Cornell Snags OT Win Against Albany, 12-11

Cornell Snags OT Win Against Albany, 12-11

Cornell Snags OT Win Against Albany, 12-11

Cornell Snags OT Win Against Albany, 12-11

Behind four goals by David Mitchell and five assists from Eric Pittard, the Cornell Big Red scrapped out an overtime win against the Albany Great Danes, 12-11. The game’s frantic pace and exciting swings kept the audience captivated throughout. Today’s game helped silence the naysayer quipping about strength of schedule and who has beaten who. Not only are Cornell and Albany two of the best programs in the country, but they're also two of the most enjoyable to watch.

Albany busted out of the gate quickly, rattling off three straight goals by middie John Alpizar, and attackmen Merrick Thompson (off a Steve Ammann assist) and Corey Small respectfully. Albany seemed eager and hungry. Cornell appeared tight throughout most of the first half, which they acknowledge in the post game press conference.

Despite some anxious play, the Big Red were able to reel off three straight goals of their own. Middie John Glynn found attackman Henry Bartlett for the tally. Then David Mitchell got the crowd excited with a garbage goal. Mitchell snagged a loose ball rebound from the front of the cage, and having little time and room, flung it over his shoulder left-handed. The run was capped with a Man-Up goal by stud middie Max Seibald. Rotating the ball around the horn, attackman Eric Pittard found Seibald on the wing, who dropped his stick and scored sidearm. The assist was Pittard’s first of what would be five on the day.

With the score now tied at three, the pace of the game had been set. Tit-for-tat scoring and small momentum swings punctuated a game full of transition, loose balls, quick scoring chances, gutsy plays, high drama, and perhaps most importantly, fun. This was the run and gun style Up-State lacrosse usually plays, only this time around nobody was wearing orange.

“That’s the way the game’s meant to be played,” Albany head coach Scott Marr said after the game, “up and down the field…You saw one hell of a game.”

Though some might have seen Albany playing the role of big underdog in this game, Marr saw things more evenhandedly.

“if you look at Cornell and Albany…I don’t think you’ll see two teams more similar,” Marr said, highlighting both teams’ propensity to push the ball, take chances, and run. All week at practice Marr told his players, “Hey, we’re playing our twin.”

Tambroni concurred, speaking highly of Albany after the game and saying that his players were ready and expected to face a very good team. Cornell went to Albany last weekend to sit and watch their game against Loyola, and Tambroni was impressed.

Alpizar grabbed the lead back for Albany. Small drove at the cage, spun in traffic, and found Alpizar standing alone. With no slide coming, Alpizar was able to set his feet and unload.

Alpizar got his name in another column on the state sheet assisting the next goal by Eric Wolfe. But again Cornell rallied to tie. A broken play let Cornell grab the ball and push down the field. The surge ended with Pittard finding Mitchell on the doorstep for the goal. About four minutes later, Seibald works like he is setting up a dodge from the wing. As the whole Albany defense prepared for the dodge and eventual slides, Pittard was able to creep around to the backside of the crease. Seibald simply lobbed a high feed over the top to the waiting Pittard, who jumped and slammed the ball into the net over goalie Drew Queener.

Albany stole the lead back with two seconds left with a textbook Frank Resetarits score. Eric Wolfe handled the ball at X, looking to make a move towards the crease or float the ball back up top. As the Big Red defense began to sink and focus more on Wolfe, Resetarits made one of his signature cuts from the middle, snagging the feed and scoring from about two yards in front of the crease. The goal was Resetarits’ only tally of the day, a frustrating stat for a player used to being deadly from that close. Both he and Thompson, Albany’s big finishers, couldn’t find the gaps they usually exploit for high dividends.

“They threw pretty much everything at us in the middle,” an emotional Resetarits said after the game.

Albany built their lead to two on the opening possession of the second half when middie Jordan Levine grabbed the loose ball, carried down field, and scored unassisted. But oh how quickly things can change in lacrosse.

