Goalie Mesh Tutorial

Goalie Mesh Tutorial

Goalie Mesh Tutorial

Goalie Mesh Tutorial

This one's for the goalies. Since goalies are the minority when it comes to laxers, finding a decent goalie stick stringer can be difficult. In an attempt to change that we're bringing you the goalie mesh tutorial, the latest in our series of stringing tutorials. So without further ado, here it is.

DISCLAIMER: Again we'd like to point out stringing can be dangerous. Only use lighters and matches outdoors and under adult supervision. Always pull pliers away from your body. Just be careful.

To follow this tutorial, just click the first image on your right. Work your way through the images by hitting the 'next' button. Hope you like it, and feel free to comment with any questions or criticisms.

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dude there is no picture for me to click on
    by (#101146) on 9/01/05 @11:38AM
whats up with that theres no picture to click on to go threw the tutorial i really would like to be able to go threw it i need to learn how to string my sticks so i can actually throw a clear
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   (no subject) by 9/01/05 @12:19PM
    by (#109438) on 9/01/05 @8:42PM
You guys have officially stolen my Goalie Pocket Tutorial from www.lacrosseforums.com! I bet you guys feel mighty proud about creating something truly original and unique! Good job! Why don't you steal my closed sidewall tutorial that I am doing too? Yeah, that'd be a good idea!

Matthew "OutBurst" Kuchta
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   outburst by 2/22/08 @8:45PM
jesus christ
    by (#94928) on 9/03/05 @5:17PM
will you guys just grow up and drop this thing. who the hell cares if you alreday know the tutorial, some people dont. i dont even play goalie so i dont care about this but you guys are acting like kids.
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   :-) by 9/04/05 @12:32AM
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nemesis holes
    by (#31147) on 11/29/05 @4:13PM
if i was to string this way using a nemesis would the holes be the same or would i have to change it up
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   monster or 6 diamond mesh by 5/28/06 @2:02AM
      10D Goalie Mesh by 6/20/09 @7:29AM
    by (#225831) on 7/29/09 @8:09PM
Mmm... so...avoiding all the hostility...

I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. No matter where it came from, it's saving me money and teaching me how to string my stick. I just bought a new head, but was planning on using my old head to learn/practice stringing.

Also, I know this probably isn't the best place for this comment either, but I figured the people doing work on their own sticks would be the perfect people to ask about equipment. I was wondering if anyone had advice as far as good shafts for Goalie sticks. (I mean, I know Harrows are decent, but I've heard guys say they break easily. I'm a girl so my stick doesn't go up against a lot of hard hits. That's what I have on my field stick anyway.)

Sorry for the novel, any advice would be awesome...Thanks.
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    by (#222034) on 8/06/09 @9:21PM
im using 17 diamond hard goalie mesh and for stringing the sidewalls my tenth hole is so much farther apart from the bottom string hole i used for it than yours in the pictures. what could i be doing wrong?
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    by (#222034) on 8/06/09 @9:24PM
the tenth diamond im using to start the sidewall is so much farther from the last string hole im using than yours in the pictuers. what could i be doing wrong?
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   ur mesh by 4/13/10 @5:28PM
wheres the video
    by (#366392) on 3/19/13 @5:56PM
where is the video? i wanna know how to string my stick
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