Turner to the near pipe.

UVa couldn’t be kept quiet for long though, as Ben Rubeor fought through a bombardment of checks to score on a bouncer. Cuse would match it though, as Joe Yevoli rocked back-and-forth behind the cage and then hit Crockett on the wing who finished. The half ended with the Orange down only three, 10-7.

The Cavaliers took the game back at the start of the third. Ward added another on a Poskay feed. Virginia dominated the game between the lines. They disrupted many Syracuse clears. They attacked every groundball. They turned Orange rushes into general melee, and they capitalized on almost every opportunity they got.

“We feel it’s an important part of our game,” said Virginia coach Dom Starsia. “We emphasize riding on clears enough that it is an important part of our game plan. If you want to be a team that pushes the tempo of play, than riding has to be a big part of your game.”

Ward got his hat trick when Thompson hit him during a three-on-two. Nathan Kenney would answer that with one of the most impressive goals of the game. He rolled inside and literally ripped a goal through the back of the net. Soon after, the Orange got a two-man advantage, but they couldn’t capitalize. The quarter ended with UVa slowly swelling their lead again, 12-8.

Turner started the fourth strong, stuffing Hardy on an inside roll. The Cavaliers began finishing off Syracuse as Matt Poskay scored from the wing when no one decided to slide to him. Jared Little added another off a feed from Rubeor. Coluccini did look a little more comfortable, but great chances for great shooters left him with little hope of getting great stuffs. Glading beat him again on a drive from behind the net.

Cuse grabbed another goal when Yevoli slammed in a high pass right on the doorstep from Leveille. But the crisp passing of UVa paid off again as Billings caught a feed on the crease from Rubeor and fired in a shot.

The Orange scored their final goal as Yevoli drew everyone to him and dumped over top to a cutting Nims who tucked it around Turner. Syracuse had other chances, but every dropped stick shot Turner read the whole way.

Little slammed the door shut for UVa with his empty net goal off a Jack Riley feed. The Cavaliers road off with this one, 17-10.

Though the loss ends the Orange season, coach John Desko loves the character his team showed battling uphill. “I couldn’t be more proud of this team after what we’ve been through with people we’ve lost and the injuries we’ve had,” he said. “I’ve never been so proud of a Syracuse team.”

Starsia knew just how dangerous this team could be. “Beating them once in a season is an accomplishment, twice is a rare feat.”

His team is now ready to continue their undefeated quest. They play a real wildcard of an opponent in UMass. The Cavaliers remain focused on the goal they have been striving since this time last year.

“We made a commitment to ourselves,” Matt Poskay said, “when we lost that semifinal game last year to get back here and finish the job this time.”

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    by (#125413) on 5/27/06 @8:42PM
UVA's offense looked pretty sharp but the defense was shaky at times.
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    by (#109704) on 5/27/06 @9:32PM
i time UVA's defense broke down and it opened up some problems...but of course they pulled it away anyway...and that's why they're number 1
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    by (#125413) on 5/27/06 @9:19PM
What a bad decision that guy made. What an idiot. He could have played for this great Virginia offense but now he'll just be watchin them
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    by (#133033) on 5/27/06 @9:44PM
It had nothing to do with Yevoli playing at UVa or 'Cuse strictly for wins.
1) 'Cuse is closer to his home. Family is important to some people
2) He had graduated from UVa and is going to Graduate school. Dom Starsia couldn't get him any scholarship money for grad school, unlike the tons of cash he got for undergraduate years. 'Cuse would give him money, so he made the smart financial choice - lots of people do it.
3) He has a ring...from Virginia. I'm sure he didn't take it too badly.

Yevoli even said he didn't dislike UVa or Starsia for what happened, he just had to make the right choice for him. Life isn't about W's and L'w or rings in lacrosse.
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HAHA, True
    by (#133021) on 5/28/06 @12:11PM
i also dont think hes that upset, since hes been there done that. im sure having two rings would have been great but not only does he already have one, He also knows that all that prestige Ward's getting is probaby nice for him because as a freshman he not only outscored him but everyone else in ACC.

haha hes a ridiculous player regarless... another amazing Long Island Product. 4LIfe

