Duke Dominates Army

Duke Dominates Army

Duke Dominates Army

Duke Dominates Army

Despite heavy rain predictions, almost 4,000 fans showed up at West Point's Michie Stadium to watch #2 Duke and #7 Army battle it out. What started out as a great game quickly became a blowout as the Blue Devils outscored the Black Knights 10-3 in the second half, en route to a 19-9 finish. While Duke's offense obviously gets the job done, as they've shown repeatedly thus far, it's about as unexciting as it gets. With almost no creativity and machine like movement, I have no doubt that if a communist country ever picks up lacrosse, this would be the offense they'd choose to run.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling Duke Communists by any means, but the lack of creativity from their offense was abhorrent. 12 of their goals were scored by a player within 2 feet of the crease and ten of those were assisted. 5 of their goals were scored on outside shots with room and time. That leaves two goals where a Blue Devil did the grunt work, beat his man and reaped the benefits. While that overall total is extremely impressive, I was bored out of my mind watching it. It was as if their offense was a machine and every piece in there served exactly the same function; nothing changed depending on the personnel and it was almost the exact same set up every time in a different location. Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge out top, feed the crease. Next possession: bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from the side, hit the guy on the back side of the crease. Next possession: Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from behind, pass out top and rip a fifteen yard shot. If I sound repetitive, now you know what the game was like.

I apologize for the above rant, but having yet to see Duke this year I was anxious to finally put a face to all the beautiful numbers I see posted each week. I expected a high powered, creative and exciting show from start to finish and was simply greeted with the same old Duke on a grander scale. What I hoped would be a savior from the doldrums of today’s sterile offenses was actually the machine leading the charge. In closing I take nothing away from Duke; they’re obviously a tremendous team with loads of talent- and young talent at that- however their style of play is the prime example of what’s wrong with college lacrosse today and hopefully as most of these players mature they’ll be able to bring a bit of their own style into the action.

So, now that that’s out there, let’s get down to business. Army started the scoring off under two minutes into the game and grabbed their first- and only- lead of the game; needless to say it didn’t last long. The Blue Devils tied up the scoring under a minute later and we were right back where we started three minutes earlier.

Duke’s next goal was actually one of their two where a Blue Devil flat out beat his man, as senior middie Ryan Marshall finished a hard righty sweep under hand five hole. 2-1 Duke. Matt Zash then got one of his four points, putting Duke ahead by two, as Dowd saw him cutting on the crease and Zash fired the jumping high to low shot home. 3-1 Duke.

The rest of the first half was without a doubt the best part of the game, as each team traded goals with Duke going up two and then Army getting back within one 6 different times in a row. It started with Army senior middie Brian Green bringing the Knights back within one as he set himself up in the back right corner. After jogging around a bit, Green took off towards the goal, beating his man, drawing two slides and ended up diving outside the crease and finishing the shot himself. 3-2 Duke. Off the next faceoff however, the Blue Devils went back up by two as they worked the ball down the side hitting Danowski down low for the wormburner finish. 4-2 Duke. Duke again gained possession of the ball after the faceoff, however this time Army managed to settle them down and after some great defense caused a turnover. Their defense got the ball up and ended up hitting Walker on a transition cut towards the goal who finished the one on one with the keeper high to low in the bottom right corner. 4-3 Duke.

Danowski again got on the board in a similar fashion, as he used his outside shot to put Duke back up by two on a man up possession. 5-3 Duke. Army came storming back again however, as great patience and ball movement ended up getting the ball in Justin Bokmeyer’s stick who ripped a sidearm shot low for the goal. 5-4 Duke.

6-4 Duke came off of an identical play as before, when the Blue Devils worked the ball around the outside and hit a cutting player on the crease, however this time it was Brent Thompson’s turn to bury the jumping high to low shot. Army decided that since Duke was having so much luck with the play that they gave it their own attempt, as Jon Burton hit John Walker cutting on the crease. Walker, following suit, unleashed a jumping shot to get the Knights back within one.

