Duke Takes ACC Title 10-6

Duke Takes ACC Title 10-6

Duke Takes ACC Title 10-6

Duke Takes ACC Title 10-6

Passavia started on Lieske, Howley on Patchek, Schwartz on Mollet, and Ferrari on Dan Lamonica. Duke won the face on an illegal procedure and worked it around a little until Lieske threw it high and out of the box, where Maryland's Mollot grabbed it at midfield. After Mollot tried to pull his butt-end over Schwartz a couple of times while driving back and forth at X, he eventually threw it away, and Hartofilis snared the loose ball and trucked upfield. Chris Passavia came flying at him and ended up tripping him on a reckless midfield over-the-head. Duke didn't really challenge on the man-up, choosing instead to pass it around the outside and hope the Terp's rotation broke down. The Terps killed the 30 seconds. Howley then sent it to the other end after driving through a loose ball and working it up to Mike Mollot on the right wing. Mollot looped behind and tried repeatedly to rock and roll on Scwartz near the left pipe, but Scwartz held position well and did a solid job of getting under his elbow. Maryland's first EMO came on a weak illegal hit call against Duke, and they used most of the time to pass it around the horn. As the penalty was winding down, Mike Lamonica dumped it to Mollot on the crease, who drew an on-the-head as he was turning into the middle to shoot, putting Maryland up for another minute. This time it worked. After working a 3-3 for 15 seconds, Mike Lamonica took it on the right wing and skipped a pass up to Mollot on top. Duke's D was packed in a little too tightly and Mollot had time to wind up; he buried it the upper right on a high burner. A couple of seconds after he released it though, Duke's Joe Watt laid him out on the follow through and got Duke yet another minute penalty. This one passed without incident and Duke regained control after some aggressive stick and body checking by Hunter Henry and Dan Haber.

The next 5 minutes or so consisted either of great position defense, or passive offense, on the part of both teams; each series would start with some laps around the horn followed by some one-on-ones that were broadcast ahead of time. Each time the iso's produced no real threats, and were often pressed out to the outskirts of the box.

Duke's Schwartz created one of Duke's few opportunities in the first when he picked Dan Lamonica on a sharp righty wrap up near the restraining line, jumped over the fallen Lamonica and headed the other way on a break. It went for naught though, when he didn't test McGinnis won his 15 yard telegraphed bouncer. The 1st ended 1-0 Maryland.

The 2nd started with Dan Lamonica whirling inside on Ferrari, off the right wing, and getting an underhanded rip that deflected off Breslin's chest protector, but Haber beat it to the endline and got possession. Duke controlled for a bit until McGinnis intercepted a pass on its way to X that skipped a man for no reason. Some outstanding shortstick D from Hunter Henry and Scott Bross, both of whom were getting no rest from the Terp middies trying to take them, and Breslin was able to outlet it. Then an offsides on Patchek gave the Terps another 30 second EMO, but it got thrown down the drain just 5 seconds in when a pass to the wing got lofted and sailed out behind. Scott Bross then took the kill on his shoulders when he legged it out through double teams all the way up the field and Pressler called a time out.

Duke followed up Bross' effort by enduring yet another series on offense without getting off a shot before turning it over. The Terps worked it to the left wing for some one-on-one attempts, all of which were stymied by Duke's physical position defense. When Dan Lamonica challenged Hartofilis on a drive across the middle, Hartofilis raped him from behind and pushed it all the way up to Cassese, who ducked under, with a handful of face dodges, the slides coming from the middle and ripped one from 7 yards out. McGinnis stoned it. Hartofilis got it right back and helped get Duke on the board for the first time when he saw a streaking Dan Chemotti cutting to the right pipe. Hartofilis fed him from the wing and Chemotti nailed a hard bouncer for a 1-1 tie.

Duke took the next face quickly and whipped it up the right wing. It turned into a textbook 4-3 break; the point man shuffled it down to Lieske on the bottom right and Lieske fed it across the mouth of the goal to Brennan, was all alone on the paint. He finished for a 2-1 lead with about 6:30 to go in the half.

