David's 'Hounds Prepare for Goliath

David's 'Hounds Prepare for Goliath

David's 'Hounds Prepare for Goliath

David's 'Hounds Prepare for Goliath

Loyola College will have a special graduation for their senior men and women lacrosse players Wednesday night because they are both busy with the NCAA tournament this weekend but that is the farthest thing from the minds of seniors David Metz and Gavin Prout. Prout wasn’t even sure when the graduation was and Metz said, “The only thing we are really thinking about is Saturday.”

Loyola has a tremendous challenge in front of them with the Tigers of Princeton University. Princeton has only allowed only 60 goals this season and 14 of those came from Syracuse. Coach David Cottle said, “We are not winning a 5-4 game. We have to get to 11 to have any chance to win.”

Loyola feels that in order to beat Princeton they must dictate the tempo. Prout said, “We need to possess the ball two minutes at a time to give the defense a break. We have to pick our shots and they must be from 12 yards and in.” He added, “We need to play our best game and attack their short sticks to win.”

Princeton can provide a further challenge because they spread out the scoring. The Tigers have nine players with double-digits in points. The attack features B.J. Prager who is finally healthy, freshman Ryan Boyle the quarterback, and senior attack/midfield Matt Striebel. As Mike from lax.com pointed out in the Brown game Princeton has begun to run Striebel from the box to provide a potent combo with Boyle at “X” and Striebel up top. Boyle is currently 6th in the country with assists per game. Coach Tierney said at that game, “We have some many attack men we just have to find innovative ways to get them on the field.”

So how do you stop this? Well Metz feels that it is important to stop the inside goals. Loyola would like to force the same outside shots that they forced Georgetown to take allowing senior Goalie Jason Born to see the ball through and make the save. “Princeton is deadly inside. If we give that up, we are stupid,” said Metz.

Born is currently very hot coming of a 21 save performance on Saturday. According to Cottle, “We truly won that game because of the goalie differential.” That goalie position had been a question mark earlier in the season for the Greyhounds. In fact, it was sophomore Mark Bloomquist who won the starting job in preseason. Now though the team is squarely behind Born. “I ask our guys randomly and anonymously each week who is our goalie and unanimously they say Jason is our guy,” said Cottle.

The central theme for this team has been the six horses: attack men Gunnar Goettelmann, Chris Summers, and Stephen Brundage as well as middies Bobby Horsey, Gavin Prout, and Michael Sullivan. Those six lead the team in shots, goals and assists. Cottle said, “When they don’t do well, we lose. They are our best offensive middies and our best defensive middies. When we need a score you put them in. When we need a stop you put them in. That is unusual in this day of the specialized midfielder.” This team could have been deeper if they had not lost some key personnel like David Mascarella who the coaching staff feels would have been an All-American. He has been hampered with ankle injuries his whole college career with a total of five separate surgeries. Kyle Campbell, who is Towson’s second leading scorer with 61 points, was also at Loyola but had to leave for academic reasons. Finally, Justin Kohlbrenner had to leave Loyola to be a father but still played this season at Lemoyne College and was named DII Player of the Year. To think of what Loyola could have been like with those guys is scary.

Loyola will clearly have to bring their “A” game to defeat Princeton. A solid performance by the six horses and another big day from Born could spell upset. More importantly though Coach Cottle said, “We have tried hard every game. Win or lose, this team has a special place in my heart.”

