Desko Knows Syracuse

Desko Knows Syracuse

Desko Knows Syracuse

Desko Knows Syracuse You stayed an assistant coach under Roy Simmons Jr. for 19 seasons before becoming head coach. Why did you stay? There must have been other offers.

Coach Desko: I think I kinda' got spoiled with the level of play, the success here, and Syracuse is my home. I've raised my family here and I could see light at the end of the tunnel for the head coach position a few years before coach Simmons decided to retire. It was just a comfortable decision for me. I like it here at Syracuse and I like what we have been able to accomplish. How do you feel about automatic qualification?

Coach Desko: I am for the automatic qualifications if there is going to be expansion of the tournament also. If we look at the history of lacrosse the best eight teams and now the best twelve teams are going to the tournament and I would like that to continue. I think that the automatic qualifications could help with the growth of the game if the tournament is expanded to 16 teams. How do you feel about offset heads?

Coach Desko: Personally for me as a player I'm not really a big proponent of offset heads although I see the players seem to like it. I like it more for the midfield position than the attack only because of the release of the ball. Attackmen have to be able to release the ball quicker. What is the biggest difference between when you started coaching and now?

Coach Desko: I think there is a lot more control in coaching going on in the game from when I first started. Team defense, zone defense, and Princeton's or Bill Tiereny's defense have changed the game. If you could share one drill with coaches across the nation what would it be.

Coach Desko: Unsettled drills. Kinda' like fast break drills but more unsettled. What is your coaching philosophy?

Coach Desko: That's a good question. I had to answer that when I interviewed for this job. We would like, being an educational institution, to help our players grow and become better prepared for society. If we can have fun and win some games in the meanwhile; that's basically my philosophy in a nutshell. What was your greatest accomplishment at Syracuse?

Coach Desko: I'd say winning our first national championship in 1983. I think every championship has a different feeling. It was the first time we were able to accomplish it and like a lot of teams around the country once we accomplished that championship we had that been there, done that attitude and a great deal of confidence comes from that. I have seen many very good teams out there knock on the door and never quite get there, and once you've won, it carries over. We didn't win again until 88' and then in 89' and 90'. Everybody said that would be it because the Gaits are gone, but then we win again in 93' and in 95' and last year we were in it. Another goal or two last year and who knows?

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Much Good It Did 'Em
    by (#206) on 2/15/00 @3:00PM

so much for the new coach, eh? 0-5. That's reeeeeaaaaaal good. BANDITS FOREVER!
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R.I.F. Reading is Fundamental
    by (#50) on 2/15/00 @5:38PM
Quit worrying about the Buffalo Bandits and learn to read! The articles about Syracuse University head coach.
Go back to watching hockey.
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who brought THAT guy....
    by (#8) on 2/15/00 @7:16PM
um, falconboy--
next time you might want to not only try READING the articles... but maybe UNDERSTANDING them could help a little too... just a guess though... you may want to try and learn to distinguish when they're referring to pro teams, and when they're referring to college teams. i hear if you follow lacrosse that might help, too.......
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Both of you calm down...
    by (#10) on 2/15/00 @9:57PM
...hey alright, the dude made a mistake...he was obviously trying to respond to the article about the Smash. Mary, it is not our job to correct these imbeciles...God will sort them out.
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