Easter Weekend Predictions

Easter Weekend Predictions

Easter Weekend Predictions

Easter Weekend Predictions

4/22 Cornell @ Princeton 12:05 PM

Do or die for Cornell in this one. Cornell's loss to Hobart on Tuesday made their win over Syracuse look like a fluke. Or was it? Most likely, Big Red has to win this game to even consider qualifying for the NCAA tourney. This is Dave Pietramala's 3rd season at the helm and the legendary player's influence is definitely evident this year. Look for the game to be a goal for goal dance with the Sean Steinwald (A Sr. Cornell) vs. Damien Davis (D Fr. Princeton) matchup headlining the affair. Davis has held his opponent scoreless in the last 3 games. Princeton middie Josh Sims will get his 3. The key for Big Red is to limit Princeton's deadly attack led by the combo of BJ Prager and Matt Striebel to 4 or 5 points. Princeton goalie Trevor Tierney has to have a solid game and save the shots his defense yields. Princeton has the edge in the experience and strength of schedule departments, but the young Big Red team has proven they can play with their exciting upset of arguably the best team in the game. They go all out, they're fun to watch, and they love playing the underdog, especially in the second half. Sophmore goalie Justin Cynar needs to play like he did against the Orangemen. If Cornell can phase out the Tiger faithful, I think it'll be a Big Red nailbiter. I did say, if, and I don't think they will. Princeton wins it 11-9.

4/23 Syracuse @ Princeton 1:00 PM

The Statement game. This is the game to get to if you're a die hard fan. Syracuse lost to the Tigers in OT during 1999 regular season and turned around to eliminate them in the playoffs. In the finals, the Orangemen's loss to Virginia was close, and some say the clock beat them. Cuse opened the 2000 season with a 13-12 OT win over Virginia, as Ryan Powell showed up determined to eliminate the bad taste. The Orangemen's recent defeat at the hands of Cornell has them itching to play a worthy opponent.

After falling victim to a statement game of Virginia's, Princeton has found somewhat of a groove, winning games against Hofstra, Brown and Harvard in typical, Tiger defense fashion. With a win against Syracuse, Princeton can make a statement of their own, assuming they beat Cornell on Saturday. But there's a catch. Whatever the outcome of Saturday's game, Cornell will give Princeton a run for their money. Look for the Tigers to be a little spent coming in to Easter Sunday's game. In addition to being amped for this game, Cuse will have fresh legs and will use them to run up and down the field, thriving on unsettled situations. Cuse D-middie Joe Ceglia will step up for his matchup with Tiger middie Josh Sims. Senior attackman Ryan Powell will deliver on his farewell tour, running the offense and feeding his gun Springer for some nasty rips. Middies Liam Banks and Josh Coffman need to complement Powell. Orange goalie Rob Mulligan has looked stellar this year and will step up after warming up on Saturday against Penn.

This one will ending up looking closer than it was. Cuse finishes its weekend statement with a 13-9 victory.

ACC Tournament, Byrd Stadium

4/21 Virginia #1 vs. North Carolina #4 6:00 PM

After falling to Syracuse in OT in their first season game, Virginia rounded off an 8 game winning streak beating ACC foes Duke and North Carolina over the last 2 weeks. Carolina comes to the tournament on the heels of a 15-9 win over UMBC. Prior to that win, they rounded off a four game losing streak which included losses to ACC invites Duke, Maryland, and Virginia. Virginia looks strong and comes at teams with a balanced attack. They are capable of exploding for five goal runs in a few minutes. Although Carolina's record is 7-4, they've beaten the teams they should beat, and they don't roll over. They play solid defense and their attack of Chase Martin, Jeff Sonke and Matt Crofton have combined for 106 points thus far. Look for this game to be tighter than you would expect. But the expected outcome will be the same. The Cavaliers continue to roll 14-11.

4/21 Duke #2 vs. Maryland #3 8:00 PM

Duke beat the Terrapins 9-8 with a last minute goal on March 4. As usual, Maryland's close defense is outstanding and goalie Pat McGinnis is one of the best. Offensively, Maryland's stat sheet is pretty well balanced, however, middie Chris Malone has stepped up as of late. The Blue Devils are talented but have played down to lesser teams. If they stay patient on offense for 4 quarters, they may steal one on the Terps home field. Don't count on it though. Home field advantage will carry the Terps to a 10-7 win.

4/23 #1 Virginia vs. Maryland #3 3:30

If we're right, this will be the match up. NCAA champs Virginia are strong on both sides of the ball and they can go from 0 to 60 in unsettled and transition situations. Maryland coach Dick Edell is second on the list of winningest active coaches and will have his squad ready. However, they lack the punch to hang with the rolling Cavaliers. Expect Virginia to come out like the champs, stunning the Terps in the first quarter and picking their spots for the other 3. Virginia wants to stay #1, and says so with a 15-7 win.

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Disagree, Cornell OK (nt)
    by (#2412) on 4/20/00 @12:22PM
(no text)
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Disagree Cornell OK
    by (#2412) on 4/20/00 @12:34PM
Cornell still has a strong shot to make the tournament even if they lose to Princeton. Remember, the committee rewards big wins (hence the Navy invitation last year). While the Hobart loss did not help Cornell's case it can't erase their defeat of the #1 ranked team. If I were the Big Red I would play Princeton tough, and then not give in to any mental lapses against talented Brown and Ohio State Teams (both teams are well coached, have nothing to lose at this point, and will play with lots of emotion).

