Gettysburg Downs Salisbury in Overtime

Gettysburg Downs Salisbury in Overtime

Gettysburg Downs Salisbury in Overtime

Gettysburg Downs Salisbury in Overtime

The opening face off was won by Gettysburg's John Czerapowicz, but a loose ball push turned it over to the Gull's Rob Bookhamer. Salisbury then went into a one-four-one with Bookhamer driving from the top and dishing it off to sophomore attack man Andrew Robson, who was able to get off a low bounce shot. Gettysburg's McGinnis was there for the save and was able to turn it into a fast break which was thwarted by a a errant pass from Wes Cadman. It was Salisbury who struck first when at 11:45 Bookhamer drove down the left side of the field which opened up Andy Arnold who was wide open for the backdoor quick stick. Gettysburg won the ensuing face off but once again was unable to control the ball as long stick middie Dave Dipaola absolutely stripped Charlie Hanchett outside of the Salisbury box. It was all Salisbury for the next three minutes, but this young team wasn't able to take advantage of the opportunities given. Gettysburg battled back getting a couple of chances themselves but were unable to sneak one by Tewes. After multiple missed opportunities senior Rob Bookhamer snuck a cross crease feed to Josh Bergey who shot a laser off of McGinnis's left hip. Gettysburg after multiple shots, finally got on the board at 2:52 of the first quarter when a McGinnis clearing pass turned into a fast break which was finished by Pete Milliman on shot that snuck between Tewes's legs. The rest of the quarter was all Gettysburg who's patient offense paid dividends again at :14 when Jake Van Nostrand found Milliman on the right side of the crease, Milliman threw one fake high, Tewes bit, and Milliman put it in the bottom left hand corner.

Gettysburg started off the second quarter the way they ended the first, with Pete Milliman shooting a laser past Tewes, which gave Gettysburg a 3-2 advantage. For the next three minutes it was all Gettysburg, they were throwing the ball around with such confidence that it was hard for Salisbury's young midfield to keep up. Salisbury got it's chance at 10:30 when a Tewes rebound shot out to Josh Cline, however Mike Roberts was unable to bring the ball over the midfield line and the Gettysburg offense chewed up another three minutes. It looked as though the Bullet's were going to take the game over, but Salisbury swung the momentum to their side when a Tewes save enabled them to clear the ball and give them some much needed attack time. Salisbury was quick to capitalize when freshman Andy Murray threw a pass fake that turned everybody's head giving him time to walk in front of the net and dunk one past McGinnis. A young Salisbury team was quick to give the Bullets a chance to take the lead when unchecked emotion gave way to a minute penalty for an illegal body check. Gettysburg set up in a one four one and found the back of the net when Tommy Pearce threw a dangerous skip pass to Van Nostrand who buried it giving Gettysburg a 4-3 lead. It was only two minutes later when Salisbury decided to shut off midfielder Wes Cadman in hopes to stall Gettysburg offense. But it was Cadman who got the best of Dipaola off of a weak roll dodge which drew two men leaving once again Milliman alone for the quick goal. Salisbury came close at :14 when Joe Parker shot an overhand rocket from six yards out, but McGinnis who looked suspect earlier came up with a brilliant glove save to end the half.

The second half started out a with both teams taking penalties, but it was Salisbury who was able to capitalize when Gettysburg tried to shut off Andy Arnold(why I have no idea), leaving Steve Brianas open for an easy goal. Gettysburg who had battled all day was determined to stay ahead and did so with a hard bounce shot from a driving Tommy Pearce giving them a 7-6 lead going into the fourth quarter. As the fourth quater began the fans started to rally and so did Salisbury, gaining possession on the opening face-off, but a young Andrew Robson took a poor shot and gave the ball back to the very patient Gettysburg offense. Gettysburg looked as if they were up for good when Milliman picked up his own rebound and scored on an empty net. The Gull's however had other ideas and found themselves in a 8-8 tied game after Bergey put a man up high bounce shot in the back of the net. Salisbury then scored two more goals off of individual efforts from Briannas and Bookhamer and were up by two with 5:00 to go. Things looked bleak for Gettysburg who had trouble scoring quickly all game but Hanchett picked up a quick goal at 4:17 off of a quick roll dodge. Gettysburg then won the face off and called a quick time out. It was at 1:02 that they tied it up when Milliman backed his way inside and dished off a beautiful feed to Van Nostrand.