But Maryland struck back on a Combs lefty rip to the top left corner after regular rotation around the horn. Nothing crazy about it -- he just stepped up and blew it by Breslin. Duke's turn; Cassese started at the top of the box and drove towards the left pipe after a slight split dodge, and his running left hand sidearm beat McGinnis. McGinnis should have had it -- he had a long look, Cassese had little angle, and it was from at least 12 yards out. 3-2 Duke.

After some more tough, physical defense by Duke, Taylor Wray, who was just camping out behind and surveying the cutters, threaded a needle to Lieske cutting near pipe. Maryland got complacent for second and it cost 'em.

Duke won yet another face and settled. Patchek, off the right pipe behind, found Chemotti cutting towards him through the crease and delivered it. Chemotti grabbed it in stride with his stick already cocked and blasted an overhand by Breslin. Another face for Duke and Keaney controlled it behind left. He bulled around righty, put a little rocker step on as he was coming across the top, and then unleashed it to the upper left (which had only 4 inches of slack between the pipe and McGinnis' shoulder). It was another shot McGinnis should have had -- plenty of time to see it coming, 10 yards out with a not-so-great angle, stick side, and little movement required of him. And it happened with under 10 seconds in the half.

Just like that, Duke had turned an anemic offense into 6-2 halftime lead despite their inability to break the perimeter of Maryland's defense. Maryland was having the same problem down on their offensive end, where repeated drives by Mollot, Lamonica, and Combs were blanketed by Scwartz, Henry, Bross, and Dan Haber. The difference so far was Breslin's star shining over McGinnis'.

Duke gained the face to start the third and worked it counter clockwise around the outside until Hartofilis nailed a D-man in the arm and the Blue Devils got called for failure to advance on the resulting ground ball. Hartofilis took it away when on defense in the hole, ran coast to coast, and nailed another D-man with a shot from 15 yards out, which Maryland took the other way again.

The Terps went to the hoop right away when Dan Lamonica drove across the top from left to right, ran into a double team, and rolled back the other way. On the double, Mike Lamonica rolled off the double and broke down the middle of the defense. With all the Terp players on the other side of the ball (and their defensemen with them) Mike had an open path to Breslin's doorstep -- brother Dan hit him lefty and Mike finished behind the back to the bottom corner.

Maryland controlled for extended period of offense, something Duke had been monopolizing for a while, until Dan Lamonica wasted it on a running lefty 15 yarder that had no chance on Breslin.

On the Terp's next possession, Scott Bross displayed some insane short stick defense on an island against Chris Malone, and Bross took it away with a jolting shove at the top of the box, cleared it himself and Pressler called for a TO. The Terps at this point were not even getting a step on Duke's defensive middies.

After a failure to advance by Duke on an errant pass, Maryland went through another round of iso's on Duke's shorti's. Malone was again rebuffed by Bross, but Mike Lamonica had better luck; he gathered on the right wing, drove Chris Hartofilis towards the pipe and rolled to the outside for a blast to the upper corner that Breslin looked defenseless on.

Duke found themselves up by three again when, after their normal attempts from the top, it got rotated to Patchek on the left wing, who whipped it to Brennan at X, who whipped it to Regan on the right wing. Regan took a strong righty overhand to the far pipe and it beat McGinnis offside hip.

Another face for Duke and another outside rip for Hartofilis. Carrington King gave Duke an EMO for a late hit on the Hartofilis shot, but Patchek forced it across the crease and out of play. It would hurt Duke, because on the next series Mike Mollot glided into shooting position off the right pipe, turtled to get a good handle for a shot, and then underhanded one lefty for a 7-5 Duke lead despite having sticks across his body.

The third ended that way, with Duke holding what looked to be a tenuous 7-5 lead.