My guess is Petro will have his troops ready to take Princeton to the wire, to beat Brown and OSU and to recieve a well-deserved NCAA tournament bid.

Good luck to all teams...I'm just a fan.
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Dead wrong on Cornell.
    by (#2419) on 4/20/00 @1:34PM
Let's see, the team was 8-1 and the talk of the town with a win over the #1 team in the country. Then this team goes and loses to a traditional rival that had shown its worth by ripping into the #6 team in the country just a few days before. So does the loss to Hobart really hurt the Big Red? Probably only in the pride department..
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    by (#764) on 4/20/00 @3:45PM
Cornell will get an at-large bid and get into the tourney.
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McGinnis sucks too.
    by (#2433) on 4/20/00 @8:56PM
Hey, let's face it Maryland sucks this year. The source of their problem arises in the crease. Any time you go to a game if you think you get a faint smell of feces, just look over between the pipes because that McGinnis kid stinks. Sure the kid has had a few lucky games this year, but we all know that his true colors shined against Hopkins.
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Maryland Goalie rebuttle
    by (#2443) on 4/21/00 @9:44AM
First of all I can't believe someone is so stupid to say that Maryland sucks this year. There are plenty of teams out there who would love to have the kind of record that the Terps have against the kind of opponents they have faced. Secondly, I can't believe we have people making comments about college kids and criticizing their play. First of all if you ever had any ability yourself you wouldn't be making moronic statements about college kids. If you expected as much out of yourself as you do the teams you route for you may be more successful in life. The last time I checked there were 10 players on the field for each team. Not just one who was supposed to win every game. If I had a goalie who led us to a record of 7-3 heading into the ACC tournament I think I would be very happy. Kepp up the good work Terps.
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    by (#2432) on 4/22/00 @1:46AM
christ tj14, you sound like someone's mother. We're all joking around and you start crying because your little boy likes Maryland. Enough whining.
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McGinnis' tight family
    by (#2433) on 4/24/00 @6:52PM
I love Tim McGinnis and his family.
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just having fun
    by (#2445) on 4/21/00 @11:30AM
can't people talk a little trash on the internet without everyone getting too upset? we are all friends of pat's who are just having some fun with him. obviously, he is a great goalie. his has earned first team all-acc honors and is an all-american candidate. his stats are outstanding and speak for themselves. hopefully, people know that we are just kidding.
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    by (#2489) on 4/22/00 @9:05PM
reese, find something else to do!
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Tigers WILL strike back!
    by (#1301) on 4/20/00 @9:26PM
After leveled the Orangemen at their home "indoor" field during the season year ago. No. 4 Princeton will do it again but this time at Princeton, New Jersey. This weekend the Tigers will also need eliminate the "Big Red" on saturday before their big game, but it's not going to be a "big" concern for the Tigers ofcouse. The Tigers fan can surly enjoy watching Tigers's # 30 Matt S. storm over the Red and Orange visitors this weekend, enjoy!
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princeton wins
    by (#2336) on 4/20/00 @10:21PM
if the Tiger's play up to their potential, which they have yet to do this season they'll be able to show Cornell exactly why it is they've won 29 striaght Ivy League games(five seasons). if Sims is in the mood, he is capable of "rippin' rope" (how annoying is that phrase?) and Damien Davis is already hailed as princeton's next Dave Morrow. i think they'll definitely give syracuse a run for their money, even though theyre concentrating only on the Big Red and that elusive AQ.
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Duke ain't ready
    by (#2142) on 4/21/00 @11:40AM
Good call on Duke/Maryland
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good call on the 'cuse
    by (#2361) on 4/21/00 @2:19PM
good call, but syracuse will win by more in both of there games this weekend. oh yeah and cornell sucks and will lose to princeton. Trevor tierny is the best
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princeton cant handle the 'cuse
    by (#2361) on 4/21/00 @2:23PM
princetons got a good goaly but hes not better than syracuses rob mulligan, syracuse will beat princeton, but princeton will give s.u. a good game
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disagree with ACC championship outcome
    by (#2478) on 4/22/00 @4:39PM
Virginia is tired, go terps! 12-10 MD over UVA
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    by (#2152) on 4/24/00 @11:24PM
Billy Glading will be an all-american by his junior year.
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    by (#2152) on 4/24/00 @11:25PM
Billy Glading will be an all-american by his junior year.
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    by (#2140) on 4/25/00 @1:14AM
Lupus, go back to Ohio. There was no chance that Maryland ever had of beating UVA. Look for cuse and UVA in the finals.
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Johnny on the spot
    by (#2478) on 4/25/00 @9:49PM
Don't bring Ohio in to this buddy. Who are you? And why are you selling out Maryland. The only thing good about UVA is koontz, some good Ohio blood. Go terps and Go Bucks!
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    by (#2432) on 4/26/00 @12:23AM
Are you kidding me...Lupus?

Maryland won't make it past the first round with the worst goalie in college lacrosse.
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