ALSO... i really dont want to count UMass out yet.. my god, how much do you want them to win after being given the closet locker room and the no respect and still coming out and kicking Marylands ass... Id love them to take it away.
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(no subject)
    by (#100369) on 5/27/06 @9:27PM
'cuse had trouble with clearing successfully and converting offense into some goals. UVA deserves to go to the finals though. especially since JHU beat UVA in OT last year.
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Funny name
    by (#134841) on 5/27/06 @11:24PM
Brett Bucktooth's funny name cant even stop him from playing well
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come on
    by (#131429) on 5/27/06 @11:47PM
as a cuse fan as i can admit uva is very good but come on not only was the cuse defense pathetic at times they couldnt clear at all which cost them a few goals, if i were the keeper today i would have been hardy's goal was just nasty!
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    by (#133021) on 5/28/06 @12:13PM
... the man is a Freaking INDIAN... what kind of last name to you think he should have... Smith?
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(no subject)
    by (#12600) on 5/29/06 @9:50AM
exactly. it is a tribute to his forefathers that he has not taken on a more Western name. maybe that guy's name should be Jhonny Kinda-ignorant.
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(no subject)
    by (#135016) on 5/28/06 @12:25PM
He's Native American that's why he plays so well, East coast tribes have played for centuries and they pass it down, I'm guessing he might have been paying since he was 3 or 4, that's why he's good, that and dedication.
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    by (#127925) on 5/28/06 @12:05AM
yea UVA's fire power was way too much for CUSE...there was nothing Peter C. could do, but I will say this CUSES lose was a combined effort of the defense not being able to clear the damn ball and Peter C. getting beat stick side so many times...I mean im not goalie and im not left handed but give me a stick and make me left handed and with me being scared of the ball coming that fast and me just frezzing up and not moving i could of had double digit saves...because most of UVA's shots were stick side...his only defense is that his defense sucks...oh and the fact that UVA is secretly training sharp shooters in the CIA shooting ranges...last comment UVA+Offense=dirty and 2006 national champs
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    by (#131429) on 5/28/06 @12:27AM
uva was just too good, but what bothered me was the fact that cuse didnt look ready to play and you know winning 3 out of the last 6 championships that is unlike them, this is usually when they pick it up, but alas uva will win it easily on monday....the cuse offense will be nasty again next year, im just worried about the defense
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    by (#103345) on 5/30/06 @7:39AM
i didn't help that their goalie was worthless in the first half, allowing the first nine shots to go in and barely reacting.
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    by (#7471) on 5/28/06 @12:16PM
i cant see umass giving the wahoos a game (i said the same thing about the terps) but uva is the definiton of consitency I would love to see Umass win this won but i am guaranteeing a uva championship
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Was I right
    by (#133476) on 5/29/06 @8:13AM
I have been saying this since the begining of the season Uva WILL go for another championship. They will run over umass. i m surprised terps didnt win. Dom Starsia wanted to play Umass better then the terps and he got it. I have to say congrats to umass now because they aint getting any father.UVA ALL THE WAY
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David Versus Goliath
    by (#136419) on 5/29/06 @10:07AM
This is probably the best example of David Versus Goliath in the championship game since Princeton beat a loaded Syracuse team in double overtime since 1992. Yes, Princeton had Scott Bacigalupo(perhaps the greatest goalie ever), David Morrow, Kevin Lowe, Andy Moe, and Justin Tortolani. However, Syracuse had this for a lineup: a very underrated Chris Surran in the goal, Winship, Tully, Beardsley and Thorpe on D, Colsey, Fin and Lockwood at midfield, and Marachek, Riter, and Archer on attack. Sorry if I missed a few names. Everybody thought that Princeton's ride was over. However, Tierney performed one of the best coaching jobs ever that day. He ran his methodical offense to perfection, really was brilliant with his defense, and gave Bacigalupo enough confidence to play a great game and make some saves that not many other goalies would come close to making(especially the one in overtime off the helmet against Dom Fin. Believe it or not, Princeton had the ball enough to take just as many shots as Cuse took. Up until Syracuse's big rally starting at the end of the third quarter, Syracuse really looked frustrated and confused. In fact, I vote the 1992 Syracuse team as the best team ever to not win the championship.

For UMASS to even be close today, the following things must happen:

1. They must win the majority of the face-offs.

2. On offense, they must really work the clock well, be crisp with passing, take good shots, and keep turnovers to a minimum.

3. On defense, they must be ironmen and play even better than they did on Saturday.

4. Of course, most importantly, the goalie must have one of his greatest, if not the greatest, game he has ever played. Perhaps he would even need to be like Dougherty from Maryland in the first quarter against loaded Hopkins in 1995. In 1992, Bacigalupo had said that, if they could hold Syracuse to single digits, they could win. They did exactly that, holding them to 9 goals. It is hard to imagine UMASS doing that, but if they can, anything is possible.

5. One thing to remember is, if UMASS can find a way to keep this game close in most categories, they could scare UVA. Don't forget that, throughout this season, other than against Princeton early in the season when they were still a bit rusty, they haven't had to sweat much after the opening face-off. In addition, the one-goal win against Princeton was close in score only. Statistically, UVA dominated that game. It sounded like Princeton's goalie had like the game of his life. So, UVA probably barely knows what it feels like to be in a dogfight well into the game.

The question is, could history be repeated today? My prediction is, don't count on it. UVA is absolutely loaded and not looking past this game at all. After the heartbreak in the Semifinals last year, they are as hungry as a team can get. Also, UMASS has some great players, but they don't have quite as many studs as Princeton had on their 1992 team. Most importantly, their goalie is great, but he definitely is no Scott Bacigalupo. In addition, there is no doubt that Greg Canella is a great coach, but I don't think many coaches are in the same ballpark as Bill Tierney.
Dom Starsia is a great coach and will have his team motivated and ready. Some people say that he is not a great game coach. They say that he is just a great recruiter who is at the school where every blue-chipper wants to go. The question is, if UVA wins today, will he finally get respect from the entire lacrosse community?

If I had to predict a final score, I would say 16-8, UVA. What are some other peoples predictions?
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    by (#133476) on 5/29/06 @5:03PM
i think 15-6
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    by (#133476) on 5/29/06 @5:04PM
sry Uva 15-6
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