The Terps got the first real opportunity of the 4th when Scwartz was called for push on Mollot as he was driving goal line extended (it was a great call if it were a basketball game). But Breslin came up big on a stick side hip save and Hunter Henry ran through the paddywack line to clear it. Pressler decided to use up their last time out of the game to keep possession.

Duke was being very deliberate with their offense for minutes until Chemotti found himself being hounded by Howley in the back left corner of the box and bailed out to Hartofilis at the top left of the box. Feeling no pressure, and obviously feelin' it, Hartofilis wound up righty and let one loose from five yards inside the box -- mark another one up in McGinnis' should've had it column.

Cassese bumped it up to a 9-5 lead when he took a feed in the middle from Patchek. This was now a run and gun game -- Breslin and McGinnis took turns gobbling up rips that were coming at a breakneck pace and neither offense had the ball for long before unloading it. But Duke was finding the seams a lot better than Maryland, and Kevin Brennan showed it when he cut through a lane down the heart of Maryland's defense and banged one in off of a feed from Lieske on the wing. It was now an almost insurmountable 10-5 lead (given the way the defenses were playing).

Maryland started playing like they could hear the clock ticking, and everyone who touched the ball went at their man with full intensity. Dan Lamonica got success, after 3 others had tried, when he challenged Ferrari off the left pipe and rocker stepped, then rolled into the middle for a laser to the near pipe. It caught Breslin flat-footed.

Duke still controlled the ball for a while, and after 2 no-calls on flagrant push from behinds by Maryland, the Terps were able to get a shot at some last minute offense. But Scwartz and Ferrari held strong on a flurry of drives by Dan Lamonica and Mike Mollot.

Duke started the stall ball routine with just over three minutes to go and succeeded in holding on to it for the majority of that period. Maryland gave up pursuing the ball with just under a minute, and Duke now walks away with an ACC title and a probable playoff slot that looked shaky before the game.

