Georgetown Squeezes Past Delaware, 9-8

Georgetown Squeezes Past Delaware, 9-8

Georgetown Squeezes Past Delaware, 9-8

Georgetown Squeezes Past Delaware, 9-8

The Georgetown Hoyas scored the last two goals to escape Delaware with a 9-8 victory. This was a big game that saw two ranked teams fighting to get back to their winning ways, the story of the night was Delaware senior Alex Smith. Smith went 14 of 19 on the night facing-off and in doing so, with his 7th face-off win, claimed the NCAA record for face-off wins. Junior attackmen Andrew Baird and Brendan Cannon led the way offensively for the Hoyas with four points apiece, Baird had 3 goals and 1 assist, while Cannon did the reverse of 1 goal and 3 assists.

Georgetown methodically pulled out to a 4-0 lead as four different players found the back of the net in the first quarter and a half. Delaware possessed the ball sufficiently and even created some good offensive looks. They struggled to put their shots on cage throughout the night, and early were either forced into turnovers or were careless with the ball. Luckily, the Hoyas weren’t too much sharper. The Hoyas headed into the half with a commanding 5-2 lead, despite not playing great lacrosse. They did do well neutralizing Alex Smith at the face-off X. Smith went 3 for 3 in the first quarter (one was an illegal procedure and another was a loose-ball push that he won), but in the 2nd quarter, senior Christian Trunz did a nice job tying Smith up and took 3 of the 5 face-offs. Things would change in the 2nd half.

At the half, Smith was just 2 face-off wins away from the NCAA record. He took over in the third period, going a perfect 8 for 8. His 7th win of the day gave him 839 career face-off wins, which surpassed Delaware Alum Steve Shaw (who was in attendance) and played from 1983-86 that had the previous NCAA record for 21 years.

As Smith took over, Delaware started to find a rhythm. Senior JUCO transfer Adam Zuder-Havens found a rhythm and blew two low-to-high shots past Georgetown junior goalie Miles Kass.

“You can talk to players about where to shoot the ball, but to be honest with you, they rear up and who knows where it’s going to go. But Adam Zuder-Havens, I think he had a couple of them, he’s a really good shooter from the wing. It’s his second year with us, he’s a Junior College player, and he’s really come on strong. He handles the ball pretty well and he started getting his hands free and getting some good shots,” said Delaware head coach Bob Shillinglaw.

“We had a freshman that hadn’t seen much playing time, DJ Whitlake, scored a couple of goals. I thought he did a nice job in the spot performance that he got in there. It was nice having Cam play all four quarters, I mean this is only his 5th month back from ACL injury, it’s pretty remarkable. He always posed a threat, but Alex kind of picked it up facing off, kind of distinguished himself from their face-off guy, Trunz. We started getting more possessions and that’s the name of the game.”

Delaware climbed back into the game thanks to the dominance by Smith and exploded to generate 15 shots in the 3rd quarter. The 5-2 deficit became a 7-7 tie heading into the 4th quarter. Georgetown goalie Miles Kass stepped up with six saves in the quarter despite looking bad on the goals scored against him.

“Well, I thought Miles Kass was, again, a real difference maker for us. He came up really big in the cage. We knew coming in here that the face-off was going to be a big challenge and it was almost our undoing. We didn’t have the ball that much in that third quarter and when we did we didn’t take very good care of it. Our kids made plays when they had to and we’ll take away this one goal win,” said Georgetown coach Dave Urick.

“They were great shots. One, their extra man goal down at this end at the first half he never even saw it. They had a screen in there, they had two or three guys screening him. I think he made his share of big-time stops and I think in a lot of ways was the difference.”

Delaware would grad their only lead of the night, 8-7, on another low-to-high shot, this time from Sean Calabrese with 11:47 to play. Unfortunately Smith wasn’t as automatic in this quarter, winning only 1 of 3 face-offs. Georgetown won the next face-off, brought it down and worked it around on offense. Eventually they got a look on the side and Andrew Baird slipped the tying goal past Delaware’s Tommy Scherr.

Delaware wouldn’t win the next face-off, but still had plenty of chances. As was the theme for the night, the Blue Hens just couldn’t take care of the ball. They wasted two possessions (10 minute mark and 6 minute mark) on unforced turnovers. The most costly one was when an errant Delaware pass rolled towards the midfield/sideline. A Georgetown short-stick had a break on the ball. He slipped, this gave Calabrese a chance to get it before it cross midfield. Following the groundball, he threw it 10 feet over the head of the attackman for a quick turnover. That turnover led to a short 20 second or so possession for Georgetown, before Andrew Brancaccio got a slow bouncer past Scherr for the 9th and deciding goal with 4:38 to go.

