Duke Upstages Statesmen 13-1

Duke Upstages Statesmen 13-1

Duke Upstages Statesmen 13-1

Duke Upstages Statesmen 13-1

The Lacrosse Gods decided to keep the teams honest on this Saturday of Quarterfinal action by wrecking the field with a 15 minute downpour after the Cornell-Georgetown game. Both teams were taking baby steps on the muddy field. Minutes into the 1st, Duke scored the first goal of the game when Kevin Brennan connected on a feed from Greg Patchak. Duke would take the air out of the ball for most of the remaining quarter. After running through several deliberate offensive sets, the Blue Devils went man up on a minute slash. Hobart killed the penalty. Hobart tied it up when Duke goalie Matt Breslin's clearing pass was deflected and dumped in the net by Jason Ouellet. The quarter ended tied at 1, a sure sign that game plans would be altered due to the mud pit field conditions.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Duke middie Dan Chemotti iso'd from the right wing, beat his man, face dodged the slide and finished with authority to put his team up by 1. After Hobart's Ouellet was called for unsportsmanlike conduct, Duke went man up. At 10:55, Duke's Greg Patchak fed Chris Kakel on the crease to make it 3-1. Hobart would get possession and make their first extended offensive set. Duke's defense towered over the Hobart offense, and made them pay for running through the teeth of the D. At 8:03, Duke D-man Stephen Card was called for throwing Hobart's Breslin to the mud. Duke Breslin would deny Hobart's EMO with 2 great saves. Hobart would get the ball back, and HobartBreslin and Chase Stock took runs at the cage. The possession ended at 5:16 to go in the 2nd, when Duke Breslin stuffed Stock on a fast break one-on-one. The game would continue with players turning it over, and falling all over the field, until TJ Durnan made it 4-1 turning on the left pipe on EMO and sticking it high. 30 seconds later, Duke Breslin came up huge again, stuffing Hobart's Jared Bebee on another fast break one-on-one. At :21, Duke's Durnan finished a no look backhander off a feed from Jared Frood on a fast break to make it 5-1. Every time Duke's D stopped the Statesmen, it seemed like they got a fast break.

Even though the field crew patched the pits at halftime, the third quarter began with more falling and baby steps by both teams. At 10:53, Duke's Frood took advantage of a sloppy switch by Hobart on a slow break to feed Patchak on the crease to make it 6-1. Duke won the ensuing face and Durnan converted the fast break feed from Patchak to make it 7-1. Timeout Hobart. Hobart was running out of options at this point. Duke's defense was owning their big guns with size and speed, and Duke Breslin was making every save.

At 8:20 Duke Breslin would come up huge again, stuffing a Hobart crank from 10 yards. This was followed by another Duke transition goal when Patchak connected off a feed from Chris Kakel. 8-1 Duke. Duke would play possession control offense for a couple of minutes until turning it over at 5:38 to go in the 3rd. Duke's D would again force a bad Hobart shot however, and add to their transition tallies when Frood was fed by Duke D-man Stephen Card. Hobart would get a last chance to get back in the game when they went man up near the end of the 3rd. But Duke Breslin would make a spectacular save. The ball was worked around to the Hobart Breslin at top left. He made a fake and reversed the rotation until it reached Bebee on the low right pipe. He then fed across the crease to Taylor Wray who was stuffed by the diving Duke Breslin. Any wind left in the statesmen's sails was robbed with that save, and Duke would cruise to a 13-1 victory on the strength of their physical defense and focused goalie. Duke would add 4 more goals to take the 13-1 victory, and Matt Breslin would continue to make save after save on his twin brother's dumbfounded offense. It was a good perfomance, but Hobart helped him out by repeatedly shooting to the lefty's stick side high. Stat of the game: Hobart had 43 shots to Duke's 33. Breslin had 15 saves.

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    by (#2336) on 5/13/00 @5:52PM
to the fools who said hobart would win. BOO-YA. they looked like fools, just like i said. "hungry for UVA" huh? now theyre cryin' for their mommas.
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Wasted Spot
    by (#1383) on 5/13/00 @9:53PM
If D1 isn't going to go to 16 teams for the playoffs, then having just 12 teams (well, really 11 and notre dame) is going to result in a lot more of ridiculous games like this one. AQ's are great only if they expand opportunities, not throw some deserving teams out for the sake of diversity.

I mean, who exactly makes the hairline call that Cornell stays and Navy goes? And why are there even hairline calls to begin with? There's not exactly so many great D1 teams that one of them must be left out. The polls are ridiculous anyway because the people voting on them have only seen a handful of games, if any. They're all based on comparative scores, so some schmuck sitting at home reading the scores has as valid an opinion as anyone on the selection committee.