On the following possession, Duke again set up a dummy dodge from the low side and hit Dan Flannery standing on the back side of the crease for the easy put in. 7-5 Duke. However, it was once again John Walker coming back big for Army, as he dodged from the lower right and finished the unassisted shot from a few yards outside the crease, drawing a flag in the process. 7-6 Duke

The Black Knights were unable to capitalize on the opportunity however and the Blue Devils ended up with the ball around midfield with under a minute to play in the first half. After passing the ball around the outside for several laps, it looked as if Duke was just going to hold onto the ball to grab the last shot of the half. Matt Danowski apparently had other plans however, as once he got the ball a few steps inside the restraining line, he unleashed a cannon of a low to high shot and picked the top right corner with around 30 seconds to play. Neither team was able to get another goal before the half, though they each got a look, and the score ended 8-6 Duke.

Now to the second half which is where the game took a serious turn for the worst for both Army and the spectators watching.

9-6 Duke outside shot with room and time
10-6 Duke with quick ball movement ending in Dan Flannerys stick who fires in the bouncer from just outside the crease.
11-6 Duke with a dummy dodge from X, swings the ball out front to Bret Thompson who finishes the shot high to low
12-6 After an Army save, Dan Flannery picks off the outlet pass and finishes the shot from the crease.
13-6 Duke moved the ball around the outside, Danowski sneaks in from behind and finishes the shot on the doorstep.

Army finally managed to put something together here, with John Walker firing home back to back goals. The first was an almost replica of Danowski’s earlier shot as he jogged left around the restraining line, rolled back to his right and absolutely stung the top left corner low to high. 13-7 Duke. His second goal was a similar shot from out top on a man up, however he switched it up low to low this time for the tally. 13-8 Duke. This was Army’s attempt at a comeback, however it fell short here. With every fan shouting “Give it to Walker” it was extremely obvious where Army was looking to go and the Duke defense did a good job of quickly ending the run at only two goals. Duke didn’t waste any time getting back to business in their offense end either.

14-8 Duke defenseman Casey Carroll took the ball from end to end and hit Danowski on the crease for the score.
15-8 Danowski again from the doorstep
16-8 After an Army stop, Dan Flannery grabs the rebound standing on the crease and scores the easy put in.
17-8 After winning the faceoff, Duke’s Brad Ross brings the ball down the field and fires the outside shot stick side hip without being touched.
18-8 Duke banged the ball around the outside and eventually spotted Zack Greer on the backside of the crease who puts the quick stick in easily.
19-8 Duke’s only other goal where they actually beat their man to score came when freshman Ben Koesterer used the patented Duke give and go to find the back of the net.
With all of Duke’s subs in, the last five minutes of the game was rather quiet and the scoring was officially closed out with Brandt Germann getting one more notch for Army with just under a minute to play. All in all, Duke again showed why they’re the number two team in the country- offensive production- albeit boring- and hardnosed defense while Army played well but just might have been a little overrated coming into the game. They’re definitely a quality team up and down the board, but they should probably be on the other side of the top ten and will most definitely be there in Monday’s poll.

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    by (#101449) on 4/23/05 @5:41PM
They scored 19 goals on Army, crapface.
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   yeah by 4/23/05 @6:59PM
   uhh, mazissou bazissou... by 4/23/05 @8:57PM
   BYU-UTAH by 4/25/05 @11:45AM
      Thats retarded by 4/26/05 @6:09PM
      get a life, daguardian by 4/29/05 @12:14AM
      get a life, daguardian by 4/29/05 @12:16AM
   Duke vs Army by 4/29/05 @8:01PM
    by (#85514) on 4/23/05 @7:30PM
Don't get me wrong. i am not calling you, fram, a communist. PSYCH, I AM!
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   Why trash talk Duke?? by 4/23/05 @8:15PM
   Not Communist At All..... by 4/23/05 @8:49PM
are you serious?
    by (#91537) on 4/23/05 @8:20PM
wow, after reading the first two paragraphs of this story i'm so angry at the person who wrote this i don't think what i'm about to post can even do justice.

first off, duke is playing amazing lacrosse this season. anyone who knows lacrosse can apreciate the way they are working.

