Cuse Avenges Last Year's Loss, Tops Hobart 13-11

Cuse Avenges Last Year's Loss, Tops Hobart 13-11

Cuse Avenges Last Year's Loss, Tops Hobart 13-11

Cuse Avenges Last Year's Loss, Tops Hobart 13-11

Lacrosse season opened in the Carrier Dome Sunday afternoon as Syracuse reclaimed the Kraus-Simmons Trophy from Hobart, 13-11, in a classic Upstate New York battle. In a game of quick swings and pushes, the Orange were able to settle down and control the action when it mattered. Syracuse sophomore Dan Hardy made his new, larger presence felt at the attack, dishing out two assists and scoring three, including the game-tying and game-sealing goals.

Hobart jumped out to the early lead off a goal by junior middie Nick Curry. Orange sophomore Pat Perritt answered two minutes later, and a theme of back-and-forth scoring began to emerge. Junior Mike Leveille added another off a dish from junior Brendan Loftus.

Hobart junior Daryl Veltman put the Statesmen back on top 3-2 by rattling off two unassisted goals. Hardy opened up a three goal run for the Orange by tying the game with an aggressive drive at the cage that ended with him launching himself around the post for the score. Junior Steven Brooks, returning to the field after missing most of last season due to injury, then found the back of the net. Brooks ran on the first middie line again and seemed to be back to his old self, taking a lot of hard shots on the run and sometimes trying to do too much, but constantly flying wherever he goes. Perritt was up to the task today, driving hard at his defenders, constantly attacking the cage, and racing all over the field. He ended the burst with a nasty behind the head ripper on the run, putting ‘Cuse up 5-3.

The tit-for-tat scoring continued as the Orange took a 6-5 lead into the half. Brooks opened up scoring in the second half, but back-to-back goals by Hobart sophomore Jeff Colburn and junior Sean Murphy tied the game at seven a side. Also returning to the field after injury sidelined him for most of 2006, Greg Rommel notched a goal from Leveille to put the Orange back up one. The teams were deadlocked again though, as senior Statesmen James Dussich buried a feed from Colburn.

With 5:25 remaining in the third quarter, junior ‘Cuse defenseman Kyle Guadagnolo landed in the box for a one minute slash. With :05 left in the man-up, Colburn found junior James Kirk for the go-ahead goal. The Hobart lead grew to two when Veltman assisted freshman Mike Lazore. Perritt, who fearlessly drove at the cage all day, again charged into the belly of the beast and rattled the iron for his third and final goal of the day, putting the Orange back within one heading into the fourth quarter.

As is usually the case in crunch time, Syracuse coach John Desko got the play he needed out of his boys when it counted. After freshman Tyler Cassell hit Colburn to put the Statesmen back up by 11-9, Orange sophomore Kenny Nims scored off a dish by Hardy.

With about six minutes left in the fourth, the Orange attack, particularly Hardy, took control of the game. After putting on what looks like 40 lbs. in the weight room this offseason, Hardy is a beast. His awareness of his size and his place on the field is impressive and will only get better with maturity. It seemed at certain points at the end of the game he could do what he wanted to backing in on his man. It will be interesting to see how his new physique and play will match-up against some of the better long-poles he will see this season.

Hardy tied the game at 11 by just overpowering his man and working around to the corner from X. Once he drew his man too high, he rolled back off of him and ripped a jumper that found the nylon. Leveille tacked on his second after that, and Hardy iced it by flipping in a ball he snagged out of chaos created by a rebound in front of the net.

The goalies played well, though early season rust let a few odd-hops sneak by. Considering most goals were scored inside of eight yards, the majority of offense came on isolations with no slide-help, and general defensive lapses that left a man open a few feet off-crease. Senior Hobart keeper Brandon Baer snagged 15 saves, while Syracuse sophomore Pete Coluccini tallied 13.

Hardy led all scorers on the day with five points (3g, 2a), but Leveille (2g, 2a) and Perritt (3g) were not far behind. Veltman and Colburn each posted four points (2g, 2a each) for the Statesmen. These two seem to be the offensive catalyst from the squad from Geneva, NY.

Hobart travels to the St. Paul’s School in Baltimore for a neutral sight game against Bucknell Saturday, February 24 at 1:00 p.m. Syracuse hosts Army at the Dome on Friday, February 23 at 7:00 p.m.

Photos and story by Zach Babo.