Having difficulties at the faceoff X all day, Tambroni opted to let his most athletic midfielder, Seibald, take a few draws. Seibald was able to spark his team, who exploded for three goals in 19 seconds.

Seibald tallied the first of the barrage, with an unassisted goal off a hard drive towards the net. Next, Seibald played the role of distributor, finding Pittard sitting on the crease. Pittard grabbed the pass and tucked the ball right under Queener for the score. Mitchell capped off the last score, a highly opportunistic goal. Albany won the faceoff, and as a Dane was trying to get the ball out of traffic, he attempted to pass the ball back to Queener and initiate a clear. But standing right next to the keeper was Mitchell, who simply stole the pass and popped the ball into the empty net.

About three minutes later, Cornell built the lead up to two, their largest of the day. Utilizing very proficient passing around the box. Standing dead at X, Casey Lewis passed to Pittard on the wing. As the defense shifted, Lewis was able to cut back up into the middle, where Pittard found him for the goal.

But Albany seemed unfazed. Alpizar got the ball on the wing and just out worked his defender for the goal. Driving hard and rolling left-to-right, he was able to get under his man and break for the cage, shooting and scoring before any slide came.

Though Albany might be known for a goalie that loves to run in transition and score, today they found firepower in a different defender. Longstick middie Chris Schongar got possession and began pushing transition. As he continued to carry down field, no one came to defend him. Taking a few unfettered steps into the box, Schongar just cocked back and blasted a high hard shot past Cornell keeper Matt McMonagle.

But Cornell was able to retake the lead with seven minutes left in the third. John Espey go the ball to Lewis who dropped his stick and slipped a worm-burner past Queener.

Despite scrappy, loose play and some good runs up field, neither team scored for more than 13 minutes. Cornell ended the drought with 8:40 left in the fourth, when Mitchell scored his fourth goal from Pittard’s fourth assist. A longstick carried down into the box where he met pressure. Somehow he got a one-handed pass accurately out of his six foot stick and to Pittard who saw Mitchell sitting on the crease and got him the ball for the finish, reestablishing a two-goal lead for Cornell.

Albany would not go quietly into night though. With five minutes left, a low to high shot rattled off the post for Albany. But the always-opportunistic Thompson gobbled up the rebound and flicked it right past McMonagle to cut the deficit to one.

With less than a minute left, Cornell looked like them might escape by running out the clock. But as Max Seibald carried the ball behind the net, an aggressive double team from Queener put the ball on the ground. The Danes got possession and called a timeout with 49.5 seconds left. On the ensuing possession, Levine worked on his man, rolling until he got a step to the inside. Levine quickly fired the shot before the slide came, beating McMonagle and scoring the game-tying goal with 17 seconds left.

Cornell’s Seibald won the next possession, storming down field and finding Pittard on the crease. But Queener stood his ground and stuffed the point blank shot, then grabbed the rebound and flung the ball high in the sky to wind out regulation in an 11-11 tie.

Albany got the first possession of overtime, but could do little with it. Seibald and Co. mounted their own charge, but Queener thwarted the onslaught. Albany had a close call of their own when Tyler Endres broke downfield, looking to set up the fast break. He seemed like he would be able to run unscathed when a chasing Seibald sprawled out and checked the ball from Endres stick with an all-or-nothing dive. After a scrum for the ball, Cornell emerged with possession.

As the clock ticked down, Glynn got the ball and pressed up field hitting Pittard. Glynn continued cutting towards the middle urging his teammates to push. As the Albany defense shifted and the slide came from the man covering Glynn, Pittard simply passed the ball back. Glynn, sitting in the middle, grabbed the pass, spun around and fired passed Queener for the game winner, 12-11.

“It was a gutsy performance by both teams today,” Coach Tambroni said after the game. “I feel so proud.”:

Cornell entered the game with a lot of respect for Albany, and it seemed they ended it with even more. Both teams commented on how good the other was and how even-handed the game was.