In O.T. it was Gettysburg once again winning the face-off and calling a crucial time out. A poised Gettysburg attack took the field at 4:43 and went into a two-three-one offense. Pearce took the ball at the top of the circle and drove down the right side, drawing a double, which left Matt Twombly all alone. Pearce quickly fed Twombly the ball, and he bounced it into a vacant net.

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AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! You losers deserve it!!!!!!
    by (#3048) on 3/31/01 @7:33PM
Great job G'BURG! Way to take it to those loser lacrosse scrubs!!! They were probably too high or hungover to play.....loser Salisbury punks!!! Salisbury is the laughing stock of DIII lacrosse and everyone knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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   yea seriously . . . by 3/31/01 @8:03PM
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    by (#6276) on 3/31/01 @11:43PM
Salisbury may have lost this game, but I have no doubt that they can pull an upset over Middlebury or Washington and Lee. It is just going to take some time for this young team to come around. Just give Berkman and his minions three more weeks and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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   Great game by 3/31/01 @11:59PM
      Unbelievable! by 4/01/01 @12:20AM
         Mass + Upstate doesnt get enough respect by 4/01/01 @4:02AM
            I agree with NNTiger by 4/05/01 @9:30AM
two great teams
    by (#4060) on 4/01/01 @12:42AM
As a spectator, the Salisbury-Gettysburg game was worth every cent of the $4 it cost to get in. It was an absolute thrill to watch two class programs (contrary to some of the comments I read) go toe to toe. Both teams played at such a high skill level, character and with such physical intensity, I was just awed. The emotion coming from the field, the benches and both sides the stands was what makes Lax great.
I was a little confused by the Lax .com article by John who portrayed the games as a battle between the young untried boys from Salisbury versus the old experienced vets from Gettysburg.Unless the program was wrong, I only saw 4 seniors start and play for G-burg(Pearce,Santry and Planholt (starters) plus Hanchett) while Salsibury started or they played most of the game 3 senior close defenders(Shanahan,Galucci and Brier), Sr LSM DiPaola, Sr goalie Tewes, Sr middie Bookhamer and the three scorers- Juniors Brianas, Bergy and Roberts. thats 9 of the 11 guys with the most playing time were Jurnior or seniors. 20 of the 21 goals were scored by underclassmen. Lets see the Gettysburg goalie McGinnis -14 saves is a Soph, LSM Mcmillen who had 5 crucial faceoff ground balls in the 4th Quarter is a soph. Freshman Van Nostrand scored the goal that sent the game into overtime and Soph Twombly scored the game winner- not exactly the over the hill gang. Also -John-SSU was only up by 1 goal not 2 with 5 min to go
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   hell yeah by 4/01/01 @1:32AM
      Salisbury=JV by 4/01/01 @4:17AM
         Interesting year by 4/01/01 @2:29PM
            Good Call by 4/01/01 @3:02PM
               Competitive Scheduling by 4/01/01 @4:56PM
                  nice writeup by 4/01/01 @10:41PM
                  Bob Maplethorpe, Potential Getaway Driver....GO. by 4/02/01 @10:59AM
                     I'm a risk taker..... by 4/02/01 @12:32PM
                        Sweeeet.... by 4/02/01 @12:49PM
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                              no that was just a joke..... by 4/03/01 @3:10PM
                                 "Ain't no Trip to Cleveland" by 4/03/01 @4:59PM
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                                       skipper.... by 4/03/01 @6:09PM
                                       do you have any bigger bags? by 4/03/01 @11:04PM
                                          Ahh..Central America and what not. by 4/04/01 @6:18PM
Another great D3 game!
    by (#10229) on 4/01/01 @10:24PM
As a former Bullet captain(75) and now resident of the Eastern Shore it sure is refreshing to have the opportunity to see good lax played close to home. Saturday was another example of the great rivalries that G'burg, SSU & WAC have with each other.