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this will be a very good game..
    by (#1301) on 5/16/01 @1:19PM
It will be one of the best game from this bracket, nevermind Towson and Maryland. Loyola showed that they are capable of coming out on top on this game as they beat SU in the regular season (i guess that's why Desko didn't want them to be on the same bracket as the Orange). Loyola is a good team and continue the tradition as one of the powerhouse team of D1, however the will need their "A" game like they did agianst SU in order to beat the Tigers. Princeton will be really strong (as usual) all around (no weak side in any possition) and still a big treat on from behind with Boyle at X. In goal, Tierney I must say is the most under rated goalie and should get more regornition for his performance (perhaps more than Mulligan). He and Mollet together will help control the defensive unit together and Loyola need to find that weakness like SU did agianst the Tiges. On man up is going to be the biggest test for Loyola offense, Princeton leading the man down defense in the nation (meaning ..no body can beat them on man down) But it will be great to see another upset this year, eventhough I'm a Tigers fan.
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i disagree
    by (#5306) on 5/16/01 @5:20PM
The chances that thi will be a good game are slim to none. I expect Princeton to dominate Loyola, and kick them out of the tourny. Also, on the contrary, Maryland and Townson will most likely be the best quarterfinal matchup. Either that game or Hopkins v.s. Notre dame. The games bein played at hofstra (cuse vs. dutchmen and princeton vs. hounds will be blowouts).
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cottle is cool
    by (#12400) on 5/16/01 @1:50PM
Cottle really sounds like he has things in perspective going into the weekend. I think he is a highly underrated coach. People need to recognize that coaching is more than just wins and losses. Cottle, although he works his guys hard, clearly cares about the players. I wish I could play for him.
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Cottle is cool, are you kidding me??
    by (#3155) on 5/16/01 @5:39PM
Apparently you never played for the guy. I in fact did, and by the end of the season the players are sick of the sport. After gruelling 3 hour practice sessions, 2 a days, as a Loyola player you are ready to hit the beach or move on to whatever summer activities you have planned. This is the time and point in every season where Cottle wilts and tightens up. I am suprised to see him make it past the 1st round. As a former player put it, "You burn your whole team out that is your weakness, come May they'd rather be at the Preakness." Well guess what is this weekend, you got it, the Preakness. Will we see any of the players in the infield this Saturday?? Princeton will beat them down as a result of the perrennial burn-out which Cottle is known for.
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You're wrong
    by (#834) on 5/16/01 @5:49PM
I have a good friend on the team and I asked him about what you just said and that's not the case this year. There hasn't been one two a day yet. They aren't burned out at all. He said even the veterans like Bill Armstrong, Jason Born, and Dave Metz haven't said anything about being burned out. Princeton definately doesn't have a cake walk on their hands.
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    by (#9449) on 5/16/01 @5:54PM
i have a friend who actually quit playing for loyola simply because the coach was just to hard on them(aka-he was worked to hard)...you cant expect kids to compete month after month under grueling conditions
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your friend is weak, and so is sph3382
    by (#1063) on 5/16/01 @7:39PM
Come on fellas. This is Division I lacrosse. NOT A DAMN BACKYARD WIFFLE BALL GAME!!! You're gonna run...and run alot. I am sure they still run as much as they used too and love every minute of it. Not like the love between a man and a woman, but the love of whopping up on some team when they run out of gas in the fourth and you turn on your jets. Plus, I'm pretty sure there are other lax programs (i.e. Princeton, OSU, Navy) that run even more. And other sports (football) that run tenfold more.
You don't got to run. Nobody does. I just don't want to hear you bitchin about it. And don't talk trash on programs cause run alot and win.

Oh yeah, when you have a chance pull up your paisley skirt. Your ass is looking kind of fat.

The running Greyhounds over Princeton by 1.
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reply to agreed
    by (#3155) on 5/17/01 @1:56PM
Yeah your buddy was probably a high school all- american, USA under 19 world team MVP, but was told he was not good enough by Coach Cottle. Some great players have been ruined at Loyola via verbal personal attacks, etc. and until you have personally gone through the system will you understand. Negativity will never elevate players to perform and to achieve there maximum potential.

These guys giving the replies are clueless! Bitter no, skirt wearer are you kidding me. Did these guys ever play D1 ball?? I think not.
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Aww, didn't see much P.T. did ya
    by (#11361) on 5/16/01 @8:08PM
Sounds to me like you're a little whiner and spent your 4 years riding the pine...Get over it and realize you weren't as good as you thought you were, that's why you didn't play. Usually when guys feel this way it means they never played. Secondly you wouldn't make comments on a web page like Lax.com. Bitter Bitter Loser !!!!!
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you are all a bunch of looshhers
    by (#4261) on 5/17/01 @9:20AM
Cottle is cool...mmm...yeah right...as a former player ..You obviously have no idea what you are talking about... so you should just remain silent, and keep your fantasies to yourself rubberdick.
Loyola is going to get beaten bad in this one.. Princeton and SU are in a whole different league when it comes to May...Loyola doesn't have the experience in both the players and the coaching to make it to the next level....the only thing they are successful in is getting defeated(and embarrassed)the first,and sometimes the second round year after year...how can you agrue that? those are the facts pissboys...whether you like it or not...As much of an idol you build Cottle up to be...he is a loser just like yourselves..They will go off the field Sat remembering the victory they had against SU earlier in the year(Loyola's perennial Natl.Champ)... and by the way... SPH was one of the best players ever to come out of Loyola's Program ...what D5 programs were you all cut from ?
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Same Page
    by (#3155) on 5/17/01 @2:01PM
Thanks for the compliments and defense Cotton. I know you did pretty well playing D1 as well, but were told otherwise by Coach C.
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    by (#11245) on 5/18/01 @11:23AM
Cares for his players!!!! Your nuts!

I have seen more great players stop playing after being at Loyola because of the way he ran them into the ground and degraded them.

I don't see that helping anyone out. SU is the frontrunner in the playoffs for the past 10 yrs for a reason, let the kids play and create there own magic, not yell and crush there self worth.
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    by (#3155) on 5/18/01 @12:51PM
Let the kids play and 'Create their own magic.' Great quote. Coach C seems to pull out his Sony Playstation controllers (overcoaches)and leaves no room for creation. Rather he really tightens the team up each year at this point. These people don't understand what the 'degrading' conditions truly are since never having experienced the negativity 1st hand. There is no need for personal attacks in any environment, whether it be workplace or any other social environment.
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    by (#12723) on 5/17/01 @12:24AM
does anyone care about the loyola women? oh, that's what i thought, NO, considering they don't even deserve to be in the final four, damn, what a waste of a game THAT will be...
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