“At times it wasn’t the prettiest lacrosse, but it ended our way,” Pittard said after the game”.

While Pittard and Mitchell’s big numbers led the offense, the play of Max Seibald typified how a player should play in these types of games. After facing questions all week about his ailing ankle and his status for the game, he responded promptly by pouring his heart out on the field, notching two goals and two assists, but perhaps more importantly, by doing all the intangibles right. He played unselfishly, yet manned up when he had to. He pushed the ball on offense, but also anchored down on D. He hustled everywhere. His head coach said it best, “He played the part of a warrior today.”

Albany seemed to epitomize what America loves in an underdog. They were scrappy, resilient, exciting, and likeable. The Danes were a true example of a team being greater than the some of its parts. Nowhere was the more apparent than at the post game press conference, where Resetarits, Thompson, Levine, and Marr walked to the podium hand-in-hand, all emotional, all wishing they could have made one more play, not for themselves, but for their teammates.

Marr may have summed it up best. “It hurts a lot. Those guys are my friends,” Marr said of his seniors. “They really wanted this bad. I hurt for all my seniors.”

But through tearful eyes the seniors provided an optimistic outlook for this program that largely they built in their four years at Albany.

“We wanted to establish a program here, and I think we did,” Thompson said after the game. “Albany won’t go away.”

For now though, Albany returns to Up-State, it’s players dispersing for the summer. Cornell marches on to Balitmore to play the winner of Sunday’s Duke vs. UNC quarterfinal match. Cornell and Duke have already met once this season on March 20 in Durham. Cornell escaped with a 7-6 lead, and the prospects of a rematch are enticing. Regardless of who Cornell plays though, it will mean some fresh faces and unfamiliar programs in Baltimore, skipping the barbecues for a shot at the championship.

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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @4:05PM
Sorry for those few extra 0s, but I don't think anyone with a brain can deny that this was an awesome game. It had great offense, great defense, unbelieveable goalie play by both keepers, and it featured possible the top 2 candidates for National Coach of the Year. It was a shame that either team had to lose!

In fact, I called this game the RESPECT GAME. It featured 2 awesome teams that haven't gotten total respect this whole season, mostly because of the schedules they play and perhaps also because both teams have not been near the top recently. I certainly hope that both teams gained more respect after today. They were awesome!


Also, good luck to Cornell in their semifinal game against Duke or North Carolina!
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nice call naptown
    by (#103345) on 5/19/07 @6:26PM
didn't you predict 14-13 Cornell?
damn-near perfect.
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YES, I DID SAY 14-13!
    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:35PM
However, I was way off for Hopkins-Georgetown. I said HOPKINS-11, Georgetown-10. I was cheering for Hopkins to win, but I was shocked that it wasn't a little bit closer.
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    by (#103345) on 5/19/07 @8:28PM
You can't win em all i guess
I actually think that game was closer than the score said,
since jhu controlled the face-offs, the Georgetown D got worn down from their aggressive style of defense, and forced them to take worse shots on offense spurred by the need to come back.
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missed opportunity
    by (#168668) on 5/19/07 @9:32PM
Disappointed in you, Naptown. Loyola - Albany: size overcomes speed as the Great Danes overwhelm the greyhounds. The game is going to the dogs.
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @9:39PM
You can't be right all the time. I personally did not know Albany was THAT good. After they smoked a decent Loyola team, that should have quieted every doubter. Kudos to Albany. Today against Cornell, they prooved they were as good as anybody! Like I said earlier, it was a shame that either team had to lose. Look for great things from Albany for years to come!
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @4:12PM
Sorry to get off the subject. However, Bill did some commentary for the game, and he is so much a genius and a legend! I love how he noted that, the only 3 times in the past 16 years that Princeton didn't make the Quarterfinals, they were the hosts. He said, jokingly, "We probably shouldn't put in an application to host it again." He is the man.