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poor writing
    by (#130454) on 2/19/07 @12:26PM
is it just me or has the quality of writing gone way down on this website? sports journalism is supposed to be an unbiased report of the game, not this garbage.

on a different note, looks like hobart should make some noise this year and cuse will be mighty dangerous in may.
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    by (#154435) on 2/19/07 @12:51PM
Brooks looked offily sharp on that outside cannon he had. And he can just run past people with his speed. Its impressive out fast he is. Cuse will be in the title game
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    by (#153461) on 2/19/07 @12:58PM
there gonna be sick this year but that also proves hobart can hang with anyone...

lvillelax5, do you go to lawrenceville? wat grade are you in?
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    by (#154435) on 2/19/07 @1:37PM
lol i have never heard of the school u mention im not from the east coast. I live in the midwest.
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(no subject)
    by (#46873) on 2/20/07 @4:44AM
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(no subject)
    by (#154435) on 2/21/07 @6:36PM
Ya i live like 2 mins from brooks in libertyville lol.
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    by (#127925) on 2/19/07 @2:48PM
Cuse is sick. I love Cuse and I'm hoping that they win it all this year. The only thing I would have to say is that Cuse's defense need to pick it up just a little bit more, especially since they have UVA in about two weeks. Last note this game needs to be nationally televised on ESPN or ESPN2 if they're smart and want good ratings to follow up on the Powell Hour Exhibition show because that game is definitely going to deliever on some non-stop action...

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    by (#97931) on 2/19/07 @3:04PM
first off i would like to say that Syracuse will be playing Princeton in the final this year with cuse on top. and secondly the new King gloves are sick, the all white is pimp and the helmets look good. Dan Hardy is a beast and will put up so many points this year
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general observations
    by (#155398) on 2/19/07 @3:52PM
i was glad to see dan hardy assert himself in the 4th quarter after spending a majority of the first half just jogging around, content to pass. he's enormous if you've ever seen him in person and i don't know how anyone can cover him for 4 quarters. him and ken nims are going to be stellar for years.

it was great to see steve brooks back physically and mentally after last year's knee injury. he has returned to form from the '05 campaign, and this team has an absolute wealth of talent on attack and midfield.

can anyone cover pat perritt? he's going to get good matchups in games because of the stacked midfield, and he can just run around any shorties teams throw at him. i feel he's going to have a 1st team AA type of season.

hobart has great talent and some serious shooters and will make some noise this year. veltman has the ability to really control games as seen in the 1st quarter.

coluccini looked better than last year, losing all that wait certainly helped his quickness. the big thing was that he didn't get rattled, and made some big time saves in the second half.

lastly, did anyone see steve panarelli's circus behind the back check in the 4th quarter? i know he didn't get the ball when he stripped the kid, but my goodness that guy has some huge balls for throwing checks like that haha.

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    by (#133512) on 2/19/07 @5:53PM
Does any one know any websites where You can watch lax games for free???????
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(no subject)
    by (#145539) on 3/05/07 @2:33AM has some games that are streamed or something, not sure which ones from this year but there are usually some select games from each year
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number 2
    by (#143943) on 2/20/07 @12:39PM
yeah colluccini looks nothing like he did last year. It sounds like it has helped him though so far. If he plays well 'cuse will win it all. Cuz lets face it the one on one play isn't the best from his poles, but having peter playing well the poles can play their high risk game.
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cuse defense
    by (#131429) on 2/20/07 @11:53PM
the last few seasons i didnt think the defense was good enough early on, but they always seem to pick it up, going against the cuse offense all the time should help them out, this season should be exciting, a lot of good teams out there!
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It Is More Wide Open This Year!
    by (#136419) on 2/20/07 @1:43PM
Absolutely! There is no team that is hands-down above the rest this year like Virginia was last year! 'Cuse could do it!
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    by (#143077) on 2/20/07 @4:04PM
Looks like Dan Hardy is stepping it up to fill the hole left when Bucktooth graduated, although Syracuse has never been short on great attackmen. I expect some impressive outside shots this season.
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    by (#155782) on 2/21/07 @4:17PM
Peter collucini was not even bad last year, he just choked in the semis when i mattered. whoever thinks cuses d isnt good enough is wrong. And their offense it to quick and good for anyone to stop.

mike leveille
kenny nims
dan hardy
pat perrit
matt abbott
steve pannereli

you get the point
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They Could Win It All!
    by (#136419) on 2/21/07 @4:22PM
Absolutely! They have the talent and are very hungry this year!!
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you're right.
    by (#99479) on 2/22/07 @1:47AM
Don't knock on SU defense. Last year the reason why 'cuse beat princeton was because pricenton couldn't individually beat any one defender. Coach tierney said it himself. Yeah thats last year, but they also have everyone back minus john wright. Look for 'cuse D to make some noise this year. especially when they have a defender that can throw 35 yard BTB passes better than any of you can throw with your strong hand normally.
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I'm with you
    by (#155000) on 2/22/07 @1:37PM
Syracuse has an explosive offense..always have. And on the defensive end, there losing very very few guy(s). Expecting big things out of them this year..GO 'CUSE!8-)
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