As time dwindled away, Delaware’s opportunities still kept coming. With a minute and a half to go, Delaware was awarded a thirty second man-up. On the man-up, there was a great low cut and feed from up-top. The shooter caught it, turned and shot towards Kass’ chest. Kass exploded up and made the point blank save. On the clear, there was a questionable call against Delaware on a loose-ball push which understandably riled up Shillinglaw. That call left :59 on the clock, there was one second left in the Georgetown penalty, so the teams would be even for :01 and then Delaware would be a man-down for :29. Instead, they pressured the ball right away, being under 2:00, Georgetown had to keep it in the box. Delaware forced the ball on the ground and out of the box, giving them possession. Delaware brought it back up the field and got another great look with about twenty seconds left on the clock. This pass would be stopped by the side of Kass’ helmet. On the back-up of the shot, Kass came up with the groundball and was able to run it out to the sideline and drew a penalty with just :01 left on the clock, helping Georgetown escape with the win.

In the 2nd quarter, Delaware short-stick d-middie Brett Manney was guarding Georgetown middie Dan D’Agnes. D’Agnes went to change direction and hands, but when he did that he dropped the ball. Manney, however, was heard saying “I got ya, baby.” He then proceeded to take the ball the length of the field and quickly dropped it himself. Late in the game, UD sophomore attackman Beau Davis threw an ineffective one-handed wrap check at a clearing Georgetown short-stick. Shillinglaw let him hear it for that. Not long after that, Davis was again riding. The Georgetown player passed the ball away.

“I told them when we get on the bus they have to put this in the rearview mirror. We don’t have any time to savor this. We gotta turn around and get up to Geneva on Friday,” said Urick. “We’re gonna have a game at Hobart this Saturday that’s going to be pretty similar to this one, I’m pretty sure.”

As for Delaware, they have some time to recover, as their game this Saturday against Butler has been…well you know what happened. They have 10 days off before they take on Hofstra. They definitely have to improve on the mental mistakes.

“We had a lot of it [unforced turnovers] in Albany and that’s what really hurt us in the Albany game. I’m not taking anything away from Albany, they’re a very, very good team,” said Shillinglaw. “I keep preaching to the team, it’s all about possessions. Having a guy like Alex gives us a few more possessions. If we clear the ball well, it gives us more possessions. If we turn the ball over less, it gives us more possessions, and that’s what we’ve been emphasizing. Turnovers kind of killed us tonight, it definitely did against Albany."

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    by (#38957) on 3/15/07 @5:34AM
If you look at the third picture down in the first set of pics, you can clearly see Delawares face off guy grabbing the ball. Wow, I knew he was good, but didn't think he had taken it that far. That's crazy.
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If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'.
    by (#3651) on 3/15/07 @9:21AM
...besides it's not cheating unless you get caught.
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If Ive said it once Ive said it a million times
    by (#65281) on 3/15/07 @10:20AM
If you not cheatin your not tryin
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Your absolutely right.
    by (#38957) on 3/15/07 @12:12PM
I wasn't saying that he was cheating. In fact, I'll congratulate him for being able to pull that off with out getting caught. Sneaky, sneaky.
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    by (#88611) on 3/16/07 @1:12PM
The refs know that the kid grabs the ball on the faceoff. He does it so fast that they cant catch him. They even looked at a tape of him on the faceoff zoomed in, in slow motion and still couldnt tell.
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    by (#142598) on 3/15/07 @10:11AM
Why is everyone shocked by this? I'm not saying it's right, but being shocked you know nothing about facing off. The other shots look clean and in his stick. The ref should have called it. There are guys in D1 that their main move is grabing the ball but because they stink no one pays attention or takes pictures of them.
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    by (#38957) on 3/15/07 @12:24PM
You guys need to calm down and listen.

I didn't call him a cheater or anything like that. All I did was point out the obvious.

And I wasn't really shocked as much as I was hysterical. I just love seeing funny stuff like that getting caught on camera.

And one last thing jballz, I respect you but how would you even have the slightest clue as to if I know anything about facing off or not. Think before you speak please.
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    by (#142598) on 3/19/07 @10:33AM
ok give me your resume stud.
Reply to this blows up another spot
    by (#10) on 3/15/07 @10:50AM
Last year it was the ridiculous illegal pockets of UMass, this year it's the best faceoff man ever. Whoops.
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Could Delaware be the UMASS of this season?
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @11:00AM
That is, could they be the team that surprises everyone by making it to the Final Four? They have a solid team, one of the best face-off guys ever, and a solid coach in Bob Shillinglaw. Hey, they nearly beat Georgetown, who is a serious Final Four candidate, so what do you all think?

P.S.-I heard it was a gorgeous night last night!
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UD or UAlbany
    by (#97931) on 3/15/07 @11:43AM
I think right now the team that will suprise everybody by making it so far is Albany. Theyre playing so well right now i see them only losing once or twice the entire season. And im sure Alex Smith doesnt do that every face off.
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I was just thinking the same thing!
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @11:55AM
You are absolutely right about Albany! So far, they have beaten solid teams in Hopkins and UMASS, both in overtime. It is so great to see parity in the game and very special to see programs that are not the easiest sells for talent competing with the big boys. In other words, doing more with less is so sweet!
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Albany's talent
    by (#155398) on 3/15/07 @2:38PM
I saw UAlbany play against SU in the dome last year, a game that they took in to overtime and eventually lost. Despite the loss, they really impressed me with their overall talent, especially on attack. They didn't lose much from last year's team, and their two stud attackmen are both having big years, with Frank Resetarits scoring lots of goals in big games. I'm not surprised at all at how well Albany is playing so far this year, and i'm personally scared !#$*less about the SU-Albany game later this year haha
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Just a thought!
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @12:28PM should post an article each week which talks about the upcoming weekend in lacrosse and the big games to watch and what to look for. Maybe even the people could post their predictions and we can all talk about the games, agree or disagree with the predictions, and make our own. I think that would be fun for us all!