The only reason there weren't any huge travesties in this year's selection field is because the teams that won the AQ divisions were ranked in the top 13 anyway. But just wait until the Patriot or America East leagues have an off year. Or neither Notre Dame, Ohio State, or Butler are in the top 20. What would have happened if Towson pulled a game out of their ass and won the America East tournament? Who would have been left out? Hofstra? Cornell? The fact that the selection committee is even confronted with the possibility of denying a possible contender for the title so much as a playoff berth is absurd. That doesn't sound so plausible this year because Syracuse and Virginia are head and shoulders above everyone else, but again, wait until we get a year where the teams are a little more even. Did anyone think Florida would be playing for a national title in basketball? If it had been lacrosse, they would have learned 2/3 of the way through the season that they wouldn't even be allowed to compete in the post season.

Its OK for Hobart to get in on an AQ and get blown out; the more, the merrier. It might have been different another day. The problem is that they took a more deserving team's spot, and that team actually had a chance.
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      You simply need more teams with the AQ's by 5/16/00 @8:25AM
    by (#2999) on 5/14/00 @1:36PM
Where is Screwball now? I guess nothing shuts a guy up like an ass-kicking. I guess it got a little too hot in the kitchen for screwball on this round of commentary. He's probably hiding in a dark closet with his thumb in his mouth.

13-1? I wasn't at the game, but that doesn't mean I can't laugh at it. Especially since this page is littered with nursury school logic. The fact that Duke flew 700 miles and then beat the crap out of Hobart is hilarious! Hilarious only because you're actually trying to say it's an advantage.

Screwball, You're right! Hobart is one of the top teams in the country...to laugh about the day after a game. Maybe they can find solice in taking this as a moral victory.

Hey, it wasn't a shut out. A D-3 program should feel truly blessed to not only be GIVEN an (AQ) opportunity to play Duke, but they should really feel good about scoring a goal. I think that's a big step foward for such a little school.

Look, I think the kids at Hobart should be proud of what they did this year too. After all, they were better than over 200 NCAA lax teams. They're probably a solid bunch of guys and good people too.

