Georgetown Knocks Off Duke 11-7

Georgetown Knocks Off Duke 11-7

Georgetown Knocks Off Duke 11-7

Georgetown Knocks Off Duke 11-7

Washington, D.C. - The tenth-ranked Georgetown University men's lacrosse team outscored top-ranked and previously unbeaten Duke, 8-2 after halftime and senior goalkeeper Miles Kass (Rye, N.Y./Rye) posted 18 saves, one shy of his career high as the Hoyas upset the Blue Devils in front of 2,412 fans on the Multi-Sport Field on Saturday afternoon. Georgetown improves to 4-2 overall while Duke falls to 8-1.

Kass and the Hoya defense held the nation's highest scoring offense to a season-low seven goals.

Craig Dowd (East Northport, N.Y./Northport), Brendan Cannon (Haverford, Pa./Haverford School) and Ricky Mirabito (Binghamton, N.Y./Chenango Forks) tallied two goals apiece while Cannon also dished out three assists, including two after halftime. Barney Ehrmann (Baltimore, Md.Gilman) compiled five ground balls and two caused turnovers.

The Hoyas converted on three of their five extra-man opportunities.

"We point to a couple of games on the schedule every year and this is one of them," said head coach Dave Urick. "The kids really dug down deep today. We had some self-inflicted errors but we overcame them. It was a great team effort."

Georgetown got off to a great start, taking a 3-1 lead after one period. GU tallied three goals in the first three minutes of the game. Junior Todd Cochran (Wayne, Pa./Conestoga) and Andrew Baird (Baltimore, Md./Loyola Blakefield) scored unassisted goals right off the bat. At the 11:11 mark of the first quarter, sophomore Chris Schuville (Lloyd Harbor, N.Y./Cold Spring Harbor) scored with Cannon picking up an assist.

Georgetown really struggled in the second quarter as Duke then scored the game's next four goals and held a 4-3 lead with 2:15 to go in the period

Sophomore Max Quinzani scored three consecutive goals over a nine-minute stretch. Danowski was credited with assists on the first two markers.

With 7:14 to go before halftime, senior Matt Danowski fed Quinzani for a goal that knotted the game at 3-3.

Five minutes passed before Quinzani tallied an unassisted goal at the 2:16 mark of the second.

Danowski gave Duke a 5-3 advantage with just two seconds to go in the half. Off a broken play, Danowski ripped a low right-handed shot that slipped past Kass' ankles.

Georgetown stopped the Duke scoring streak on an extra-man opportunity with 13:23 to go in the third to make it 5-4. After a Blue Devil thirty-second penalty, the Hoyas cashed in immediately when sophomore Andrew Brancaccio (Bethesda, Md./Georgetown Prep) rifled a low shot eight seconds into the extra-man opportunity.

Duke upped their lead to 6-4 with 3:24 left in the third. Senior Dan Loftus made a terrific save on a point-blank Hoyas shot. Senior midfielder Brad Ross posted his 16th goal of the season on the other end following the ride.

Georgetown then scored their second extra-man goal of the game when Mirabito brought the Hoyas to within 6-5 with his first of two consecutive goals

One minute later, Hoya senior Dan D'Agnes (Manhasset, N.Y./Chaminade) assisted on Mirabito's second goal with 20 seconds to go in the third that tied the game at 6-6.

The Hoyas started the fourth period with a 3-minute advantage when Duke was charged with an illegal stick penalty that was ruled too short.

GU took the lead for good, 7-6 with 13:44 left in regulation during the EMO. Midway through the penalty, Brancaccio scored and Cannon notched his third assist of the game.

Cannon and Baird combined for a goal at 9:12 of the fourth as the Hoyas kept the pressure on. Cannon scored his first goal of the game as Baird picked up an assist for a 9-7 GU lead.

Danowski ripped an unassisted goal at 7:54 to bring Duke to within one, 8-7 but the Hoyas netted three goals over the final 4:07 to the delight of the crowd.

Georgetown travels to No. 8 Navy on Saturday, March 29 for a 5 p.m. contest.

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    by (#157324) on 3/22/08 @9:21PM
this definetly remindz me of rocky 4 when rocky beatz Ivan Drago


lookz like the Duke team is human after all
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(no subject)
    by (#184800) on 3/22/08 @9:43PM
hahaha nice usage of the "z"s (10)

anyway, i wasnt expecting a undefeated season and all that matters in the end is who comes out on top on Memorial Day Weekend. Just a small speed bump of Dukes' Journy to the Nat'l Championship
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    by (#157324) on 3/22/08 @10:11PM
yeh your right look what happened to cornell last year they went undefeated regular season but then lost to duke in the semis. I still think Duke is gonna be in the championship im just happy to see that they can be beaten even with the 5th years so every game wont just be a blow out
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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 3/22/08 @10:28PM
WHY, DUKE?!?!?! WHY?!?!