Oh, by the way, I say Syracuse 13, Hopkins 10 this weekend. What do you all think?
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Hopkins in a close one
    by (#155398) on 3/15/07 @2:44PM
Hate to say it, but my orange are facing yet more legal issues. First it was Mcgonigle getting arrested for assault and missing two games, and now its patty perritt and john carozza getting charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. i don't know how many games they'll get, but i'm sure they won't be in the building against Hopkins on saturday. The loss of perritt, who's drawn the pole the last 3 games for us, is obvious in its magnitude, but carozza has developed nicely into a d-mid and his loss, i feel, is just as important. he did a tremendous job disrupting brancaccio last saturday (a HUGE size mismatch), and could be quite useful against paul rabil, but now...

foolish foolish foolish. its always disappointing to see my fellow orange students make such poor decisions, but come on boys, you're playing for a national title this year and have much more media exposure than that average frat boy on campus. PLEASE conduct yourselves accordingly, thats all i ask (well, that, and win #10 this year)
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Championship teams have to win under adversity.
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @3:59PM
No doubt 'Cuse will be missing some good players, but if they are a true championship team, they will find a way to win or to least fight to the end.
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Championship teams have to win under adversity.
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @4:02PM
No doubt 'Cuse will be missing some good players, but if they are a true championship team, they will find a way to win or to least fight to the end.
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Orange whip
    by (#142666) on 3/15/07 @3:53PM
Desko's team isn't ready for the task of taking on Hopkins. Blue Jays win.
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(no subject)
    by (#154175) on 3/15/07 @3:17PM
Once i saw the picture of alex smith i knew everyone would just go crazy about how he cheats and how delaware is this years umass. Every faceoff man cheats with moves like that and everyone knows it so just calm down.

Plus, what you guys should be talking about is how he just he just set the ncaa record for faceoff wins and how much better the delaware offense will be now that cam howard is back.
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Reading Rainbow.
    by (#38957) on 3/15/07 @4:50PM
Do me a favor and RE-READ my posts. I NEVER SAID HE WAS A CHEAT!

I know you CAN read, just exercise your ability.
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(no subject)
    by (#133272) on 3/15/07 @4:56PM
albany is a great team but i think they need to work on controling the game if they want to go to the finals, because the other day they were up 7-0 on umass and that game eventually went in to OT
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facing off
    by (#158953) on 3/15/07 @6:22PM
my coach always tells me when i face off

"facing off is how illegal can you be without getting caught"
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    by (#142595) on 3/15/07 @7:17PM
cheating in face off is huge cuz it gets you the upper hand, but alex smiths( hens face off man) stick was not illegal. It got checked during the game. With the new rule of the refs being able to check sticks whenever they want face off guys always get nailed. Normally after a goal they will check a shooter or a face off guy. Lots of times instead of checking a D pole after a goal they check the others teams face off man. Ours gets checked all the time, its a really time rule the refs use to much
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Thank you rule book!
    by (#38957) on 3/15/07 @7:39PM
However, he didn't say that Alex Smiths stick was illegal. All he said was "facing off is how illegal you can be without getting caught." No where in that sentence is the word STICK mentioned.
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Delaware's best team since 1999?
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @7:59PM
I think it is. That year, Delaware was very solid, and they were led by John Grant, Jr., who carried the team at times. The Blue Hens made it to the Quarterfinals before losing to eventual champion UVA. It is true that this year's team doesn't have a player like Grant, but since this is the case, I bet they play more as a team than that team and don't depend on one player down the stretch.
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Delaware's home field
    by (#136419) on 3/15/07 @8:00PM
I know that Delaware has a home stadium for lacrosse. They also have a stadium for football that seats over 22,000. In past years, they have played some of their games in that stadium. Do they still play some games there?

That stadium is nice, and years back, they had a couple of title games there. That of course, was before lacrosse was as big. In 1986, Delaware was the host of the first ever Final Four Weekend. North Carolina, who had 4 losses going into the postseason, beat UVA in overtime to win it all.
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who is better
    by (#134864) on 3/15/07 @11:09PM
who is better jeff schnider(spelling?) from denver and team canada or the delaware guy? your guys thoughts
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    by (#155398) on 3/16/07 @1:15AM
from a pure faceoff perspective, alex smith is better. he's got a wealth of tools and savvy at the faceoff X. but i think geoff snider is a more complete player. he's a nasty defender and knows how to put the ball in the back of the old onion sack, as he's proving in the NLL with the wings this season
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