P.S.-It is a shame that the admissions has cracked down so much at Princeton, because Tierney can't get the great ballplayers anymore. Man, suppose he had gone to Virginia instead of Dom Starsia in 1992. Dom Starsia has 3 titles so far. However, I think that Tierney is as good a recruiter as Dom and that, with the Xs and Os, he is 10 times better. Had Tierney gone to UVA, he would have a double digit number of titles right now.

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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @4:20PM
That is, the one at the whistle to end the 1st Quarter. And that likely could have been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, plays of the game. Don't forget that Albany was up 3-1 before that, and they clearly had the momentum. Due to it being an awesome shot and happening at the buzzer, it seemed to give Cornell the momentum going into the 2nd Quarter. And soon after the 2nd Quarter started, Cornell tied it up.

I am not saying Cornell wouldn't have won had that shot not gone in, but had it not, Albany likely would have had the momentum going into the 2nd Quarter. Who knows-Albany may have scored some more and built a good lead.
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    by (#95258) on 5/19/07 @5:11PM
is nasty. i knew he was the best goalie in the country when it comes to clearing and work outside of the cage. but he really suprised me at his stopping abilities. next year he should be if not the top, one of the top goalies in the country.
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    by (#12398) on 5/19/07 @9:04PM
No question he is very talented. I found his behavior on the sideline absurd. Completely distancing himself from the team during timeouts and going into OT. He is a lacrosse goalie, in the ultimate team sport, not an MLB pitcher throwing a perfect game. He was his own show. After the game breaking his stick and launching it 40 yards while spiking his equipment after the game. Then you have to tell your child that you never act that way on the field.
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    by (#95258) on 5/19/07 @11:17PM
are completely different than any other player on the field. thats why in huddles alot of times there on the side talking to the goalie coach. especiually when there so into the game like queener was, the last thing you want to do is listen to offensive or defensive schemes. if i were brett queener i wouldve done the same thing. hes done. he wont be playing collegiate lacrosse anymore. he worked his butt of to get back to playing d1 after he failed out of penn state. even the john jiloty from inside lacrosse didnt praise it but accepted it.
Glynn finishes a great look from Pittard for the win! Seibald chased an Albany player a good 30 yards to get a diving turnover and Cornell gets the ball back. GREAT play. Queener Bo Jackson-ed his stick and threw his helmet down to the turf after the goal. I don't blame him; that's a tough way to end a fantastic season. What a game.
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    by (#73343) on 5/19/07 @9:57PM
Brett Queener is a senior and will be graduating this year
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maybe not...
    by (#143077) on 5/20/07 @1:56AM
they kept repeating on espnU that he was applying for a 5th year of eligibility, so i think hes there for one more year
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Next year????????
    by (#78222) on 5/20/07 @7:10AM
only if he is granted his 5th year request. GO GULLS
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @5:15PM
Wow! I thought that game would be a lot closer! Hopkins looked really good. Hey, it could be a Cornell-Hopkins final. That would be ironic, because these 2 teams met 20 years ago in the title game, with Hopkins winning by 1 goal. I bet it would be sweet for Cornell to beat Hopkins and win it all, because not only would they finally get total respect, but they would get revenge from 20 years ago.
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @5:19PM
What do you all think?
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(no subject)
    by (#134841) on 5/19/07 @5:43PM
This game was sweet. it was back and forth the entire game, and the momentum shifted like every 5 minutes. Albany had a shot to win it though. At the beginning of the 3rd qrt they were up 6-5, then scored quikly to make it 7-5. Then they gave up 3 goals in 19 seconds, and one could have easily been avoided. That was the turning point in the game. Also, Albany had their chances in OT. Still it was an amazing game.
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(no subject)
    by (#154283) on 5/20/07 @11:58AM
mcmonagle is the best in the country by far
queener is the guy on the field who deserves to be knocked the fuck out
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:13PM
Predictions, anyone? I say Cornell will play Duke. Duke has already beaten North Carolina 2 times. Although beating a good team 3 times in a season is tough, I say that Duke will do that. They are more talented than North Carolina and are very hungry to get back to the Final Four after what happened last year.
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    by (#148189) on 5/19/07 @8:41PM
This should have been a semi-final match-up.
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um yea i was right
    by (#165421) on 5/19/07 @10:49PM
HEY EVERYONE I WAS RIGHT. Ummmmm yea the game being close. Yep. More than 10 goals each. Yep. Matt McMonagle having to play his ass off to win. Yep. Also John Alpizar reping his own town Summit wit a hatrik and an assist. I shoulda called that one.
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Gotta show some respect
    by (#143077) on 5/20/07 @2:03AM
for albany that is. They played an awesome game, but they just got outplayed.