It did disappoint me that Duke obviously wasn't all there today (with the exception of Max Quinzani and some others). The defense just WAS NOT all there today and georgetown def took advantage of that.

I do agree though, it shows that they aren't indestructible with all those 5th years. All I ask is that they step it up when the real challenges like UVA and Hopkins roll around. I just don't want another overtime loss in the finals.
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    by (#157324) on 3/22/08 @10:39PM
hopkins seems dead right now but they are a sleeper usually

by the way look at the middle picture all the way at the bottom 2 duke players have 2 different helmets one brine - one cascade why is that.....?
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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 3/22/08 @11:10PM
I think they're both brine helmets, maybe just different models. But as far as Hopkins, while they don't seem to be doing amazing, they are usually a sleeper, and they put up a very good fight against UVA today.
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    by (#168387) on 3/23/08 @12:32PM
Duke gives their players a choice cascade, or brine
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(no subject)
    by (#129810) on 3/22/08 @11:18PM
They are not both Brine, many of the kids on Duke bought their own CPXs such as Matt Danowski because they said the Triumphs did not fit their heads. I dont know if thats true but the CPX looks a hell of a lot better than the Triumphs, so thats what i would do.
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    by (#142666) on 3/23/08 @12:11AM
Since Duke is a Brine team, those players have masked the Cascade brand and put Brine straps on them instead.
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Helmets and Goalies
    by (#158969) on 3/23/08 @12:32AM
Actually i think it's the other way around
I have a triumph (the L/XL) and it should fit pretty much any sized head with the large size and the dial in the back.
I'm pretty sure that the team has both helmets available for the players, it's just some chose the triumphs over the cascades because the cascades didn't fit them, not that the triumph's didn't fit. But then again, I could be wrong.
Oh and i found it hilarious that Brine was giving away a special G-Town designed Triumph...when no one on the Hoyas rocks a Triumph. That does go to show that even though a team is sponsored by Brine (Hoyas, Duke, ?UNC?) they don't have to stick to using Triumphs. They don't have to order Triumphs at all. Or they can use both Cascades aaaaand Triumphs. It really doesn't matter.

But this isn't a helmet review topic...
More importantly, Loftus getting totally pwned by Kass...seriously...WTF?!?
It is in my personal opinion that Miles Kass is a little bitch, and yes I can judge I am a goalie.
I don't see how he is comfortable in that stance with his hands so close together and his legs so close. He honestly looks like he's cowering in the goal like a little goal. But goalie stances are subjective. What works for one, isn't necessarily gonna work for another. So let him be that way, the inconsistent bastard. Don't get me wrong though. I do love me some Hoyas.
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It's by contractual agreement
    by (#142666) on 3/23/08 @12:00PM
1- Cascade furnishes helmets to GU and UNC (not Brine) and has for several years.

2 - Brine furnishes helmets to Duke. The few players that do not MUST remove all Cascade logos and wear Brine straps.
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    by (#117681) on 3/23/08 @9:29PM
Georgetown will be using triumphs next year.
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Miles Kass
    by (#129810) on 3/24/08 @5:54PM
While i do agree Kass has a unconventional stance and he does look weak when he is in it he is a fantastic goalie and i wouldent call him a "little bitch" as you called him. This year his save percentage is above 60%. And as you said you are a goalie, you should know that putting up a save percentage of 60% against the type of competition georgetown faces is remarkable. and seriously unless you are joey kemp or some other disgusting d1 goalie i wouldent talk smack because he is probobly better than you will ever be.
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(no subject)
    by (#184800) on 3/23/08 @2:05PM
ok look here i have the 100% correct answer and someone has already said it, on the Albany Power Team here in NY, you get a Triumph. BUT some people like myself have too big of heads to fit in them and must get a CPX. Thats why some where CPX's. THOUGH i dont think that his head is too big(duke players that use CPX(because if you look at last year, all of them used Triads or triumphs in the past couple of years., that normally si the reason because i know people with heads too big.
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duke vs. jhu
    by (#181989) on 3/24/08 @8:06AM
I think JHU is just in a slump right now. They will pick it up later in the season and make it to the championship. They have some of the best talent in the counrty right now. When they get there though, big bad duke will be waiting for them. This duke loss is exactly what duke needs. There are so many teams that go undefeated in the regular season and have the mind-set that they already won. Duke needs a loss to prove to them and all the other teams that they aren't a "machine". They will now go into every game knowing that they can get upsetted, even with the increadible team they have this year. DUKE ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR!!!
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Real cahllenges?
    by (#129810) on 3/22/08 @11:15PM
Its amazing how little credit is given to the Hoyas for this huge win. I have yet to hear anyone talk about Georgetown being good. Green Wave Lax up here doesn't even consider Georgetown a real challenge. No one is talking about the absolutely dominate performance of Miles Kass, or the best offensive player on the fieled today, Brenden Cannon. Or how Barney Ehrmann outplayed Nick O'hara with his 5 groundballs and 2 caused turnovers and helping hold Dukes prolific midfield to 1 goal.

