Duke Withstands Late Flurry To Edge Cornell 11-8

Duke Withstands Late Flurry To Edge Cornell 11-8

Duke Withstands Late Flurry To Edge Cornell 11-8

Duke Withstands Late Flurry To Edge Cornell 11-8

Duke busted out of the gate when Matt Zash pulled a clean rake to his left on the opening face, lost the ball on a failure to get it in the box, but recovered on a sloppy clear from Cornell. Duke would start their nation-leading offense in a 2-3-1, Danowski operating from behind. The Devils would reel off several opportunities culminating in a Greer rip high and outside, from a Danowski feed, that resulted in a :30 second EMO, only to lose possession when Cornell beat out a shot to the endline. Once the Big Red settled in their box for the first time they set up in a very wide 2-3-1 and tried to initiate from the top of the box. As they would do all afternoon, Cornell let their middies start the action, and they usually started it as much as ten yards above the restraining line. Cornell's Joe Boulukos drove the left side from up top, found a little room, and then for some reason floated a feed into the crease to no one in particular. Duke's Ed Douglas grabbed it and pushed it to streaking longstick Nick O'Hara for a break advantage, but O'Hara got a little too excited and flubbed the slow break pass to Danowski as he showed on the endline.

Cornell would bring it down again and give Greenhalgh a chance to create from the top of the box, but Duke's David Evans picked Greenhalgh as he curled into the middle on an aggressive drive. Michael Ward legged out the clear for Duke, McMonagle stoned the ensuing shot, and then middie Justin Redd went into a holding pattern at the top of Cornell's box. Cornell was again taking their sweet time with ball up top, usually passing it around in an arc well above any perimeter that could be seen as attempting to attack the goal. Redd would finally take it to the hoop on a shorti from the top, driving hard to his right, getting a step and feeding it underneath to a button hook cutter. Redd would do it twice, once to set up a sharp turn-and-shoot that went high, the next time to feed to no one in the middle.

The scoring finally started when Duke, with just some normal passing from top center to the top righty shooter's spot, saw Peter Lamade rip a sidearm that caught the pipe and popped out into the hole. Zack Greer was in the right place at the right time, and grabbed the floater in stride for a smooth behind the back finish right on the crease. McMonagle was helpless. Cornell was still playing the “deliberate offense” card on the next possession, and was even told to keep it in the box with 5:00 remaining in the first quarter after John Espey held on to the ball for what seemed like a full minute (he would eventually lose possession on a ward call after Duke's shortsticks stayed tough). Cornell got another chance on offense after some middle of the field play, and again started with their middies at the top of the box. But this time Duke countered by sending longstick David Evans, along with pole O'Hara and shorti Ward, to shadow middies Justin Redd, Sean Greenhalgh, and Joe Boulukos at the top of the key.

Duke would regain the ball and work it through to Danowski at X. Cornell's impressive longstick Kyle Georgalas was pressuring Danowski, but after a small loose ball scramble, Georgalas lost his footing as Danowski was moving from left to right behind the cage. Danowski noticed the lag, kicked it up a notch and circled around righty to bury it low and uncontested. 2-0 Duke. Duke would then have their chance to slip on defense, but it worked out much better for the Blue Devils. Brad Ross was on Justin Redd at the top of the box and fell to the turf after a nice little juke from Redd. But Aaron Fenton snapped up the high to high rip and hit Ross (on one of Fenton's many great outlets on the day) , who after regaining his feet was now breaking the other way on a ten yard head start. Ross bumped it to a longstick, who bumped it to Dan Flannery at point, who bumped it to Danowski down low on a standard 4-3 break rotation. Danowski finished with ease to make it 3-0. The first quarter ran out shortly afterwards.

More coming.....

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Yea Devils
    by (#93389) on 5/22/05 @8:33PM
no surprise here.. but Cornell sure put up the fight at the end but too little too late... so its 3 ACC teams in the final four.
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(no subject)
    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @12:03PM
I told You to Expect somting closer than you were Expecting.
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yea.. I have to hand it to you on that one.. (nt)
    by (#93389) on 5/23/05 @11:15PM
(no text)
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Goalie of the weekend
    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @7:55PM
Watching all the games this weekend---I say the Cornell Kid had the best day by far in net---QUICK HANDS--stopped shots at everypart of the net.
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I agreed with you on that too
    by (#93389) on 5/24/05 @3:08PM
Yea if the Cornell Goalie didnt perform the way he did, it would havve been alot worst since Duke were knocking at the door step all game. But i would say my hats off to all the goalie on sunday...
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    by (#7471) on 5/24/05 @9:42PM
Did you watch the Maryland-G-town game? Harry Alford had by far the best performance of the weekend; maybe even of the year. He is super athletic and doesn't really have a weakness(maybe offstick side in the top corner.) He has the best stick skills with the ball in his stick out of the crease. He also made an amazing play picking the pass off at the end of the game when the georgetown attack was cherrypicking on a turnover. He is amazing between him,Broddie Merrilland Kyle Harrison I don't know whose more exciting to watch.
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Simply doesn't make enough stops
    by (#96158) on 5/25/05 @10:15PM
You must be talking about his loose ball push from behind that didn't get called when he ran over the attackman's back to get to that ball.
Too many goals that should be saves.
The cornell kid pulled saves out of his A$$
DUKE will carve Harry up! You must realize this is the end of the line for Maryland. Enjoy there exit game.
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    by (#7471) on 5/26/05 @4:49PM
I agree it was a loose ball push,but I will take that over a garbage goal anyday. If you look at the game most goals were breaks down of the defense. It is hard to stop an overhand shot from a wide open attackmen. I know stats aren't always a fair interpretation of a game but but Alford's save percentage was better than that of the corneell kid.
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Penn State Game is my reference
    by (#96158) on 5/26/05 @5:11PM
The majority of the shots I saw go by Harry A. were from sweeping middies 11-12 yads out--striaght overhand off stick side. There are some good shooters on Penn State but Harry made a few of them look like All-Americans. You were probably at the Penn State game in the first round if you waited out the rain delay and saw it live ----you know exactly what I'm talking about.
The Cornell dude made saves that made me jump off my couch.
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