Cavs Bury Hoyas 20-8 In Blowout

Cavs Bury Hoyas 20-8 In Blowout

Cavs Bury Hoyas 20-8 In Blowout

Cavs Bury Hoyas 20-8 In Blowout

Virginia scored the game’s first four goals, immediately putting the pressure on Georgetown to try and play catch-up. Matt Poskay scored he first of four on the day of a feed from Kyle Dixon to get the scoring started. Only minutes later, Ward found Jared Little. Dixon and Ward then both recorded unassisted tallies. Georgetown got on the board late in the first quarter when Dave Paolisso converted a pass from Pete Cannon. Poskay answered only minutes later, but Georgetown’s Sean Denihan scored with only eight seconds left in the quarter to make the score 5-2.

Goals were exchanged throughout the 2nd period on route to a 3-3 quarter. Ward scored early in the second to extend the lead to 6-2. Andrew Baird finished a man-up feed from Brendan Cannon, making it 6-3 ‘Hoos. Ward then found Garret Billings only to be answered by the Hoyas when Brendan Cannon fed Paolisso. Rubeor scored minutes later to extend the lead. Paolisso completed a first half hat-trick to finish the scoring in the first half, with the Hoyas trailing the ‘Hoos 8-5.

At the break, the Hoyas were very much in the game and had really seemed to find their stride after a slow start. The wheels came off in the third quarter as Virginia absolutely dominated the period, outscoring the Hoyas 9-2, including a 5-0 run in the latter half of the quarter. Dixon found Poskay early in the quarter, but Georgetown quickly responded with an unassisted tally from Wilson. UVA scored 3 goals in the next three minutes to start to press the advantage: Ward first found Drew Thompson, then Danny Gladding. Will Barrow went coast to coast, making the score 12-6. The Hoyas broke up the run on EMO when Pete Cannon fed Chase Gahan for a nice rip, but Virginia poured it on for the rest of the period, with Rubeor having a hand in the rest of the goals in the quarter: Rubeor found Poskay on man-up, Giannone found Rubeour, Rubeor unassisted, Rubeor to Ward, and Thompson to Rubeor.

The Hoyas got a meaningless goal early in the 4th when Jake Samperton fed Paolisso. Virginia took their time with lengthy possessions in the final quarter to shorten up the game, but still managed to score the game’s final three goals. Billings found Rubeor early in the period, and two EMO chances led to the final two goals. Ward found Billings and reserves Ryan Kelly and Jack Riley hooked up for the 20th and final Virginia tally.

This one wasn’t even close in the 2nd half as the Virginia offense showed what they are capable of, dominating Georgetown athletically and skillwise. Realistically, Georgetown was in serious trouble from the get-go after affording the ‘Hoos a 4-0 lead early in the game. It took all they could muster to try and play catch-up in the first half, and they simply couldn’t run with the Cavs in the second.

As if there was any doubt, Virginia today announced loud and clear why they are the top team in the nation this year. If this team plays up to their potential, it’s hard to see them being beaten next weekend. One thing is for sure… you cannot play Virginia from behind and if any of the contenders want challenge the ‘Hoos, they’ll have to avoid playing catch-up early in the game and wearing themselves out.

Pictures up soon…

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once again
    by (#133476) on 5/21/06 @8:08PM
And once again another win!!!!!
I think Kip could have done a little better but thats ok. We have this tournament all wrapped up. Cuse is goin to be a snap and were on to the finals. And again to all those Hoyas fans im sry for such a blowout. UVA WON AND THERES NOTHIN U CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!
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   Careful by 5/21/06 @8:35PM
   cuse, a snap? by 5/21/06 @9:58PM
    by (#48923) on 5/21/06 @8:09PM
possibly the most dominate lacrosse team in history????????
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   agreeish by 5/21/06 @8:20PM
   I agree by 5/21/06 @8:26PM
   Strong Statement by 5/21/06 @8:29PM
   No Way by 5/21/06 @9:13PM
      well consider this.. by 5/21/06 @10:04PM
         even still... by 5/21/06 @10:34PM
            Effortlessly? by 5/21/06 @11:17PM
               ...And by 5/21/06 @11:28PM
                  Why? by 5/22/06 @2:16PM
               don't forget by 5/22/06 @3:45PM
                  took the words right out of my mouth... by 5/22/06 @4:01PM
         (no subject) by 5/22/06 @12:15AM
         disagree by 5/22/06 @7:45AM
   they are good by 5/21/06 @10:03PM
   (no subject) by 5/22/06 @7:46AM
best team in past five years-
    by (#121865) on 5/21/06 @9:14PM
2002 cuse? 2003 UVa? 2004 cuse? 2005 hop? 2006 UVa? what do ya think?
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   you can't compare by 5/22/06 @3:47PM
   JHU 05 by 5/24/06 @6:30PM
      def not- by 5/26/06 @11:41AM
(no subject)
    by (#113984) on 5/21/06 @9:30PM
God i felt bad for georgetown. they were holding for the first half but second half......
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   Poor Coaching by 5/22/06 @3:19PM
    by (#135489) on 5/21/06 @9:34PM
Matt kelly is a beast. I really dont follow to much of the cavs but from what ive heard he is crazy.
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I hate JHU
    by (#134423) on 5/21/06 @10:44PM
Bigairj14 what makes you think that the 2005 JHU could beat UVA?
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   Names? by 5/22/06 @2:24AM
      cocky by 5/22/06 @5:08PM
   because by 5/22/06 @3:49PM
      Thank you by 5/22/06 @5:40PM
   whats the point... by 5/22/06 @5:37PM
      Your right by 5/22/06 @9:16PM
Virginia Looks Strong
    by (#96158) on 5/22/06 @9:23PM
We will ALL see what Sat. brings for surprises!!
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