granted, i love creativity and teams that "let it flow." however, the duke players and coaches aren't the harlem globe trotters, they aren't and 1 mix tape tour. they are out there winning games. if they run a system that all the players buy into and it produces 19 goals, then why would u want creativity? every goal was scored from 2 yards away, well thats awesome. why should a team try to score from 20 yards away if they can score from 2? how can you make those comments about a team that put up 19 goals against the number 7 team in the country.

also, if duke's offense is so machine like, then why couldn't army stop it? if they did the same thing over and over, the number 7 team in the country should figure out how to get a second or third slide to stop a close shot.

this article seems like something that was written by someone who doesn't respect what duke has done this year, showed up expecting to see either a: a duke team that has a bunch of individuals scoring goals behind their back, or b: an overrated team that was going to get beat by army. when neither happened he was discourged and wrote a hate piece. congrats to dukes coaches on getting a system that fits their team.

i also watched in person duke dismantle virginia 2 weeks ago. their offense was creative, scored from all over, and their defense is amazing. great communication, good goal play, great clearing. maybe the writer of this doesn't appreciate the little things that make a lacrosse team great.

i'm sorry for the long post, but this article just angers me. never have i seen such a lopsided score by a team that is playing amazing and get just crapped on by a writer.
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   you've got to be kidding me by 4/28/05 @11:39PM
what an idiot !!!
    by (#91065) on 4/23/05 @9:59PM
this guy is obviously a Duke hater. I can't believe they let people like this write for them. To bash a team that is on a roll like duke is this year and try, I mean really try to downplay their success is a crime. If your gonna cover the game, cover the game.... if we want your opinion on the philosophy of the offense, we'll call you -- but don't wait up
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What are you talking about
    by (#99737) on 4/23/05 @10:21PM
I can't believe you would complain about a team scoring 19 goals and saying it was boring. You have got to be kidding me? Have you ever played or coached a game in your life? If you have than you are truly an ass. If you haven't played a game maybe you should talk to someone who has and really try to understand that a 2 yard goal counts the same as a 15 yard behind the back goal. Get a clue!!!!!!
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   don't hate duke! by 4/23/05 @11:26PM
      yeah, don't hate Duke. by 4/24/05 @12:55AM
         duke this year by 4/24/05 @1:36AM
            <<<>>> by 4/24/05 @7:27AM
               This article... by 4/24/05 @9:13AM
                  seyff45, you're funny by 4/28/05 @11:49PM
game of lacrosse
    by (#71241) on 4/24/05 @10:33AM
"Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge out top, feed the crease. Next possession: bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from the side, hit the guy on the back side of the crease. Next possession: Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from behind, pass out top and rip a fifteen yard shot. If I sound repetitive, now you know what the game was like."

that's lacrosse...who the heck cares that u weren't 'entertained'? they dont give a crap...all they care about is to get the job done...which they have seem to done every single game...by playing lacrosse
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Pressler's robots
    by (#2665) on 4/24/05 @11:07AM
Sounds like Pressler's meathead robots have finally learned how to throw and catch. I don't understand how what sounds like perfect lacrosse can be diminished this way.

It reminds me of a quote I heard one time in summer league referring to an aging team which year after year won the championship. "They're not that good. They're just a bunch of old guys who cut."

Maybe Pressler is finally teaching his kids how to run an offense rather than recruiting 6'6" dudes weighing 250 lbs to run over defensemen and shoot wide. I can't wait to see this Duke squad play. Don't get me wrong, I still hate the commie bastards, but that's just my own personal bias.
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Don't Recall
    by (#7471) on 4/24/05 @3:04PM
Dont recall a team so persecuted for perfect execution. I mean why do teams practice so hard to get their offense perfect. I love an excitong goal as much as the nest guy,but those type goals usually come when the offense breaks down and are usually outcomes of a called play breaking down.If you watched the Duke-Hopkins game you would have seen that the Duke offense is capable of making the exciting play when they have too. Even though they lost to the Blue Jays once this year I am making an early prediction and saying that the Duke Blue Devils will be holdting the national championship trophy in Philly this year.
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   Innovation by 4/24/05 @3:29PM
      coaching staff by 4/24/05 @4:37PM
         (no subject) by 4/24/05 @6:24PM
            no complaints from this kid! (nt) by 4/24/05 @10:07PM
article = misguided
    by (#16389) on 4/25/05 @9:30AM
Covering a game is one thing, even with a couple of interesting, thought-provoking observations. Writing an opinion-piece is another... If you're going to write an opinion-piece, fine, title it "the most dynamic offenses in D-1 today" then compare other team's offenses to perhaps Duke's, and maybe use more than one game as a measuring stick. If anyone cares whose offense is more "exciting" they'll read it, if people are interested in how Duke put together a stellar offensive performance and dominated an excellent Army squad, then they'll read the article entitled "Duke Dominates Army".