If Cornell wants to make it past the next round, they need to improve on a few key areas:

1: First half faceoffs. They are aweful in the start of the game, they lose almost all of them in the start of the game, and then win most in the last half, they need to stay sharp from the start
2:Ground balls, didn't look so good today a few times they had some easy ones and just let them slip by, you can't make the same mistakes in the final four
3:One V One defense, how many goals were unassisted? A few by Alpizar, the one that almost cost them the game at the end, they need more communication on the defense, or else (and i'm calling duke for the win), or else Danowski will surely captialize on that, hes got that nasty finalizer move from X.

Overall in my mind i think it was the best game of the season to watch, although it was extremely nerve wracking, and had me holding my head some one second, and jumping up the next, pure insanity

Go Cornell
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    by (#136419) on 5/20/07 @7:13AM
Is that correct?
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not me
    by (#143077) on 5/20/07 @8:27PM
of course by now we know UNC has lost, but maybe other Cornell fans feel the same way i do. I don't want any doubt that they should be in the finals, so therefore, i don't want people saying that Duke was still better than Cornell (this is if UNC had won). Even though theres more chance of a loss, i think it will be a more deserved win if Cornell beats Duke, quieting any doubters
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    by (#136419) on 5/20/07 @9:57PM
That is, one of the greatest lacrosse games EVER! It will feature everything! Fast-paced, great offense, rock solid defense, and goalies making unbelievable saves. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing either team win. Both teams have a lot to play for. Cornell is hungry for respect and for their first national title since 1978. They want to restore the glory the program once had. Duke is hungry to get back and win it all after being runners up 2 years ago and have more hunger after what happened last season. Not to mention getting revenge from an earlier-season loss to Cornell. I think that both teams will give 110% effort and it will be a shame that either team will have to lose. After this game, both teams will be exhausted, but will have left everyting on the field. The fans will be thrilled after witnessing one of the all-time great games. In my post on the Duke-North Carolina board, I said that Duke would win, 14-13, either in regulation or overtime. However, I think Cornell very well could win, too. I just say that the final score will be 14-13.

Do people agree with me on at least part of this?
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    by (#79336) on 5/20/07 @10:02PM
naptown you need a life man... you post 43095345 posts every single article your wasting a lot of time
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no they dont
    by (#165421) on 5/20/07 @11:56AM
Cornell fans want to see Duke win because they want to see their team beat the number one seed. By beating Duke they will show that not only are they still the best team, but that they should have had that number one seed ant it was stupid to underestimate them. Althought I am not a Duke fan, i stil want Duke to win just so i can watch an amazing game. That game my very well be better than Cornell Albany.
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i disagree
    by (#79336) on 5/20/07 @4:34PM
cornell fans want to see their team win the championship, and it would be easier playing a less talented team. Also, im sure cornell players would also rather play UNC. If they beat UNC and win the finals, doesn't that prove their the best team? They've already beat duke once, but duke is a very good team and I think they could beat cornell.
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