Duke Dominates Hopkins 18-5

Duke Dominates Hopkins 18-5

Duke Dominates Hopkins 18-5

Duke Dominates Hopkins 18-5


Duke Dominates Johns Hopkins in NCAA Tournament

DURHAM, N.C.-Duke University senior Ned Crotty tallied two goals and six assists for eight points as the fifth-seeded Blue Devils cruised to an 18-5 victory over Johns Hopkins in front of 1,183 fans at Koskinen Stadium in the first round of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Duke went on a 12-0 run over a span of 33:31 to capture its 17th NCAA Tournament victory.

Senior attackman Max Quinzani registered four goals and an assist for five points, while junior Zach Howell has two goals and one assist. The starting attack unit of Crotty, Howell and Quinzani combined for 16 of Duke's 31 points. Ten different Blue Devils tallied goals on the afternoon and six players registered at least two points.

"Last night I told the guys how proud I was of them for their preparation this past week," head coach John Danowski said. "I felt that all week the guys were really focused and practiced and prepared really well. The guys did a phenomenal job and the success of this afternoon was certainly reflective of how we practiced during the week."

The Blue Devils grabbed a 2-0 lead with goals within 37 seconds of each other. Senior Steve Schoeffel registered the first marker of the game at the 10:46 mark and senior faceoff specialist Sam Payton got on the board 37 seconds later off an assist from Crotty.

Johns Hopkins' Steven Boyle put up a goal at the 7:40 mark to make it 2-1, but the Blue Devils scored four of the game's next five goals for a 6-3 lead early in the second quarter.

Trailing by three goals, Tom Palasek pulled the Blue Jays within two, 6-4, with an unassisted goal at the 11:00 mark of the second quarter. That tally proved to be the last goal Johns Hopkins could manage over the next 33-plus minutes.

Quinzani got the 12-goal run started at the 5:17 mark after Justin Turri helped force a turnover and picked up a ground ball at midfield and found the Duxbury, Mass., native on the crease for his second score of the game. The Blue Devils added one more with 12 ticks until halftime with Quinzani and Schoeffel connecting to make it 8-4 at the break.

"It's been a great two weeks of preparation and Ned [Crotty] and I really got to get in a groove and score a good amount of points. We walked in today feeling really confident. I know the goal looked about as big as an ocean to me and [Ned Crotty] seems to be getting me and everyone else the ball well. We're not afraid to go at the net."

The second half was all Duke as the Blue Devils outshot the Blue Jay s 33-7, picked up 19 ground balls to Johns Hopkins' seven and had just four turnovers to the Blue Jays' 11.

Duke scored early and often in the third quarter with three goals in the opening 4:13 for an 11-4 advantage. Defensively, the Blue Devils were outstanding, holding Johns Hopkins to just two shots in the third quarter, which included 0-for-2 on extra-man opportunities.

Five different Duke players added goals in the final 9:52 of the third frame to put Duke in front 16-4 after 45 minutes of action. Adding two more to the total to start the fourth quarter, Johns Hopkins ended the scoring drought with a tally from Nate Matthews with 7:29 remaining in the contest.

Sophomore goaltender Mike Rock earned his third career start and made two saves in 45 minutes. Rookie Dan Wigrizer and senior Devon Sherwood played in the final 15 minutes with Sherwood making one stop. Johns Hopkins goaltender Pierce Bassett made nine stops in 50 minutes of action. Steven Burke played in the final 10 minutes for the Blue Jays.

For the game, Duke held a 40-15 advantage in shots, won the ground ball game 37-17, and captured 18-of-27 faceoffs. Payton did the majority of damage at the X, winning 14-of-19 restarts and picking up seven ground balls.

Duke will take on the winner of the North Carolina-Delaware game in the NCAA Quarterfinal at Princeton University on May 22 at 12 or 2:30 p.m. The game will be broadcast on ESPNU. Tickets can be purchased online by visiting www.goduke.com/tickets. Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for students and are good for both contests at the site.

