Cerino Leaves Limestone

Cerino Leaves Limestone

Cerino Leaves Limestone

Cerino Leaves Limestone

Gaffney, SC -- Limestone college men's lacrosse coach Mike Cerino announced on Thursday morning that he was stepping down only months afler leading the Saints to the NCAA Division II national championship. Limestone, officials have named Bill Malone, an assistant for the last two years, as the programs coach on an interim basis.

Cerino leaves Limestone for Charlotte Latin where he will coach the boy's lacrosse team and serve as a physical education instructor. Cerino reflected on his decision saying, "I want to thank the Limestone College family and President Dr. Walt Griffin for all that they have done for me, the team and my family over the years. For the last 10 years our team worked hard and tirelessly to bring this program to national prominence. Winning the national championship back in May allowed us to reach that goal. Having accomplished what we set out to do back in 1990, I feel tbat its time to turn the program over to someone else and at the same time spend more time with may family. I will always remember Limestone College."

Cerino started the Limestone men's lacrosse program in 1990 and compiled an 80-55 record over those 10 seasons. Cerino's accomplishments include two Deep South Conference Coach of the Year honors and three DSC titles. In addition 28 players have earned All-American honors while 49 others have earned All-Conference honors. The Saints went 14-2 this past season, capping the program's most successful season to date by beating C.W. Post 10-9 in the NCAA Division II National Championship. Limestone's number three ranking in this year's final USILA Div. II poll was the Saint's highest in history.

Coach Bill Malone takes over the reigns of the Saints lacrosse program on an interim basis after serving as the defensive coordinator and goal tending coach the last two years.

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NICE !!!!
    by (#2443) on 8/31/00 @3:47PM
Jump in the car, head up I-85 and back to the main stream. Great move for Cerino. Although the arrogant bankers in Charlotte will let Cerino know the term "Southern Hospitality" doesn't exist. Charlotte is one step closer to getting back to the northeast. Hey fat girl, you pig, any comments ? Heyyyyyyy
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say my name...
    by (#3154) on 8/31/00 @4:50PM
That's right, say it b$#@%. Bring it on. And so we finally meet my dear friend TJ. I was wondering if you were ever going to address me. I'm glad to see that your spirit is neither dampend nor demoralized. Call me pig. It takes one to know one. Aren't you the original white meat? Brother, you are one funny little girl.

Congratulations to Coach Malone. Can't say that there are many or any male coaches who would make that kind of sacrifice. Hey if MJ can go back to carpool and PBJ, what's stopping Malone? All the best to Malone and his family.

hey tj, later sister.
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Fat Girl, who are you ?
    by (#2443) on 9/01/00 @2:16PM
You obviously know me, but I have no idea who the hell you are. You irresponsibly decided to use my name in one of your prior comments. That was way over the line. I enjoyed your creative jabs at me but after the name incident I no longer have any use for you. Slunk off !!!!!
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no one special...
    by (#3154) on 9/01/00 @4:27PM
... but clearly expendable? "No use for you?" I'm glad I served a purpose. I do agree that I may have overstepped some lines and I do apologize for that. I mean, it's absolutely inexcusable to hear such language from a fat girl. Whoa, this is way too touchy feely.

I just 'wrongly' assumed that you were up for a friendly round of meaningless name-calling.

But to say that you have no idea who I am? Am I nothing to you? After all, you were the one to call out my 'pig' name into the great Cosmos. You implied to that you liked 'my creative jabs.' I'll stay true to form. I guess I was just inspired by your economic style of writing. So if we assume the typical fg 'creative jab' and tj 'manopinion' we can co-exist at lax.com? whew!

I will be more gentle in the future. :o)

fat girl.
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    by (#4313) on 9/01/00 @10:06AM
Hey Neil what's "Fishy" about it? The guy can make more money, get out of Gaffney S.C. and send his kids to a $12,000 a year private school.
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    by (#4429) on 9/21/00 @6:41PM
The writer used the word "fishy" for a reason. I know a exactly what is fishy about it because I was one of his recruits last year. There was a reason why I didn't go to Limestone, and it was because it was only a matter of time until this happened. I won't say what happened and why he left because that wouldn't be fair to the players at Limestone. He did have a reason for leaving Limestone and there was a even bigger reason why he did not go to another college. Think about it.
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