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    by (#6028) on 4/22/01 @9:14PM
whats this about an off the field confrontation between uva and unc? does anyone know what happened?
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    by (#3027) on 4/22/01 @10:30PM
no confrontation, just talking bout how both of them are staying at home this year during the tournament! Anyway, I had a feeling Duke would win, and what happened.
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Neil - The Blue Devil
    by (#8807) on 4/23/01 @8:24AM
Correst on McGinnis having an average day. He let in 3-4 goals that he usually stuffs. Wrong on the impression that the officials favored Md. Duke came out in full hack mode. As seen on Comcast broadcast, Md players got several muggings that were not called. Buggs got hammered bigtime with no call which ended up with a Md bench penalty. But the real story you and the TV guys missed was the utter dominance of Bross at faceoff. Stats were something like 14-4, which is why he was named MVP. He did a great job of raking away from LSM Harper and Passavia who came from the wings and started at least two scoring breaks. Also Duke seemed to run in more players which may have been a factor in the hot weather. The biggest question is how did this team lose 4 games including a loss to Harvard.
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i agree
    by (#5713) on 4/23/01 @7:35PM
i believe maryland needs to find a new face-off man because if that guy was in prison he would be dukes B$@!%
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Bugs Combs is a Pu$%y
    by (#11912) on 4/24/01 @10:21AM
Hey Neil, don't give me the crap about Bugs Combs (what a homo name)getting mugged. Maybe if that girl got in the weight room he would toughen up a bit and play the game rather than trying to tell everyone on the field what to do and then complaining to the refs about what went wrong. The bottom line is this, Duke is flat out a better team and they haven't been playing well until now. I was at the ACC tournament and all the Maryland fans can pretty much stick it where the sundon't shine. They have no class and half of them can't read or write. Maryland SUCKS! Let's go Duke, Let's Go Duke!!!
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No class?
    by (#27) on 4/24/01 @6:20PM
Look who's calling the turtle slow. Just the fact that your screen name is "BugsSucks" shows that you're like school on Saturday...I would also bet the farm that he's leaps and bounds above you as a player...but that's not really a stretch at all is it?
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Your a joke
    by (#3020) on 4/24/01 @7:45PM
Buggsy is about tens time the athlete and twice the man that you are. As teammate of his in highschool, no not on the lax team but the HOCKEY team, I would venture to say that he has more athletic ability in his pinky than you have in your whole body. Second of all, talking shit on these message boards is down right classless, but what else should i expect from a DOOKIE. So instead of writing on this board, why don't you use your free time like the rest of the DOOK nation and go suck off Shane Battier. I heard he is coming back for a sixth season. DOOK SUCKS!!!!
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    by (#764) on 4/23/01 @10:44AM
Maybe now this will convince Edell to go after some faceoff talent. He has noever really had a dominant faceoff man. Shirk wasn't to great, and neither was Haggerty. Then need a faceoff guy so they can quit starting out on D every play.
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(no subject)
    by (#1128) on 4/23/01 @7:02PM
Haggerty and Chris Nohe were close to dominant in 97-98 when Maryland went to those championship games and got dismantled by Princeton.
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Haggerty's stats...
    by (#11981) on 4/25/01 @2:07PM
How can you say that Haggerty was not a dominant faceoff man when after the '97 season he had the 18th best f/o % in the country, after the '98 season he had the 4th best and after the '99 season he had the 5th best in the country. Those are very impressive #'s!!!
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serves the terps right!!
    by (#11873) on 4/23/01 @6:19PM
They made the ACC champs t-shirts before the game, thanks for playin! Hope they make up National Champions ones too!!
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Im for Maryland all the Way.
    by (#6974) on 4/23/01 @9:53PM
Im all for a MD Div 1 title but them making the shirts before the game sure backfired. They are just like my high school team. They have lots of potential but throw it away with selfish and lack luster play. I hate Duke but wanna say thanks to them for waking MD up. Cause they are coming home champions this year.
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the best game but i could school them all
    by (#11971) on 4/25/01 @10:01AM
the maryland d really did a bad job the atack was just as bad i really donmt know how they made 6 goals well maby cauz the goalie is kinda impotent
but all and all it wuz a good game but maryland would have scorew if they drove the cage more and not pass it to each other and waste time .
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terps' playoff chances
    by (#11250) on 4/25/01 @12:03PM
This was the first time I have seen Maryland play this year, and I came away with one significant impression about the Terps: their inconsistency on offense will be the reason they won't win the title this year. Their inability to find the net against Duke was the main reason they lost this weekend (and also why they lost to UVA earlier this year). It looks like if you stop Dan LaMonica, you stop Maryland. Coombs is pretty good, but needs the younger LaMonica to set the table for him. For Maryland to be successful, Mollot, Mike LaMonica, and Malone have to pick it up offensively. By the way, Mike LaMonica looked pretty strong on Sunday...how could this guy only have eight goals coming into the game? Even Dan LaMonica's stats aren't that overwhelming. It seems to me that Edell reins these guys in too much. This is the problem with college lacrosse today: too much coaching inhibits the players' natural abilities and creativity. And too much time is wasted subbing middies on the fly...where has the middie who faces off, plays defense, and scores goals gone?!? Bottom line on Maryland: Mcginnis and his defense will carry the terps far, but eventually, they'll run into a team (like Syracuse) that will score a lot of goals and Maryland will not be able to keep up.
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i found him
    by (#9702) on 4/25/01 @4:06PM
that middie you are looking for plays at hopkins...eric wedin
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yeah me too
    by (#951) on 4/25/01 @4:58PM
i know where another one is too.. doug shanahan at hofstra
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all-around middies
    by (#4753) on 4/25/01 @5:09PM
wedin and shanahan are the complete package. although, career-wise shanahan has the upper hand.
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Who wrote this POS article?
    by (#6939) on 4/27/01 @9:13AM
My 5 year old writes better than this!
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    by (#2808) on 4/27/01 @3:14PM
Neil - The Blue Devil Fan
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