If watching excellent lacrosse is not entertaining to you, watch MTV, I hear that Jessica Simpson is always up to something.

Then again, could this article be right? A good coach should have seen this team's production, looked in the stands, and realized the crowd needed some scintillating plays. "Johnny, this using-everyone-on-the-field thing is OK, but instead of being unselfish and passing to the open man, thus resulting in a open shot and a goal, I'm thinking we throw some more I-want-my-name-in-the-paper plays in. Try this: dodge your man even if someone's open, then if you get the slide, keep dodging, maybe do a flip alla Powell...always a smart and entertaining move, and if you still have the ball by some miracle, shoot behind-the-back, between-your-legs, or bounce it off someones head, catch it, throw your stick in the air, do the worm, stand up and catch your stick (preferably ball still there), and shoot an around-the-world shot... and don't worry about your angle or the goalie's positioning, just focus on landing that flip and getting the worm down pat. Just like you practiced in summer league.."

Who actually said there was something wrong with college lacrosse, anyway? Those shot-clock advocates possibly? Watch the Long Island Lizards if you want a shot-clock. Yeah, wouldn't it be great if NCAA lacrosse, a collegiate sport - not a product, was more like the NBA slam-dunk contest.

No hard-feelings Fram, I know you had a point somewhere in there.
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   He has a point by 4/25/05 @10:55AM
      what are you talking about, pat???? by 4/29/05 @12:02AM
A few pointers for a Md Grad
    by (#101698) on 4/25/05 @12:52PM
Frank, Fram, whichever you prefer. It's amazing to me, as is the case with many people that read this article, that you have the audacity to call a 19 goal performance boring. People watch athletics for entertainment, and if you have any idea about athletics, as you should from playing lacrosse in high school, you know that scoring and big hits and great saves are among the most exciting plays in sports. I have seen Duke play several times this year, and game in and game out they exhibit this style of play perfectly.

If you go to their website, and do a little unbias research, you will find that they have won their past 2 contests (against #3 and #7 teams in the country) by a combined score of 36-11.

Instead of speaking harshly about Duke and their ability to score at will against other teams, you should be writing about other teams' inability to stop them. But then again, you're probably too busy worrying about a 9-6 game against an unranked opponent to take the time out and really reflect what happened at the Duke/Army game.
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What a joke
    by (#101704) on 4/25/05 @1:18PM
You have no business putting pen to paper on this subject. Your story on this game and Duke's offense is a complete joke. I hope you realize all you have done is bashed every other team Duke has crushed with their "machine like' offense. If you knew anything about this game it would hit you that every coach in the country would like to have athletes like this that bang the ball around and create offense off the dodge. Frankly, it is the first thing you learn when picking up a stick....everyone gets a touch. The problem is there are few teams in the country that can move the ball with this kind of speed and accuracy without it ending up in the 3rd row of the stands.

Please think before embarrassing yourself like this next time.
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    by (#101144) on 4/25/05 @3:00PM
"Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge out top, feed the crease. Next possession: bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from the side, hit the guy on the back side of the crease. Next possession: Bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from behind, pass out top and rip a fifteen yard shot. If I sound repetitive, now you know what the game was like."

It shoulda been "bang the ball around, have everyone touch it, dummy dodge from the side, hit the guy on the back side of the crease, SCORE." How can you possibly rip on a team for this kind of performance? Shouldn't we be praising a team effort in these days of players (in all sports) trying to pad their own statsheet and get on sporscenter? its a pretty pathetic attempt to discredit what Duke has done this year. Lemme guess, you're a UNC fan.
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