Fairfield Prep vs. Greenwich

Fairfield Prep vs. Greenwich

Fairfield Prep vs. Greenwich

Check out this Highlight piece from the Fairfield Prep vs. Greenwich game last week!!!

Highlights and more!!! With game action sound bites, and words from a few players!

Injured Junior on Fairfield Prep, Charlie Keady, tells us how important the game is to him, and see how important your team is when you're not able to play the game you love.

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    by (#246644) on 5/13/11 @11:50AM
that coach is all that is man. I would never stand in front of the net during warmups
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    by (#279819) on 5/13/11 @6:36PM
hey who saw the kid pickin his nose in the background at 6:08 mins

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    by (#284422) on 5/13/11 @8:19PM
lol thats funny hes mi team mate i couldnt find miself tho im numba 9 so yeaaa his names tom im gunna tell him he wuz pickin his nose(i live in greenwich)
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