The worst thing about Hobart isn't the program, it's the obnoxious and uneducated fans
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Seneca Lake Whiners
    by (#3045) on 5/15/00 @2:07PM
Instead of all you Hobart preppies complaining, why don't you just give credit where credit is due. Duke was the better team. Complaining about the field conditions and weather is weak. Don't ask to host a game when you know that May in upsate NY is going to be wet and cold every other year. The game should have been at Cornell anyway. Hats off to the Statesmen they are a good team with great players, but they will never get a championship. Too small a school and no good looking girls- thats a losing combination!!!
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   Cayuga Lake NITZ by 5/17/00 @1:58PM
      Who's Sulking? by 5/18/00 @6:29PM
   laxman7777 by 5/16/00 @10:41AM
Amen to that.
    by (#3020) on 5/15/00 @11:32PM
Thanks for backing me up man. I am glad to see another MD lax supporter. I realize this site is maintained by NYers, but MD is definitely better, in every way. Where is the lax hall of fame? Thanks. Nuff said.
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    by (#3020) on 5/17/00 @11:52AM
Hey Screwball, did you go hide once you realized that Hobart sucked? I haven't heard much out of you lately. Maybe your still puzzled by that humiliating defeat, I sure would be. Anyway, I'm off to root for the Terps this weekend, have fun sitting around rooting for no one.
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   Thanks for welcoming me back by 5/17/00 @1:27PM
    by (#1329) on 5/17/00 @2:33PM
(no text)
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   Stunned by 5/19/00 @4:34PM
Lovehappy and everyone else read this please....
    by (#1329) on 5/19/00 @9:36PM
Dude, for starters I don't think anyone cares whether you are back or not, I know I sure don't. Anyway, i'm going to be civil here and make some good points that you should think about before you talk so much about NY lacrosse and MD teams. For starters, before 1988, Johns Hopkins had won more titles than any other team in history. I believe that '88 was the last year they won the title. In the year 1988 and all the years prior to it, the majority of players on their rosters were from MD. Since the '88 title, predominantly NYers have made up Hopkins roster and today nearly all of them are from NY. However, since '88, they haven't won one title and barely made the final four that much for being Hopkins. Now, they start just one MD player, freshman attackman Bobby Benson from The McDonough School in MD. Benson is one of their best players already and my friend, backup freshman keeper Rob Scherr, also from McDonough, will make an impact as soon as he starts, which could be next year. From all of this, I collect that maybe if Hopkins gets more guys from MD, they just might turn into the old Hopkins again, but thats just a guess. Now, I've heard that Hopkins gets a lot of NYers cause the NYers wanna get away from home. Whether thats true or not it doesn't really matter. Now, how is Hobart doing good if they are out of it, you're comment is confusing. Also, you claim that Hopkins will get killed too. Well, if they do, it will be with almost their whole roster from New York. So much for a good showing from the Empire State boys huh ? And, if they do get killed it wont only be with their whole roster being NY players, but by a team w/ a lot of MDers too. Think about that. Also, whether Maryland wins or not, both the teams are made up of almost exclusively MD boys. So you're NY vs. MD arguments don't apply here, think about that too. Its amazing that none of the NY people that make comments on Lax.com have never admitted one thing about the md vs. ny debate that has been said many times on this site, by me and other people. The ONLY reason that NY puts more players on college rosters than MD is because NY State is a helluva lot bigger than the state of MD. All of you know darn well that if they were the same size, we would be able to argure more effectively. But, they never will be and maryland still competes w/ new york let alone that fact. So, any competent person can see how the talent pool is thicker in MD. Being a good laxer in MD is easily as hard as being a good football player in Texas, Florida or California and all of those states are bigger than NY, let alone MD. Also, i forgot to make a point before than SU's best d-man is Glatzel from Boys' Latin in baltimore and he's not even a senior like their other good d-man Abrams I believe. In the last Bay State Games Md beat Ny something like 20-7 in the lacrosse match. The Hall of Fame is right next to hopkins in baltimore also. Also, in JUCO, the whole state of NY has only 6 good teams: Farmingdale, Monroe, Nassau, SUNY-Canton and Herkimer County. That list spans at least 2 or 3 juco regions. Now, in the little state of MD, you have: Catonsville, Anne Arundel, Essex and Harford. Those four teams best players combined could easily compete w/ the NY boys best players. And guess what ? Those 4 teams are all from just ONE region, Region 20, exclusively in MD. Now, this year Nassau beat Anne Arundel for the title, i'll give you that. But, in MD/JUCO standards, this years anne arundel team was not as good as usual, trust me and also in JUCO MD or NY could win any given year and it rotates alot back and forth. There are like no D2 teams in md so NY has that nailed down for sure. Now, In D3 you always have WAC and SSU plus many other good teams. Nazareth in NY does compete every year and I pull for them instead of SSU cause i hate them, so i'll give you that too, Naz is good. There are also a couple of other good d-3 teams in new york, but not comparable to wac or ssu like naz is. Again, the small state (MD) seems to be right there competing w/ the big state (NY). Now, D1 is too big to go into but the only teams w/ primarily NY teams that are ever awesome is Hopkins and 'Cuse. Now, if u wanna talk MD teams, you have Maryland, princeton, uva, loyola, g-town, towson, duke has a good # of mders as well as nyers (same as UNC), UMBC has all mders and Navy has alot of them too. Delaware has alot of MDers too and Penn and Ohio State seem to love us too. Also, Western Maryland is good for D-3 also, as well as St. Mary's. Also, if you compare Juco rosters all the way up to D1 rosters you could see that little MD can easily compare number wise with big NY. And that fact alone, says alot about MD laxers in quality instead of NYers who are so much quanity. I'm not saying that NY laxers aren't quality, cause I play against them and always have and they are good, don't get me wrong. But if you forget for just one second where you are from and think about all of this rationally and fairly then you might just see my point a little bit...you can't say that one is better than the other, 2 different poplulations and 2 different playing styles,,,and thats the bottom line, the dispute can never be settled and never will. So its no use arguing over it anymore in stupid fashion. Now, I wrote so much about maryland teams because I was born in baltimore and know md lax like the back of my hand. I know that I left out alot of NY teams that are good, like all of D2 and all. It's just ignorance on my part because I don't know about all of them and probably haven't even heard of them at all. Sorry about that...Thank You...Later everyone and p.s. Don't forget, whether you play lax in md, ny, or anywhere at all you are part of a unique and very small fraternity or people. Unlike suck-ass baseball and basketball and hockey and football (those 2 i respect cause i played and do play both). All of us are Lax-brothers who are part of the fastest sport on 2 feet and we know its the best one, even if others don't understand it, it doesn't matter because we do and thats all that matters. So, in the future when lax takes over we can all sit back and re-lax about it, knowing that we helped send it on its way and continue it for our kids and people in the future to play. Remember, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and we are past that step for good. May Lax spread like wildfire...Word.
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I almost forgot...
    by (#1329) on 5/19/00 @9:52PM
...Alfred State in New York is also a good Juco team also, i forgot to include them...Also, in high school ball, New York has a few teams that are absolutely sickening every single year like Ward-Mellville, West Gennessee, Carthage, Manhasset etc. ( i hope i spelled them right)...Some of those NY teams are better than MD high school teams but in MD the talent pool is more spread out and the teams in the MIAA-A conference have to play a good game every tuesday and friday for 2 months straight and in new york they might play a good game two times in 10 or 15 games. Former Hopkins all-american goalie and NY native himself Quint Kessenich said this while color commentating the loyola-hopkins game not long ago. Also, in MD the best HS teams are the private ones like Gilman, Boys' Latin, and St. Pauls etc. etc. etc. and a ton of the public schools are sick too. Now in NY I don't know how it is w/ private vs. public...just wanted to add that, later.
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