I think this game was statement by Georgetown, that they belong in the top 5. Dave Urick is starting to get his lines down and his team chemistry straight in midfield, and Miles Kass and Jerry Lambe are starting to play to their potential. I expect more of the same from georgetown, they are soo talented (in scouting reports their team is listed even as "Too Talented") and once Scott Kocis (their second best midfielder) returns i think the Hoyas will be a force to be reckoned with.

But all you guys give credit where credit is due and stop making excuses because i am sure that John Danowski is not making any.

Also good Job Matt Danowski on the illegal stick, 3 Minute unreleasable in the fourth, really helped your team out.

And Duke didnt lose to Hopkins in overtime, they lost in regulation.
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Go Hoyas
    by (#188022) on 3/23/08 @7:13AM
They played better, last year Duke lost with a better team than this year, they won't win it all this year with their "PostGrads". A team with "Orange" uniform will win it all.
Why would a super player "another cheater" and get caught and help their team lose.
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just when i thought...
    by (#131429) on 3/23/08 @12:31PM
duke was starting to look like the regular season patriots....hey if your a duke fan better to get this loss out of the way now it will probably make them focus better
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two guys.........
    by (#78222) on 3/23/08 @7:21AM
Both O'hara and Barney are enjoyable to watch....but I gotta give Barn the edge on enjoyableness. He may look like a praying mantis far away, but up close he is a beast....he'll strip, get the GB, and finish the clear. And he's a soph.
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yeah man
    by (#185033) on 3/23/08 @12:14PM
I was at this game.... barney comes up with the key gbs and i loved his fake at the end everyone in the crowd was screaming barrrneyyyyyyy haha it was great
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good pick up
    by (#185818) on 3/23/08 @1:55PM
even if they get a choice between brine and cascade i dont think they should get a choice on wheater to have their number or the D on their helmet because they guy who wears number 77 looks like a tool (even if hes better than me) with his number on his if he has a good reason that'll be a totally different story...good win Hoyas

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    by (#78222) on 3/23/08 @2:09PM
I think the number on one side of the Duke lid is new this week.
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    by (#117681) on 3/23/08 @9:32PM
Numbers on the left, D on the right.
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    by (#185818) on 3/23/08 @2:05PM
I know this game was about G'town beating Duke...but Cuse will win it all...reason(s) why Danowski is the A-Rod of lacrosse and Cuse it back to the game, I'm glad G'Town won...they've played well agaisnt some great teams and even though they've gotten the short end a few times it was great to see them come out on top...which also has me guessing does that put UVA at number 1 since there undefeated (obviously) just wondering...again great win G'Town Hoyas

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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 3/23/08 @6:59PM
Hell yeah it does. UVa is number 1. It's awesome for this to finally happen. All season long people have been saying who is the best team: Duke or Hopkins, or which one of those will lose first. Guess what bitches, Virginia is undefeated.
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(no subject)
    by (#167739) on 3/24/08 @5:22PM
like i rescently replied, i want a Duke-Virginia final but not really sure who id be rootin for
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i agree
    by (#167739) on 3/24/08 @5:20PM
like what many people have said to this, i never really expected Duke to go undefeated this year, and also i agree that in this game the defense for Duke was way off and that Quinzani and a few others were the only ones really on their game. I'm a fan of the Devils and Hopkins this year (though my 'Jays haven't had any luck in ot, but what can you do)and i really would love another Duke-Hopkins final or Duke-Virginia(who seem to have it together so far)either way it all comes down to what happens in practice and plain hard work to go undefeated and win championships
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(no subject)
    by (#154014) on 3/25/08 @8:37AM
At one point or another Duke was going to have to lose, but they will rebound no doubt with the amount of talent and heart they will make it to the championship.
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