Game Notes: Duke improves 17-13 all-time in NCAA Tournament history and to 10-3 in first-round games ... The win is the second for the Blue Devils over Johns Hopkins in NCAA Tournament play ... Senior Max Quinzani scored four goals to push his career total to 192, which rank second all-time at Duke and are tied for third in NCAA Division I lacrosse history ... Quinzani now has 61 goals on the season, tying his single-season high and are the third most in Duke single-season history and 13th in NCAA history ... Senior Ned Crotty broke the Duke single-season assists record of 56 held by Matt Danowski with six helpers that pushed his season total to 57 ... Crotty's 57 assists rank 17th all-time in NCAA lacrosse history, while his 141 career assists are second all-time at Duke and are tied for 21st in NCAA history.

Photos by Mark Abbott

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    by (#219440) on 5/15/10 @9:15PM
I am SO glad the NCAA/Coaches picked Hopkins to be in the tournament. I mean wasn't it like 15 to 1 at one point in the game. A better match-up would have been Hopkins vs. Mt St Mary's in the toilet bowl. These teams stink, get them out of here.
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    by (#142595) on 5/15/10 @10:21PM
Your obviously in high school so i'll take it easy but you need to calm down. You should be thankfull the Mt st marys is in the tourny so the Bias tourny committe cant cheat someone else. The automatic berths are a good thing for the tournament and give more teams a chance. obivously Mount doesnt have much of a chance over VA but hey neither does a 16 seed vs a 1 in NCAAB but does that mean we need to dump it? Not to mention Automatic berth helps teams like mount st marys greatly improve recuiting when they can make it to the tourny. Or Army/navy get one last shot before they go off to serve.
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I see your point...
    by (#234733) on 5/15/10 @11:21PM
Agree with you there.. i did ripped on the Mt. St. Mary before but keeping it wide open for team that's not "powerhouse" school helps the sport/ new team grows. Also I like the last bit about the Army/Navy not alot of people considered that. It's good for the cadets that play on the team and those who weren't to cheer on their fellow me before heading off to defend the country...

Anyway... at least Duke got a deserved win to the next round and not the other way around.
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Oh thank you I really DIdn't Know any Better
    by (#219440) on 5/15/10 @11:21PM
Not even close to being in high school. But I definitely pick up what you're putting down. You either played for in the MAAC or for a team that is just as terrible as playing for a MAAC team. Or you have a kid that is terrible enough to play at a MAAC caliber school.

But who am I to judge, if I did that I would just be a senseless idiot like you posting on these forms like I know everything.

The truth is while I do believe the AQ is a good thing, that doesn't mean I enjoy watching teams like Mt St Mary's or Providence play in the playoffs and get tooled on.

Yes - Mt St Mary's will improve their recruiting by this but lacrosse is such a small sport that getting a tournament bid just doesn't cut it.

Look at a team like Hopkins. Have they not been as great as they typically are in the last 3 years because Dave Pietramala is not a good coach, or their players are not playing hard enough?

No it is simply because they are getting good recruits but teams like Syracuse, Virginia, Duke, and even North Carolina are getting better ones.

Now I know every team has to start somewhere but to on the surface having Mt St Mary's play Virginia is boring and is not helping the game grow when people (who are not lacrosse fanatics) see a division 1 team getting beat that bad. Please remember that people want to play lacrosse because it is exciting, new, and there is a possibility to compete no matter where you come from.

As far as I can remember Mt St Mary's has had lacrosse for the last 30 years - why the sudden improvement now? Oh yeah because in 4 years or in 40 years we are going to see them in the tournament. Never going to happen. Just like the rest of the MAAC schools they don't have the education or the campuses to attract players good enough to compete against the top division 1 teams.

Take your prejudged notions and comments back to the Mt St Mary's locker room and give them your wisdom of hope.

Mt St Mary's got dumped on because they belong in the toilet bowl like I said - no pun intended.