Any time you can win at SSU it is huge, because the players feed off the fans more at SSU then any place in D3. It was also good to see old fashioned man to man defense played rather then the zone Denison through at G'burg and SSU. Those games were boring.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the regular season, with G'burg and SSU having to play WAC. Hopefully this is the year the Bullets can get that elusive National title.

It was nice to have a chance to meet Tommy Pearce's and McMillen's fathers. Although partisen to the Burg, they are both very knowledgeble lax parents.
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luvlax is an idiot
    by (#1384) on 4/02/01 @12:47AM
he is the same guy going around saying he didn't even know Notre Dame had a team and that they sucked. I think he said he plays for Curry?

I'm not even kidding.

Salisbury = Jake Bergey = someone you will never ever be able to cover or play against. Pussy.

I don't think Springfield is that good, its just that Middlebury is overrated. Just like Limestone.

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   (no subject) by 4/02/01 @11:25AM
      Wheatus? by 4/02/01 @10:03PM
   agreed by 4/02/01 @12:07PM
   (no subject) by 4/02/01 @9:19PM
      Jake Bergey plays for the wings by 4/03/01 @12:08AM
         sick rather. nt (nt) by 4/03/01 @12:09AM
   nice job twombley by 4/03/01 @12:11PM
      Washlax by 4/03/01 @7:43PM
         SSU vs G'burg by 4/03/01 @9:32PM
            No one would have ever heard of WAC either by 4/04/01 @10:39PM
               The difference between schools by 4/05/01 @9:37AM
               IC-Bomber breaks it down for you.... by 4/08/01 @2:07AM
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         Riva the squirell by 4/06/01 @11:54AM
   Middlebury and WAC by 4/04/01 @8:42PM
      Union=good school/good lax? by 4/04/01 @9:11PM
      UNION = SERIOUS TEAM by 4/05/01 @9:33AM
         Guild?...Union? by 4/05/01 @8:30PM
Salisbury Sucks!!!!
    by (#2096) on 4/04/01 @8:06PM
Salisbury sucks and they have no class especially that short fat bald assistant coach.They have no middies and the frshman attack plat like their freshman. They got lucky 3 or 4 times this year especially vs. OWU who totally outplayed them. Gettysburg deserved that win. They have a solid defense,a nasty goalie and most of all they play with a lot of class. Out----
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   Here Here HughieB by 4/04/01 @10:14PM
      luvlax is the man by 4/05/01 @11:05AM
      luvlaxsux by 4/05/01 @3:29PM
   Boyle by 4/06/01 @1:23PM
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   lighten up Mr. Boyle by 4/08/01 @1:18PM
      Is that you Berry? by 4/11/01 @8:03PM
         G'burg sucks by 4/16/01 @2:54PM
            hey focker(fahQman) by 4/19/01 @11:50AM
            moron by 4/19/01 @12:08PM
               sweet name kuhndog by 4/19/01 @3:19PM
                  get a life, fahQman by 4/19/01 @9:07PM
                  speaking of sweet names... by 4/20/01 @9:05AM
Good game to watch...
    by (#303) on 4/05/01 @9:30PM
If you want to see a competitive game of lacrosse come see the Salisbury lax team play. Saturday's game was nip and tuck all the way. This year will turn out to be a toss up. All you SSU haters out there that bashed us on this article, you must have played against us in the '90s. That's a rare win on SSU's home turf. The fact is either team could have won that game.
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   stop kidding... by 4/06/01 @9:59AM
   stop kidding... by 4/06/01 @10:00AM
    by (#10710) on 4/07/01 @12:03AM
I don't see why you said "I dont under stand why" when reporting about Gettysburg shutting off Andy Arnold, he is there second leading goal scorer and point man, He did have 5 goals agenest denison including the game winner. Arnold is the man!!!!!
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