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    by (#142666) on 5/15/10 @11:37PM
Providence winning a Big East AQ. When would that ever happen?
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(no subject)
    by (#142595) on 5/16/10 @10:56AM
"having Mt St Mary's play Virginia is boring and is not helping the game grow when people (who are not lacrosse fanatics) see a division 1 team getting beat that bad."

People who are not lacrosse fanatics were more than happy when they turned that game on. They just wanted to get virginia the best coverage so everyone can see them and feel bad. When someone who knows nothing about lacrosse turns that games on and see virginia killing anyone they think it is an amazing win and the boys have crazy courage, it does more for the sport when the nation can see a team go through a murdered and a teammate imprisoned for life yet still win compared to that of a couple good teams going to a thrilling OT. The VA game was all political.
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(no subject)
    by (#199913) on 5/16/10 @6:04PM
"Not even close to being in high school." So you're 6th grade then?

No one forced you to sit down and watch a #1 play a #16, blow outs happen in every sport even if the teams are both top of their classes.
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Yup You Got Me
    by (#219440) on 5/16/10 @6:13PM
6th grade.

Not saying anyone forced me to do anything. Even a 6th grader knows that the comments section was intended for comments and that's exactly what I posted.

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(no subject)
    by (#72283) on 5/15/10 @11:36PM
too bad they dont have paul rabil anymore. did you guys hear his shot has been clocked at 111 mph?
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(no subject)
    by (#72283) on 5/15/10 @11:42PM
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    by (#233158) on 5/16/10 @12:05PM
^ is probably the best comment I have ever read on lax.com.

Also, in five years, Hopkins is going to be a middle of the road D1 team. Their powerhouse days are over.
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Same thing everyone said about 'Cuse
    by (#91657) on 5/16/10 @12:55PM
When they missed the Final Four and then the tournament the next year.
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Where is michael gvozden????
    by (#182951) on 5/16/10 @12:17PM
I see he no longer plays at all for hopkins, is he injured, or did he lose his spot?
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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 5/16/10 @8:40PM
got benched becuase he got in a slump midway through the season. surprised he didnt see significant time once Duke started lighting hopkins up. cant hurt to change things up, plus hes a senior in his last game
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(no subject)
    by (#186137) on 5/17/10 @11:29AM
its good to see undeserving teams get destroyed in the tournament. hopkins didnt belong in this tournament in any way. people claimed they played good teams but they couldnt beat any of them. its unfortunate that teams like georgetown and nova didnt make it in. drexel and lafayette also great seasons, im surprised one of them didnt make it in. instead, they gave hopkins the go ahead where they got trounced by a much better duke team.
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(no subject)
    by (#236082) on 5/17/10 @3:10PM
MSM's belonged in this tourney. they won there conference. and so what if they got blown out it happens. but i bet every senior on a team that didnt make it wished they were playing for them that day. they got 1 more game. I am sure they were not happy to see virginia on the other end but they showed up and played. they probably never will have the lacrosse draw that virginia does but there education is top notch. Besides if you cut M.S. Marys you have to cut Army and look what they did.

Hopkins did have a down year. they played a lot of freshman but they have talent and history so that is probably why they made it. Other teams deserved a shot but they had it at the begining of the year and they didnt come through. thats why they play the games.
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(no subject)
    by (#143077) on 5/17/10 @10:49PM
yeah, all those chumps at Georgetown should've lowered their expectations and went to a MAAC school instead. I'd have to say that Patriot league is a little more established than the MAAC.
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(no subject)
    by (#186137) on 5/18/10 @9:37AM
I didn't say anything about MSM. They won their tournament and got the aq. It's like basketball. But Hopkins never belonged in this tournament.
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    by (#228542) on 5/17/10 @8:30PM
I feel like Georgetown was a much better team than Hopkins. and they had a record to prove it. Hopkins had no quality wins
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Sean Brady
    by (#238058) on 5/18/10 @4:41PM
Any1 no y dukes Sean Brady never plays...he was 2nd string goalie last yer and hasnt got in a game yet this year and the 3rd 4th and 5th string from last year have played
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